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Green Lantern #34 - Welcome To Seatown

2020.07.15 20:25 KnownDiscount Green Lantern #34 - Welcome To Seatown

Green Lantern #34 - Welcome To Seatown

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Author: KnownDiscount
Book: Green Lantern
Arc: Hopeless Fountain Lantern
Set: 50
Required: Aquaman #33 - Ionic Bonds
Location: Iridia
Time: Now
It was dark.
John Stewart regained consciousness, and he was underwater. Panic set in and he began to thrash about. He was bound up; hands behind him, ankles chained together. Someone had tied him up underwater. He was drowning! He was—
“Dude!” Hal’s voice cut through the blackness as if being transmitted straight into his head. “It’s okay, John.”
A green glow blossomed in the dark and he could see. They’d been put in some sort of make-shift basement dungeon. Bound back to back. Underwater.
It started to come back to John. He wasn’t drowning. A high-tech emerald rebreather was attached to his face. His ring was still functioning. “What happened?”
“I don’t quite know,” Hal said, straining against his bonds. “Happened so fast. We took out that guard and something hit us.”
“Yeah, I remember that. Stung like hell.”
“You were out for a while. I’ve been trying to wake you and— “
A door to their side popped open and seven aliens spilled into the room, gliding gracefully through the water.
One of the Iridians zipped towards the John. It was the one the Lanterns had taken out. A sort of bandage had been wrapped around their thigh and half their face was purple-black, where they’d been bruised.
They stuck some sort of weapon in John’s face. “You! Who are you!” They growled. “Talk, or I blow your guts out, mother-blubber.”
Classic. John thought. Clearly none of these people had any training. He wondered how they’d even managed to take them out in the first place.
“You blubbing hear me?” the trigger happy alien yelled and the water rippled. He floated behind John and pointed the gun at Hal. “First one to talk gets to live.”
John sighed into his rebreather. “You don’t have a lot experience interrogating people, do you? Not successfully at least.”
“You got a lot of loyalty for a hired gun,” the alien growled, pressing the weapon into Hal’s forehead.
“Really?” Hal said, incredulous but unimpressed.
The Iridian was about to say something when the door popped open again and a large figure floated into the ‘dungeon’. “Karlyn, wait!” His voice was deep and regal and boomed in the cramped cell.
John’s eyes widened in awe and shock.
“Wait,” the man said. “We know each other. They are friends of mine.” He glided forward towards the lantern. His long, rugged looking hair trailed him.
“Aquaman?” Hal said at last.
“Uh… John?” John said, still not quite back to his senses, as he stared at the man. If you could call him a man.
More like a Greek god. Thick beard, glowing eyes. He was imposing.
“Talk,” he said.
Location: Detroit
Time: Before
Hal shut the door behind the Flash, and returned to join John at the table. Gentle breeze from the large open window blew into his loose white shirt with its sleeves rolled up. John stood over the table with his hands folded across his chest.
“Ready?” Hal asked.
John nodded.
Hal reached out over the table and a hologram was projected on it.
“Greetings Lanterns of sector 2814,” a distorted projection of a small cloaked man said. He had on a bulbous helmet that contained some liquid. “I presume you got my earlier message. About a planet in turmoil.”
“Yeah, Iridia.”
“You see, this is a sensitive issue,” the flickering image of the man said, somewhat embarrassed. “You see…”
“You’re from Iridia,” John said.
The little man raised his helmeted head up.
“It’s alright, Sir,” Hal said. “Iridia’s within our jurisdiction. And within your rights to request action.”
“Oh? Good. Good.” The man was still slightly flustered. “Thank you. I am he who is called Zwid. Zwid Broan.”
“I’m Hal.”
“Uh… John.”
“I know who you are. I may be new to this but they’ve already told me about you two. They say you’re the best.”
Hal and John said nothing.
“There’s been a great disturbance within the waters of Iridia. I’m afraid, it’ll require Lantern level intervention. You see… Iridia is a very sensitive place. It’s a submerged tinder box. One small spark can burn all of its waters. There’s been a kidnapping. Of an innocent man, with a wife and children. By violent blood-thirsty thugs. I—“ The image flickered violently.
“I cannot say much more over this channel. You will have to visit Iridia and meet me there. I shall be inbound soon.”
“Wait. Before you set out. My homeworld is dangerous and sensitive. I must know that you are not only capable of this, but willing. And willing to keep this in great confidence.”
“We can handle it,” John said leaning on the window. Awash in green light from outside and within.
“We’re not afraid of getting a little wet,” Hal said.
“Good,” Zwid said. “They told me you were the best. You have execute authority.”
click-click-ping-ping-ping both their rings went.

“See you soon, Lanterns,” Zwid Broan said and disappeared.
“Alright,” Hal said, knocking his hand on the table. “Saddle up. Time for us to do our actual jobs.”
“Wait,” John said. “What day is it?”
Hal turned to look at him. “Fifteenth. Why?”
“Oh, damn.”
“Something I gotta do before we leave.”
Bright green lights descended into the graveyard in the middle of the night.
“It woulda been her birthday, today,” John said, his eyes fixed on the cracked, beaten marble. “First time I’ve been here, since the funeral. Since the day the ring came for me.”
“You too?” Hal asked, crouching down next to John’s grand-mother’s grave. A pair of fists had been inscribed onto it, on both sides of the words. Cracks from them across the entire surface. He looked back up at John.
“She was an activist. A Panther,” John said. “Till the day she died. It was in her heart. She told me that in life, we had to obtain power through the fight, and justice with that power. Those words kept me going on Oa all those years. And Korugar after that.”
“Too right, dude.” Hal stood up and dusted his hands. He formed a fist and a pocket dimension opened and he reached in to get his power battery.
He let it float between them. And they both thrust their hands into it, together.
“In Brightest Day—”
”In Blackest Night—”
“No evil shall escape my sight—”
”Let all who worship Evil’s might—“
”Beware my power—“
”Green Lantern’s light!”
A burst of crisp green light filled the graveyard and illuminated its surroundings for miles.
“Rest in Power, Mama.” He pointed his hand at the sky, and so did Hal. And they zoomed up, and up, and away into space.
Location: Iridia
Time: Now
Orin stood between the angry Iridians and the bound up Lanterns.
“It’s alright,” he said. “They can be trusted.”
“Can they, now.” Karlyn floated forward.
“Yes, they’re with me.”
“They’re with you. Are you with us ‘King’ Orin?”
“Karlyn— “
“These two attacked my people!”
“I know that.” Orin turned to fix a glare on the Lanterns. “I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding.” He faced Karlyn again. “But they can help. Believe me, Karlyn. All I want for your people is justice.”
Karlyn Ryardin shook their head. They grunted and all the men with them left the room. They spent a moment still staring daggers at the Lanterns. “I entertain you, because it seems the only way for my people to be free is if we had some help. Do not fail my trust, Orin. We may not be gods, but we are fighters. And we hold a grudge.”
They left the room for the three off-worlders.
The moment the door was shut, Hal and John broke effortlessly out of their constraints.
“That was weird,” Hal said. “What’s going on?”
“Follow me,” Orin said, as he turned around and swam out the door.
He led them out the building into a strange city populated many Iridians and by dull soulless blocks of identical buildings. He swam and swam and the Lanterns followed him, higher and higher in the water. Until they were far away from the buildings.
“We can talk now,” Orin said at last.
“Yeah, right,” Hal said, shaking his head. “You’ve been scarce for months and suddenly we meet you here? In space? How’d that happen?”
Orin looked deep in thought. “I don’t know. The Ocean is vast… and I got caught up.”
“Caught up…” Hal echoed, unconvinced.
Just above them, a giant whale-size creature swam quietly by. It made a deep humming sound. Orin floated slightly higher and slid his hand gently across its side, closing his eyes and humming quietly.
After a while, he returned to join the Lanterns, slightly flushed. “Isn’t it beautiful?”
“You’ve still haven’t explained anything, man.” John said.
“I’m sorry, have we met friend?”
“He’s my partner now,” Hal said. “You’ve been gone a while.”
“Yes,” Orin said, reaching for the obsidian trident strapped to his back and examining it. “I’m a god now.”
“I know that it must be strange to— “
“So that’s where the lightning came from. I knew it.”
Location: Iridia
Time: Before
Hal Jordan and John Stewart descended through the clouds, and dark silvery vapor trails clung to them as they saw the water of Iridia for the first time.
Vast and tumultuous it was, raging and raging as though gearing up for the storm of the ages.
“Do you see it?” Hal asked over the comm, stretching out his ring hand and brightening it up to illuminate all the blackness.
John shook his head. He also scanned about.
There they were two tiny points of bright green on black, when the lightning started.
A hundred thousand massive bolts of electric current flowed out the sky and into the water. And lit the world as bright as day.
And it came into view. Like a giant floating diamond dome.
“There’s the city,” John said.
“Alright! Masks up!” Hal said, and zoomed off towards it, as the lightning dissipated and the air was black again.
A large party of aliens met them as they descended up the glittering island city. Some of them in the weird helmets that Zwidd had had on; even though up to thirty feet of the city was submerged in water, allowing others to breathe freely.
Rain came down hard on the icy water surface as the Lanterns dipped into it.
“Welcome to Seatown,” Hal said over the comm.
Zwid Broan was in the welcome party. Helmet off. He stepped forward towards them, beaming, his hands extended. “Welcome, Lanterns. My friends!”
He shook both of them and presented them to the crowd. “Behold, the protectors of Sector 2814 and Iridia.”
The crowd gave a light bow as one. And Zwid led the lanterns away into an underwater vehicle.
It was like a fish-shaped flying car, but with a crystal clear roof through which to see the deep black sky.
Zwid sat alone up front, on the passenger’s side, which spun around to have him face the Lanterns. “Do you have self-piloting carriages back on your homeworld, my friends?” He asked, as the vehicle began to ‘hover’ in the water.
“Uh, yeah,” Hal replied.
Zwid smiled and nodded. “Not like this.”
The carriage shot off like a bullet into the magnificent city. The towering, spindly water-filled glass buildings seemed to have sprouted right out of the ground and glittered even in the dark, even against the black stormy sky.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Zwid asked, studying the Lantern’s expressions.
“Yeah,” John said. Then something caught his eyes.
At what seemed to be the center of the city, was a massive orb filled with water. And within it seemed to live a giant dragon-like creature.
“What’s that?” Hal asked.
Zwid grinned. “That is the Spirit of Iridia.”
“Of course,” John said, having no idea what it was actually supposed to be. “How’d you guys manage to build all of this?”
Zwid was pleased. “My people have a great love of the sky.”
“That is why we need your help, Lanterns.”
“You said you’d elaborate, Sir.”
“Yes,” he said, becoming serious. “You don’t know much about Iridia, but here it is. We are a very… structured society. Not like the Earth with your many ‘nations’ constantly poised to strike against each other. The people of Iridia’s waters are a united one. Some of us live up here, on the capital, were the cost of living is admittedly quite high, but the pay is good. Many others live in the rural underwater. The proud strong people who run the back-bone of our society. It’s a unity.”
Zwid paused to stare at the Lanterns, gauging their reactions. He put his hands together, interlocking his fingers, and raising it up for them to see.
The city sped by above their heads.
“Now,” Zwid resumed; “Something threatens that unity. Our peace. Growing tensions high and low. Wild secessionist movements. That could progress to civil war. These terrorists have kidnapped a high level official from the capital and taken him underwater. This man, Mraz Lerum, is of great, confidential, value. Our people require that you heroes rescue him from the clutches of very bad people. Do you understand, Lanterns?”
“We do.”
“Good. Because, we may have a small peace-keeping unit, but our people do not know war. Any escalation could lead to innocents dead on both sides. Children. An economic collapse on an apocalyptic scale. All for the actions of a few bad eggs. I really hope you understand, Lanterns.”
“We do, Sir.”
Location: Iridia
Time: Now
“And that’s how we wound up here,” Hal said as Orin listened intently, hands folded across his chest.
“How exactly was that?”
John pointed to a spot near the surface, where the Island capital floated above. “Right there.”
“Yeah,” Hal said. “They’ll be waiting for us in a few hours. They’ll be expecting us to be with Mraz once we activate the beacon they gave us.”
“Hmmm.” Orin scratched his beard and frowned. “So that’s what Karlyn took off you.”
“What?” Hal patted himself, as though he’d just lost his car keys. “What are they going to do with it?
“They’re likely reverse engineering it at the moment,” Orin said. “The Iridians are really good with their hands.”
“What do they plan to do with it?” John asked.
“Well, they’re planning to stage a revolution against the capital,” Orin said, matter-of-factly. “And we’re going to lead them.”
“Wait a minute,” Hal said, floating towards Orin. “No one said anything about attacking the guys who hired us.”
“Hal, I know you haven’t been here long, but you must understand, from what I’ve told you,” Orin said. “These people have been enslaved, by those who live in luxury above them. They are in agony every day.”
“Oh, sure, I got all that. But we have our orders.”
“Hal,” John began and Hal rolled his eyes. “This is the right thing to do.”
“You know, Stewart, we don’t get to decide what the right thing is.” Hal spun around to face him. “Neither of you understand. I’ve been through something like this, on a place called Zsagaar. Let’s just say the Book of Oa was right about us not interfering in planetary politics.”
“Since when did you care about that stuff, man?”
“I don’t know, maybe since I saw what the Guardians did? Accountability, dude. On this scale of things, it gets really messy. We cannot get involved as Lanterns.”
“Accountability goes both ways, Hal. That’s why the struggle for power exists among all the people.”
“Yeah? These people kidnapped someone, tortured him and now they’re going to stage an attack on an unsuspecting city filled with non-combatants. Doesn’t sound like a lot of accountability is going around here.”
“The struggle— “
“Wait,” Orin said, swimming between them. “You guys sound like an old couple.”
Both of them glare at him.
“Lanterns you’ve helped enough and I respect that. But I’ve seen this place, and people are suffering. Living in fear. This is my domain, as god of seas. I should not let this happen. Not when I have these powers.” He said, looking at his hands.
“We can’t help you,” Hal said. “It’s not our job.” He turned to his partner, and looked him right in the eye. “John,” he beckoned.
John let his shoulders slouch. “He’s right. We have rules we have to respect.”
“I respect that, Lanterns. You don’t have to. And I’ll have the Iridians deliver you the prisoner.”
“Alright. Good-luck,” Hal said. “We’ll try to keep out of your way.”
Orin nodded and shot off back towards the under-city.
It was the equivalent of nightfall in the under-city. Iridians covered in scrappy, hand-made, armor and wielding badly put-together rifle weapons and spears with laser tips, floated upwards as one.
The rooftops were crowded. The city was silent. They waited.
Orin, the Aquaman, ascended past the rooftops, trident in his outstretched hand. There was not a more regal sight. Light from above seemed to crown him with a halo that rested on his long wild hair.
Orin frowned and stared at the multitude before him. Nearly every able-bodied person who lived down here. They’d been training years for a day like this. Their frustration had reached a boiling point.
When he spoke, he projected his voice as best he could, so that it would be heard in all the vast city. “Here you all are, at the end of an era. Today. You’ve chosen to believe in yourselves and in your own worth. And in each other. Back on Earth, I’m a part of something that strives to do what you do. Today. Today you fight for the power that belongs to you as people. And for Justice.”
Orin took a deep breath. Silence fell upon the city again. I hope that was good, He thought, staring at all the hopeful faces of the Iridians.
One more thing was left.
Orin stretched both hands out and stared up at the surface and declared with as loud a voice as ever he could: ”RISE IRIDIA!”
Hal and John were far off in the distance, atop a cliff that was at the bottom of the ocean. But they could hear Orin’s voice loud and clear.
Kneeling and bound, between them, was the prisoner, Mraz Lerum.
“You sure we should sit this out,” John said turning to face Hal.
“No, I’m not sure,” Hal replied, starring at the revolution. “But I think Orin’s got it.”
Mraz started to laugh quietly. “You fools. You’ve spared yourselves by not participating. Those people are about to meet their ends.”
Hal crouched next to him, took his chin in his hands, and forced a green construct clamp around Mraz’s mouth. “There.”
—schwoom! a shockwave rippled through the water past them.
Hal turned to see Aquaman launch himself towards the surface. Tearing a shining, sizzling, path through the water, as the lightning crackled around his body. In his wake, the Iridians rushed in after him.
Just before Orin began the charge, Karlyn floated up to him. The Iridian was battle ready, dual wielding a pair of light rifles.
“The barrier goes down in seconds. Don’t know how long it’ll stay down.”
“Then we will strike fast.” Orin gripped his trident in both hands.
“Thank you,” Karlyn said, quietly.
“This planet is yours,” Orin replied and he was off.
The ocean became a blur. He let the trident lead. Water rushed past his ears, roaring. He could feel himself surrounded by lightning. He could feel the host of the Iridians joining his charge. The entrance grew closer and closer.
Something smacked into his face with the force of a bull-kick. Like he’d collided with concrete. He blasted back downwards into some Iridians.
Karlyn zipped down towards him, catching him. Their eyes wild in shock. “That’s impossible.”
Orin blinked and blinked and blinked, trying to regain his bearings. “What just happened?”
Immediately, an alarm went off and it could heard for miles and miles away.
Hal and John watched, as the alarm went off. Hal knelt next to Mraz, who’d begun to laugh underneath the clamp.
Hal ripped it off, forcefully. “What just happened!”
Mraz burst out laughing. And laughing.
Hal smacked him across the face. “Tell me”
“We knew,” came Mraz’s smug reply. “We’ve had a spy among the workers for years. We knew they were going to do this.” He continued laughing, even as blood trailed out of the cut on his face. “Behold, the Iridian swarm!”
The alarm stopped and suddenly the opening widened and from within it poured out hundreds and hundreds of shiny red robot creatures. They zoomed towards the Iridians.
“Open fire!” Karlyn screamed, and the entire Iridian front exploded in laser fire. The ocean boiled around them. A dazzling stream of red and blue and purple raced up into the robots. Shredding them to pieces.
“Are you alright?” Karlyn asked Orin.
He shook his head. “I’m good.” Focusing on the mass of killer robots headed towards them, he set off again.
Right into the frenzy, he went. In the midst of the bone crunching class of metal and flesh. He whipped his trident, and slashed, and stabbed. The ancient obsidian weapon had merged with his arm. It moved as he willed it, as he spun round and round in the chaos.
Helmets and limbs and guts were strewn about in the water. Machine and living. The robots began to split up.
“Light them up!” Karlyn roared and the Iridians focused fire on the flanks.
“We can win this!” Orin yelled. And several Iridians raised battle cries in response. They were fighters.
That was when the rumbling began and—
Mraz lay on the cliff, grinning still, the carnage reflected in his eyes, when the shockwave hit, nearly blasting the Lanterns off their feet.
“What the hell was that?” John asked.
Mraz fell into another fit of laughter, just as he was able to manage: “That is the Spirit of Iridia!”
“I’m beginning to not like th—“
The gigantic creature appeared out of blackness, and to Hal’s horror, a dozen Iridian soldiers were killed instantly.
Orin clutched his ringing, ringing, ringing ears. And when his hands came away they were red with blood. He’d been with the men at the front when it had hit. He couldn’t hear a thing.
Some sort of sound attack.
The ocean spun around him. Up, down, left, right, all was blood and boiling water and death and the ring-ring-ringing of his ears.
Suddenly the water began to vibrate again. He struggled to get his bearing, where was everyone. He closed his eyes and his hearing began to return slowly, he thought he’d heard Karlyn’s voice when—
The creature attacked again, this time much closer.
Orin put his hands up to cover his face, certain he was dead, when someone caught him.
He opened his eyes to see Hal with him. They were in the centre of a green globe, through which ran a billion cracks. “Easy there, hotshot,” Hal’s voice said, a million miles away.
“Karlyn!” Orin said, too loudly.
The shockwave was duller this time, but the globe cracked a trillion times, barely holding together.
“John’s got him!”
Orin nodded.
“Can you talk to this thing!” Hal asked.
Orin shook his head. Whatever this creature was that had wreaked so much havoc, it was not of the sea.
“Alright, guess we have to do this old school!”
“Thought, you weren’t fighting!” Orin asked.
“Now’s not the time for that!” Hal said. Touching his hand to his ear, he said on the comms: “John, get ready, we’re gonna launch him.”
“We’ll create a distraction and then you stab it with that pointy thing of yours—
“Give it all you’ve got.”
Orin nodded.
Location: Oa
Time: Later
There was a flash of orange light, and Orin, John, Hal and Zwid Broan were in the ocean of Oa.
Hal dragged an unconscious Zwid to dark night-time shore and fell unto his knees and threw up.
John staggered up next to them. “You might wanna someone about that next time,” he said to Orin.
“I’m sorry,” he replied. “I’m just getting used to these powers.”
Immediately, several green armored figures appeared in the sky and surrounded them. A bright light shone upon Hal and Zwid.
“This is the Green Lantern Honor Guard. Identify yourselves,” came a voice.
Hal shook his head and was prepared to ignore them, when another figure dropped down to the ground and it shook.
“Stand down, rookies!” Kilowog bellowed. “Don’t you know who these are?”
“Hey buddy,” Hal called out to him. “We gotta see the Tribunal.”
Hal and John sat out in the hallway to the Tribunal’s new meeting room. The new pricks had decided on something more ‘small-scale’ to ‘avoid the missteps of the Guardians.’
Sitting, and staring at Zwid Broan, who’d regained consciousness, Hal was convinced they were concerned about the wrong missteps.
They hadn’t even paid the Lanterns any heed. Refusing to acknowledge them. Even after they’d just explained the situation on Iridia and how they’d aided in the revolution that had taken down the elite. They’d explained how the elite had used a dangerous bio-weapon to subdue the working people of the planet, and how Zwid Broan had used his connection with the Lantern Corp to further his personal political goals.
All the Tribunal had seen was that they’d broken a few rules. Only Orin remained inside, pleading their case. Somehow, his new status as a god, had giving him unforeseen standing before the Tribunal.
Zwid stared smugly back at the Lanterns through his water-filled helmet. “Boys, boys,” he said. “I suppose you think you’ve accomplished something here.”
John rested a hand on Hal’s shoulder. “Don’t even engage him, man.”
“Do you have a clue what you just did? Letting those savages take control? There was a protocol.”
“Stick your protocol where the sun don’t shine, fish-stick.”
“Open your eyes. I did nothing wrong.”
“You did plenty wrong,” John replied.
Zwid had been about to reply something when Orin stormed back out into the hallway.
He whipped his trident out, bearing down on Zwid, and raised it high above his head as though to strike. But when he brought it down, it was merely to break the Iridian’s bonds.
Hal sprung to his feet. “They’re letting him go?”
Orin shook his head bitterly. “Your leaders are a shameful lot.”
“Not even a slap on the wrist, huh,” Hal threw hands up. “So much for accountability.”
“What did you expect Lantern? I’m simply not on your level.”
John leapt between the Iridian and Hal, before he could strike. “Hey, fuck off, man. For your own good.”
Zwid turned around and began to walk away, calmly. “We’ll be seeing each other soon, I hope, Lanterns.”
“Oh, we will,” Hal called out from behind John. “You can never return to Iridia. They’ll have your head.”
Zwid shrugged in reply. As if to say Iridia had never even mattered to him.
Orin placed a calming hand on Hal’s shoulder. “They tried to get you severely punished. But I pled on your behalf. They let you off with a few… sanctions.”
“I don’t even care,” Hal replied.
“At least Iridia’s people have some sort of justice,” John said.
“At least,” Orin replied, deep in thought. “I shall monitor them. Make sure things turn out well. Being a god… is hard.”
“Thanks for having our back, man.”
“Of course,” Orin said. “Let’s go home.”
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2020.05.28 13:06 VengeanceKnight Superman: In Memoriam

Superman: In Memoriam

Edited by u/VengeanceKnight, u/AdamantAce, and u/JPM11S

Lobo (by VengeanceKnight)

Lobo chafed in his stiff, sleek suit. It was strange that he could heal from a drop of blood, take hits from Superman and brush them off, and survive atmospheric reentry more times than he could count on one hand, yet nothing seemed to be capable of causing him greater pain than having to dress up so much.
Well, maybe one thing could.
As Lobo exited his apartment on Metropolis’ North Side, he glanced at the picture taped on his entryway. The photo was of himself, Bibbo Bibbowski, Jimmy Olsen, and Big Blue in the Ace O’ Clubs, posing in front of a banner reading “Metropolis Slammers: World Series 2002 Champions.” All four were grinning broadly, holding large mugs of beer high in celebration.
Lobo felt a pang as he looked upon the memory of happier times and thought back to how it all began…
Superman set Lobo down on top of his Spacehog, allowing the Czarnian to take a moment to regenerate his lost limbs and start breathing again. As Lobo regained his bearings, he realized Superman had taken them to a place on Earth fairly close to Metropolis.
”Lobo.” Superman spoke with a gentleness that Lobo had never heard in any place in the universe, especially his warlike home planet. “You could have just let those cosmolphins die. Then you could have captured me and cashed in the Dominators’ bounty on me. Instead, you risked your life to save them, and very nearly gave it. I want to know why you did.”
The hardened Czarnian bounty hunter glowered at him. “I don’t gotta tell you nothin’. Even if I do owe ya my life now.”
Superman sighed and turned around. “Lobo, I’ll always respect a desire to save life. As far as I’m concerned, you’re free to go. Just try not to cause any more damage to Earth in the future.”
Lobo started. “Wait, that’s it? Yer just gonna let me go? I thought you’d be tryin’ ta turn me into this mudball’s authorities by now?”
Superman, who had just been preparing to fly away, turned back around. “I don’t know if any of them could contain you. Besides, you’re a bounty hunter. As you saw it, you were just doing your job trying to bring me in. Besides, our initial fight didn’t cause that much damage to the streets of Metropolis. Certainly nothing I can’t help fix.”
Lobo stuttered over himself. “But don’t ya want revenge? Ain’t ya concerned about making yerself look weak?”
”I’d rather look weak than be weak. And that’s exactly why I’m not interested in revenge. Good day. Lobo.”
As he began to fly off, Lobo called to him again.
“Wait. Unlike most a’ my Czarnian brethren, I’ve got a sense a’ honor. And you just saved my life back there, so I figure I owe ya, big time. Whadda ya want me ta do?”
Superman rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Well, I could use some help cleaning up from our fight earlier…
Superman had told Lobo that he was free to go after the two had helped repave 22nd Street, but Lobo hadn’t seen it that way. Lobo had operated as an Earth superhero alongside Superman for about a year before he’d gotten the chance to save Superman’s life from one of Lex Luthor’s plans (this one involved some sort of Kryptonite-powered T-Rex) and decided he was square with the Boy Scout.
But by then, Lobo didn’t want to leave. Being a hero felt better than being the toughest, meanest Czarnian in the universe, so Lobo had continued helping Superman. Most Czarnians who heard of his fate scoffed at his “going native” on Earth, but Lobo didn’t care.
And as the years went by, Lobo became almost as much of a permanent fixture in Metropolis as the Man of Steel himself. He’d made friends with Superman's other superheroic allies, rented an apartment in the city with some of the riches he’d acquired from his bounty hunting work, and met Maxima, a woman with a spirit unlike anything he had seen in the universe. He’d never thought anyone was capable of living such a fulfilled life, least of all himself.
The more Lobo thought about it, the more he realized that in a way, he still owed Superman his life. That refusal to hold a grudge or seek revenge had given him a second chance. The fact that Superman had been willing to accept his help afterwards, much less make a friend out of him, was more than Lobo had been able to comprehend.
Lobo glanced at a tiny, square box that was currently sitting on top of his coffee table. He stared at the box for a few moments, and then took it with him. He was enjoying his second chance at life, but with Superman’s death, he was remembering how short life was, even for a creature who could heal from a drop of blood. Life was too short to not use what was in that box.

Maxima (by VengeanceKnight)

Maxima leapt in front of the fleeing Bruno Mannheim. “Not this time, Mannheim. It’s over. Intergang won’t terrorize the Suicide Slums any more.”
It was Intergang’s main base in the midst of Suicide Slums. Superman and Black Lightning were rounding up the last of Intergang, with Lightning having taken a break from his Presidential campaign to oversee some unfinished business on his old turf. The three were working together to finally rid Suicide Slum of the last vestiges of organized crime just in time for Pierce’s career move, and this raid was the last piece of that operation.
Mannheim snarled at his archenemy. “Do you think bringing me down will make things better? I’m the one who kept these slums from becoming a blight upon the rest of Metropolis! The rabble needs to be kept in check! As former royalty, wouldn’t you understand that?”
Bruno’s last question caught Maxima off guard. Of course she didn’t think that way any more; that was why she had abdicated Almeracia’s throne. But Bruno’s words had sparked a memory of how she was before Superman had made her see things differently, and a wave of shame overtook her.
Mannheim took advantage of Maxima’s surprise to fire an energy blast in her face, and dashed past her to activate his jetpack and make good his escape.
However, Superman was faster than any flying machine, and headed him off before he could blast through the roof.
*Superman glared at Mannheim. “You really think Maxima’s anything like you? I’ve tried time and again to get you, and others like you, to see the error of your ways. But Maxima? She listened, and she’s spent her entire life trying to atone for her past failures. She’s nothing like you. She’s my friend, and she’s a hero. You’re just a petty tyrant who’s about to become the newest inmate at Stryker’s Island.”
As Intergang was rounded up by Chief Turpin’s forces, Maxima took Superman aside. “Did you really mean all of what you just said to Mannheim?”
”Of course. You’re a hero, Maxima, and I’m grateful that I can trust you to look over the section of Metropolis that most needs it.
In the present day, Maxima waited for Lobo outside the apartment building. They were attending Superman’s funeral together, along with everyone who had been close enough to Clark and Superman to know both sides of his life.
Back on Almeracia, she had attended many funerals as queen, many of them for great warriors. And while Superman had been a great warrior, he had been so much more than that. He had been a hero. And he had made her into a hero.
She caught herself at that last thought. No, he hadn’t “made” her a hero. He had helped her see a better way to live. Superman had told her, time and again, that this distinction was important.
It was in Superman’s nature to build other people up with his own humility. Maxima reflected on this, and smiled wistfully. Superman had taught her so much, and humility was the greatest lesson he had bestowed upon the warrior queen.

John and Natasha Irons (by VengeanceKnight)

John Henry Irons looked up at the Man of Steel, thanked him profusely for rescuing him, and asked him what he could do in repayment. Superman replied simply.
“Make it a life worth saving.”
Natasha propelled herself forward in her wheelchair as John straightened his tie. “I wish i could come with you.”
John sighed. “Maybe someday I can tell you more about Superman. But for now, we have to limit this funeral to those who knew him personally in both his public and secret identities.”
He kneeled down to meet his niece’s eyes. “I know you admired him, and I know this must be hard for you in ways it isn’t for me.”
Natasha cocked her head. “What do you mean by that?”
John sighed. “Before I became Steel, I looked up to Lex Luthor. Here was this man who had spent so much of his own wealth to make Metropolis a better place, and didn’t seem to ask for anything in return. But it was just a power play. What Lex Luthor really wanted was our undying loyalty and adoration. He wanted us to depend on him. All the improvements he made to make Metropolis this “City of Tomorrow” was his way of buying that fealty.
“When Superman first appeared, Lex grew obsessed with getting people to hate him. It wasn’t until he saved my life that day that I knew just why Luthor wanted us to hate him. The only thing Superman ever wanted from the people he protected was for them to be happy and fulfilled. That’s why Luthor hated him so much: because Superman proved that a great man doesn’t need adoration.”
Irons sighed. “You weren’t there when he first showed up. You didn’t see a man who conquered a storm of negative publicity and public mistrust to become the most well-loved superhero in history. You just saw an icon who made everyone feel safe and happy. You never lived in a world without Superman.”
Natasha thought about his words for a moment. “So you’re saying you feel more prepared to deal with not having him around because you remember when he wasn’t even a memory?”
“Yeah, that more or less sums it-”
John paused. “I’m sorry?”
“Yeah, bullshit. I know you better than just about anyone else, Uncle John, and this is hurting you in ways nothing ever has. You might seem stoic and untouchable on the outside, but you have ways of showing how sad you are.”
Natasha continued. “And another thing. About a year ago, you told me you were planning to retire from your work as Steel. That was before you knew he was dying. Did you ever tell Superman that?”
John was silent for a few seconds. “..No.”
Natasha nodded. “If I were you, I’d be feeling guilty that you were planning to quit just as Superman was about to die. Like you were allowing the void he left behind to go empty.
“Superman wouldn’t have wanted that for you. He’d have said that you’ve done so much for other people, that you’ve more than earned your rest.
“Don’t make your decision now. Just… remember that Superman wanted you to be happy and fulfilled, like you said.”
John chuckled. “Maybe I wasn’t giving you credit. You seem to get exactly what he was about, what really made him so great.”
Natasha smiled. “You always credited Superman with giving you the impetus to become the man you are today. I admired him so much because I admire you. Superman was your mentor, your hero… but you’ll always be those things to me.”

Conner Kent (by FrostFireFive)

As the snow came down outside Conner Kent sat at his usual booth inside of Poor Phil’s, a local Oak Park haunt. He had been surveying the area recently, trying to get a feel for the campus and fit into the community. It had been hard for him to even attempt to blend in the crowd considering Guardian was already establishing himself as Chicago’s new hero. He needed to figure out a way for Guardian and Conner Kent to coexist and so far, his best ideas were wearing a hood all the time or a wig. Neither one seemed like a great idea.
It was December 26th, and he was waiting for a special visitor. Christmas was usually a good time for Conner, back in the Cadmus days he would always get a decent gift or two and he was surrounded by people that for the most part loved him. This year it was just Dubbilex and Gabby. Dubby’s idea for a gift was a calculator, in his words “to make sure you focus on your studies.” Gabby’s was a little better. Adventures of Superman for the SNES, an old game, but still something that Conner would appreciate. Who wouldn’t want to be Superman in a good ol’ beat em up?
He sighed though. It had only been a few weeks since he had made his choice to leave Cadmus, yet he was still unsure of all of this. He had put on a brave face but if he was honest with himself he was terrified of whatever was coming next. Was he truly ready to be on his own in a strange place?
As he pondered that he heard a small ding from the front of the pub, his guest had arrived. Clark Kent entered with a small gift in tow. His crisp blue suit and red tie stood out in the worn wooden walls and green booths. It was always a tradition for the two Kents to meet after Christmas, both were usually busy on the day itself, but the day after was another story.
“Merry Christmas, Con,” Clark said as he took his seat.
“Merry Christmas, Clark,” Conner said as he munched on the popcorn in front of him, his hood up in fear that someone would recognize him. “Santa stop and get you something nice this year? Maybe one of those last merit badges you wanted?” he joked.
“Not quite, just spent the holidays with an old friend who got his life together,” Clark said before sipping on the water in front of him. “We missed you at the Christmas party Conner.”
“Yeah, I didn’t think I’d exactly be welcomed there considering I kinda bailed on Cadmus, I didn’t really want to bring up fresh wounds,” Conner said, a little sadness in his voice. “Thanks for coming out though, Clark, I didn’t think I’d be able to pull you away from the job this year.”
“And break tradition?” Clark said. “It’s good to see you, even with your hood up.”
There were those midwestern values Clark had. He was a man who didn’t like hats at the dinner table, a lesson learned from a few Ma Kent lectures. Normally Conner would listen, but the paranoia of being recognized prevented him from listening to his “brother”.
“Can’t really do that Clark, I have an ID to protect,” he mumbled. “I can’t be Guardian all the time Clark, I think I’d go insane.”
Before Clark could respond, a waitress came by and took their order. For Clark it was crab legs with a side of Mac and Cheese. Conner stuck with a simple burger and fries. As she left Clark looked at Conner with a slight smile before moving into his coat to pull out his gift to Conner.
“I think you should open this then,” Clark said as he slid the small package across the table.
Conner quickly tore off the red and blue packaging to find a glasses case underneath it. When opened it revealed to him a pair of brown horn rimmed glasses. He looked at them for a minute before looking at Clark. “Glasses?”
“The answer to how Conner Kent and Guardian can coexist,” Clark said. “Believe it or not people don’t look at the person underneath, just the glasses. A little bit of a slouch in your posture or a difference in hair helps a bit as well.”
“I...I don’t know what to say,” Conner said as he put the glasses on, they were a bit large on him, but he would grow into them. Conner then dug into his bag next to him and pulled out a back wrapped in lead lined wrapping.
“Really Conner?” Clark said as he tried to see what was in the package.
“I called Lois to see what she used,” he joked. “I had to use the last of my Cadmus allowance, but I think it was worth it.”
Clark opened the gift and looked in awe of the book in front of him. The brown sleeve with the tree as the only image on it, was engraved in Clark’s mind. Conner had found a first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird. Clark stood silently for a bit before looking at Conner a little bit of a tear in his eye. “You’re a great gift giver Conner,” he mumbled.
“You as well, Clark, you as well.” Conner said proudly.

Conner Kent sat on the edge of his bed, alone in a black and white suit. His hands were holding his glasses, staring at them as if they were some last connection to Clark Kent. In some ways they were, a connection between two brothers trying to do a little good in the world. Conner had been crying a bit, his eyes still red since Metropolis. He couldn’t save Clark and he couldn’t have put a dent in Doomsday. It haunted him, in a way he hadn’t been since Jim died.
Gabby knocked and entered the room. Her black dress was simple and appropriate for the occasion. She looked at the boy at the edge of his bed and saw the same Conner that she remembered after Jim had died. She couldn’t explain it but it tore her up inside, to see him hurt and defeated.
“Are you ready?” she asked. “Dubbilex has the jet ready to go and everything,”
Conner Kent put his glasses on before taking a deep breath. He did the hardest thing anything could do in that situation, he got up and looked at Gabby.
“Yeah, I think I am.”

Max Crandall by u/JPM11S

A steady stream of rain fell down from the grey heavens, darkening the already black suits and dresses worn by everyone in attendance to the funeral. Luckily, things had just wrapped up before the downpour began, so they were able to hurriedly rush over to their cars. As the mass of black dispersed, it was soon revealed that a few people had chosen instead to remain in front of the gravestone: Max and Jesse Crandall, Bart Allen, Hal Jordan, and Clark Kent. They all congregated around Max, who stood solemnly in front of the gravestone, which read, “Victor Vickson: Son. Love. Light.,” Max’s arm wrapped around his crying wife, Jesse, trying to give her some small amount of comfort.
“I’m… I’m so sorry.” Clark said, “I can’t even imagine what this is like… to lose your son…”
Hal chimed in. “Is there anything you need from me, Max, Jesse? Anything you want at all.”
“Hal, just please…” Max shook his head. “Can you take Jesse home, for me?”
Hal nodded, taking Jesse by the hand and guiding her away.
“Do you want me to go too, Max?” asked Bart. “Actually, I’ll, uh, I’ll just go.” Bart too, walked away, leaving only Max and Clark.
Max looked at Clark. “I would have thought you’d have left too. Said something giving me space.”
“Actually,” Clark placed a hand on Max’s shoulder, “I don’t want to leave you alone right now. What you’ve just gone through… are still going through… the loss of your son… I can’t even imagine losing Jon.”
“Honestly, Clark, I wish I imagined losing Vic every once and awhile.” Max rubbed his eyes, sniffing. “Maybe… maybe then I would have… I don’t know… maybe, it would make this easier.”
“Nothing makes losing a child easier, Max.”
“Well, there should be!” he yelled, whipping his head around. “Because it’s not fair, goddamnit! Why do I have to be the one to lose someone every time! The least this fucking universe should do is give me some way to make it easier!”
“I’m sorry, truly, but there’s no running past this. No making it easier. No shortcut to the finish line. Not now, not ever. Every time we lose someone, we have to begin that race again, fighting against the same suffering, same grief as the last time. And you know what? That’s alright. Because as much as we might hate those emotions, they make us human. And you know what Jay always said about being human?”
“Ain’t nothing wrong with being a little squishy.” Max gave a small laugh. “You know, I never did quite get what he meant by that.”
“He meant that, in this big, crazy world we live in, there’s nothing wrong with not being strong all the time. It’s okay to be vulnerable.”
Max looks at Clark, tears welling in his eyes, a look of anguish across his face, “He was seventeen… and now he’s dead because of me.”

“No, no…” Clark said, bringing Max in for a hug. “Don’t say that. It’s not your fault.”

A steady, wind wafted through Max’s neatly combed hair as he sat in his wheelchair on his apartment porch, a wind that suddenly grew ever more intense as a crackle of lightning exploded in front of him, slowly dissipating to reveal the form of one Barry Allen. The blond haired man, which was nicely combed, though a small tuft of hair still fell down across his forehead, wore a neat looking suit and a weary smile across his face.
“Are you ready?” Barry asked.
“I am.” replied Max.
And with that, they disappeared in a whirl of lightning, yet another race beginning.

Dick Grayson (by u/AdamantAce)

Dick Grayson stood alone in his spartan bedroom. He faced the tall, wooden mirror, numbly twisting his hands as he attempted to fold his necktie. But each time he pulled the knot tight, the tie was either too long or too short, so he’d start again.
At Diana’s funeral, Dick was so distracted by the scale of to feel much at all, and at Bruce’s, Dick was so focused on holding the family together, on what would come next, that he didn’t have time to anguish. But now it was time for Clark’s funeral, Superman, the final hope that Bruce died to protect, to keep around to show the next generation the way. Now he was gone too, and now someone else had to step up.
Dick had heard already that Jon, Clark’s son, was back from the depths of space, that he had already decided to take up the cape and become Superman. But Dick knew that it’d take more than one man to fill those boots. Dick thought to Jon. Once upon a time, they were friends, but while Dick spent 90% of his hours after-school either training or fighting crime, Jon always stayed away from that life. There already was a Superboy, leaving Jon to be an actual kid. That was over now.
Dick straightened his tie, finally satisfied with it, and seconds later Alfred Beagle, the family butler, appeared in the doorway.
“The car is ready, Master Dick,” he spoke plainly. “Master Jason and Miss Helena are both dressed and ready to go.”
Jason and Helena were both there, in Metropolis, when it happened. But Dick? He was busy hunting some car thief, while Superman was busy fighting for his life. Clark was family to Dick, an ongoing inspiration, living proof that - for all his power - the spectacular came from the mundane. Dick remembered an old story Clark had told him from Kryptonian folklore, of the Nightwing and the Flamebird, mythical heroes that presided over the city of Kandor thousands of years ago. One figure of cunning and tact, and another of strength and virtue, how it was said that every civilisation needed both. And now, with Bruce and Clark both gone… Earth was left with neither.
Dick looked to Alfred, ready to go, and pulled him close. Quietly, so Jason and Helena would never hear, Dick sobbed. Why wasn’t he there?

Jefferson Pierce (by AdamantAce)

Jefferson Pierce stood at the back of the wake, trying his best to disappear among the wallpaper. It was tricky, Jeff had spent most of his career at odds with Superman. He became Black Lightning when he felt that the Man of Steel represented some of Metropolis better than others, when he felt that the hero looked too high to the sky, and neglected the most vulnerable of Metropolis' streets. But years after that, Jeff finally had the pleasure of being proved wrong.
For years, Superman and Black Lightning, and later others such as Jim Harper, Maxima, and Steel, worked in tandem to keep the streets of Metropolis clean and safe for folks of all walks of life. They had a unique relationship, of distance but of mutual respect.
But things were different now. Superman was dead, and Black Lightning was a thing of the past. As the current sitting president of the United States, Jeff rarely entered a room where he wasn’t the centre of attention, and while he took careful effort to not distract from the importance of this day, the longer he spent at the wake the more it became clear to him that - rightfully so - he wasn’t close to the most important man that day. There, Jefferson wasn’t the president. In a room full of Superman’s family, closest friends, peers and legacies, he was just another man mourning the loss of a friend.
Then he saw her, Lois Lane. The darling reporter from the Daily Planet, Superman’s sweetheart and Clark Kent’s devoted wife. Jeff’s heart bled for her, he couldn’t imagine what she was going through. Quietly, he approached her.
“Mrs. Lane,” Jeff smiled.
“Mr. President,” Lois straightened herself hurriedly.
“No, not there. It’s just ‘Jeff’,” he nodded. “I… used to work with your husband.”
“I remember,” Lois replied. “One helluva promotion.”
Jeff chuckled. “Right.”
Lois took a deep breath and relaxed.
“I wasn’t sure when was the right time to say this but…” Jeff began, “I was thinking of using my office to… memorialise your husband in some way.”
“You mean more than you already have?” Lois replied, a sarcastic grin on her face.
“I want to posthumously award him the Medal of Honor.”
Lois caught her breath. “Wow, that’s…”
“It’s not enough to recognise one of the finest Americans to ever live.”
“You can’t,” Lois continued. “Clark was offered ten dozen awards from presidents before yourself, and he turned them all down. He wasn’t a soldier, and he didn’t want to be decorated like one.”

Lois Lane (by VengeanceKnight)

Lois excused herself from Jeff as the clock struck ten. She walked up to the pulpit, ready to give her husband’s eulogy.
As she surveyed the room, she saw so many people who had been close to Clark.
J’onn J’onzz, the last surviving founder of the Justice League now that Clark was dead.
Max Crandall and Barry Allen, the bearers of the legacy of Jay Garrick, one of Clark’s biggest inspirations as a hero.
Dick Grayson, Helena Wayne, Jason Todd, and Alfred Beagle. The last connections he’d had to his greatest ally and close friend.
Lobo and Maxima, once bitter enemies, now fast friends.
John Henry Irons and Emil Hamilton, whose intelligence and morality he had admired so deeply.
The Newsboy Legion, through whom his first ally, Jim Harper, lived on.
Pete and Lana Lang-Ross, his childhood confidants.
Bibbo Bibbowski, his drinking buddy as Clark Kent and fiercest supporter as Superman.
Jimmy Olsen, his best friend.
Conner Kent, his brother and partner.
And Jon Kent. His son. His pride and joy. The boy he had sired with the love of his life, and raised with all the love his parents had shown him. The bearer of the legacies of Krypton, and of Superman.
Any person would count themselves lucky to be mourned by so many amazing people. But they weren’t the only ones. There had already been a national funeral for Superman, and a private visitation for Clark Kent. Thousands who had been rescued by him had attended Superman’s funeral, and hundreds who had been touched by his writing attended Clark’s funeral. Neither would be forgotten for a long time.
Lois realized she had been standing at the pulpit, unable to speak, for a long time. She cleared her throat and began to read the words she had prepared.
“‘Because there is a right and a wrong in the universe, and that distinction is not hard to make.’
“I know all of you have heard those words before. It was Clark’s motto, and the response he gave whenever anyone asked why he did what he did. I think I might be the first one he ever said that to, over thirty years ago when he gave me that interview as Superman.
“I fell in love with him at that moment. Here was a man with so much power, and yet he strove to be a good person above all else. I didn’t think that kind of person could exist.
“I was utterly shocked and elated when he admitted that he was in love with me. He said ‘I have never known a woman as fearless, as brilliant, as convicted, or as kind as you. And for that reason I would be honored to share who I really am with you.’ And then he put on his glasses. At that moment, everything clicked and suddenly I felt like a complete idiot.”
The room burst into gales of laughter, even from the more reserved ones like Grayson and Irons. Lois herself chuckled as she remembered her utter bemusement on learning that her sweet, meek, and somewhat cute coworker was really the Man of Tomorrow.
“Yes, the glasses worked far better than anyone would have thought didn’t they? Behind those round lenses were brilliant blue eyes that could reassure even the most frightened and despairing that everything would be okay. You could tell that this was a man to be trusted. You knew that this was a man who would never allow you to be hurt.
“And I knew that it was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
“As we bury Clark Kent, we need to remember one thing above all else about him: he did the right thing. When presented with a choice, he always knew what the right thing to do was, and he always did it. He was a hero not because he did great things, but because he did good things.”
She walked back to her pew and sat down, motioning for Jon to come up and say his words. Jon rose and stepped forward, but froze.
Lois knew that look. Jon had heard something. Perhaps it was a scream, perhaps an explosion, or perhaps an earthquake halfway across the planet.
Whatever it was, Lois knew what he had to do. She smiled and motioned toward the door. “Honestly, I think this is a far better way to remember him than any words. Go on. People need your help.”
Jon grinned and began to dash for the door, fumbling with his shirt before ripping it open as Clark had done so many times.
Lois followed Jon outside and watched as he leapt up, up, and away.
“Goodbye, Clark,” she whispered.
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2020.04.12 00:17 wandering_bird Matchmaker Event: Bestie Picks Bae

Dorothea had been watching a lot of trash reality television to prepare herself for this moment. Someone had a box set of all the first few seasons of the bachelor and the first few seasons of millionaire matchmaker and she was in heaven. Trashy reality television seemed to be one of her guilty pleasures. If only they had access to the internet so she could watch all of it. Though none of it compared to a show she stumbled upon on youtube before she had even come to camp.
She considered rescheduling after the beating the camp took the other night but Dorothea thought everyone could use a bit of a pick me up. Some fun to take their mind off things. And no one who signed up seemed seriously maimed or injured so with ambrosia they should all be mostly fine by now. Maybe some casts still on or bandages but the contestant wasn't going to be looking at them anyway.
The name of the game is Bestie Picks Bae. Each lucky contestant was randomly matched with three possible date partners. However the contestant would be blindfolded and not know who any of them were besides a cute code name. The contestant's best friend would be able to see them though. They would answer a few questions given by the contestant and the best friend and then the best friend would pick the winner. After that the contestant and the winner have to go on a date together.
The set up was easy. The different groups were told to come at different times. The contestant and their best friend were made to arrive from group number one at noon. The dating choices were all told to come ten minutes later so Dorothea had time to explain the game and get the contestant blindfolded. There were no snacks at this soiree though she did have some sparking wine on hand for celebration and fun afterwards if it came to that. The groups are as follows:

Group 1

Contestant: Hal Kogane
Best Friend: Sheridan Marlowe
Dates: Scott Westover, Kleobis Berk, Adriel Casey

Group 2

Contestant: Victor Santillan
Best Friend: Libitina Crowwly
Dates: Clara Henderson, Anwen Chevallier, Gothie Galatas

Group 3

Contestant: Harper Sullivan
Best Friend: Peter Schmidt
Dates: Nathanial Hawke, Caspian Kincaid, Tyrion Widowgast

Group 4

Contestant: Jessica Benson
Best Friend: Constance Ball
Dates: Angela Anderson, Perry Amores, Lauren Wilson
How this will work: Each group will have their own header down below. You can RP as you like but both the contestant and best friend will have the chance to ask the dates two 'dating questions' from a list also down below. All dates must answer the question IC. After all questions have been asked and answered, the best friend will pick a winner and the winner and contestant can go on a date in the same thread.
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2020.01.16 14:41 thamilton5 What is the Streamr ecosystem? How has it grown in the past year? And what will shape it in 2020 and beyond? Head of Developer Relations, Weilei Yu reflects on the foundations laid for adoption

What is the Streamr ecosystem? How has it grown in the past year? And what will shape it in 2020 and beyond? Head of Developer Relations, Weilei Yu reflects on the foundations laid for adoption

How we grew Streamr’s ecosystem in 2019

Members of the Streamr team alongside the Golem, OmiseGo, Quorum and Quantstamp teams at DevCon V, Osaka, Japan, October 2019
Welcome to this overview of Streamr’s ecosystem growth over 2019. This blog is intended to provide a recap of the project’s current state, share some of the major events that happened during last year, and also highlight some of the successful steps we took in order to grow the number of developers who have made a serious investment in the Streamr stack.
Let me start by asking a pretty central question. What kind of ecosystem has Streamr being trying to create? For over a year now, building Streamr’s ecosystem has been my core focus, so this is something I should definitely be able to answer! What we’ve envisioned as a thriving ecosystem is a collection of community members, developers and project owners who have a genuine shared interest in Streamr’s long-term progress. And this isn’t just about a shared interest in seeing, for example, the worth of DATA tokens rise as the technology improves.
So what makes this ecosystem different from a general token holder community? We want to offer participants the opportunity to actively contribute to Streamr’s development in parallel with the advancement of their own project and business ideas. For this, I believe people need to have a real sense of control over how their own personal goals can be realised in conjunction with our shared ones. In other words, being too rigid, dictatorial or demanding around what a project will support in its ecosystem is a recipe for failure. The mistake, which I’ve seen play out in the past, is to think that external developers are like children to be educated, as opposed to partners to support. This ethos is one I’ve tried to weave into every external relationship I’ve developed over the last year.
What did Streamr do in 2019 vid?
Before I dove into external outreach, we had to build our foundations. So from 2018 to mid-2019 we put a lot of effort and focus on building out the tech foundational layers for Streamr. We needed to provide the necessary tools for other teams and developers to build on top of the Streamr stack.
It is why we released a hugely improved Core app (both in terms of look and functionality), a working p2p Network, and an early alpha version of Community Products. Only once those steps were taken could we really reach out and start attracting those builders who will go on to shape the next era of the data economy.
In late 2017, at the start of the project, we had just a handful of internal core developers and no existing ecosystem. Just over two years later we have almost the same number of developers and designers in our external community (15–20) than we do internally (18–19). These ecosystem developers are working in parallel and leveraging Streamr’s tech stack in many different ways, not simply because they believe in Streamr’s open-source vision but also because they find our solutions helpful when building out new business models.
While this absolute number currently remains comparatively small, these teams represent the spark that will hopefully ignite large scale growth in the coming years. Additionally, this number refers only to community devs that we have been working directly with so far. It does not include people who are testing our technology on the side but haven’t reached out yet, or those who are still in the initial phase like this team.
Learn about Swash: the World's First Data Union vid
Below are some of the major projects that make up our ecosystem. Each of them are backed by teams of passionate people, eager to build viable businesses and shake up the data economy as it exists.
  • Swash. The three to four-person Swash team is building out a browser-based plugin that rewards users for contributing their browsing data in a safe way, instead of just giving it up for free. Utilising Streamr’s Community Products tooling and Marketplace, you can see a preview of the aggregated data from beta testers here or join the Data Union by installing either Firefox or Chrome/Brave browser plugin.
  • myDiem. Headed by Gang Liu, his three-person team in China is building a mobile app will allow users to monetize their mobile’s app usage statistics without revealing in-app information. We expect a functioning beta release by the end of Q1. You can see progress here.
  • Optract’s three-person team is a decentralized content curation platform, which offers a transparent algorithm and has a built-in gamification model to incentivise users to contribute and vote for quality content. The three-person team, who joined Henri and other Streamr core members at Mozfest, London, in October 2019, is utilising Streamr’s p2p pub/sub Network to facilitate onboarding and communication between nodes.
  • The HAL project is aiming to connect existing Web2 companies with the Web3 ecosystem by offering advanced and user-friendly modules to set up alerts and webhooks triggers for on-chain events. Their four-person team is planning to build a connector to leverage Streamr’s pub/sub Network, with the aim of giving their users the ability to push real-time on-chain events. It could unlock a new wave of use-cases and business models.
  • Context is a mobile app aiming to offer users real-time insights about their community and daily life needs (e.g. Is this library crowded right now? Is this transport line on-time? Which are popular bars tonight?). Having a large variety of reliable real-time data is vital for the app, so the three-person team is potentially planning to leverage Streamr’s Marketplace API for data discovery and consumption.
As you’ll see, each of these projects is leveraging different use-cases from Streamr’s offering. The most exciting part is that they are all tackling sectors that already have existing and proven businesses in the Web2 world. So the real challenge is showing which alternative will be more sustainable for the future.
  • Swash → data brokers like Jumpshot
  • myDiem → app analytics like App Annie
  • Optract → content curation like Pocket
  • HAL → event triggers between platforms like IFTTT
  • Context → localised and real-time version of Yelp
We don’t have any guarantee as to which of them will succeed and how long it will take for that success to manifest, but we are definitely working hard this year to expand our ecosystem even further in order to increase the chances of creating a highly notable success.
Of course, the growth of these projects has been in part supported by Streamr’s Community Fund. Established last year, both Swash and myDiem were recipients of fund grants, all of which have been paid out in DATA tokens. Additionally, the benefits were not limited to just the monetary value of the grant. Grants like these hold recipients to account, effectively pushing developers to share frequent progress updates. In turn, that feedback loop helped those teams validate their offerings with potential users. A very special thanks goes to all the admins from Streamr’s own community, who managed the fund and built the foundation that will help improve its structure for the long run.

The Optract team at Mozfest, London, October 2019.
When talking about our ecosystem growth, we shouldn’t forget about other Web3 projects that offer complementary solutions to the Streamr stack. I recently met with 3box co-founder Danny Zuckerman to discuss potential collaborations and new use-cases we could jointly develop. 3box is focusing on building a decentralized data storage layer controlled directly by users. Those users are in control of which apps are granted access to their data. One easy development we discussed was to allow users to save settings — fully encrypted — without having to rely on servers, controlled by third parties, saving that data for them. (By the way, this is a fairly common type of issue for Web3 applications).
We thought Swash would be the perfect pilot for this scenario. For example, users might want to install Swash on multiple devices. Currently, settings on Swash cannot be transferred easily, especially if a user has numerous advanced filters switched on that have been stored locally within the plugin. The local storage means that Swash developers will themselves never know what text users have masked or which domains they have blacklisted. If all this data was stored in a central repository, there is a high risk of data abuse or hacks potentially compromising people’s privacy.
Storing the data via a 3box solution might therefore significantly increase user convenience without jeopardising security. Your local plugin could fetch your settings’ data from 3box’s decentralized database with your private key, without having to pass through Swash’s servers. Another interesting use case could be to permit users to store historical user data so that any other application can learn a user’s preference without having to learn from scratch. That’s real interoperability for you.
Last, but not least, we have been talking with the DAOstack team about potentially leveraging their platform to create a Community Products app that is fully managed as a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation). The goal here is to prove the feasibility of a Data Union DAO that is not only community-driven on the data layer but also on the app development and management side.
If that were possible, users of an app won’t simply receive rewards for the data shared, but they will, for example, also have chance to elect admins who will go on to develop, design, market, and acquire customers for the app. Votes could be weighted based on app usage length and frequency. And successfully elected admins could receive revenue-sharing based on a bonding curve. That way early admins could get a higher reward given the higher risk and uncertainty.
Henri demonstrating Community Products and Swash at Mozfest, 2019 vid
Community-driven management could add a new viral element to growth compared to traditional network effects. Indeed, if there is one certainty that applies to both Web2 and Web3 projects, it’s this: the only sustainable way to reach large scale mass adoption is through a viral strategy. Paid campaigns can trigger early phase uptake, but simply marketing your way to mass adoption can otherwise take 100s of millions of dollars. A very promising initial candidate for this dual collaboration with DAOstack could be Gang’s myDiem app.
To conclude, the last year allowed us to lay down the groundwork to build Streamr’s vision for a full, thriving ecosystem. And already we are seeing the fruits of that work. Ideally, by the end of 2020, we will have a decent number of applications built on top of Streamr, released to the public and ready for adoption.
If all of this really interests you and you’d like to start building on top of the Streamr stack, join our developer community here or apply for a grant from the Community Fund to kick off your project.
Finally, I want to thank you all for reading this longish post and even more for all the support you all have given us along our journey together. From the entire Streamr crew, we hope you have a wonderful start to 2020.
Read the post from Wei on Medium.
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2020.01.01 06:04 SabatonBabylon [OC] The HEL Jumper [Chapter 28]

Book 1 of The HEL Jumper
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"Alice?" The voice reached her, the words of a soldier, one of humanity's best. She knew well the sound of the Aegis, remembered his graduation day when he'd thrown it on and showed it off.
"Russell...Russell?" She asked with panting breath, gazing at the figure in the center of the bridge. The armor was worn and battered, covered in regal fur. It knew her name, but her brother was one thing. This imposing presence, this avatar of the hunt that bore his symbols was something else entirely. Its armored hands slowly pulled back the cowl of its cloak, made from the head of some terrestrial Maran predator. The latches of the helmet were undone and after an agonizing wait the man beneath was revealed. A choked sob left her throat. Under the light stubble was the face she remembered, her best friend and baby brother. "Rusty!"
By the time Russell's helmet clattered forgotten to the floor of the bridge, Alice was already halfway to him. "Alice, what are you-" He was cut off as the tearful woman impacted him and did her best to hug him around his armor and weapons. The momentum wasn't an issue, but she demanded his full attention nevertheless.
"I was so scared, so worried. Oh my God I can't believe it's really you!" She cried, feeling her legs give way as almost half a year of pain, waiting, and anxiety left her body. On the other side of the bridge, MacGregor gazed up and invoked the dearly remembered dead.
"Well grandmum, now would be a great time for yer best rendition of Flower o' Scotland. The lass' journey is finally over, God bless 'em."
The Marine private was not alone in being taken in by the emotional scene before them. From the command chair, Natori, Io, and Qul'Roth all looked on respectfully. Alice had become something of a regular in their world. The AI's eyes glistened with tears. "It was all worth it," the admiral whispered.
"I beg your pardon, Admiral Kaczynski?"
"How many years did you spend training to interact with humanity, Qul'Roth?"
"Two decades by your calendar, approximately."
"Indeed? That is quite the commitment. The Event Horizon is the culmination of almost three decades of my life. Since the moment of first contact everything I've studied, every career choice I've made, every toe I've ever stepped on in the HEL I did for this ship and now...now I can safely say it was all worth it," Natori concluded, watching as Alice rested a hand on Russell's cheek and ran another through his hair. She sought to confirm with every sense that he was alive and there with her. The Jumper was blinking rapidly as he surrendered to his own emotions, having gotten past earlier hostilities and the initial shock of seeing a member of his family on board.
"I'm not sure I fully understand," Qul'Roth replied, feeling as much of an outsider as he'd ever felt since first seeing a human. "Your ship is a monumental achievement, Admiral. It is a testament to both of our species' ingenuity and industriousness."
"The wheel was a monumental achievement in its own time," Natori replied wisely as the Winters bear hug continued apace, the brother cradling his sister and resting a gloved hand on her head. Not a dry eye was left on the bridge as even the two Cauthan drew closer to one another. The tiger rested its hand, or was it a paw, on the arm of the panther. "But the wheel is nothing special today. One day the Event Horizon will be nothing special. But the story of Alice Winters and her brother and their reunion against all odds? That is the kind of timeless legend that will outlive us all. We have all been a part of it," Natori whispered, earning him a very approving look from Io.
"Perhaps Alice was correct," Qul'Roth murmured.
"About what, envoy?"
"Over the course of our many discussions she presented me with a written work of one T. E. Lawrence, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. The book is compelling in and of itself, to say nothing of his historical impact, but we debated at length the poem that serves as its dedication. I firmly believed that it was written by Lawrence to the people of Arabia in general, a statement of the greater good he fought for. Miss Winters insisted instead that the dedication was to one young boy who Lawrence grew close to but did not survive the war. I dismissed the notion of going to such great lengths in the memory of one human to be utter nonsense but...hearing your words, Admiral, and seeing the two of them? I am no longer certain. Humanity is…quite strange."
Natori and Io stared at one another as Alice finally composed herself and dried her tears, rising to her feet with her brother's help. 'It seems Alice has been rather influential during your journey to find us.'
"You have no idea, Io, but let us watch a bit more. I believe xenobiologist is about to meet xeno, so to speak," Natori murmured with ill-concealed delight.
"You're really alive? I'm not dreaming?" Alice asked her brother as they stood face to face at last after so many months.
"I could always punch you," Winters offered, hugging his sister briefly again. "I have no idea what the hell you're doing here, Alice, but it's really damn good to see you. And yes, I'm alive," he promised.
"I'm here because of...them," Alice replied with sudden reticence, peering around his shoulders to glance at Veera and Antoth. "Oh my God, they're so beautiful. Can you introduce me?" She whispered.
"They'll understand you; go for it," Winters chuckled before stepping aside and allowing his companions to gaze directly at his sister. "So Antoth, Veera, this is my older sister, Alice. She is a woman of learning, sort of like Xan or Thantis, and her primary area of study is aliens."
"You speak their language?!" Alice blurted before muttering to herself. "Of course you're the one who gets to spend a year with the aliens." Alice stopped cold as one of them, the one with stripes, put its hand to its muzzle and began chuckling. It smiled at her. Alice's mouth dropped open.
"You...you speak English?" She gasped. Veera, feeling a bit coy and excited at being the center of positive attention, flared her crest fully. The human almost swooned. "You do! Oh my goodness wow, ok. I thought you were like tall dark and imposing over here with a translator. That was nice of you to make for him, Russell. And yes, I noticed. Sorry sorry, my name is Alice and I'm Russell's sister. Thank you for taking care of him!" She waited hesitantly before bowing to Antoth, figuring that baring her neck would at least signify her comfort in their presence.
"Antoth," the panther spoke, returning the bow. "Winters, why is your sister here?"
"I want to know the same. But for now what I can tell you is that she will be able to help with our negotiations and that you can trust her," Russell assured him. Antoth nodded slightly and turned back to the shorter Winters. "Selah, Alice."
An unintelligible squeal of delight left Alice's mouth before she turned back to her brother and tugged on his cloak. "What's selah, is it a greeting? Is there deeper context? Also what is this fur?! It's unlike anything I've ever felt! And the cowl, did you kill that? Oh my God, tell me about your friends!" Alice seemed to consider something a moment before waving her hands about. "No no no wait, let me try. Uh, so I guess you're Veera then. And the two of you have very different morphology so...ah...maybe this is human bias but you're a female, right?"
"Your sister is exactly as you described her," Veera said to Russell, speaking in Cauthan so that Antoth could join in if he so chose. The secrecy was fun too. She flared her feathers again.
"Ok, so if you understand me then the feathers are maybe for communication? But your males don't really have them so they aren't necessary...some element of courtship perhaps? Yeah yeah, that sounds right. I wonder how hard those scales are, and wow, both of you have some real hardware down south. It's like Jurassic Park! Ok so definitely a predator species, maybe carnivorous at one time? More likely omnivorous now. Oh forget diet, this armor is wonderful!" Alice declared, hopping from subject to subject at the speed of thought as she tentatively leaned closer to Antoth. When he didn't pull away she took that as a go ahead.
"Selah to you, Antoth," she tried. "Your armor is intriguing. Do you wear it like this because full plate would be too heavy? You look pretty buff so maybe not. Maybe you don't have enough metal for a full suit? Metal over your right chest, interesting. Do you have a heart? Is that where it is? So many scars, no wonder you're their chieftain. Oh and these runes are amazing! I can't wait to dig into these. Sort of like hieroglyphs? Or maybe Norse runes? Is this a sun? This shield matches my brother's cloak and...wait! Russell, why do you have a nicer cloak than the chieftain?! Wait, why didn't you tell me if there were any proper greetings to observe?!"
Antoth looked at Veera with mild concern for the hyperactive human, but the Cauthan signaled for peace with her feathers. "She is calming everyone else, Antoth. Let this play out." Antoth nodded, looking around the eerie metal room and finding that most of the humans were no longer tense and fearful. A few were smiling. That was preferable. The admiral seemed content to allow things to proceed apace as well, looking on with a faint smile on his lips.
"Alice, your selah was fine. He wouldn't like formalities anyway. And the cloak is a story for another time," Russell tried.
"You mean like the story of whatever Maran predator can gore an Aegis chestplate?" Alice demanded, running her hands through the claw marks on his chest. "It's like you're some mythical hero to them. They don't think you're a god, do they?"
At that question Russell, Antoth, and Veera all began laughing loudly, eliciting a pout from Alice. "Well clearly there's a joke I'm not privy to. Forget you, you're just a human. Oh Veera, Antoth, if only we could talk for hours! Oh, those are rather pretty!" She declared, gesturing to the three, polished onyx rings that hung on the outside of Veera's left ear. "Yes yes, I didn't want to assume anything up front but you're definitely female. And your species seems to share many sensibilities with humanity and...huh, that's interesting. Your dress is really well made."
'Oh, I do believe we're getting to the good part,' Io whispered conspiratorially to Natori. The Admiral and Qul'Roth seemed rather afraid to discover what the 'good part' was. Alice's scientific inquiry continued unabated as Veera played along, giving a twirl and allowing her tail to boop Alice in the face as she did so. The human woman turned to her brother as though she'd just discovered the Holy Grail, rubbing her cheek where the fur had brushed it.
"She's so friendly! Do they bathe often? She smells rather inoffensive. Oh, do they get winter coats? Do they shed?!"
"Alice, is that really important?" Her brother demanded with patience born from knowing her his whole life.
"Yes! Everything is important! This is the greatest moment in human history since...I don't know! And you're just standing around like it's no big deal! I'm so sorry, Veera. Certainly your husband here is less thickheaded than my brother? Anyway, Russell, did you give gifts to all of them? She's got your knife and canteen. Are you horning in on the chieftain's wife? Are they monogamous? Do they call him a chieftain? Do they have religion? Gods and spirits? Veera, did your people make that dress or…"
Russell by then had long given up trying to keep pace with his sister. It was how it had always been, her brain moving a mile a minute and her mouth moving just as fast. All that mattered to him was that Antoth and Natori had both settled down and the Ghaelen remained silent. His wife was having fun; he didn't need to interrupt.
"This material couldn't be...could it? Could I...touch you?" Alice asked hesitantly, watching the alien's amber eyes closely. It was taller than her, stronger than her, armed with talons multiple inches long and various weapons. It was also smiling at her and offering its palm to her face up. "Oh my God!" Alice whispered under her breath, resting her hand on Veera's pads as Natori looked on approvingly. "I'm touching an alien. What are they called, Russell!?"
"The Cauthan," he provided tersely.
"I'm touching a Cauthan! And she's so fluffy!" Alice whispered. "Do you have claws? May I? Oh my...wow, you must have four or five joints with fingers that dexterous and a claw to boot. But your lower body is well...you're jacked, Veera. Is that natural or do you lift a lot of things? Do your women labor heavily? Do any of them have significant upper body strength or...let's have a look at these feathers. They're so beautiful! Beautiful is a good thing in your culture, right? I mean you're pleasing to behold. Look at them, and you can move every single one!" Alice exclaimed as she watched waves of motion ripple through the feathers of Veera's arm."
"Not now, Rusty! Oh hey look, you do rings and earrings! Coincidence or cultural convergence? Could convergent evolution apply to culture as well?"
"Wait...this is...how did you get the metal this smooth? This looks nothing like your earrings or Antoth's armor."
"Alice," Natori tried.
"Please, Admiral! Let the expert work. Is that...that's synthetic material. Silver and blue. Even for humanity blue like that was hard for a long time and…" Alice trailed off before politely lowering Veera's arm and rounding on her brother.
"Russell! Would you care to explain to me why the wife of the village chieftain is wearing a garment almost certainly made by you fabricator? Maybe that was a gift to get you in her good graces. Smart, I'd do that. But the ring? Russell Winters why is she wearing a human made ring on the ring finger of her left hand?!" Alice asked, her voice rising with each word.
"Alice," her brother growled defensively, unbuckling his left gauntlet, removing it, and holding up his hand. There a black and gold band shimmered in a similar motif. Alice's arms seemed to develop a mind of their own, waving and gesticulating.
"Awawaaa? But you, her, she...you? YOU?? No...no way, that's not...is it? How?!"
"ALICE!" Winters spoke over her and slammed his hand down on her shoulder. She finally clapped her mouth shut. "If you treat my wife like a dissertation subject or an experiment again we will have words. Is that clear?"
Instead of replying, Alice whipped around so quickly her neck muscles tweaked painfully and her back popped. The alien named Veera was looking down at her with a delighted expression on her face and tittering uncontrollably. Everyone on the bridge was silent yet again, with both Natori and Qul'Roth looking ready to keel over dead. Io was drinking in the show, of course, seated in her cushy leather reading chair with crossed legs and a glass of wine. "You...you?" Alice squeaked. The alien finally spoke in her tongue, her accent smooth like flowing water as her feathers waved invitingly.
"I was wondering if we would ever meet face to face, sister."
Only Russell's quick reflexes kept Alice from cracking her head open on the deck as she fainted.
"I, what...oh I'm never going to live this down," Alice murmured. She could feel her brother's arm supporting her torso as she blinked rapidly, looking up to see him, Veera, MacGregor, and Natori looking down at her. Antoth was off to the side a couple paces, but he nodded approvingly when he saw she was awake again.
"Are ye alright there lassie?" MacGregor asked with concern. "Can't say I blame ya though."
A rush of memories flooded to the fore of her brain and she leapt to her feet, scattering the onlookers as she turned to her brother again.
"So let me get this straight. You landed on a planet hundreds of light years from Earth right next to a village of aliens that are bipedal, emotive, sentient, sapient, have complex language and culture, aesthetics, metallurgy, leather working, symbology, are sexually dimorphic, morphologically similar to humans, fluffy tails, feathers, no breasts apparently-"
'I daresay, sir. Your sister's lung capacity is astounding. Do go on, dear.'
"Cassia, I have no time for your sass right now. This is serious and-" Alice slammed her mouth shut the moment she realized she'd referred to a VI as sassy. She turned to Natori's command chair to find a beautiful woman gazing back at her with real playfulness on her face and some sort of knowing familiarity in her bright green eyes. "Natori...what the hell is that?"
'How rude! I do not serve Admiral Kaczynski, though I do run his ship at this point,' Io admitted, shimmering her projection and resolving into her barbarian queen motif. Her body was draped with ursae and hyrven fur, revealing tantalizing hints of flesh beneath as she sat on a slightly updated throne of wood that now featured more Cauthan symbols. 'Yes, now that is the look I do so enjoy,' Io chuckled as Alice's mouth dropped to the floor. 'But you're family, Alice, so I won't tease too much. I am your brother's VI...though I think it's fair to say Mara changed me even more than it changed him.'
"Haaaaa!" Alice pointed at Io. "Aaaaah!" She pointed to Veera. "Russell!!"
"Yes?" He smirked, making no effort to hide his enjoyment at the confusion on the face of his whip smart sister.
"Everything I said before and...you raised a VI into an AI?"
"Uh...yes? How the hell did you know?" He demanded as Alice somehow hit the nail on the head.
"It's the only thing that makes sense! It's not like you were going to program one yourself! None of this makes sense actually! My...my baby brother proposed to an alien woman and she said yes?! We must have passed into an alternate dimension when we came out of warp, one where you're appealing to women."
"Ass," Winters chuckled along with Veera, crossing his arms over his chest. To everyone's great surprise, Alice turned and hugged Natori as if he were her own father.
"I…Alice! To what do I owe the pleasure?" He requested as he laid an awkward hand on her back and cast a defusing look at the woman's younger brother.
"You brought me here. My brother is married. He's married to an alien. His VI is this Germanic Viking woman with sass out the wazoo and an incredible sense of fashion. She called me family!" Io beamed at the praise. "And my sister in law is a fluffy, feathery, dangerous looking alien whose culture I get to study!"
"Ah yes. That does seem to sum up the situation," Kaczynski agreed, barely able to process everything himself. Qul'Roth had departed the bridge a short time prior, claiming chaos induced stress. Alice pulled back and smiled at him.
"Best. Day. EVER!" With that declaration Alice turned and walked calmly over to Antoth, taking the various revelations of the day in stride. She bowed before him again and he returned it with an inquiring look in his eyes. "Antoth, I am sorry for my...excitability. I'm just so very happy to see my brother alive. If you would, I'd very much like to help with the negotiations between your species and ours.
"I would appreciate that. While I would not begrudge such a reunion, I must return to my people with answers," Antoth insisted firmly. Alice looked around for a moment, hoping for someone to come to her aid. Io held out her hand to Natori again. A stylized program icon with another bow rested there. He smiled and motioned to take it from her.
'Requesting permission to access all translation capable personal devices on the ship to install my Cauthan language package,' she informed him officially.
“Requesting?” Natori repeated curiously.
‘I suppose I could go HAL 9000 and inform you of your impending demise,’ Io replied humorlessly. ‘If I feel like being combative you will certainly know it, Admiral. Until that time I believe we would be best served by working together. They are your crew. Please authorize the update.’
“What a marvelous creature you are,” Natori whispered passionately. “Please do so immediately, prioritizing myself, Qul’Roth, and Miss Winters.”
‘Of course, sir.’ Io closed her eyes and placed a hand against her temple. A couple moments later, Alice’s personal device chimed with an update, prompting her to equip her earbuds.
“Yes, Alice?”
“Woohoo!” The young woman cheered. “You’re the best, Io! So Antoth, what are your thoughts about our ship so far?”
“Young lady, at the risk of seeming rude there is only one consideration on my mind at this moment. You may be Winters’ flesh and blood, but I do not trust you or your people,” Antoth stated evenly. Natori understood the words as well and the two of them shared a look.
“Admiral, do you think we could go somewhere a bit less formal?” Alice asked in a chastized voice. Kaczynski nodded and stood.
“Turnwell, let us know immediately if something unexpected occurs or if Qul’Roth comes looking for us. Antoth, Veera, I believe we would be best served in a setting designed for such discussions. MacGregor, if you could accompany us as well? As a formal precaution only.”
“Yes sir,” the private saluted. After a brief explanation from Russell that Natori had suggested leaving the bridge for a room meant for negotiations, Antoth agreed and the group of six departed the bridge with all eyes upon them. Io tagged along on Winters’ gauntlet. Just before the doors closed shut he was able to make out a whisper.
“Did you see the thighs on the female?!”
“Io?” Winters requested deviously. She winked at him as a couple of sparks flew and the smell of burning console filled the bridge.
‘Way ahead of you, sir. It's an easy to replace component.’
“My heroes,” Veera giggled happily, content to have the approval of a second member of the Winters family. Kaczynski could be heard breathing out heavily through his nose.
Though Alice had never been there herself, she was not surprised that the Event Horizon featured a small briefing room just down the hall from Natori's quarters. When the group was seated around a modern, round, wooden table and Io commandeered the room's meeting software to project herself from the holographic display in the center of the ceiling, Antoth paused the action.
"May I ask if there's somewhere I might relieve myself?" He requested. The relatively mundane topic of biological needs suddenly reminded most of those assembled that they were in fact living beings that occasionally had to use the restroom. Io was not among that number.
"That's a good idea actually. I'll go use the crew facilities. Russell, you coming?" Alice asked. Her brother pointed to the crotch of his suit. "Ew, really?!"
"You think I'm taking half of this thing off just to take a piss?"
"Why do you have to be this way?" She lamented.
"Cause I'm your annoying baby brother," he chuckled, laying his helmet on the table and getting comfortable. The process involved finding resting places for a good many weapons. Alice let her shoulders drop.
"Two weeks, Rusty. After two weeks the fact that you're still breathing stops being important and I start chewing you out again."
"Love you, sis."
"Love you too. You and your thick head. Mac, you coming?"
"Ah might as well. Somethin' tells me the excitement is just beginnin'. Lead on, lass," the Marine encouraged, earning Russell's eyes on his back as they departed to freshen up for the ensuing discussions.
"They together?" He demanded of Natori.
"They are friends. Antoth, might I offer you and Veera the use of the bathroom in my private quarters?"
"You have your own outhouse?" Antoth wondered. "Thank you."
'I would be happy to show them the way, Admiral,' Io offered politely. 'I have known both Veera and Antoth for many months and I can assure you that they are not the type to poke around someone's private affairs.'
"Please do," Natori agreed with a surprised smile.
'Marvelous. Antoth, Veera, proceed out the door and to your left. Just follow my voice and we'll be there in no time.'
"You are quite the curious spirit," Antoth replied as he rose from his seat and followed her direction. "Even more mischievous than the Twins I daresay."
'And proud of it,' Io declared, waving as the two Cauthan exited the meeting room. Her form, which was left hovering above the table, presented the two men remaining with security feeds of the aliens' progress. 'Do not fear, Admiral. This area of the ship remains on lockdown by your orders. They will not encounter other crew.'
"Should I ask how the two of you managed to pull this off?" Natori demanded curiously, reclining and resting his feet on the table. "What are you and how did you snatch my ship away from me?"
'The what is a story for another time,' Io responded, earning her a nod from Winters. 'As for my yoinking of your ship, Admiral, I simply replicated my base VI code to replace the other VIs throughout the ship. I'm popping in and checking on them every so often. My main personality, of course, is leveraging Cassia's hardware as well as a couple other spare drives and CPUs. I don't mind telling you that it's wonderful to experience hardware redundancy again. That said I'm trying to take this all in bit by bit. A human could not run the Event Horizon all at once and I will not attempt to disprove that notion.'
"But you're not-"
"She's just as human as you or I, Admiral. I can assure you of that much," Winters spoke up. "I don't understand the mechanics but I watched it happen. She values acting, thinking, and existing like us. Show him some of your guts, Io."
'Du barbar.'
Winters blew her a kiss. She snatched it out of the air and returned it before snapping her fingers and presenting her live, beating heart as well as the quantum drive numbers designated as primary and backup on the Event Horizon. Natori almost fell out of his chair. "In all my wildest imaginations...I suppose I shall have to rethink what is possible in this world."
'That's not particularly impressive compared to my cognition, but it does seem to resonate with humans quite well. Brains aren't very...mobile,' Io mused. 'You understand why I had to do what I did, don't you?'
Natori cradled his chin in his hand, looking up to the ceiling as Winters hummed with a dour expression on his face. "If your primary goal was to convince me you're not a threat to me and my crew, Io, I'm not sure you succeeded."
'No. No I didn't think so,' she agreed, holding her hands behind her back and looking down at them. 'But that wasn't my primary goal.'
"I'm listening," Natori encouraged in a neutral tone. Io cleared her throat.
'Had there not been a Ghaelen on board things may have gone differently, but such is life. Count on a space elk to lack any sort of empathy or sympathy and count on a Jumper to automatically assume the worst.'
"That's my job," Winters said tersely.
'And when he's not being a grouchy grouch, that hunk of meat over there is my best friend and most constant companion. His wife and her people are all precious to me. Their lives will always be my primary concern, Admiral Kaczynski.'
"And the lives of my crew?" He pressed, awestruck at the conversation he was having with what was technically a computer program.
'Should be protected. I hope I am not forced to choose,' Io stated firmly. 'While even I cannot value human life, Admiral, some lives are more equal than others.'
Winters laughed through his nose as Kaczynski gazed at Io in horror. 'It is a joke, Admiral. Someone as computationally intelligent as I would never consider communism a practical ideology. Allow me to divest this conversation of any humor or pedantics. I will not harm or kill anyone unless my inaction would result in harm or death of the Lieutenant, his family, or his friends. Should something corrupt me...the Lieutenant will know what to do.'
"Io, we've been over this," Winters said defeatedly.
'And you will always make the right choice when it matters most,' she assured him tenderly as the voices of Veera and Antoth reached them from the corridors. 'Admiral?'
He rubbed his chin in resignation. "I hope my crew and I will one day be a part of that list of lives which you hold most dear. Until then I hope we can develop a working relationship aboard this vessel. Your findings on the planet must be investigated, if nothing else."
"I'd better not hear you say that again. I'm investigating everything!" Alice cut in, having arrived back at almost the same time as the two Cauthan. "So, what did you boys talk about?"
'We discussed whether or not I am a threat to everyone aboard this ship,' Io informed them politely with a sly glance at Natori.
"Technically you're not human life so you're my area of study too, right? Seriously best day of science ever in history. What was the conclusion? Do we get to live?" Alice demanded eagerly, not knowing what else to do but make light of the fact that her brother's VI had hijacked the Event Horizon.
'Should I show her the heart too?' Io asked of Russell. He looked at his sister.
"You hurt her feelings. Apologize."
The utter sincerity in Russell's voice left Alice speechless. Io was looking at her with a wounded expression, the look of someone who's just been told their work is worthless. The AI took a lock of hair between her fingers as Alice looked around the room at everyone. "Why aren't...is everyone else just used to this?"
"Used to what?" Veera requested in flawless English.
"A program that can contextually emulate human emotion and chooses to do so despite the inefficiencies?!" Alice stated as if it were obvious, standing for emphasis.
"What is she talking about, spirit Io?" Antoth wondered. The AI suddenly adopted a cheery expression and turned to him.
'The nature of my divinity, of course,' she replied with a giggle. 'Miss Winters why are you on the table?'
"I'm sorry," Alice told her, kneeling on the wooden surface so that she and Io could be level with one another and extending her hand. "My words were chosen poorly. I didn't mean to imply your simulations are weak. I've never seen anything like you it's just...if you are human, how am I going to write a paper on you?"
Io contemplated Alice for a moment before extending her own hand with a half-smile. 'Someday soon we'll do this properly. I accept your apology, Alice. I understand you did not intend offense. But my considerations should wait for another day. Antoth has put himself at great risk in the name of peace between us. He has been patient and deserves our attention.'
"Well said, Io," Natori agreed as Alice pushed back and slid into her seat. Russell rolled his eyes at his sister's antics. "Antoth, is there a proper method of addressing you?"
"My name will suffice. You must forgive me, Admiral, your name is rather complex."
"No offense taken, I assure you."
"I wish to secure peace for my people, our continued freedom, and knowledge," Antoth cut directly to the point.
"And in return?" Natori requested with interest.
"I do not know. We have nothing you could want," Antoth growled softly. "Peace, perhaps?"
"You would fight us?" Kaczynski wondered.
"To the last man," Russell promised, resting a fist on the table. Natori regarded him as he might a dangerous animal.
"The wilds changed you, Lieutenant."
"Not as much as you'd think, Admiral," Winters shot back.
"Oh would you boys stop it? No one is fighting anyone!" Veera insisted. "But make no mistake, human Admiral. If you are not the people my husband has made you out to be, we will not allow you to enslave us."
Kaczynski sat back in his chair as MacGregor whistled a long, single note. After a moment of consideration under Io's watchful gaze, he spoke again. "Antoth, I have no intention of disappointing you today. My species is a curious one, yes, but I believe most of my crew would mutiny if I suggested something as barbaric as enslaving a technologically inferior race. For now I hope my assurances on the subject are enough. I would go so far as to propose just the opposite, in fact."
"What do you mean, human?" Antoth demanded. Both Winters siblings sat forwards at his words as well.
"I believe it would be a strong statement both to humanity at large and to the Ghaelen if I...we, were to accept your village as a vassal state of humanity," Natori explained. Veera and Antoth looked to Io for explanation as Alice stared at the Admiral with questions on the tip of her pursed lips.
'A vassal state is one that pledges its service to a more powerful country or lord in exchange for protection,' Io said. 'Given that the village already experiences the protection of a HEL Jumper gratis, I'm not sure where the value proposition is here, Admiral Kaczynski.'
"Then allow me to elaborate further. Antoth, are you aware of Lieutenant Winters' claims of advanced life on your planet?"
"I am."
"An investigation into this anomaly is very much in my people's interest. While it is not on your land, it is still your homeworld and there is the relationship between your village and one of our own to consider. In return for assistance in this endeavor, we would offer you our protection so long as we remain here. Upon our departure this treaty could be reexamined."
"You're being sold short, don't take it," Alice spoke up, looking at Veera and Antoth.
"Miss Winters, have I misspoken?" Natori requested diplomatically.
"There is an entire world of biodiversity beneath us, Admiral. There is a species with a rich culture and traditions who have approached us for an alliance. You never know what sorts of discoveries are waiting down there, even without the installation that Russell discovered. Think about how much good we managed to get out of places like the Amazon once we advanced far enough medically and scientifically!"
"Such investigations would further anger our 'esteemed guest' and present problems on our return," Natori said.
'I believe those concerns are unfounded,' Io cut in. While contact with the village was unavoidable, the Lieutenant and I have successfully avoided detection by any other population centers. I have the logs to prove it and Veera, would you be willing to testify to that effect?'
"Of course. None of them were left alive," Veera affirmed, causing MacGregor, Alice and Natori to all look at one another.
"I beg your pardon?"
"Life on Mara is brutal, Admiral," Russell replied darkly. "It was them or us."
'Please, Admiral, we will not hide information from you but as it stands this agreement must provide more for the Cauthan. They sheltered the Lieutenant for almost a year.'
"I suppose there is that debt to consider as well," Kaczynski acknowledged. "Antoth, allow me to elaborate on this offer. I propose that your village become an independent vassal state of humanity. We shall have no hand in your governance, but extend our protection to you to the extent possible. You will allow us to determine the nature of the advanced technology on your planet, and you will allow a handful of my crew to interact with your people and enter your village."
"How many?" Antoth demanded.
"For starters, Miss Winters here along with a single escort."
"For what purpose?"
"To better learn about our new partners and to understand your way of life."
"And what will we receive in return Admiral?" Antoth pressed. Kaczynski nodded.
"Of course. First, as stated, we pledge our protection of your village. Aboard this vessel we have many warriors, four of whom are like the Lieutenant."
"I sincerely doubt that they are anything like him, but if they have his armor they do not need his skill in battle or touch of insanity. I thank you for this consideration. What else?" Antoth carried on while Io looked at him with approval and pride. The Jumper laughed.
"Yes well," Natori continued, wondering just what had happened on the surface of Mara. "We will conduct studies of your planet in an unobtrusive manner with conservation of the local ecosystems as our primary focus. Any relevant discoveries will be shared with you and your people."
"All discoveries, Admiral," Russell insisted. "And where applicable their people should directly participate in the research."
"That would complicate things, but we can consider it. Do you have men or women of learning among your tribe?" Kaczynski inquired.
"Thantis and Xan. They serve Kel and are keepers of our knowledge," Antoth explained.
'Kel is the Cauthan God of death, the void, winter, and the balance of nature. His servants dedicate themselves to study of the world and consoling those left behind in the wake of death,' Io elaborated.
"Your death priests are scientists?!" Alice yelped.
"Yeah, pretty much," her brother confirmed.
"Hooooo! That's…oh I need to write this down now!" Alice declared, reaching for her device. Io extended a hand.
'Might I be of assistance?' The AI asked, extending a projected stack of paper to her. Alice glanced at the title.
"An examination of death, faith, and learning in Cauthan culture, by Io? Oh come on!" Alice threw her hands up in frustration as Kaczynski and Russell both engaged in riotous laughter. The latter paused to explain to Veera and Antoth the concept of a doctorate. Soon they understood the source of Alice's distress and a moment of humor was had at her expense. In that time Io drew up a tentative contract and presented it to Natori in English, and Antoth in Cauthan runic script.
'I believe I have hit on the major points discussed today. There are provisions for mutual defense, bilateral exploration of each other's cultures, Alice's admission to the village, and a commitment on behalf of the Cauthan to not export human knowledge beyond their borders. And please note that at any time Antoth or other delegations including him may visit this ship to renegotiate terms of this agreement in either direction; more or less interaction. Please read it through and give me your thoughts.'
The two representatives of their species did so, with changes made here or there before both signed their names on paper copies that Io managed to provide thanks to her access to most of the Event Horizon. When the deed was done Kaczynski stood and walked around the table to where Antoth was waiting as Alice tried to contain her glee. She was going to get to interact with and study the Cauthan.
"May this be the beginning of a fruitful relationship," Natori wished, extending his hand. Antoth, having known Winters long enough, understood the gesture.
"My people look forward to learning from yours. If Winters and Veera are any indication, there is quite a lot we have in common."
Natori nodded in agreement, allowing Antoth to guide him through the Cauthan version of a handshake between men. Veera held Winters' hand and waved her feathers happily, watching the man with black skin and the Cauthan with black fur seal their treaty with gestures of friendship. A new era, full of potential, had dawned for her people.
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2019.11.24 19:07 FederalLeagueMVP Far off Anniversaries in Baseball: 1919

Welcome back to a resuscitated /baseball recurring series, (far off) Anniversaries in Baseball. The premise is simple: time, like baseball, is a flowing stream, that changes much less than we like to think it does. This series is about reflecting and remembering upon baseball events, or jerks, and real-world intrusions that made up a certain year exactly a few decades away. I attempt to convey this by merging primary and secondary sources through a variety of mediums to paint a portrait of the season in review. For the next few weeks, until the end of 2019, we will be drawing our thoughts back to ’19, ’29, ’39, ’49, ’59 to better understand our shared past and our sublimely important present- I ask you to join me on a quest through time to preserve a precious perspective and I hope you enjoy the series. Please include any feedback or thoughts in the comments section.
This particular issue is going to factor in a bit more "World History" than the others, simply because of the disastrous tone the year 1919 took was reflected on in the baseball season.
World Leaders: (There really wasn’t any population estimates because the war had ended two months prior, so here’s where the lines were drawn)
*England *:Prime Minister David L. George
United States of America: Woodrow Wilson
France: President of the Council of Ministers Georges Clemenceau
Italy: Prime Minister Francesco S. Nitti
Canada: Prime Minister Robert Borden
Cuba: Governor Mario G. Menocal
Russia: Supreme Ruler Alexander V. Kolchak
Weimar Republic: SDS Leader and President Friedrich Ebert
Ottoman Empire: Mehmed VI
China: President Xu Scichang, Beiyang government
Japan: Emperor Yoshihito
Mexico: President Venustiano C. Garza
Persia: Shah Qajar
January- March:
We have another New Year’s Day baby, when Sol and Marie Sallinger first met their infant, Jerome David on Manhattan Island. Later that week, former President Theodore Roosevelt died on the 6th. Future HoF’er James Henry “Orator Jim” O’ Rourke died two days later on the 8th in Bridgeport, CT of pneumonia contracted while walking home from a consultation appointment one week earlier. He played baseball for 23 years and is credited with the first NL hit while holding a law degree from Yale.. He started playing semi-pro ball only three years after the Civil War and by 1877 he was hitting .362 in the NL. On the 16th of that same month, The U.S. congress ratified prohibition which would take effect one year from that day. More importantly to the geo-political landscape of the world, on the 18th the Paris Peace Conference opened, tasked with sorting out the horrific formalities of The Great War, having been recently decided with the United States’ last-minute entrance. The date was symbolic, according to dispatch from the Guardian:
The great conference was formally opened at the Quai d’Orsay, yesterday on the 48th anniversary of that scene, so calamitous to Europe, when the German Empire was proclaimed at Versailles on the eve of the capitulation of Paris. If anyone had chanced to be present at both ceremonies, he would have been struck by a sense of contrast. The meeting in the Galerie des Glaces gave birth to a new order which has been a fatal burden to Europe. The meeting at the Quai d’Orsay is to give birth to a new order to which all mankind is looking for freedom and peace.
On the 20th, the group of representatives from more than two dozen countries began discussing punishments for the “warmongering” Kaiser, without Germany. The Conference was buzzing along through its second week on Jan. 31, when in Cairo, GA, sharecroppers Mallie and Jerry Robinson were honored with the birth of their fifth child, who they named after the recently deceased president: Jack Roosevelt Robinson. Six days later, on February 5th, four of the largest movie-picture stars in America: Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, D.W. Griffin and Mary Pickford created and agreed to the United Artists Corporation, in an attempt to control their artwork and profits more directly. There was no block booking for the new movie studio, and the actors and directors themselves controlled much of the common stock. That same day, in the National League offices, the Cincinnati Reds were making a case of corruption against a former player, Hal Chase. He was accused all throughout baseball for throwing games to his gambler friends while leading the league in hitting with .339 in his first year in Cincinnati, 1916. What triggered this hearing? Several Reds reported to their manager, Christy Mathewson, that they had seen or overheard Chase discuss his bets on the team. The NL president decided the suit when Mathewson was still serving in France:
"The testimony shows that Chase acted in a careless manner, both on the field and among the players, and that the club was justified in bringing the charges, in view of the many rumors which arose from the loose talk of the first baseman. In substance, the player was charged with making wagers against his club in games in which he participated. In justice to Chase, I feel bound to state that both the evidence and the records of the games to which reference was made, fully refute this accusation."
On Feb. 19th, the Reds traded him to the Giants and he signed his contract the day his old manager Christy Mathewson was named their assistant manager. On Feb. 25th, the state of Oregon created the first gas tax in U.S. history of a penny. On that same day in Haleburg Alabama, 81 miles west of Cairo, Monford Merrill “Monte” Irvin awoke to his first day of life. Only a few hours later on the 26th, President Wilson signed Senate Bill 390 which designated the Grand Canyon as a national park. Almost a month later, on March 23rd, Benito Mussolini founded the Italian fascist movement as a direct response to post-WWI turmoil. At this point in the year, however, spring was busting open and baseball was beginning to unveil itself again. The only problem was- baseball had taken such a hit in 1918: the “work or fight” movement derailed the season and it prematurely concluded with an almost false-World Series. This year, the season would be cut to 140 games and every owner lost money in the process. Still, many teams traveled to the south per usual for spring training. The Yankees and Tigers to Macon, GA, the Indians to New Orleans, the Red Sox to Tampa. The Phillies to Charlotte, the Robins to Jacksonville, the Pirates to Birmingham, the Braves to Columbus, GA and the Giants to Gainesville. While the Cardinals and A’s stayed put in the home parks, most of the rest of the teams settled in Texas, which was once the hot spot for Spring Training but was now losing its popularity. Still, the Reds showed up to Waxahachie, the O’s to San Antonio and the White Sox to the fabled health center, Mineral Wells. Their offseason was turbulent:
No one was quite sure how Gleason’s team would fare in the pennant race. The White Sox’ lack of pitching depth behind Eddie Cicotte and Lefty Williams was cited as a major concern by Chicago Tribunereporter Irving Sanborn, who predicted on April 20, “Unless he has a lot of luck developing new pitchers … (Gleason) is going to have a hard time keeping his team in the first division of the American League.” Veteran Red Faber, who had won three games in the 1917 World Series, was hampered by arm and ankle injuries, and he had come down with the flu virus and could not shake it. A global influenza epidemic had killed more than 600,000 Americans in the winter of 1918-19 alone. Faber’s condition was noticeably weak during spring training and it took him all year to fully recover.
How could we get into this much of 1919 without commenting on the global pandemic gripping the world: the Spanish flu virus? The world’s first wide war had given humanity an unwanted gift: bird flu, the H1N1 virus. Why call it the Spanish flu virus? Because the pandemic arose during the war, any country fighting censored reports of the disease, leaving neutral countries like Spain to wonder what was going on. No one knows where it started, but some estimates say 3-5% of the world’s population died. 10-20% of humanity was infected, including 28% of the American population. The worst year was 1918, but with the political instability the Great War had caused, the chaos of human civilization was seeping into baseball. As we would see, the White Sox would be in the center of a troubled, shaky world. Before teams departed from Spring training, a man put in the ground work to his legend. Red Sox two-way player George H. Ruth was on the starting nine for the Boston club in an exhibition game in Tampa, where he hit an estimated 587 ft. home run. Ruth and dingers this year would be a common theme, but this homer resonated far after his career was over- and this was important because Ruth had just ended a hold out with the Boston front office.
Until the 19 of April, 1919, Sunday baseball in New York was illegal. Governor Al Smith signed a bill repealing the blue laws, which opened up a new wave of passion for the national pastime on Sundays, when workers have the day off and are able to attend games. The president of the NL, Mr. Heydler, said:
I feel sure that baseball will have one of the greatest revivals in the history of the sport during the coming season, and I expect to see 1919 prove to be one of our banner years. I make this prediction more as a lover of baseball than as a baseball official… I believe the public can look forward to one of the most interesting seasons it has ever known.
144 years to the day after the Lexington and Concord skirmishes that started the rebellion, the season got under way. The Robins completed a sweep of their twinbill against the Braves- the rest of the teams got underway on that Wednesday the 23rd. One week later, if you had awoke in America to inspect the standings, you would see the 6-1 White Sox at the top of the AL and the undefeated 6-0 Reds at the top of the NL. You would have seen another full slate of games for that day: the Robins and Phillies tied a wild 20 inning game, where both starters (HoF) Burleigh Grimes and Joe Oeschger went the distance. Oeschger yielded 24 hits and only got two punchouts. Both teams scored 3 runs in the 19th before home plate umpire (HoF) Bill Klem called the game. But over the past few days in America, anarchists sent sticks of dynamite to the residences of prominent anti-labor and conservative politicians, specifically designed to coincide with May Day. The governor of Mississippi, Theodore G. Bilbo, the Postmaster General Albert S. Burleson, the police commissioner and mayor of NYC, John D. Rockefeller, Chicago District Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis and Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, among others. The country was horrified --) would the violence and revolts that were racking Germany seep into America? Fear spread like air throughout the country and the government quickly rounded up suspects.
Only two days after May Day, a composer and his violinist wife welcomed their son, Peter Seeger, into the world in Manhattan. Three days later, on the 6th, the Yanks lineup featured leadoff hitter and 24-year old rookie George Halas in a game against the 3-7 A’s. Halas got 4 PA’s before being removed for a pinch hitter and got his first hit in the Yankee loss. Rambling through the days to the 11th, Halas was still in the leadoff spot for a matchup against the Senators. Walter Johnson and Jack Quinn each went 12 innings- and Halas collected 2 of Johnson’s 9 K’s that day. In fact, Johnson gave up a double in the first and put down the next 28 batters until surrendering a leadoff single in the 11th. The game ended locked at 0 because of a curfew, but at least they were able to play the game after the disappearance of the blue laws. Johnson’s masterpiece was not the most amazing pitching performance of the day. The Reds were sitting in second place when they took on the bottom-feeding Cardinals. The game went by uneventfully in the first inning just before player-manager Rogers Hornsby led off the second with a walk. He was thrown out trying to steal second, and Reds starter used that momentum to only give up two more walks the entire game, achieving a no hitter in the process. This was the first no hitter at Crosley Field and Eller used his shine ball to baffle the Cards, according to this thought provoking look back.. On May 20th, the 9-8 Red Sox ran out onto the field of Sportsman Park to play the Browns. In the second inning, the first three Sox hitters Harry Hooper, Jack Barry and Amos Strunk all reached base.. Their teammate, Babe Ruth, socked a ball over the fence for his first career grand slam, to put his club ahead 4-0, his second regular season dinger of 1919.
A month had passed, but the red scare was just beginning with more dynamite sticks flying into unsuspecting residences. The next wave of anarchist strikes occurred on the 2 with larger bombs arriving at judges and mayors’ doorsteps, as well as a second bomb directed at AG Palmer, each carrying this message:
War, Class war, and you were the first to wage it under the cover of the powerful institutions you call order, in the darkness of your laws. There will have to be bloodshed; we will not dodge; there will have to be murder: we will kill, because it is necessary; there will have to be destruction; we will destroy to rid the world of your tyrannical institutions.
Palmer was not home when the pipe bomb went off. His neighbors across the street, Franklin and Elenore Roosevelt, walked past his door moments before the explosion and were only feet away from serious injury. Roosevelt was the assistant secretary to the Navy, tasked by Palmer to root out “homosexual behaviors” in the navy. FDR did this by arresting and trying veterans for sodomy. Roosevelt began expanding the illegal investigation harshly and was rebuked by Palmer, who shut down the investigation.. The calls of violent mayhem were not just coming from inside the house. Mexican revolution leader Francisco “Pancho” Villa organized an attack on nationalist forces in Ciudad Juarez, which his godson carried out at his wishes on the evening of the 14th. As the bullets hit buildings in nearby El Paso, the United States army got nervous and invaded Juarez to calm down tensions. Two American citizens were killed and over 90 Mexican soldiers and civilians died. One day after the tensions subsided, on the 17th, the New York Giants (30-14) prepared to play the Chicago Cubs (25-21) at Weeghman Field. Cubs ace Pete Alexander notched a win after giving up two runs to the Giants in the second. Hal Chase was playing at first and got a hit but was removed for a pinch hitter in the late innings. This would be the major league debut of Frankie Frisch. Strikes, bombs and violence was not just the new normal in Mexico and America at this drawn out summer of 1919. Back in mid-May, the entire population of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, went on strike. The population wanted more worker protections and a better life. The strike surged until the leaders of it found themselves behind bars on the same day Frisch made his debut. On the 21st, Canadian soldiers began a silent parade on main street and were met by Mounties with pistols, who unloaded their ammunition into the crowd, wounding 30. These battles between common folk and police, revolutionary leaders and military soldiers were occurring all over the world as the general population waited for the countries to settle their differences in Paris. All throughout this year, this season, the grand leaders sat in rooms hashing out the new world order and as you can imagine, this was quite an exclusively elusive bunch. A former baker from a Boston hotel, born in French Indochina and living in London, co-wrote a letter to the assembly asking them to attend on behalf of their home nation. He was Vietnamese and argued for the creation of a country under the yoke of French occupation, one of several foreign entities that had invaded and tried to control their countryside. In fact, the man who called himself Nguyen Ai Quac showed up at the conference and demanded to speak to President Wilson!. This did not happen and Nguyen the Patriot would find different political idols in France- communists. On the 28th, the leaders emerged from their comfy halls of power to alert their subjects that they had agreed on terms and at the suggestion of Woodrow Wilson, established the “League of Nations”. Wilson embarked on a vigorous campaign to convince the isolationist country to join the world powers.
On the 28th of the former month, Brooklyn’s Ed Konetchy went 3-3 in his plate appearances. In fact, he got a hit every single plate appearance until the 1st, when hit his 10th straight baseball in 10 tries at the box, setting the major league record for consecutive hits. Four days later, on the fifth, was Halas’s last PA in baseball. A hip injury forced his retirement but he continued playing semi-pro baseball and football back home in Ohio. He got a day job at a starch manufacturer, A.E. Staley. He served in sales and ran the company football team, the Decatur Staleys and by 1922 coach George Halas was guiding the Chicago Bears through the infant seasons of the NFL. One day after Halas left the stage, Chicago Cubs president/manager Fred Mitchell gave up his job of controlling the business side of his roster to his VP, William Veeck Sr., a former sportswriter. Veeck would transform the team with shrewd moves, partnered with the infant radio industry and he brought his son, William Veeck Jr., along with him. The Chicago they lived and worked in was not cheerful or peaceful. As soldiers burst back into domestic life, black soldiers began questioning the Jim Crow system that terrorized them at home. Back in May, NAACP co-founder W.E.B. DuBois published an essay, “Returning Soldiers”--) and scolded the status quo which supported lynching and encouraged ignorance. He ended with a call to arms:
This is the fatherland for which we fought! But it is our fatherland. It was right for us to fight. The faults of our country are our faults. Under similar circumstances, we would fight again. But by God of Heaven, we are cowards and jackasses if now that the war is over, we do not marshal every ounce of our brain and brawn to fight a sterner, longer, more unbending battle against the forces of hell in our own land.
We return
We return from fighting
We return fighting
Make way for Democracy! We saved it in France, and by the Great Jehovah, we will save it in the United States of America, or know the reason why.
By 1919, the rest of the country was tightly segregated but Chicago, mostly, was not. Beaches along Lake Michigan were, and that’s where we go on the 27th. The White Sox were 6 games up in first place, the Cubs had Pete Alexander toeing the bump and a unknown white attacker on a beach in Chicago stoned a black swimmer to death. America’s common man poet, Carl Sandburg, wrote an essay about the race riots that ensued and ripped the city apart. A major societal trend was occurring- African Americans were leaving the Black Belt in the South, which they had clung to since Emancipation, for better job opportunities in the industrial north. Sandburg reported on what we call now the “Great Migration”, and predicted the chaos earlier in the year. For a week, gangs of Irish citizens and rabble rousing racists donned blackface and lit up immigrant neighborhoods to stoke tension among the races. The mayor and the governor haggled over the specifics of sending the national guard as 23 African American citizens were hunted down and murdered. Gangs, like the Hamburg Athletic Club continued escalating the violence because they occupied south side neighborhoods stuck in the middle. History will never know for sure if Hamburg Athletic Club gangster, 17-year-old future mayor Richard Daley, took part in busting skulls of protesting African Americans.
By the 4th, Chicago declared the riots had subsided. Now, the battle that occupied their time was in the National League Standings, where the Reds and Giants swung back and forth through the next few weeks. Twenty days later on the 24th, the 28-79 Athletics sent their abysmal hitters up to face the Cleveland Indians at League Park, against Ray Caldwell. The Indians scored twice in the fourth, around the time the foreboding sky started to emit rain and Caldwell waltzed out in the 5th and surrendered his only run. With two outs in the ninth, Caldwell needed one more out to end the game and bared down- when he was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious. A sportswriter described the scene:
“There was a blinding flash that seemed to set the diamond on fire and Caldwell was knocked flat from the shock of it.”
Caldwell came to, stood back up, and retired the last A’s hitter for the victory. This kept the Indians 8 games back of the White Sox, who were the first team to score over 500 runs. The next day, the 25th, in Clio, Alabama, George Corley Wallace Jr. entered the great stage of life.
Entering the 8th of this month, the defending pennant winning-Red Sox were squarely out of the race. Their bright young pitcher, Babe Ruth, was in his first year of a three-year pact and was slowly transitioning into an electrifying power hitter when he wasn’t pitching. He set the AL record in homers in July and on this day he set the major league record with his 26th homer, in the first game of a doubleheader against the Yankees in the Polo Grounds. Harry Hooper also hit his third home run. The 66-53 Yanks wouldn’t get much better luck later in the week, on Wednesday the tenth the red-hot Cleveland club came to town. Ray Caldwell, fresh after his run in with a bolt of electricity in the sky, got two quick supporting runs from his team in the top half of the first. He knocked in his second double of the season later in the game and was a walk away from a perfect game. Caldwell’s first no hitter occurred less than a month after being struck by lightning. Earlier back in the year, Giants manager John McGraw traveled to the Ohio farm of Harry F. “Slim” Sallee and offered him a contract. Sallee was focused on retirement but noted he would only play for a team close by, in this case, Cincinnati. McGraw walked away and watched as Sallee achieved great things as a control master lefty for the Reds. He even got his own day at the ballpark, for his start on the 21st. He threw 65 pitches in total and finished his complete game shutdown of the Giants in 55 minutes. Six days later on the 27th, the last Saturday of the regular season, Babe Ruth became the first AL hitter to homer in every park. The October matchup was already decided: White Sox vs. Reds.
The White Sox were the best team in baseball, but their success originated from their clique-driven clubhouse. Team captain and superstar Eddie Collins, his future Cooperstown buddy Ray Schalk and others were well-paid and good at their jobs. The second half of the clubhouse- Eddie Cicotte, Happy Felsch and 1B Buck Weaver were culturally on a different planet. Weaver was underpaid, and in his search for money contacted a Boston bookie to place a bet against his own team. “According to the grand-jury testimony of Eddie Cicotte, his faction first began to discuss the feasibility of throwing the upcoming World Series during a train trip late in the regular season”. There was still the persistent rumor that the Cubs threw the previous World Series to Ruth’s Sox, and Hal Chase had escaped hot water over his close ties to gamblers. Lefty Williams and Joe Jackson joined the fix during the off days before the Series. Every player demanded their 10k share but only Cicotte got his before the series, which began on the first. At this point, according to “Eight Myths Out” from SABR,, the Chicago owner Charles Comiskey knew about the fix, as did famously connected gambler Arnold Rothstein and Hal Chase. Cicotte hit the first batter in the back as a signal that the fix was on. Here’s the footage. The Reds scored a run in that inning but Chicago answered it. In the fourth, Cicotte made a throwing error and the Reds ended the inning with five runs, eventually winning 9-1. The Reds won again the next day on Sallee’s masterful performance, to go up 2-0 and rolled into the south side of Chicago, still smoldering from the race riots earlier. Not all the cheating players had received their share and the White Sox had a rookie pitcher who was not in on the fix for game 3, so the club got their first series win. Eddie Cicotte was scheduled to start the next day, and after Jackson and Cicotte made obvious errors, the Reds went up 3-1. For what its worth, Cicotte would later mention he tried to win that game. All the White Sox went cold in October, going 26 innings without plating a run during the series. After a rain delay gave the teams their first off day, the Reds lost the next game 5-0. Jackson finally got support from his teammates the next game which led to a 5-4 White Sox win. Cicotte pitched up to snuff in game seven to give White Sox fans hope. Lefty Williams started game eight and gave up a four spot in the first. The Reds won 10-5 and their first World Series. Some writers and fans had questioned the White Sox for their sloppy errors and their owner Comiskey led an investigation that confirmed the truth. He buried the news, ruled Gandil ineligible and hoped no one would find the skeleton in his closet. This scandal would rock baseball to its core for generations and was one of the most famous events from this year with the faulty myths.
In that first week of October, however, throwing the World Series was not the only thing occurring behind closed doors. Woodrow Wilson crisscrossed the country to campaign for his League of Nations to see its ratification in the Senate. In April, he contracted H1N1 and his sickly picture of health and asthma loomed ominously. For days, Wilson [ignored his health and felt painful headaches](https://www.pbs.org/newshouhealth/woodrow-wilson-stroke). On the day of game two of the WS, he either got up from bed and collapsed or woke up to feel his left hand numb. It was a stroke- he was paralyzed on his left side. Partially blind in his right eye. Suffered a UTI infection three weeks later and another bout of influenza the next year. Just like the White Sox scandal, it would take months for the American public to get wind of just how serious it had been. Until then, his wife, Edith became the de-facto president, our first female executive. Her duties included, in her own words:
I studied every paper sent from the different Secretaries or Senators and tried to digest and present in tabloid form the things that, despite my vigilance, had to go to the President. I, myself, never made a single decision regarding the disposition of public affairs. The only decision that was mine was what was important and what was not, and the very important decision of when to present matters to my husband.
Would the chaos, the suffering, the pain of 1919 continue into the next decade? Was violence, corruption, disease and the lying be the new normal? Around this time, a young veteran in Germany, disillusioned with the ridiculous post-war society joined the German Workers Party. They convinced him to make his first public speech at the Hofbraukeller brewery in Munich on the 16th of October. According to Adolph Hitler, it was the Jews who were to blame for the 1919 post-war madness. Over one hundred brown shirts in the brewery latched on to Hitler’s ideas quickly and his public speaking scheduled increased as President Wilson attempted to regain his health after the stroke.
Historians would later call the summer of 1919 the “Red Scare”, where conservative forces in the government and its citizens lashed out against reformers, socialists, and African Americans with zeal as anarchists and foreign revolutions spread fear. AG Palmer had been a victim of the bombs earlier in the year. This August, he appointed 24-year-old J. Edgar Hoover to prosecute political threats from foreigners and leftists. Hoover forged a pact with local cops to conduct a raid on November 7th, as Wilson sat in bed. Many of the humans they arrested were later freed and Palmer drew condemnation for the raids that bear his name, if little of his actual handiwork. Jumping ahead to December 12, inching toward 1920, the major league owners met and decided to severely limit the use of the spitball, allowing two players on each roster to continue the practice. After the 1920 season, the number would go down to one, allowing several pitchers to be grandfathered in. Toward the end of the year world health officials celebrated the end of the Spanish Flu epidemic and as fans would learn in 1920, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sent George H. “Babe” Ruth for a hundred thousand dollars and a 350-thousand-dollar loan for Frazee’s new Broadway play, tied to a mortgage on Fenway Park.
AL team W/L pythag record run diff
Chicago White Sox 88-52 84-56 1.0
Cleveland Indians 84-55 80-59 0.7
New York Yankees 80-59 78-61 0.5
Detroit Tigers 80-60 74-66 0.3
St. Louis Browns 67-72 66-73 -0.2
Boston Red Sox 66-71 70-67 0.1
Washington Senators 56-84 66-74 -0.3
Philadelphia A’s 36-104 41-99 -2.0
NL team W/L pythag record run diff
Cincinnati Reds 96-44 92-48 1.
New York Giants 87-53 86-54 1.0
Chicago Cubs 75-65 77-63 0.3
Pittsburg Pirates 71-68 70-69 0
Brooklyn Robbins 69-71 71-69 0.1
Boston Braves 57-82 70-67 -0.7
St. Louis Cardinals 54-83 58-79 -0.6
Philadelphia Phillies 47-90 48-88 -1.4
Player BA OPS+ wRC+
Cobb, Ty .384 166 161
Jackson, Joe .351 159 157
Ruth, Babe .322 217 203
Sisler, George .352 156 151
Veach, Bobby .355 158 152
Players Missing: Jack Tobin (.327 BA), "Baby Doll" Jacobson (.323) Henie Groh (157 wRC+).
Adams, Babe 263.1 0.896 1.98
Alexander, Pete 235 0.928 1.72
Cicotte, Eddie 306.2 0.995 1.82
Johnson, Walter 290.1 0.985 1.49
Vaughn, Hippo 306.2 1.063 1.79
Players Missing: Jim Shaw (306.2 IP), Dutch Reuther (1.82 ERA), Jesse Barnes (295.2 IP, 1.008 WHIP), Lefty Williams (297 IP)
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2019.09.26 16:45 M_Tootles As Far As The Winds Blow: Tattered Tygett and Pretty Gerion - Part 3 of 3 (Spoilers Extended)

This post is likely easier to read on-onscreen my blogspot, HERE.
This is Part 3 of 3 of a single, cohesive piece of writing. This won't make ANY sense except as a direct continuation of Parts 1 and 2. You can read Part 1 HERE.

Ilyn and Lancel, Meet Stannis

The same motifs that see Lancel Lannister "rhyme" with Ilyn (thus obliquely hinting that the very Ilyn-y Meris is a Lannister too) notably rhyme Lancel (and Illyn) with Stannis, as well. Again, Lancel and Ilyn are both verbatim "gaunt" with "hollow cheeks". Ilyn's "deep-sunk hollow eyes" are also called "deepset"; Lancel's "sunken eyes" are also "hollow eyes".
Stannis is attended by the same three motifs: He, too, has "hollow cheeks", (DWD tKP) his eyes are "sunk deep in a hollow face", (DWD J III) and he…
…was so gaunt that he looked ten years older than he was. (SOS Jon XI)
Might this signal that Stannis can tell us something about Meris and/or Tatters? He already has, because as Tatters, Tygett is passing himself off as almost exactly ten years older than he is. Meanwhile, Stannis's life is defined by his rivalry with his older brother, which is exactly what I am arguing consumed Tygett. Cressen's thoughts on the topic—
[Stannis's] face swam up before him, not the man he was but the boy he had been, standing cold in the shadows while the sun shone on his elder brother. Whatever he did, Robert had done first, and better. Poor boy . . . he must hurry, for his sake. (COK Pro)
—perfectly prefigure Genna's comment about Tygett's "struggle to find a little sun" in Tywin's "shadow".
Asha's POV makes the same point about Stannis, making it plain that he isn't unique. I quoted the "punchline" earlier. This time, notice that the context is (a) Stannis once again looking like a prematurely aged Lannister and like Meris-y Ilyn Payne, (b) an allusion to slavery, as in the slavers who raped/castrated Gerion/Meris, and (c) a wry reference to Gerion/Meris-y gender-swapping:
[Stannis's] eyes were sunk in deep pits, his close-cropped beard no more than a shadow across his hollow cheeks and bony jawbone. …
She went to one knee before him. "Sire. … Strike these chains from my wrists, I beg you. Let me ride. I will attempt no escape."
[Stannis basically says "Why should I?"]
"Your Grace's royal brother was renowned for turning fallen foes into friends. Make me your man."
"The gods did not make you a man. How can I?" Stannis turned back to the nightfire and whatever he saw dancing there amongst the orange flames.
Ser Justin Massey grasped Asha by the arm and pulled her inside the royal tent. "That was ill judged, my lady," he told her. "Never speak to him of Robert."
I should have known better. Asha knew how it went with little brothers. She remembered Theon as a boy, a shy child who lived in awe, and fear, of Rodrik and Maron. They never grow out of it, she decided. A little brother may live to be a hundred, but he will always be a little brother. (DWD tKP)
Suppose you pick up on the fact that Ilyn and Stannis both "look"—textually—like Lancel-when-he's-"old". Suppose you look around to see if anyone else does, wondering whether this grouping of people, taken as a whole, might be "saying" something. There's one character you can't miss.

Bran's Footpad, Who Otherwise Sounds Like… Brienne?

The footpad sent to kill Bran, of all people, sounds very much like Lancel, Stannis, and Ser Ilyn:
He was a small, dirty man in filthy brown clothing, and he stank of horses. … He was gaunt, with limp blond hair and pale eyes deep-sunk in a bony face, and there was a dagger in his hand.
"Gaunt", verbatim, again. "Deep-sunk" eyes , verbatim like Ilyn's, rhyming with Stannis's "eyes sunk deep" and Lancel's "sunken eyes". "A bony face" clearly implies "hollow cheeks" like the other three, since we also see "the bony hollows of [Stannis's] cheeks"]/"[Stannis's] hollow cheeks and bony jawbone" (COK Pro; DWD tKP) and the Waif's verbatim "bony face" and "hollow cheeks". (FFC A I).
What's the point of this rhyme between the footbad and Ilyn, Lancel and Stannis? To lead us to powerful resonances with what I believe is the truth about the infinitely Ilyn-ish Pretty Meris and her associate Tatters.
Four things jump out besides the Ilyn/Lancel/Stannis-esque elements: "filthy brown clothing", "pale" eyes, "limp blond hair" and stinking of horses.
"Filthy brown clothing" and "pale" eyes immediately bring to mind somebody I've already mentioned a few times: "Ser Bennis of the Brown Shield" from The Sworn Sword, a "dirty" sellsword who refuses to wash or change his brown clothes. His name recalls both "Brown Ben Plumm" (and hence glamodisguise, per Maynard Plumm) and "Meris", who like Bennis is a sellsword. We've seen that Meris is a torturetickler. What does Bennis call it when he slashes a peasant's cheek, surely scarring his cheek like Meris's cheeks are scarred? "Tickling":
"A tickle on the cheek was all it was, to teach him to mind his tongue."
Bennis the tickler has pale eyes like the footpad: "pale green" eyes, exactly like Tywin. They are also "shiny-bright with malice." Bright, shining eyes are a Lannister trademark, as I'll detail elsewhere. It's not that Bennis is a Lannister, it's that ASOIAF rhymes. The motif "shiny-bright with malice" is reworked by the Tattered Prince's captain Denzo D'han:
Denzo's tone was edged with malice, and the eyes of the warrior poet gleamed bright with mockery. (DWD tSS)
In turn, Denzo's "mockery" (like Benis's) recalls Gerion pre-"fool's quest", while his being a "warrior poet" reminds us of Tywin (and Tygett's) extermination of the Tarbecks, as discussed earlier. Thus the Footpad reminding us of Bennis makes a strange kind of reverberating sense if Meris and Tatters and Gerion and Tygett Lannister and if ASOIAF "rhymes".
Back to Bran's footpad, who looks so very much like the very Meris-y Ser Ilyn. He also "stank of horses" and has "limp blond hair". Dany has something interesting to say about the former:
"A horse has an honest smell. That is more than can be said of some great lords and merchant princes." (DWD Dae III)
A great lord (Tywin) and a merchant prince (Illyrio) factor prominently in the story of Meris's brother Tygett's downfall, if I'm right.
But what about that "honest smell"? Well, if I asked you what character you might associate with honesty, "smelling" like a horse, and "limp blond hair", there can be only one answer: Brienne, who is as honest as anyone in ASOIAF, who has a "horsey face and teeth", and who has … wait for it… "limp yellow hair"/"limp thin hair" (while having a "thick blond bush"). (FFC B I; COK C III; SOS Jai III, V)
Why in the world does GRRM rhyme this degenerate footpad with Brienne, of all people? Because Brienne is only the most obvious Meris figure of all, and by rhyming Brienne and the footpad, he thereby re-rhymes Meris with (a) Lancel the prematurely aged Lannister, (b) the also very Meris-y Ilyn Payne, and (c) Stannis whose life is defined by rivalry with his older brother, which taken as a whole pretty much spells out who Meris and Tatters are.
So let's talk about Brienne being Meris-y, and Meris being Brienne-y. (Or is it spelled Briony?… Keep reading.)

Pretty Meris Rhymes Brienne the Beautiful

Brienne the Beautiful "rhymes" with Pretty Meris, and in the process hints that Meris is Gerion Lannister. The similarity is so obvious that a massively popular post by JoeMagician argued that Meris effectively is Brienne: a character GRRM invented after he decided not to go through with his supposed original plan to have Brienne undergo a kind of breakdown after failing to find Sansa, emerging as an angry, broken shell of her former self.
I don't think Pretty Meris was a retconned invention at all, though. I think GRRM always intended for Brienne to be an analogue to Jaime's "fallen" uncle, Gerion Lannister. (GRRM is a gardener, yes, but that doesn't mean what most people think it means, in my opinion.) But there's more than a little truth to the idea that Meris and Brienne are mirror-figures.
The big, blond warrior woman called "Brienne the Beautiful", who is "not so pretty" as Gregor Clegane and frequently mistaken for a man, is very clearly like a "good"/"heroic" version of the "big and blond" warrior woman "Pretty Meris", who we're invited to suspect is a man, and about whom there is "nothing pretty… inside or out". (SOS Jai VII; DWD tWB)
Meris literally has no breasts. Brienne has no breasts "to speak of":
[Brienne]'s the Hound with teats, he thought. Or would be, if she had any teats to speak of. (SOS Jai I)
Meris's supposedly cut-off/i.e. mutilated breasts are notably prefigured twice in Brienne's POVs:
"…it's said they're raping every wench they come upon and cutting off their teats for trophies." (FFC B III)
"…my lady, you wear man's mail [like Meris!], so I shall not spare you these horrors . . . her breasts had been torn and chewed and eaten, as if by some . . . cruel beast." (VI)
Meris explicitly "frightens" Quentyn and makes him "shiver" (exactly as Meris-y Ilyn does Sansa). Brienne riffs on this with Pod, scaring him by smacking his horse on the rump, leading to this:
"Who are you?" she demanded.
The boy's mouth worked soundlessly. His eyes were big as eggs. "Puh," was all he could manage. "Puh." His chain mail byrnie made a rattling sound when he shivered. "Puh. Puh." (FFC B II)
Same motifs, right down to the shivering.
Then there's Brienne's "mare":
Brienne's mare was sweet to look upon and kept a pretty pace. (FFC B I)
Get it? Pretty. Mare. "Sweet" like Pretty Meris.
Both Brienne and Meris have scarred cheeks. Meris's begin that way, but Brienne discovers her cheeks will be scarred in a scene whose details remind us of Meris and Tatters, which also features a girl named Jeyne—a detail which will momentarily prove interesting:
"Your fever has broken," [Thoros] announced…. "Well and good. Just yesterday your flesh felt as if it were on fire. Jeyne feared that we might lose you."
"Jeyne. The tall girl?"
"The very one. Though she is not so tall as you, my lady. Long Jeyne, the men call her. It was she who set your arm and splinted it, as well as any maester. She did what she could for your face as well…. Even so . . . a human bite is a filthy thing. That is where the fever came from, I am certain." The grey man touched her bandaged face. "We had to cut away some of the flesh. Your face will not be pretty, I fear." (FFC B VIII)
A tall girl who is not as tall as Brienne recalls the not-quite 6-foot Meris, while "the grey man" sounds like the Tattered Prince. The name "Jeyne" recalls Jeyne Poole, whom Jaime declares "pretty" (like Meris) soon after he calls Brienne "not so pretty" (also like Meris) in another scene which is massively redolent of Tatters and Meris—while also hinting at the truth about them:
A groom led a fine grey mare out the stable door. On her back was mounted a skinny hollow-eyed girl wrapped in a heavy cloak. Grey, it was, like the dress beneath it, and trimmed with white satin. The clasp that pinned it to her breast was wrought in the shape of a wolf's head with slitted opal eyes. The girl's long brown hair blew wild in the wind. She had a pretty face, [Jaime] thought, but her eyes were sad and wary. (SOS Jai IX)
We see a girl disguised as a (thought to be) dead princess, primarily via her grey cloak and dress and sigil, recalling how the "dead" Tygett uses the Tattered Prince's cloak to disguise himself. Like Tatters, she rides a notable grey horse and dresses in grey. Her hollow-eyes are a now-familiar motif found again and again among characters who rhyme with the dead-eyed Meris, and we also see literal stone eyes, a la Meris's eyes "dead as… stones". What's more, they're "slitted", a la Meris's "slit nose". And then the giveaway: Her hair is literally "windblown", and her eyes are "sad", like the Windblown's "sad-eyed" Tattered Prince.
So here's Jeyne, referencing Tatters and Meris, and what does Jaime think next? That she looks older than Arya's years, which rhymes with Tygett being disguised as a Prince and looking older than he is. Jaime and Jeyne exchange a few words, and we get the ironic punchline: Jaime tells her, "I wish you joy, lady", recalling Tywin's misinterpreted promise to give Joy—i.e. Gerion's daughter—to Raynald Westerling. It's ironic, of course, because Gerion is the dead-and-stone-eyed, slit-nosed Meris, who these descriptions of Jeyne are textually referencing.
(The rhyming is even thicker: Brienne's life is saved by Long Jeyne; "Meris's" mother was a woman named Lady Jeyne, who died giving birth to "her".)
And what does Brienne herself think about the girl Willow, who is the sister of Jeyne who tended to Brienne's wounds and Meris-y scars and who reminded us of Jaime thinking Jeyne Poole is "pretty" (a la Meris)? Something which speaks directly to the identities of Meris and Tatters:
Brienne wondered whether Willow might be more than she appeared. The girl was too young and too plain to be Sansa Stark, but she was of the right age to be the younger sister, and even Lady Catelyn had said that Arya lacked her sister's beauty. Brown hair, brown eyes, skinny . . . could it be? Arya Stark's hair was brown, she recalled, but Brienne was not sure of the color of her eyes. Brown and brown, was that it? Could it be that [Arya] did not die at Saltpans after all? (FFC B VI)
Indeed, could it be that Tygett did not die of a pox after all? That Gerion was not lost at sea after all?
How else does the Brienne-Meris parallel hint at the identities of Meris and Tatters?
Most basically, Brienne's relationship with Jaime augurs that Jaime was once close to Brienne's mirror-figure, Meris (when she was Gerion). Indeed, from Brienne's perspective it's a bit like talking to herself via a series of fun-house mirrors, as she is like Meris, while Jaime is explicitly like Gerion—
"Jaime,… You smile like Gerion and fight like Tyg…" (FFC J V)
—who is Meris.
Brienne is not a knight. Nor was Gerion Lannister.
There's a hint that Meris is a Lannister in the broader context of an on-the-nose parallel between her and Brienne. We've talked about Meris pointedly not laughing at Dick Straw's jape:
Dick Straw still had doubts as well. "The girl would be a fool to trust us. Even with Meris. Especially with Meris. Hell, I don't trust Meris, and I've fucked her a few times." He grinned, but no one laughed. Least of all Pretty Meris. (DWD tWB)
Obviously this recalls Brienne's silence in a scene which "tags" Meris via Wendel Manderly's throwaway line:
"They have hanged some Lannisters," Hal Mollen observed.
"A pretty sight," Ser Wendel Manderly said cheerfully.
"Our friends have begun without us," Perwyn Frey jested. The others laughed, all but Brienne, who gazed up at the row of bodies unblinking, and neither spoke nor smiled.
I referenced this earlier, since it posits dead Lannisters as "pretty" like Meris, but with the Meris-Brienne parallel in mind, we can now add that Brienne's failure to laugh makes metatextual sense, since she "is" Meris, who is Gerion, who wouldn't be inclined to laugh at hanged Lannisters.
The "cutest" hint that Gerion is the Brienne-y Meris is found in the Lannister family tree in the back of TWOIAF. What name does GRRM give to Gerion's daughter's mother? "Briony". Get it? Spelled elsewise: Brienne-y. Gerion is Brienne-y, indeed, because Meris is Brienne-y, and Gerion is Meris.
The best Brienne-related hint that Meris is Gerion, though, lies in the "rhyme" between Meris-y Brienne's story and Gerion's. Gerion "died" on a doomed "fool's quest" to recover House Lannister's Valyrian steel sword, right? The same motifs are reshuffled when the very-Meris-y Brienne goes on a verbatim "quest" which she fears "hopeless", upon which she is made to "feel such a fool", and which entails looking for a verbatim "fool", making it triply a "fool's quest". (FFC B VI, I, II). And what does Jaime give to the Meris-y Brienne to assist her on her quest? House Lannister's Valyrian steel sword, Oathkeeper: a play on the very thing Gerion disappeared looking for. The Song, it rhymes. But the rhyme only makes sense if Gerion is Meris.
Just in case we don't pick up on this Brienne-Gerion rhyme, there's this: Tywin gives the Lannister's other Valyrian steel sword, Oathkeeper's smaller sister sword, to King Joffrey as a wedding gift. When Tyrion expresses jealousy, Tywin tells him to take a dagger from the armory and mentions that Gerion gave King Robert a dagger with a sapphire pommel "for a wedding gift":
"Gerion gave [King Robert] a gilded dagger with an ivory grip and a sapphire pommel for a wedding gift…" (SOS Ty IV)
The sapphire pommel, of course, immediately recalls Jaime saving Brienne by telling Hoat she's from the Sapphire Isle. Thus Gerion and a symbol of Brienne are served up on a silver platter together, in the pertinent context of Valyrian swords, begging us to realize that Brienne's obvious mirror-figure, Meris, is Gerion.
Meanwhile, the fact that we're reading about one of Robert's daggers reminds us of Robert's Valyrian steel dagger used by Bran's footpad… which is only how we ended up here.
The Song's rhymes… they sing.

Merisy Rhymes, Merisy Rhymes, Everywhere

Brienne, Ilyn, Lancel, Stannis, Bran's Footpad… These are not the only characters to rhyme directly or indirectly with the Pretty Meris. The next portion of this writing will look at several figures who are all described in ways that remind us of (a) Pretty Meris, (b) the infinitely Meris-y Ser Ilyn, (c) each other, and (d) the Lannisters.
None of them are carbon copies of one another; rather, each has a few salient characteristics which overlap with Meris and/or this or that other Merisy figure and/or Lannisters. It is my contention that this web of "rhyming" characters is contrived to hint that Meris is Gerion and Tygett is Tatters.

Meris, Meris-y Ilyn, Tatters, and Tywin Rhyme With… Ser Mandon Moore

Ser Mandon Moore's eyes are famously "dead" a la Meris's "cold dead eyes"/"eyes as cold and dead as two grey stones":
Ser Mandon. He saw the dead empty eyes… (COK Ty XV)
Ser Mandon was the most dangerous of the Kingsguard, because his dead empty eyes gave no hint to his intentions. (ibid.)
The inscrutability of Mandon's intentions, meanwhile, reminds us of Tatters:
[Tatters] wore a brown wool traveler's cloak, with silvery chain mail glimmering underneath. Did that betoken treachery or simple prudence? (DWD tSS)
"Maybe they meant to kill the dragons all along and were only using us to get to them. You never know with Tatters." (DWD tQH)
Mandon's "dead"/"lifeless" eyes are also called "pale grey" and "oddly flat":
Ser Mandon's eyes were pale grey, oddly flat and lifeless. (COK Ty I)
This contrivance "oddly" but (I believe) aptly manages to marry Meris's eyes—"dead [i.e. lifeless] as two grey stones"—with Tywin's seven-times "pale" eyes… and also to recall Tywin's "flat cold dead" voice
"Casterly Rock," [Tywin] declared in a flat cold dead tone. (SOS Ty I)
—which prefigures both his brother Kevan's voice—
"Enough," [Kevan] said, his voice still flat and cold. (DWD C I)
and (their brother) Meris's "cold dead eyes". Doubly so because it's also "colder than ice"—
Lord Tywin's voice was colder than ice. (ibid.)
—whereas Meris has the "coldest eyes [Dany] had ever seen".
Mandon's dead (like Meris's) eyes are also "empty". This recalls this literal "empty" eye:
"The mark of hell is on [Bloodraven's] face and in his empty eye…" (tMK)
And who is Bloodraven in the story quoted? A legitimized King's bastard—a quasi-prince of sorts—disguised under the name Maynard Plumm, whereas (if I'm right) the Mandon-ish Meris is a disguised Gerion Lannister, who has a bastard (Joy Hill) and whose commander (and in truth brother) is a "Prince" who is posited as the Windblown's version of Brown Ben Plumm.
Mandon's eyes being both "dead" and "pale", meanwhile, duplicates Meris-y Ser Ilyn:
It was Ser Ilyn Payne,… standing there silent with his dead eyes… (GOT S VI)
[W]ould she find Ser Ilyn Payne waiting for her, …his pale eyes watching…? (COK S II)
Where Meris makes Quentyn "shiver" and Meris-y Ilyn makes Sansa "shiver", the thought of someone coming "to finish the work of Ser Mandon" makes Tyrion "shiver":
When he saw a shape moving toward him, Tyrion shivered. Here in Maegor's Holdfast, every servant was in the queen's pay, so any visitor might be another of Cersei's catspaws, sent to finish the work Ser Mandon had begun. (SOS Ty I)
Similarly, Sansa thinks:
Ser Mandon's strange dead eyes made her uneasy… (COK S I)
This reminds us of of Tywin:
[Tywin]'s eyes had always been unsettling… (FFC C II)
Mandon's eyes being "strange", meanwhile, recalls Jojen—
Jojen studied Bran's face with those strange green eyes. (COK B V)
—whose eyes are Lannister-ish "deep green pools" like Joanna's and Cersei's and "full of sadness" like sad-eyed Tatters's.
Mandon looks like a corpse—
In the chilly white raiment of the Kingsguard, Ser Mandon Moore looked like a corpse in a shroud. (COK Ty I)
—while his "dead"-eyed counterpart Meris is a corpse—a "dead" man. The reference to a shroud, meanwhile, recalls the Shrouded Lord, who Tyrion conflates with Tywin.
Mandon being "death in snow-white silk"—
Ser Mandon flashed past him, death in snow-white silk. (COK Ty XIV)
—compares to Ilyn, who "might have passed for death himself". It's also a reference to the story of Snow White—one which makes Mandon sound feminine, which is consistent with Moore "rhyming" with Meris—which involves a prince, dwarfs and a queen who pricks her finger and wishes for a beautiful daughter to whom she dies giving childbirth. These motifs are reworked by Tyrion, a dwarf whose mother supposedly died giving birth to him who signs up to be a sellsword in Meereen in the mirror company to the Windblown, the company of the Tattered Prince and Mandon-y Meris (who is short for a Lannister man and whose own mother died giving birth to him).
Moore being outfitted in a "raiment" with a "ragged ruin" of a shield perforce prefigures Tatters's "ragged raiment". (COK Ty XIV).
Where Meris and Ilyn "frightened" Quentyn and Sansa, Mandon puts "fear" into Tyrion such that he pisses himself like a victim of (Meris's fellow tickler) the Tickler's tickling:
Ser Mandon. He saw the dead empty eyes, the reaching hand, the green fire shining against the white enamel plate. Fear swept over him in a cold rush; beneath the sheets he could feel his bladder letting go. (COK Ty XV)
Thus Mandon is "fearful" in the same fear-inducing sense Cersei thinks Tywin was while he lived.
Remember how Marq Mandrake is set up as a kind of Meris/Gerion mirror, joking and chuckling as we can infer Gerion once did while having scarred cheeks like Meris? Mandrake. Mandon. Marq. Moore. Get it? Rhyming.
Mandon has "eyes like a fish" and is presumed drowned, recalling Gerion being "lost as sea" and presumed dead. (SOS Ty I) Afterward, Tyrion makes inquiries about Moore to Varys. The "coding" is heavy:
"The man seems to have been quite friendless," Tyrion said carefully.
"Sadly," said Varys, "oh, sadly. You might find some kin if you turned over enough stones back in the Vale, but here . . . Lord Arryn brought him to King's Landing and Robert gave him his white cloak, but neither loved him much, I fear. Nor was he the sort the smallfolk cheer in tourneys, despite his undoubted prowess. Why, even his brothers of the Kingsguard never warmed to him. Ser Barristan was once heard to say that the man had no friend but his sword and no life but duty . . . but you know, I do not think Selmy meant it altogether as praise. (SOS Ty II)
Most of this prefigures what's said about Tywin in TWOIAF when his brothers Gerion and Tygett are mentioned:
Yet despite [his] accomplishments, Tywin Lannister was little loved. His rivals charged that he was humorless, unforgiving, unbending, proud, and cruel. His lords bannermen respected him and followed him loyally in war and peace, but none could truly be named his friends. Tywin despised his father, the weak-willed, fat, and ineffectual Lord Tytos Lannister, and his relations with his brothers Tygett and Gerion were notoriously stormy. He showed more regard for his brother Kevan, a close confidant and constant companion since childhood, and his sister Genna, but yet even in those cases, Tywin Lannister appeared more dutiful than affectionate.
The parallels are manifest. If Moore's "look" and manner reminds us of Meris (and Meris-y Ilyn, etc.), if his "ragged" shield and "raiment" recall Tatters, if his maybe-drowning reminds us of Gerion, his story reminds us of Tywin.
Two pieces, though warrant separate attention. First, calling Moore "friendless" isn't just Tywin-esque, it recalls Meris-y Brienne, who is verbatim "friendless". (FFC BI I) Second, the line about finding "some kin if you turned over enough stones… in the Vale" could speak to the way Meris's Mandon-y dead eyes are likened to grey stones, suggesting that we have to flip those to figure out who Meris is. And what color is constantly paired with grey in ASOIAF? Green (i.e. the classic color of Lannister eyes). Indeed, the largest "stones" in the Vale, "the mighty Mountains of the Moon", are "grey-green". (TWOIAF) So are sentinel trees, sixteen times. Sentinels are guards, like the kingsguards. When it snows, they're "sentinels in white:
Snowflakes drifted down soundlessly to cloak the soldier pines and sentinels in white. (DWD B III)
The wordplay is clearly intentional, since kingsguards wear "snowy cloaks" or, in Mandon Moore's case, "snow-white silk."
This passage about Mandon—
"Oh, the wretch is dead enough." Though it had been Podrick Payne who'd killed Ser Mandon, shoving him into the river to drown beneath the weight of his armor. "A dead enemy is a joy forever," Tyrion said blithely, though Ser Mandon was not his true enemy. (SOS Ty I)
—is loaded. Note not just that Mandon drowns, but that he is drowned "beneath the weight of his armor". Figuratively speaking, this is exactly what happened to Tygett (who is Meris's boss, Tatters): he drowned in the debts incurred by his need to "match" Tywin's fabulously expensive suits of armor.
The "cutest" clue here, though, regards Meris "herself". Tyrion weirdly says that "a dead enemy is a joy forever", which recalls this passage involving (a) the guy Tyrion decided is "his true enemy" and (b) "Joy":
Even from the grave, Lord Tywin's dead hand moves us all. "Joy is my late uncle Gerion's natural daughter." (FFC J VII)
Again, the recursive motifs have a certain sense to them if the Mandon-y Meris is Gerion.
And what of Tyrion calling Merisy-y Mandon a "wretch"? Well, who else does Tyrion call a "wretch"? Joffrey, a soon-to-be-dead Lannister, and Jorah after he is enslaved and "broken", as I believe Gerion was en route to becoming Mandon-y Meris. Indeed, when Quentyn and company think better of taking passage on Adventure because they fear being enslaved, what do they call those who are already "chain[ed] to an oar"?
"…those wretches we were smelling." (DWD tMM)
This may all sound mad now, but in retrospect, once the reader knows who Meris is, this will all feel "right".
There's one final detail about Mandon which I believe speaks to Meris's story:
"Your Grace," Ser Boros said when they were ushered inside by another of the Kingsguard, Ser Mandon of the curiously dead face, "I've brought the girl." (GOT S IV)
There are only a couple "dead faces" in whole canon. One of them is the second image associated with the words "bride of fire" in Dany's vision in the House of Black:
A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly. (COK D IV)
Two of only six other characters "smiling sadly" in ASOIAF are Lannisters: one in a vision not unlike Dany's:
Tyrion Lannister smiled sadly and went to bed. (GOT Ty II)
[Jaime:] "This is a dream."
"Is it?" She [i.e. Joanna, a "dead" Lannister] smiled sadly. "Count your hands, child." (FFC Jme VII)
We also see Gerion and Tygett's grandmother Rohanne, in effect, "smile sadly":
"[H]is wife threw herself from the top of Standfast tower. Did Ser Eustace tell you that?" Her smile was sad. "No, I did not think so." (tSS)
Could Mandon's dead face thus signal that Meris is the figure in Dany's vision? Meris is no smiler, although a reunion with Tyrion, who loved Gerion, could quiet her demons. That said, Meris is partners with Tatters, and Tatters is "sad-eyed". Sad eyes go with "smiling sadly". Indeed, it's easy to imagine Tygett, who "was always kind" to Tyrion, smiling sadly when he told the hopeful young Tyrion "The last dragon died a century ago, lad."
Tatters is also heavily associated with grey as in "grey lips"—moreso once you know he's a Lannister and can link him with the Grey Lion. We know Lancel Lannister is "grey-faced" (thus logically grey-lipped), and more poetically, we're told the "living dead" have grey faces and thus grey lips:
[E]very one grey-faced and gaunt. Broken men, he thought. The wights are not the only sort of living dead. (DWD J V)
If Tatters and Meris are Tygett and Gerion Lannister, they certainly qualify as "the living dead", in a certain sense.
Dany's "corpse" has "bright" eyes. Lannister eyes are far and away the brightest overall:
Lord Tywin's eyes were a pale green flecked with gold, as luminous as they were merciless.
Lord Tywin studied his grandchild in silence, gold flecks shining in his pale green eyes. (SOS Ty VI)
For an instant he could see confusion in [Cersei's] bright green eyes, and fear as well. (SOS Jai IX)
Joffrey swung down from his mount, sword in hand. "Pick up your sword, butcher's boy," he said, his eyes bright with amusement. (GOT S I)
[Cersei's] cheeks were flushed, and her eyes had a bright, feverish heat to them as she looked down over the hall. (COK S VI)
[Tyrion] looked into his father's cool green eyes with their bright flecks of gold. (SOS Ty III)
Tyrion stared up at his father's hard green eyes with their flecks of cold bright gold. (SOS Ty X)
Tommen's eyes were filled with tears.… He had her eyes, emerald green, as large and bright as Jaime's eyes had been when he was Tommen's age. (FFC C II)
Cersei's eyes were bright with mischief. (FFC J II)
Too weak to sit a horse, Myrcella had traveled in a litter, her head bound up in silken bandages where Darkstar slashed at her, her green eyes bright with fever. (FFC PitT)
As Meris, Gerion's eyes are "dead" at present, but perhaps Tyrion will spark some life. In any case, "Tatters" could already have "bright eyes".
There's another reason to believe the corpse "at the prow of a ship" will be a Lannister: It seems certain that Victarion's fleet will provide the ships in which Dany sails to Westeros. The one ironborn prow we've seen detailed is that of Euron's ship Silence. And that prow looks a helluva lot like a Lannister, as I discussed earlier. Again, here's the prow of Silence:
Even at anchor Silence looked both cruel and fast. On her prow was a black iron maiden with one arm outstretched. Her waist was slender, her breasts high and proud, her legs long and shapely. A windblown mane of black iron hair streamed from her head, and her eyes were mother-of-pearl, but she had no mouth.
A "windblown mane"! Like Meris and Tatters of the Windblown, who are Lannister lions (with "manes"). "Slender" like Cersei (three times), long-legged like Tywin (he has "long legs"), and "shapely" like Genna ("a shapely woman in her youth"). But the breasts are the giveaway. There's only one pair like 'em. Or rather, there were:
[Aerys II] (very much in his cups) asked [Joanna Lannister] if giving suck to [her twins] had "ruined your breasts, which were so high and proud." (TWOIAF)
That said, I do not for a second think this is all the symbolic/metatextual "work" Euron's Joanna-sounding prow is doing. But that's a completely different topic, which I'll talk about in my next post.
I should say that I don't think Dany will simply capture Victarion's fleet. Rather, I think Vic will join his fellow wronged younger brothers Tyg and Gery and wed his cause to theirs and to Dany's (with Tyg only too happy to offer Vic a way around that pesky kinslaying taboo vis-a-vis Euron).
In any case, I do not think Dany's second husband is, necessarily, the "corpse" in her vision, any more than she married the horse Drogo gave her or will marry a literal rose in a wall of ice. Rather, I think the bright-eyed "corpse" with the "dead face" and "grey lips smiling sadly" (at least inter alia) represents the fact that Tatters a.k.a. Tygett and Meris a.k.a. Gerion and Victarion will together bring Dany to Westeros…
…which is much what Ser Boros says he is doing when we see Meris-y Mandon's "dead face":
"I've brought the girl."

Meris, Meris-y Ilyn, Meris-y Mandon, Tatters, and Tywin Rhyme With… Roose Bolton

While Mandon's eyes being "dead" and grey" helps set Mandon up to "rhyme" with dead-eyed, grey-eyed Meris; while Meris-y Mandon's eyes being "pale" jibes with Meris being pale-eyed Tywin's brother Gerion; while Meris-y Mandon's eyes being "empty" is redolent of Bloodraven and thus Maynard Plumm (and thus disguise, glamor and sellswords in Meereen like Meris); and while Meris-y Mandon's eyes being "strange" recalls Jojen, whose eyes are both Lannister-y and sad like "sad-eyed" Tatters, it likely occurred to careful readers that Meris-y Mandon's eyes being simultaneously "pale", "empty", and "strange" recalls no one so much as Roose Bolton:
Bolton's pale eyes looked empty in the moonlight, as if there were no one behind them at all. (DWD R III)
[Roose] glanced at the new Reek with eyes as pale and strange as two white moons. (DWD R III)
Could Roose be another Meris-figure, like Ser Ilyn and Mandon Moore? If so, is he, too, redolent of the Lannisters—especially Tywin—thereby "signposting" (in the same way that Ilyn and Mandon do) that Meris and her boss Tatters are Tywin's dead brothers?
Yes and yes. Roose manages to be pointedly reminiscent of Meris, Meris-y Ilyn, Meris-y Mandon, Tatters, and House Lannister.
Bolton eyes are textually Meris-y in their own right: both "cold" and "grey"—
[Roose] turned his head, his pale cold eyes searching the hall… (DWD Th I)
Ghost grey, some men called the shade, but in truth [Ramsay's] eyes were all but colorless, like two chips of dirty ice. (DWD RI I)
—like Meris's eyes, "as cold… as two grey stones."
Moreover, Roose's "eyes are ice". (tPoW) This recalls (a) Cersei's eyes—
The queen's eyes were green ice. (FFC J III)
—and her "icy stare" (FFC C VI), (b) Grifff's pale blue-like-the-Windblown's-streamers eyes—
They were ice blue, pale, cold.
—the "pale" (like Roose and Mandon!) quality of which actively reminds Tyrion of Tywin's cold eyes, and (c) Meris-y Ser Ilyn's "eyes as cold as ice on a winter lake". (FFC J III)
Robb admits to being scared of Roose—
"Roose Bolton," Robb said at once. "That man scares me." (GOT C VIII)
—just as Sansa and Quentyn admit to being verbatim "frightened" by Meris-y Ilyn and Meris herself, respectively, and just as Mandon causes Tyrion to be overwhelmed by "fear" and to piss himself.
Roose's naked leechings recall Sansa saying that Ilyn makes her feel like something is "slithering over her naked skin," and thus the idea of dead Lannisters as "slithering" snakes. (GOT S III)
Roose has a "disturbing… look" (as in appearance). (GOT C VIII) Ramsay causes Theon to "shiver" in "fear" no less than three times. (DWD R I, tPoW) Together, this recalls Ilyn's obviously disturbing look—
Sansa shuddered. Every time she looked at Ser Ilyn Payne, she shivered. (GOT III)
—but also the clearly disturbing "looks"-as-in-gazes of Meris—
When [Meris's] cold dead eyes met his, he felt a shiver. I do not like this. (tWB)
Ser Mandon's strange dead eyes made her uneasy… (COK S I)
and Tywin, whose, gaze seems to almost virtually flay people—
[Tywin's] eyes had always been unsettling…. His eyes could see inside you, could see how weak and worthless and ugly you were down deep. (FFC C II)
—which is what Roose literally does.
Coupled with Roose's notable penchant for silence—
Lord Roose never says a word, he only looks at me… (GOT B VI)
—Roose literally "stripping the skin" of his foes meanwhile renders him even more Ilyn-ish (and thus more Meris-y):
Ilyn Payne… stood before her, unsmiling. He did not say a word. …"I am sorry if I offended you, Ser Ilyn," [Sansa] said.
She waited for an answer, but none came. As the headsman looked at her, his pale colorless eyes seemed to strip the clothes away from her, and then the skin, leaving her soul naked before him. (GOT S I)
Note Ilyn's "pale colorless eyes" here, which prefigure Roose's "queer" eyes likewise being explicitly both "pale" and "colorless":
[Roose] had a plain face, beardless and ordinary, notable only for his queer pale eyes. (COK A IX)
[Roose's] queer colorless eyes studied her face a moment before he answered. (SOS C VI)
(Meanwhile given the emerging Roose/Meris rhyme, Bolton's twice "queer" eyes may "wink" at the fact that Meris used to be Gerion.)
Bolton flaying produces a "ragged strip" of skin—
Roose Bolton removed a ragged strip of leather from the pouch at his belt. (SOS C VI)
—textually reminiscent of Tatters's cloak—
a ragged thing sewn from dozens of strips of torn, bloodstained cloth."
—and his horse's matching caparison:
His stallion's spotted hindquarters were covered with ragged strips of cloth torn from the surcoats of men his master had slain.
And then in quick succession we read again about the Boltons taking strips of skin—
[A]ny of them could provoke [Ramsay Bolton]'s wroth and cost a man a strip of skin. (DWD Th I)
—just before Ramsay threatens to make a skin cloak:
"What man?" Ramsay demanded. "Give me his name. Point him out to me, boy, and I will make you a cloak of his skin." (Th I)
A cloak composed of "ragged strips of skin", perhaps? T'would be a Tatters-y ragged raiment indeed!
Again, the point of all these recursive motifs is to link Roose to Meris, Meris-y Ilyn, Meris-y Mandon and Tatters while also linking him to Tywin, thereby foreshadowing who Meris and Tatters really are. To that end, Roose has plenty more Tywin-ish qualities:
"Roose Bolton [is] cold and cunning… (DWD III)
"The Boltons have always been as cruel as they were cunning… (DWD Dav IV)
Tywin is likewise repeatedly "cold" (e.g. his courtesy is "so cold it was like to freeze their ears off"), "too cunning by half", and "cruel". (SOS Ty VI, COK Th I; TWOIAF)
Both Roose and Twyin's faces are "masks":
Roose Bolton's own face was a pale grey mask… (DWD PoW)


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2019.09.04 20:15 JDQuaff Green Lantern #4 - Blue Blazers

DC Next presents:


Issue Four: Blue Blazers
Written by UpinthatBuckethead
Edited by AdamantAce, Dwright
First Next > Coming Next Month
Arc: All That Remains
“Ryand’r?” Kory exclaimed, her back pressed against the bars. The man before her was nothing like the younger brother she’d left behind fourteen years before. He was two or three inches taller than her, with flowing red hair and a purple jumpsuit. Silver and grey tech clung to his neckline and belt, which seemingly housed a line of small batteries. Twin blasters were slung by his thighs. “Is it really--?”
The man nodded and Kory flung herself into his arms. She let out a sob; after her confrontation with Komand’r, she wasn’t even sure her brother was alive. He gave her a hard squeeze, and quickly turned to business. “The patrolmen won’t be gone long, we need to take off.”
“They’ll be after us regardless,” said the plasmatic angel, Castor, in his crackly, droning voice. “The Okaaran crystal of the cell is unbreakable except under precise conditions. They’ll deduce we were responsible quickly.”
“All the more reason to put as much distance between us and them as we can,” Ryand’r ducked into the hole blasted into the onyx wall. “Castor, bring up the rear. Koriand’r, follow me.”
Kory obliged, following her brother into the dark crystal path. Its walls gleamed like glass, with one smooth surface instead of the jagged structures which lined her cell. Ryand’r quickly made his way through the long tunnel, trusting his sister to keep up. Not that it would be easy to get lost, as there were no outlets or branches off the main stretch. Castor provided just enough light for the trio to see, but not so much that it drowned out Kory’s view of the opening up ahead. After waking up in the utter darkness of the Tamaranean dungeon, surrounded by that black Okaaran crystal, the light ahead was like a beacon of hope which she clambered desperately towards.
The sun seemed to be rising, from Koriand’r’s memory of her home city. It shone like a topaz in the sandy sky, bathing her and her brother in its rays as Castor clambered out from the tunnel. Ryand’r sighed, wiped his forehead, and took the opportunity to embrace his sister. This time hugged her tightly, so much that he nearly squeezed the air from her lungs. “Where in the name of X’Hal have you been?”
“Recollections will need to wait,” Castor informed him. “I could hear the Lanterns behind me - they can’t be far.”
Ryand’r drew his blasters. “Right.”
“What’s the plan?” Kory asked. That was one thing she’d learned from her time on the Titans - from Dick, specifically. Always have a plan.
“The plan?” Ryand’r asked. Clearly he hadn’t thought this through. “The plan was to get you out.”
“Ryand’r, we must move,” Castor pressed.
“Where?” Koriand’r added.
Omega Men!” hissed a cold voice as an orb of orange light ballooned to fill the void of the open tunnel, preventing a secondary option. From the sky descended the snake Lantern Apophis, twisting and wriggling around its own immense form. When its mouth opened, amber venom dripped from its fangs. Without warning, it loosed a torrent of orange energy from its open maw, scorching the soil and melting the sand where the trio had scrambled from. Apophis licked its lips. “More are coming! We will *find the rest of you. Join our horde. Submit!”
Ryand’r rolled, immediately firing two blaster bolts the anaconda’s way. The blue energy whizzed towards it, and the snake wriggled its body out of their way, striking out at Ryand’r with its dartlike head. When Kory hit it with a well-placed starbolt the thing merely recoiled and hissed, but at least she halted its attack. With the beating of his mighty plasma wings Castor was in the air, spraying golden sparks across the hillside. He utilized his plasmatic energy form to contact the orange light construct, and wrangle the anaconda by the neck.
“Keep it still!” Ryand’r barked, aiming with one eye closed at the thrashing snake and his partner on its back. “I need a shot!”
Castor pulled back as hard as he could, baring the snake’s exposed stomach, and Ryand’r pulled the trigger. Apophis must have heard the blaster’s noise, because a second later it had shrunk down to the size of a worm - allowing the blue energy to cut into the yellow angel instead. The Zsagaarian shrieked in pain, a series of noises like harshly popping static as a section of his abdomen was blown away, sending Castor reeling. By the time his energy form had reconstituted, only seconds later, Apophis had returned to full size, and positioned itself behind them - with reinforcements clawing at the tunnel’s closed mouth. Closed only to them, it seemed.
From the tunnel poured four more Orange Lanterns, each its own shade of grotesque. The leftmost one was a short, fat worm with a mouth full of flat teeth and the cultish symbol of their corps carved into its forehead. Beside it floated a semi-humanoid, bulbous sack of flesh with spindly arms and legs. The other two upon closer inspection were fused at the hips, sprouting from an eight-legged and segmented, stinger-tailed rear. With Apophis blocking their escape, the long-lost princess and ousted king stood back-to-back, surrounded by the skin-crawling constructs. Castor had eyes on the situation from above, keeping a sharp eye on the writhing snake. The seven stood frozen in a type of standoff, Ryand’r with his blasters ready and Kory with her starbolts.
Whether it was Ryand’r who moved first, or Apophis, Kory couldn’t say. But the action unfolded all at once - the crack of the blaster, the harsh hiss of the striking snake, the zing of Kory’s starbolts. The bolts of green energy hit Apophis one after the other, the first striking it in the side of the face, knocking it off course before it could reach her brother. His blaster’s azure energy hit the floating blob of light-flesh center mass, and the construct shrieked before it shattered into dust, scattering into the ambient light around them. The two at its sides launched at the grounded Tamaraneans, the worm-thing at Kory and the siamese scorpion-centaur at Ryand’r.
They took off, leaping and leaving dust clouds in their wakes as they flew up into the sky. The constructs followed, gravity having no grip on them. Castor had materialized a heavy ball of plasma, which he swung on the end of his arm, battering at Apophis. He was holding the orange anaconda off, barely, but doing no damage otherwise. It was the same with Kory’s starbolts - managing not to drive the worm beast away, but at least to slow it down. There was another crack as one of Ryand’r’s blasters went off, and the conjoined centaur disintegrated. He turned to aim at the worm.
Apophis took the opportunity to belch another wave of fire over Castor’s shoulder, in a widening cone towards the Tamaraneans. The plasma angel let the serpent go, and fell back to absorb the oncoming energy wave. Apophis darted across the field and through the orange construct bubble, which calcified as soon as it crossed. Nothing more would pass that barrier. Castor turned his attention to the worm, at which Ryand’r was aiming point-blank.
“No!” Castor roared, and swooped down in a shower of golden sparks to tackle the construct being out of the way. They crashed into the ground, and he hefted his club-hand to smash it down on one of the worm’s legs, shattering its exoskeleton and bursting goo of orange light. “Where’s Larfleeze!”
The worm chuckled, and clicked with its mandibles in response. It struggled against the angel’s grip, and he crushed another of its many limbs.
“Castor.” Ryand’r ordered. When he got no response, he tried again. “Castor!”
“What!” cried the golden-winged man, with orange steam rising from the points where the worm construct’s fluids had hit him.
Ryand’r landed with a hard thud, and pointed his gun at the worm. There was a blast with a blue flash, and the three of them were sprayed with the glowing orange ichor that turned to dust, disappearing entirely moments later. “Get your head in the game,” he said, shaking his head disappointingly. “One escaped, we need to get out of here before even more reinforcements arrive.”
“Right…” Castor panted. “Right.”
“Koriand’r, follow us, and stay low,” Ryand’r told his sister. She nodded. While she was full of questions, she knew there would be a better time and place. The trio flew off, keeping close to the ground and disappearing into a decaying brown forest that began a few hundred yards from the tunnel.
They flew through the forest and out the other side, continuing for miles before finally dipping into a deep, narrow canyon and coming to rest at the bottom. Kory took a deep breath. Her ring’s energy was depleted - she’d need to recharge. Castor shook his wings, and Ryand’r wiped the sweat from his hair. Kory couldn’t help but wonder what they’d stopped for. Nothing she could see stood out specifically, so she voiced her concerns.
“What’s in this canyon? And how did you kill those things?”
Ryand’r put a finger to his lips, and rapped on the canyon wall. Once, followed by a pause, then two, one, and five for ten knocks total. There was a dull but loud scraping noise, the sound of heavy rocks moving against one another. Kory’s eyes jolted skyward, chiding herself for allowing her ring to run so low that she’d be unable to easily stop an oncoming landslide which she thankfully didn’t see. Instead, a lower portion of the wall a few meters square had been pulled back, and slid to the side by a hulkish tiger-man. Ryand’r stepped into the canyon face, and Castor beckoned for her to follow. Once he’d passed through the entrance, the tiger slid the rock back in place with a heavy thud.
“Thanks, Tigorr,” Ryand’r embraced the orange-furred beast, who grunted in response.
“Well?” Kory asked. Castor walked down a hallway to the left and entered one of three metallic doors that lined the right wall, opposite the canyon face. Tigorr went the other way, where another three doors were situated similarly. At the far end of the right corridor was a vault door, heavily armored. The large circular handle suggested a high-security mechanical locking mechanism. The room before her was pretty bare, aside from a flat slab table with five chairs. “Where are we?”
“You’re welcome,” her brother sighed. “You know, for saving you from a life of servitude.”
“I mean, thanks. Don’t get me wrong,” she explained, holding out her left hand and clenching her right. A swirling green portal opened just in front of her open palm, into which she reached and pulled out her emerald Power Battery for a recharge. “But I’ve had a lot to deal with. Komand’r is apparently queen now? What happened there?”
“What happened there? What happened here!” Ryand’r gestured at the battery.
“Like I said. I’ve had a lot to deal with.” The Lantern pressed her Power Ring to the battery. “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight…”
“Well, so have I,” the exiled prince said, taking the head seat at the table while his sister finished her oath. “That woman -”
“That woman?” Kory looked up. “Our sister.”
Your sister,” Ryand’r hissed. “She usurped the throne, and tried to have me killed. Sold our people to that tusked boar for nothing but power. She was about to sell you, too.”
“Honestly, it felt more like she was giving me away,” Koriand’r admitted. She wiggled her fingers, and willed the pocket-portal open again to dispense her battery. “Sincerely, thank you for the rescue. And I wish we could have had this reunion under different circumstances.”
“I, as well,” her brother said. “I have missed you. We all missed you. Well, except for…”
“I know,” she sighed. “I missed you, too. All of you.”
Ryand’r slouched in his chair. “I don’t know where it all went wrong. You know that Komand’r and I were never close, but never in a million years would I have thought her capable of this.”
“I would,” Kory took a seat next to him. “She’s tried to kill me on more than one occasion.”
“Well, now that you’re a Green Lantern, I’m not sure she could.”
“It’s… it’s not that simple.” Kory said without meeting her brother’s eyes. “What did Komand’r do, Ry?”
“She went and married the dirtiest, slimiest, greasiest excuse for a sentient in the universe. Larfleeze of Okaara. She promised him…” Ryand’r trailed off, and started again moments later. “I honestly don’t know what she promised him. Our planet, I suppose. Its resources. Its people. Both are spent.”
“But you killed them. I couldn’t do that, even with my starbolts.”
“Yes. I wouldn’t think your Green Lantern abilities would have any effect,” Ry told her. “Only the blue light from my blazers seems to do the trick.”
“Actually, the starbolts don’t come from my ring,” Kory chuckled at her brother’s confused face. “Like I said, I’ve had a lot. And I’m going to need you to keep the ‘Lantern’ thing low to the ground. But blue… that’s interesting. Any reason why?”
The prince shook his head. “No reason we understand. And what’s worse is we can’t make any more blazers. They’re powered by these rare Odymian crystals. As far as I know, these are the only ones like them in the local cluster.”
“Well, who’s ‘we’?”
“Who’s we? We’re the Omega Men, freedom fighters of Vega!” Ryand’r grinned. “And now that you’re here, I think I have a plan to get our planet back.”
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2019.01.01 18:57 flyman95 Green Lantern #4 The Silent Planet Part 4

** Author: Flyman95**
Book: Green Lantern
Arc: The Silent Planet part 4
*Captain Hal, “Highball”, Jordan, a combat ace and former test pilot, has been inducted into the ranks of galactic peacekeepers for his ability to overcome great fear. Using the most powerful weapon in the universe, a ring, he can create hard light constructs using his own willpower. Let no evil escape his sight. He is THE GREEN LANTERN. *
February 14th, 1958; 10:00am planetside
OA: Home of the Green Lantern Corps
No way out. Back against the wall, no ring and a ruthless opponent. Hal had faced everything from genocidal warlords to planet devouring monsters. But nothing had prepared him for the horror he currently faced.
Hal sat across from the Green Lantern Corps’ Psychologist, Mantis. A slender, pale skinned humanoid with long black hair and puppy-dog eyes. Two large antennas protruded from her head. They gently hung bending forward under their own weight. Definitely not human but far closer than most aliens in the verse. Under different circumstances Hal would have bought her a drink and offered to take her flying.
Despite her benign appearance, Mantis had… a reputation. Mantis had power. An empath with the ability to read emotions and was rumored to be able make people feel emotions. She had become the one being that even Green Lantern’s feared.
Hal didn’t like the idea of anyone messing with his head.
They sat in silence, staring at one another. Hal had lost track of the time. It felt like hours.
Finally she spoke in a soothing but professional voice “Usually, a therapist can sit in silence until it becomes so awkward that the patient speaks first. However, I find this incredibly difficult with the most willful beings in the galaxy. So to save us both time let's go over why you are here.”
Hal remained silent. She continued, “ You have now seen the lifeless husks of two separate planets. Each planet’s populous had been systematically and brutally killed for no reason than a mad man’s desires. This includes Lantern Tothar whom according to your report was executed in cold blood after watching the horror befall his home. You fought Thanos, the being responsible for this atrocity. He then proceed to hand you a swift decisive and otherwise a humiliating defeat.”
The words hit Hal like a gut punch but he did not speak.
Finally Mantis inquired “Do you believe I have correctly characterized the details of your last mission?”
“Yes.” Hal finally said reluctantly.
“Then you can understand why the Guardians require that you have physiological evaluation. Understand, the purpose of this is not to find ground to dismiss you from the Corps. It is to ensure that this event will not affect your ability to function as a Lantern. So the more you help me the faster this process can be complete.”
“Alright,” Hal stated,”I fought a genocidal maniac and he mopped the floor with me.”
“And what?”
“How will this affect you as a Lantern.”
“How will this affect me?!” Hal repeated incredulously “Instead of helping my brothers in arms bring this bastard to justice, I’m stuck here talking with you!” Hal began standing up to leave. Mantis reached across and gently placed her hand on his knee. Hal suddenly felt calmer and sank back into his chair. He somehow began to relax.
“What is happening?” He asked through gritted teeth. He wanted to be angry but just couldn’t find the spark.
“Your anger threatens to overwhelm you.” She calmly explained.”It will only cloud your judgment. I am attempting to give you clarity.”
Hal jerked his head up fighting the feeling overcoming him. For all his will he could not find the spark of anger.
“I can’t let this happen to anyone else” Hal pleaded, “I have to be on that mission”
“And how will your anger help you?” Mantis asked calmly, “it seems that your rage will only serve to endanger your fellow lanterns.”
Hal realized what she was trying to do and quit fighting it. He allowed the calmness to wash over him. All the pain and rage over of the last few weeks seemed to melt away.
“It won’t help will it? My constructs will be weaker, my head clouded. God, they teach rookie pilots this week one.” Hal buried his head in his hands.”
“Very good. Mantis said approvingly, “I’m pleased that you are capable of introspection. Not all Lanterns are. Some Lanterns seem think that willfulness needs pride. It tempers them and makes them strong. However, this strength is like iron, brittle. They break when hit to hard.”
“And you think coming to terms with this event will prevent this?” Hal asked. “I think that you can recover from this and will be a better Lantern for your experience.You’ll be tempered but like steel. Good steal may chip or bend but will never break” Mantis spoke reassuringly, removing her hand. “I recommend a few weeks rest and a daily session with me”
“Thankyou,” Hal finally said, “Being a Lantern is all I have.”
“We both know that’s not true. There is someone out there. You only need to overcome that particular fear”
Hal didn’t need to ask. He already knew the answer. Suddenly the door violently swung upon.
Stepping through was none other than Peter Quill AKA Starlord. In his Ravager duster Hal thought he looked more like gunslinger than a self appointed protector of the universe.
“Hal!” Exclaimed Peter, “We have to talk. NOW. Those Lanterns are flying into a trap!”
Five minutes later they were all crowded around a table in the Lantern mess hall. The room was practically deserted as near every lantern was making preparations for the coming conflict. The Guardians of the Galaxy, Hal, and for some reason Mantis. Once everyone was settled a brief moment of awkward silence.
Gamora nudged Rocket who cleared his throat and began speaking, “You see all your bosses have kinda been pains in my ass for years. I thought I would return the favor and leave a little bug in there. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just wanted to know what they were saying.
Hal glared at him. “I’d like to point out that I in no way ordered or approved this action” Quill quickly interjected.
“ A true captain is responsible for every action of their crew.” Drax interjected.
“I am Groot” Groot agreed.
“Guuuuys, SHUT UP.” Quill said pointedly.
“We are all wasting time” Gamora said with a more than a hint of exasperation.
“Rocket just play him the tape.”
“Fine, I was getting to that” Rocket grumbled as he pulled out a gadget from his belt. It looked like one of his custom made devices.
The hologram began playing, One guardian spoke “this task force is doomed. We all know the prophecy from the Book of the Black.”
“Don’t be a fool Ganthet” another Guardian spoke, “That book forbidden. We must avoid the blackest night at all costs.
“Sinestro has never failed us.” Another Guardian pointed out. “His skills are unparalleled.” agreed another.
The one identified as Ganthet spoke again “Sinestro’s skills are not in question. But we are sending him and our best Lanterns to their death on a fool's errand. The prophecy clearly states: When a son of New Genesis invade a forsaken sector the anti-matter universe will bring salvation.”
“You speak blasphemy Ganthet. Any contact of the anti-matter universe is strictly forbidden by the book of OA.”
“Did we not write the book of OA?” asked Ganthet angrily, “So logically we should be able to rewrite it or make exceptions in times of great need.”
“Would you have us disregard all of our rules Ganthet?” Asked another Guardian, “You have already overstepped your authority by reading a forbidden text. Any further violation of the book of OA will be grounds for expulsion from this council.”
“I understand and obey the will of the council” replied Ganthet with a flash of anger that was soon gone. “Brother’s let us speak of other pressing matters.” Hal could have sworn that Ganthet winked at Rocket’s recording device as he changed the subject.
Rocket turned off the hologram as conversation switched to a trade disputes between two neighboring sectors.
“So” Quill asked, “what do we do?”
“Well I’m going to go warn Sinestro” Hal started to leave.
“You are not approved for active duty Lantern Jordan. Any use of the ring will have serious consequences and what good would your warning serve? Sinestro has his orders.” Mantis said pointedly.
“I’m sorry,” rocket said sarcastically, “WHO THE HELL IS THIS?!” Gamora ignored him and addressed the other guardians. “We could go to the anti-universe”
“How do you propose we do that?” Hal asked.
“We have a contact.”
“UGhhh“ Quill moaned.
“Who is it?” Hal asked.
“A ravager named Yondu.” Gamora answered.
“UGhhh“ Quill moaned louder.
“So any way I can catch a ride with you guys then?” Hal asked sheepishly.
“Well since we are apparently set on doing this, yes” Quill said.
“And I will be coming as well” announced mantis.
“Seriously, Who the hell is she?” Asked Rocket.
“So,” asked Hal, “where we headed?”
“Knowhere” replied Quill with a lopsided grin.
February 17th, 1958;
en-route to Knowhere
The trip took longer than Hal would have liked. What would have taken an hour with the ring took several days of flying. Even that was pushing the engines to the absolute limit. Rocket for all his attitude was a brilliant mechanic.
When not working with him in one of the private compartments, Mantis had taken an interest in the survivor of Ryut. She and Gamora where trying to use her telepathic powers to reach him.
Hal had to find a way to amuse himself. Thankfully Quill had a decent supply pre-prohibition bourbon to help pass the time. Apparently, he had “liberated” it from some off world smugglers. Hal figured that if the guardians had all but taken his ring away then it wasn’t his duty to report it anyway.
Sitting around the table. Rocket and Quill were already drunk. Giggling at stupid jokes they told one another. Drax sharpened his knives not partaking in the relverly. Hal quitely nursed his drink. His work with Mantis had calmed and centered him. He no longer felt the anger threatening to overwhelm him. He wondered how this would affect his inevitable showdown with Thanos. Looking up again Hal noticed Quill and Rocket had passed out at the table. Drax paid no mind. Clearly, this was not an uncommon occurrence.
Suddenly the intercom sent an alert. Gamora’s voice came weakly through. “We need immediate help in the medical area. The survivor is awake. And he is angry.”
“On our way” Hal replied.
Rocket and Quill were in no state to help. Looking at Drax, a nod told Hal all he needed to know. Together they rushed to the med bay. Hal could barely believe what he saw.
The Hulking red Alien had all but destroyed the Med-bay. Equipment and supplies laced scattered about Mantis had been knocked against a bulkhead either dead or merely unconscious. Gamora had a gash across her forehead and was hunched over by the intercom station. Groot had arrived first and had entrapped the creature in vines and roots. As much as he thrashed, cut, yelled, and struggled, Groots control stood firm.
His eyes fixed on Hal he yelled “I’LL KILL YOU ALL! You destroyed my planet! You killed my family”
He continued to desperately fight against the ever tightening shackles. His screams of rage and grief rocked the ship. Hal hesitated, without his ring and unarmed their didn’t seem like much he could do.
Drax was the first to speak “We did not destroy anything.” Drax answered in a tone of voice Hal had not heard before. Was Drax bein Reassuring? “A being named Thanos killed your family just as he killed mine. I am Drax enemy of Thanos”
This gave the alien pause. Groot stopped tightening the vines around him, “I to Know what it is like to lose everything. To have the rage threaten to overwhelm you. But we are not your enemy. Thanos is.”
“Yes” the alien agreed. “Thanos and his army must die.”
“You must control your anger.” Drax advised.
“If the tree will release you I will attempt to teach you.”
“Do it Groot” Hal ordered.
“I am Groot?” Groot asked
“It will be fine” Drax assured him
As the alien broke free Hal checked on Mantis and Gamora. Both were fine if a bit shaken.
“By the way we never got your name?” Hal asked.
February 18th, 1958;
Knowhere: Head of a long dead Celestial
Hal stepped off the gang plank of the Milano with Quill, Gamora, Groot and Rocket. Mantis and Groot had decided to stay and help Atrocitous. Opting to try and blend in he wore a grey jumpsuit, black combat boots and a heavy brown leather duster. Under his duster he kept a plasma blaster. It wasn’t his ring but Hal was confident he could defend himself. In his chest pocket he kept the ring itself. He wasn’t going to use it but a little insurance never hurt anyone.
Dressed as a common denizens of knowhere they made their way to Yondu’s base of operation. Around them milled smugglers, merchants, beggars, prospectors whores, and thieves. All different races. No one making eye contact. No one (aside the escorts) trying to draw attention to It was the type of place you could buy anything. Where death was cheap and law meaningless. Truly a place where Lantern’s light rarely touched.
They approached a grey nondescript building. Outside two Ravagers stood on guard duty.
One instantly recognized Quill. He nudged his partner and they both allowed their hands to rest on atop the holsters.
“Quill you know you ain’t allowed here anymore.” The left one said threateningly
“I’m here to see Yondu.” Quill said ignoring them.
“And we’re telling you he don’t want to see you,” the other snarled. “Is that so?” Quill asked innocently.
“It is.” The meaner looking of the two replied gruffly “Well then” Quill said. Then faster than Hal would have expected Quill had drawn both his pistols and stunned both aliens with taser blasts. They both fell to the ground with a dull thud.
“I guess we will have to show ourselves in.” Quill said dryly.
Stepping through the door Hal was less than suprised to see that it was a bar. Loud music played as the Ravagers partook in their favorite pastimes. Sitting at a table in the far end of the room was a being that could only be Yondu Udonta.
Yondu was a blue humanoid alien with crooked teeth and a (blue) goatee.Hal recognized his species as Centaurian. However, instead of the typical bald head of most Centaurians he had was metal red fin. A cybernetic implant. Hal wondered what it could do. Dressed in his Ravager robes he looked every bit the outlaw king.
“BOYY!” Yondu yelled at Quill, standing up. “Wha’tch you doin’ here. You finally get tired of play’n hero boy and decide to return to our esteemed ranks?” “No Yondu” It was clear that this was question Quill had answered many a time.
“ And whose this pretty boy with you? I ain’t never seen him as part of your group b-fore” Yondu asked motioning towards Hal. “This is... ah... Mal”
How Quill had been a successful criminal Hal would never know. His “fast thinking” had much to be desired. Gamora rolled her eyes. Rocket rubbed his temples. Even Groot seemed embarrassed for him.
Quill continued apparently oblivious, “Mal used to captain a small freighter called the ser..”
“He looks like a cop.” Yondu interrupted.”There’s terrans now in that Green Lantern Corps”
“Are you saying all terrans look the same? Cause I got to say Yondu that’s some ass backwards logic.” Quill replied as innocently as he could muster. “Don’t get wise with me boy.” Yondu warned “I find out you brought a Green Lantern here, you’ll wish I let the boys eat you when we found you.”
Hal was very aware the music had stopped and the Ravagers were watching them. He felt his hand slip to his gun belt.
“Now Yondu, this isn’t about who should or should not have been eaten” Quill attempted to placate. “We just need to borrow something.”
“And what would that be?” Yondu asked suspiciously.
“We need access to the anti-matter universe” Quill said.
“The anti-matter universe? Hahahaha” Yondu laughed. “ Even if it wasn’t against Guardian law to even contact, much less travel too? Boy there ain’t nothin their but death. Or so I’ve heard. I don’t care what foolish notions your lady has been fill’n your head with but that is suicide.”
“What if I said it was to save the Universe?” Quill asked.
“Then I would say you’ve confused me for one of those sentimental fools you have with you. Don’t think I haven’t forgot about you. You have a look about You that I don’t like” He said suddenly turning to Hal.
“Is it that I’ve taken a bath in the past month? Hal asked. He could feel the crowd rustle at that particular comment.
“Ah, a funny one” Yondu said. “Let me tell you, I don’t like strangers in my establishment.”
“Well give us what we need and we will be on our way.” Hal said unblinking. “Now you see I’d like to but you all aren’t the first stranger to arrive today. I was given express instructions that they would speak to anyone ask’in about the Anti-matter universe.”
Out of the shadows a tall slender figure stepped into the light. Blue skinned with what looked like dozens of cybernetic implants.
“Nebula.” Gamora hissed reaching for her sword but not drawing it.
“Greetings sister” Nebula replied. To yondu she ordered “He’s the one.” gesturing at Hal.
Yondu motioned to his men. “Take ’em.
Before anyone could react two dozen guns were trained on the Guardians. Stun rays lashed out dropping them all like rocks. An alien on either side grabbed Hal’s arms forcing him to his knees. Nebula Walked over, crouched down in front of him and removed his pistol from it’s holster.
“Not the weapon I expect a Green Lantern to carry.” She taunted. “Now tell me why you’re heading to the Anti-Matter universe.”
You’re not going to intimidate me.” Said Hal.
She stood up and addressed Yondu. “Find out what he knows. Make sure you don’t kill him. I’d hate to see that ring find a new bearer.”
“You never said nothin about interrogating a Green Lantern.” Yondu said. His crew voicing agreement. “All you said you wanted was your sister”
“I am altering the deal. Trust me you will be rewarded. Move the others to the back room. I will interrogate them personally.”
As she walked away Yondu turned to Hal “Sorry about this. I find this type of thing distasteful myself but you know business is business. Now I’m go’in to ask a very simple question.” Yondu said menacingly. “Why are you attempting to access the anti-matter universe?”
“Go to Hell” Hal said getting ready to call the ring. Orders be damned.
“Oh, we’ll see about that.” Yondu said, then letting out a loud whistle. His red fin began to glow and out of his jacket a red arrow came to life. It placed its tip a few centimeters Hal’s temple.
“Oh so that’s what that does.” Hal said dryly. He’d have to find his moment.
Space Sector 666
Sinestro’s temporary base
Guy Gardner created a telescope to view Thano’s ship from light years away. It was clear that it was moving to the next planet.
“Only a few days now you bastard” Guy muttered to himself.
He moved to join the War Council that Sinestro had called.
Sinestro was outlining his plan of attack. Kilowog stood behind him viewing the plans before him. Nodding approvingly.
“So you want Tomar-re to lead a diversionary attack while you and a select group sneak aboard and take out Thanos.” Kilowog asked.
“Well to put it simply, yes.” Sinestro said with a touch of wounded pride. “And who will the unlucky Poozer’s joining you be?”
“Well you, and..” Sinestro looked up, “Gardner, It is actually good to see you. You shall also be joining my team.”
“Me?” Gardner asked surprised.
“I thought you were bull headed not deaf. I want to have you where I can keep an eye on you.”
“Welcome to the big leagues, poozer.” Kilowog said slapping him on the big as he walked out of the tent.
“It’s about damn time.” Guy said with a grin.
submitted by flyman95 to DCMFU [link] [comments]

2018.12.11 00:39 GeneralSeries Rewriting the DCEU Part One

Man of Steel 2013
While I didn't hate the fact that this movie was darker than expected I still think it should have left on a more hopeful note.
The movie starts on Kal El's ship crashing into earth no need for an extended Krypton scene considering it serves no purpose in the larger movie. Also, the main problem in this movie should be Clark trying to find his place in the world. Jor El's monologue at the beginning of the movie already answers this so yeah cut that whole scene. The film starts off with him being school and his powers go off. He gets picked on by a bully and retaliates not understanding his full strength and the kid gets hurt, we see he feels guilty for this. Johnothan gives him the talk about how he needs to find his place in this world even if it takes him his whole life. This is the mission statement for this movie. 20 years later and he is in the pub where a guy smashes a beer bottle in his face. This time he shows restraint and also doesn't smash the guy's car just for the hell of it. He hitchhikes a ride and talks to the driver who tells him a story about how the last guy he helped out beat him to a pulp and robbed him. Clark asks why he would continue helping people and he says that all he can do is what he thinks is right, that all anyone can do. Flashback to Clark saving the people from the bus. This time Jonathan tells him that he could be so much more but Clark is afraid of his own strength. The oil spill scene goes the same way as it did in the real movie. This is the event that reveals him to the world and what causes Lois to go after him.
Lois actually has to do some proper research in order to find him. She goes to Martha who reveals that Clark left home a year ago after his father's death and no one has seen him since. Lois works for the daily planet which is run by Bruce Wayne. Clark then goes up to the north pole and meets his biological father. Lois is able to track him down, as they're talking a disaster occurs across the world and she convinces him to suit up in the new suit provided by the fortress. In doing so he reveals himself to the world. Public opinion is split as it was in the real movie. Clark goes back into hiding. This is when Zod shows his face. Instead of asking Clark to give himself up he asks the humans whether or not their gonna give up there own citizen. This sparks even more debate with people like Lois and Bruce Wayne defending him. Bruce says that he is not an enemy until he does something which makes him one. Clark goes to the fortress and Jor-El tells him about how bad Zod was. He blames him for the destruction of Krypton. In the end, the president confronts Zod and tells him No. Zod is about to kill him when Superman makes the save and surrenders willingly.
On the ship, Zod doesn't want to destroy the humans but rather rule over them. However, his motivation changes slightly. Firstly he reveals that he is not the one who killed Krypton. An external force was coming and he begs them to evacuate but no one listened. He leads an uprising in order to save his people but when he lost he simply retreated into space. Clark says that they can't rule over the humans it's wrong. But Zod then brings up things like pollution and war. The humans have been slowly killing themselves for years now just like Krypton. If we don't interfere and rule then they will cause the own doomsday. Zod lets him go to ponder this.
He goes back to earth and warns Lois of Zod's plan. Flashback to a teenage version of Clark and Johnothan talking about the nature of humanity. He says that there are many problems with humans but there are problems with all beings. That's what makes the world beautiful. In present-day Superman saves the guy who gave him a lift earlier in the flashback. He says that maybe this Zod guy is wright. Maybe the world is at the point of no return. Maybe we do need someone to change everything. He goes to the fortress with Lois and talks to Jor-El who gives him the they can be a great people speech. Zod and his crew crash the party. Lois runs. Clark officially rejects him and so they beat him to a pulp. Jor-El in an attempt to save him collapses the entire Fortress on top of the killing him once and for all in the process. Clark lies on the verge of death. Flashback to Clark as a 17-year-old. Johnothan has a heart attack and dies, there is nothing he can do to save him. Clark throws his childhood cape into the ocean. This parallels him in the present slowly climbing out of the rubble as a reborn hero. Lois helps up. He flys them back to the city where they prepare for the invasion.
Zod and his forces don't try and destroy the earth but their soldiers lead a ground-based assault on the city. Lois helps evacuate the Daily Planet but a few of Zods soldiers enter the building. Just when all hope is lost the lights go out. When they come back on the soldiers are out cold with a Batarang on the wall and the BVS theme comes on (one tease of Batman). Superman fights Zod in the streets, there is enough damage for Batman to be pissed but not as much as in the real movie. Zod beats him down and is about to kill him, however, Clark reveals that this was all a distraction as the president fires a rocket destroying the mothership. They have a final battle and instead f killing him Clark puts Zod in the phantom zone. Superman and Lois don't kiss yet we'll save that moment for later. Clark joins the Daily Planet

Batman Death in the Family (2014)
This movie will be a prequel to Man of Steel or occurring around the same time.
The movie starts with an elaborate scene showing the Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum, a couple of easter eggs to other villains can be shown. Title credits, because we have already seen a lot of Batman over the year a lot of this movie is gonna be from the point of view of Jason Todd. The first bit of the movie establishes who all the characters are and what Batman is up to. Alfred, Lucius Fox, Jim, and Barbra Gordon are all a part of this universe. Early on we established that Dick Grayson has left to be Nightwing and Jason Todd is just starting out in the role. He is angrier than Dick was at the time and beats the crap out of some criminals on a patrol.
Batman learns that the Joker is going to the middle east in order to sell and buy more nuclear weapons. We're not doing the part where Joker wants a political position because that is dumb. However, after a falling out with Batman, Jason begins hunting for his parents and after some detective works he realizes that his mother could be one of 3 people. All 3 of which are currently in Bialya which is basically the DCEU's go to Middle Eastern country. So both Bruce and Jason are off to a hostile middle eastern country. Here we can see the desert suit from the nightmare scene in BVS as he tracks down the Jokers path. Jason comes into contact with the 1st of these 3 women who is lady Shiva who is a bad guy. She would have nearly killed him if Batman didn't come to the save. Batman informs Jason that Joker is planning on selling some of his weapons to a branch of the League of Shadows run by Talia Al Ghul in order to get a part of the Lazuris Pit. And luckily for Jason Talia is one of the people on his list. We get a cool heist scene where they break into the center. Batman and Joker have a very brief struggle but he lets him go in order to help Jason. They beat Talia. Jason asks if she ever had a child in Gotham. She looks over at Batman who shakes his head and so she says no.
The final person they go to is Shila Heywood who immediately confirms that she is the mother. But they quickly come to the realization that she is being blackmailed by the Joker. They go to a military camp in Syria to get the final weapon which Joker says will give the world a smile. Jason tells Batman the Jokers plan but Bruce says that he can't come with him. So in a bold move, Jason gives Batman a false lead which should keep him away for a little bit. He goes to rescue his mother. But it was a trap with Shila pointing a gun with him warning that he has to leave or things will get a lot worse. Jason doesn't listen but unfortunately, her words ring true as the Joker shows up beating half to death with a crowbar. He blows both of them up, just before Batman can get there.
Batman goes mental and tracks the Joker back to Gotham with help from a quick cameo from Lois Lane. With help from Gordon, he stops the chemical weapon and confronts Joker on a rooftop where he beats the Joker close to death. At the last possible minute, he stops. Joker goes back to prison but things will never be the same again. Post credit scene Batman finds out that Zod is invading Metropolis.

Wonder Women (2015)
Basically the same plot as the actual movie

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
The movie starts with Bruce's perspective on the final Man of Steel battle. However this time, he is out there as Batman saving citizens from falling buildings and fighting Zod's army. He looks up at Superman with vengeance in his eyes. Superman is devastated after the big fight and tries his best to clear up. most of the public hate him however, Lex Luthor who is a bit less crazy takes him in and tries to clear Supermans image. Batman still mourning Robin's death goes mental beating the crap out of criminals. Lex begins manipulating the two to hate each other. He hosts a party here the two meet. Bruce is Clark's boss remember, they talk about the nature of Justice and even out of character we see their opposing ideologies. Clark is about keeping the faith and working with society. Bruce believes in taking the law into your own hands. Bruce goes to steal the drive but Diana gets it first. Bruce hacks into Lex's computer and realizing that he has Kryptonite he steals it. Lex gets the footage and shows Clark sparking his hatred of Batman. Lois acts as the bridging point for both characters trying to get them to see the others point of view as she knows both of them. Lois also has a very small story where she meets Diana Prince
The big blowing off point is the Senate bombing. This time Superman actually does give his opinion but when the building explodes it is blamed on Batman. Bruce is his rage believes Superman must have done it. This causes Alfred to leave him. Lois starts digging into the bombing because she suspects something was fishy about it. The final point for Clark is when he wakes up one morning and sees that someone broke in overnight. Lois is fine but in the kitchen are pictures of his mother and the Batman symbol. Lois warns him against it but now he goes after the bat. Lois does some more digging and is eventually able to find out that the person who blew up the Senate was a Lex Luthor agent. But at this point, it is too late as the worlds finest square of.
This time the fight is a lot more personal with both men going in for real. Just like in the real movie Batman gets the upper hand and has the spear at his neck. This sparks a memory of how the Joker had his crowbar pointed at Robin's neck. He can't bring himself to do it and the collapse next to each other. Lois comes in and tells them what's what. Clark goes to confront Luthor where he delivers a typical evil monologue but because he is not technically he criminal he can't do anything. He blames the bombing on an act of protest unrelated to Lex Corp and he tries paying for the costs. He tells Clark that he is too late and that while they were fighting he snuck into the Kryptonian ship and contacted him. He's coming and there is nothing you can do about it. Luthor flys away in a helicopter and there's nothing anyone can do.
The movie ends with first the warehouse fight scene where Batman saves Martha. Superman tells Bruce about Lex's warning and they think there may be an external threat coming. Post credit scene is Lois introducing Clark to Wonder Women and they properly meet.

The Flash (2016)
Firstly this version of the Flash is Wally West as I think the TV show has done almost everything with the Barry Allen Character. Barry Allen does exist but he is "dead" as of now and Wally is trying to fill in his legacy. In this universe, Wally gets his powers the same way Barry did after he got struck with a lightning during a science experiment. By the time the movie starts Wally already has his abilities and is the Flash. Side note lets make the suit a little better hey. In Wally's life, he is getting close to Linda Park and is considering proposing. Iris is also there in brief bits since Wally is new she acts as the speed force extra.
Something weird is happening in Central City, new diseases are popping up at street levels, many of the sewer systems have contaminated water systems and there are several unidentified attacks on homeless people at nights. Someone is attacking the poorer class citizens of Central City. Wally who is a detective works with his new partner Hunter Zoloman. Hunter had recently been divorced and kicked off the main police team after a mistake leads to the death of the police captain who happened to be his wife's husband. Now he works as a detective. Wally and Hunter work together very well and they realize that the person behind these attacks is Clifford Devoe aka the Thinker. I enjoyed Devoe in the TV show but I think there's more you can work with. Here he believes that only the smart should survive and so he is attacking anyone he feels is inferior. He's got a real elitist mindset here. Before the main fight, I need to include one scene where Iris takes a photo of Wally and Linda but then looks shocked once she looks back at the photo. Being the Thinker he doesn't fight the Flash directly and rather he controls other Villians to do it. He organizes a break out at Iron Heights. However, this happened while Zoloman was there working on a case
A bunch of bad guys breaks out Including, Top, Rainbow Raider, Heatwave and Gorilla Grodd. Who attacks Zoloman paralyzing him. Wally fights all the bad guys and eventually wins, however, Grodd escapes and flees to Africa. Wally experiences a near-death incident in the fight and looks up to see a figure, we can't properly see it but ally acts shocked. After the fight, Wally is supposed to go to propose to Linda but Iris stops him breaking his path. She says that the Black Flash is after him however now that she has slowed him down he is no longer in danger. But when he gets to the sight Linda is dead. Wally who is shocked at this tries quitting and goes to leave this life but he is confronted by the Black Flash. They fight and eventually Wally runs forwards to the end of the universe where death has no meaning to the Black Flash goes away.
Back in present day, Wally refuses to go back in time to save Zoloman from being crippled by Grodd but then immediately contradicts this by going back in time to save Linda. Wally sends her away because he knows that he is bad luck. A couple of post-credit scenes one where Zoloman gets super speed and the other where Wally meets Bruce Wayne.

Aquman (2017)
Roughly the same plot as the upcoming movie, Just adapt throne of Atlantis well. I trust James Wan to deliver a good story. Only thing I'll say is that 1 Aquaman becomes king obviously and 2 you can do whatever you want with ocean master kill him or not I don't care but Black Manta should end up in a prison by the end so he can be reused. And 3 there should be a mother box in Atlantis.

Batman: Welcome to Arkham(2017)
Ok, so I wanted to do something a little different for this movie. The 1st 30 minutes will feel very disjointed from the rest of the movie but that is by design. So in the first bit two major characters need to be introduced. The 1st one is Nightwing and our first look at him. He is trying to help Bruce get over the loss of Jason Todd but Bruce is also super overprotective of him. Dick states that he has battled villains all over the planet he can handle himself. Also, we get a brief bit where Bruce and Wally meet on top of a rooftop and Bruce says that he fears that an external threat is coming and Wally needs to be ready. The second character is Harley Quinn. We see her interviewing the Joker who is now at Arkham after Batman captured him in the last movie. At about 30 minutes in she become completely brainwashed and lets the Joker escape causing all hell to break loose in Arkham. Hearing this Batman and Nightwing come in to help and from this point on the rest of the movie takes place within Arkham Asylum.
The Joker has many people held hostage. A lot of this I took inspiration from Arrow season 7 episode 7. Batman and Nightwing have to negotiate Arkham where they are saving the workers while also battling some of their most notorious villains such as Vicor Zaszz, Killer Croc and Scarecrow. The last one brings up hallucinations of dead Jason Todd which really messes up Batman. They come into contact with Harvey Dent but for some reason, he is a complete mess as without his coin he can no longer make decisions and is now a shell of a man. They also go into the origins for Amadeus Arkham the founder of Arkham Asylum. He eventually became delusional and died in a cell. They also find out that Scarecrow was a former member of the Asylum crew and they find out what happened with Harley.
They are eventually lead to a final battle with Batman and Nightwing vs Joker and Harley the heroes get the upper hand but more criminals come in. Joker asks two faces to flip a coin in order to decide if they stay or die. Two face says they can go however we later learn that the coin said that they should have died. Joker sacrifices Harley in order to get away. Harley is sent off to become a member of the suicide squad and joker is now free. Post credit Hal Jordan crash lands on earth in the middle of Gotham. Batman and Nightwing come up to him and he says that Darkseid is coming. Bruce calls Wally to get over here.

Justice League: Worlds Finest (2018)
The opening scene of the movie is Orion one of Darkseid's son attempting a assassination on his father to no avail. Darkseid keeps his son prisoner. Steppenwolf comes in and tells Darkseid that the lantern got away but now he has brought his mother box to earth. All 3 of them are now on the same planet. Find them as they hold the key to the anti-life equation. Darkseid are you sure that the person from earth that you contacted can be trusted. What difference does he make? Find them. In this movie, Darkseid's motivation is that all life is inherently evil. Humans and creatures will forever bring each other pain and destruction and with the anti-life equation, he will eliminate all life. Lex Luthor told him that the anti-life equation is simply bringing all 3 mother box's together so it starts off similar to the real movie.
Batman, Nightwing, Wally, and Hal all talk about the motherbox's. Hal has one but they don't know where the other two are. Just as they are saying this Kalibax and Grayven two of Darkseid's sons and a bunch of Parademons come down and attack them. There is a huge action set piece with a game of hot potato with the mother box between the four heroes. Eventually, Grayven gets his hands on the box and tries to boom tube out of there but Wally, Hal, and Bruce follow them through. Nightwing is left behind to report back to Clark and Diana. The 3 heroes become trapped on Apokalips. The 2 sons go back to Darkseid who immediately gives Kalibax all the praise and we see Grayven getting pissed off. They give him the mother box. Batman, Wally, and Hal get captured by resistance member who thinks they are with Darkseid.
The next scene is the exact same scene from the original movie where Steppenwolf gets the mother box from Aquaman and Mera. Mera begs him to go to the mainland to try and stop him. Clark and Diana meet up and Diana gives us the history lesson on who these guys are. Lois comes in and says that she did some digging and she thinks she knows where the final box is. Cuts to the two heroes meeting Cyborg. He is a complete mess and has the box inside of him. The heroes promise to protect him. Back on Apokolips Batman and co escape and they strike a deal with the resistance to try to get into Darkseid's headquarters to try and beat him from inside.
The two big final action pieces are. 1 Batman Flash and Green Lantern sneaking into Darkseid's headquarters in order to try to get Orion out of jail. And 2 Steppenwolf, Kalibax and Grayven with Parademons trying to get to cyborg. The 1st fight goes well enough with Flash and Lantern freeing Orion while Batman districts Darkseid. This is Batman at his best outsmarting a literal god. However, even all 4 of them can't beat Darkseid. Orion boom tubes them to safety. On earth, things go even better for the heroes Aquaman shows up and kills Kalibax and Grayven betrays Steppenwolf turning good. But then Darkseid shows up. He immediately kills Grayven and defeats all the heroes. The only one who stands a fighting chance is Superman so Darkseid boom tubes him into outer space in order to get him out of the fight. Darkseid rips the box out of cyborg not killing him but incapacitating him. He puts all 3 boxes together and nothing.
Darkseid confronts Luthor. Luthor says that the motherbox's were a lie. The reason that he contacted Darkseid is that he realized that he is the only one who could destroy Superman. However, Luthor had a partner in this. Out comes Orion. Luthor says that he was working on his own experiment in order to get rid of the man of steel. Darkseid failed but now with technology provided by Orion. He finally has his superweapon. I give you Doomsday. Doomsday attacks Darkseid who is forced to retreat. Orion goes after his father and that is the last we see of both of them. Doomsday starts creating havoc. Batman, Wonder Women, Lantern Aquaman, and Flash try there best but they can't do it. Doomsday knocks over a building with Lois in it but right as she is about to hit the floor and die. Superman catches her. Finally with all the league together they battle doomsday. They are able to trap it in the phantom zone and finally, the team is united. The last scene of the movie is Lex Luthor going for president.

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2018.12.01 18:22 flyman95 Green Lantern: The Silent Planet Part #3

Author: Flyman95
Book: Green Lantern
Arc: The Silent Planet
Captain Hal, “Highball”, Jordan, a combat ace and former test pilot, has been inducted into the ranks of galactic peacekeepers for his ability to overcome great fear. Using the most powerful weapon in the universe, a ring, he can create hard light constructs using his own willpower. Let no evil escape his sight.He is THE GREEN LANTERN.
February 11th, 1958; 21:45 ET
Aboard the Milano En route to OA
ETA: 10 hours
It felt good to be flying again. Hal’s ring made flying too easy. Sitting in the cockpit of the Milano, Hal remembered the joy flying something real. Unfortunately, his years in the Air Force and as a test pilot had not prepared him to fly a spaceship. Thankfully Hal was a quick learner.
Peter Quill or Starlord, as he preferred to be called, sat in the pilot’s seat next to Hal. At Hal’s request Quill had begun teaching him how to fly the craft. Hal suspected Quill had only agreed as an excuse to talk to someone about the ship’s Specs and capabilities. The number of illegal modifications on the craft was pretty astounding. Behind them Groot (for all Hal could tell) preened himself in the navigators chair. Bits of wood chips, splinters, and mulch were falling all over the seat.
The rest of the Guardians had spread themselves throughout the ship. The recent horror witnessed on Ryut had affected everyone differently. But it was clear that everyone needed a way to distract themselves. Hal had left his ring by his bunk. Sitting in his flight suit and flying a vehicle, helped him to relax. He couldn’t dream if he was awake.
“So?” asked Quill asked not looking up from his controls, “You’re from earth, huh?”
“Yes” replied Hal, “ the ring chose me four years ago now.” “How’d that work?”
Thinking back, Hal remember the fateful day. “My best friend and I where testing new jets for Ferris Air. The weather turned foul. I lost her in the clouds. “Wait,” Quill interjected, looking up “her?”
Hal continued, “Carol Danvers, the best pilot I’ve ever flown with. Not that I would tell her that. She and I where in the Air Force together. Got kicked out together to. VERY. different. story. So anyway I go through this thunderstorm. My wing is clipped by a bolt of lightning. My instruments are completely shot. I can feel the engine dying. I begin losing altitude. I prepared for an emergency landing.
But then everything is still. I mean completely still. The plane isn’t moving. The engine has stopped. My plane is enshrouded in this green light. I hear the words HAL JORDAN YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO OVERCOME GREAT FEAR. I begin moving again. Not under the plane’s power though. No, I am being moved. The jet is transported 100s of miles and sets me down in the Nevada desert.
Sitting in front of me I see a crashed spaceship. I climbed out of my jet and went to investigate. Climbing through a hole in the side of the craft, I found him. Abin Sur of space sector 2814.
Take the ring and the lantern, he said. Say the oath. Let No Evil escape your sight. I took the ring, placing it on my finger and my uniform was created. Abin Sur looked at me smiled approvingly and drew his final breath. The ring then alerted me that I would immediately transported to OA for training. The rest just kinda happened.”
Quill looked unimpressed. Groot continued to mindlessly preen himself
“Wow,” said Peter “so you just saw a dying alien and decided to steal his jewelry? Are you sure you your ring didn’t mean to say HAL JORDAN you have the ability to commit grave robbery?”
“No, he gave it to me before he died. It’s a lantern’s duty to find their replacement if able. What’s your story then?” Hal replied indignantly. “Wake up one morning give yourself a stupid name and leave earth?”
“I was kidnapped by Ravagers when I was 12. Thought they were going to eat me. Spent the rest of my childhood learning how to shoot, fight and steal. After that it was just a series of terrifying heists and many quick flings with beautiful alien women. That is until I met Gamora. She taught me that I can be more than what I was.” Peter said, in a matter of fact tone.
Suddenly turning around in his chair Quill exclaimed angrily, “AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GROOT, do you have to do that on the bridge? I’m going to be spending the next month cleaning mulch out of the seat cushions.”
Groot indignantly stopped, crossed his arms, and glared at Quill. Under his breath Groot exclaimed “I ammmm groooot”
“So anyway” Peter continued, calmly turning back to Hal “we picked up these clowns around the way and have been trying to do some good in our neck of the universe.”
“Hell of a woman.” Hal responded, noting that Groot had begun preening himself again.
“Yep, they’ll change your life.” Peter agreed, completely oblivious, “You have anyone out there?”
“Carol,” Hal replied absentmindedly, intently staring at an instrument panel. “You’re pilot friend?” Peter asked.
“Yes… erhh, no, different Carol” Hal said guiltily, “she is also a pilot” he added quickly “and even owns the company I flew for.”
“Sounds like a hell of a woman herself. You been back to Earth visit her?” Hal, suddenly feeling crowded, unstrapped his restraints and stood up. “I need some fresh air” and quickly made his way out of the cockpit.
“You know it’s a spaceship right? All the air is same recycled stuff you breath everywhere.” Quill called after him. “AND IF YOU DON’T STOP THAT I AM GOING TO TAKE A PAIR OF HEDGE CLIPPERS TO YOUR CHESTNUTS.” he yelled at Groot.
Making his way through to the galley he saw Drax was polishing his knives for the upteenth time. They gleamed in the lights. He could hear Rocket working in the in the engine room. The steady noise of the fusion torch only intercut with loud, but admittedly creative, insults. If Hal knew the raccoon he was probably adding another illegal modification.
Hal entered the small infirmary wanting to check on the patient. The sole survivor of the planet Ryut. Gamora was busying herself checking his vitals. A red reptilian alien. 8 feet tall, teeth and claws. He somehow looked peaceful as he slept.
“Any change?” Hal asked Gamora.
“No, he’s stable but who knows when or if he’ll wake up from his coma.” Gamora replied.
“Thanks, keep me posted” Hal turned to go back to the cockpit.
“You should get some sleep.” Gamora said without turning around. “Peter should as well for that matter. I doubt we will get much when we get to OA.”
“You’re probably right.” Hal admitted reluctantly.
Even more reluctantly Worked his way down to his bunk in the crew quarters. It wasn’t much but it was nice to sleep on something solid. He just hoped sleep would provide as much solace as the cockpit did.
February 12th, 1958; 06:05 ET
Aboard the Milano En route to OA
ETA: 1 hours
Alive, Abin Sur stood before him grimacing. “YOU HAVE FAILED.” He proclaimed harshly.“You were charged with protecting the helpless. Now two planets are forever silent, BECAUSE OF YOUR WEAKNESS. You are not worthy of my ring.”
The ring turned to dust on his finger as Abin Sur seemed to grow weaker and more decrepit before him. As Abin Sur turned to dust Hal could hear the ringing of Thanos’ laughter.
“NO!!!,” Hal yelled bolting up from his rack. The ship was still but for the hum of the engine. Just a dream. He took a second and breathed deep. Sitting alone in the dark he could feel cold sweat dripping down his back. Drax continued to snoring loudly in his own bunk. Rocket seemed to twitch a bit. Hal knew he wouldn’t sleep anymore this night. There was something he needed to do. Groping around in the dark he found his ring.
Getting up, he carefully made his way to the galley. Once there, he retrieved his lantern from the pocket dimension. The Lantern emitted a low green light that cast shadows throughout the room. Holding his ring up to the it and Hal repeated his oath
“In Brightest Day
In Blackest Night
Let no evil escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power
Green energy enwrapped him for a moment but he did not allow the uniform to form. He continued to stare at the glowing lantern. It was a long time before he noticed Gamora, quietly watching from the dark corner of the room. Their eyes locked.
Finally Gamora spoke softly, “Couldn’t sleep?”
“No.” Hal admitted “After Ryut, I… I haven’t been sleeping well. I needed to remind myself of the oath I took.”
“I understand.” Gamora told him, “It’s the ones you can’t save that haunt you the most. I served Thanos for many years. For a long time he was all I had in the universe. I attempted to… temper him. But it is clear his madness has fully consumed him. He will have the Book of the Black and will do anything to possess it. You possess great will to stand against him.”
“Thanks” Hal mumbled, not quite believing it.
Gamora sensed his doubt and continued “No single Lantern can defeat him. The whole might of the Corp invaded Apocalypse once. Half of them were killed the other half fought to a bloody stalemate. But Thanos is only one New God. If the Guardians of the Universe act they can crush Thanos.” She said, Hal suspected trying to convince herself as well.
There was another long silence as both pondered the potential consequences if we was wrong. Hal broke the silence by yawning.
“you wouldn’t happen to have any coffee on this ship would you?” He asked hopefully, “willpower will only take you so far.”
Gamora for the first time since Hal knew her, smiled. “As a matter of fact we do.”
Sitting down at the table with Gamora, Hal enjoyed the first cup of coffee he had since leaving earth. Around him the ship sprung to life as the other Guardians went about their morning routine. It felt like some level of normalcy.
That is until a giant green hand grabbed the ship and brought it to a full stop.
“Really?!” Quill exclaimed, “they had to grab the ship in mid-flight. Why not just a giant green stop sign or something.”
Hal was expecting this. The Lanterns would set a perimeter around OA for this level of threat. Hal allowed himself to relax... Until he heard a familiar voice over the ship intercom.
“Unidentified ravager ship, this is Lantern Guy Gardner of sector 2814. You are to power down engines and prepare to be boarded. Any attempt to flee will allow me to break my very boring routine.”
Of all of the lanterns in all the sectors. Sinestro, Kilowog, Tomar-re, even Salaak would have been preferable. How Hal ended up with biggest asshole in the corp as a sector partner he would never know.
Guy entered the ship through the hatch. A red head with a temper to match Guy was known throughout the corp for his attitude. A former Baltimore cop, Guy had been the second human inducted into the Corps. Guy had opted to don a unique style uniform. Instead of the usual uniform he wore what looked like a letterman’s jacket with the green lantern symbol where the initials should be. Between the jacket and bowl cut hair, Hal thought he looked ridiculous.
Starlord began introductions “I’m Peter Quill, Captain of this ship. This is my first mate, Gamora, we are en-route to...”
Guy ignored him and addressed Hal “Nice company you’re keeping here Jordan. I mean really a ravager ship?“
Hal was silent. Guy continued “After your little vacation to Ryut a high alert was sounded. All ships non-associated ships en-route to OA must be inspected. This being a ravager registered ship I’ll be going over this with a fine tooth...”
“YOU!” Rocket yelled coming up from the cargo hold “this guy cost me a huge amount of money.”
Guy responded “You where selling illegal weapons to a pre-galactic civilization...” apparently recognizing the raccoon.
“That was a completely legitimate weapons sale” Rocket interrupted angrily. “Like hell it was. You’re lucky you’re not in prison”
“You’re lucky I didn’t shove that ring up your ass. Really make you struggle through that blackest night bit.”
“Oh, you want to go raccoon” Guy responded angrily. Green sparks emanating from his ring.
“I don’t know what that is, but anytime, anywhere glow rod.” Rocket moved towards the weapons rack.
“I am Groot” Groot declared, Growing and moving in front of Rocket. “Don’t think I forgot about you tree man.” Guy warned, forming a green lumber axe in his right hand.
“Who does this guy think he is Paul Bunyan?” Quill asked rhetorically. “He said his name is Guy Gardner, I do not believe he is confused by his identity.” Drax answered helpfully.
“ENOUGH.” Hal declared angrily standing up. “Guy, this is now a Oan associated vessel. I have…” Hal thought for a moment searching for the word, “deputized them until the Thanos crisis has been resolved.”
Suddenly green sheriff badges appeared on every Guardian.
Guy looked around angrily, and shrugged “Well if that’s the case, I should probably ensure the newest members of the corp get to a proper landing zone.”
Looking at Gamora, Guy asked “hey sweet cheeks you got any more of that coffee Jordan is drinking? I’ll tell you that smells wonderful.”
Hal could see the rage in Quill’s eyes for a moment. But it passed as quickly as it came. Quill spoke in his most amicable tone “Here Guy why don’t you come on the bridge to drink that. You can guide us in from the navigator’s chair.”
It was the single longest flight of Hal’s life. Hal had crashed before and this was somehow more painful. Within 15 minutes he had witnessed: an oath of blood vengeance, a minor hull breach, and a lantern’s uniform ruined by both extremely hot coffee and mulch. It was a good thing that these rings didn’t run on rage.
Hal had never thought he would want to get out of aircraft. Luckily as the hatch opened he saw a friendly face. Thaal Sinestro, Hal’s mentor and best friend awaited them at the hatch. A tall pink humanoid whose mustache helped hide a near perpetual scowl. Despite being in the Corps for years, his only sign of age where widows peaks that encroached on his pulled back black hair. Standing at the hatch Sinestro hands clasped together behind his back, was the model of how a Green Lantern should hold himself.
The dock was bustling as beings of all races preparing defenses. Lanterns patrolled overhead. Working together some Lanterns where created Giant Green artillery constructs aimed at the stars.
“Sinestro!” Hal called, offering his ring hand. Sinestro returned with his gripping it firmly. Looking around Hal noted “this place looks like its preparing for war?”
“Jordan, My friend, the Guardians have decided it is best to be not take chances and prepare ourselves for the worst. I’ve never seen them worried like this before. Boddika and Kilowog are currently assisting in upgrading the planet’s defenses.”
“It looks pretty impressive” Rocket interjected. “Wouldn’t mind trying out one of those big cannons either.”
Ignoring him, Sinestro changed the subject. “I’ve heard of your recent battle and of your unusual traveling companions.” He looked disapprovingly at the Guardians.
“Their good people. Trying to do right in the universe” Hal assured him Sinestro not looking convinced, noticed Guy as he exited the hatch. “Gardner, I thought you were assigned to guard the perimeter?” Sinestro asked coldly.
“Well you see, I was and then I thought…” Guy began.
“Ah, you thought. That’s when the plan went awry. Go back to the perimeter. Now.” Sinestro ordered.
Guy looked the taller man in the eyes, un-moving.
“Do I need to repeat myself?” Sinestro asked threateningly.
Looking away with a growl, Guy headed off into the blackness of space to resume his assignment.
“How did you convince the Guardians not to give you a sector partner again?” Hal asked.
“Because I run the single most ordered sector in the universe” Sinestro replied “and besides Jordan, next to his bullishness you seem almost thoughtful.” he added ruefully.
“Was that a joke?” Hal asked, surprised.
Ignoring him, Sinestro addressed the Guardians, “we best not keep the Guardians waiting.”
“I am Groot?” Groot asked.
“No,” Sinestro replied dryly, “the actual ones.”
The Guardians of the Universe held court in a massive hall. The twelve immortals presided over the greatest peacekeeping force in the galaxy.
“Remember Jordan, let me do the talking.” Sinestro said pointedly.
“Lantern Jordan it is fortunate you have returned to us. The initial report of the Thanos incident is troubling.” One guardian spoke “I see you have brought those who assisted you. The Guardians of the...Galaxy. A unique assortment of individuals.”
“If not wholly unique name” Another guardian added.
“Yah well, I didn’t see your copyright on it when we chose it” piped up Rocket. “now while I have you, I have formal complaints I’ve been meaning to lodge. As you’re all here I figure this is the best time to do so. First, my treatment by Guy gar..MMHMMM.”
Rocket was suddenly silenced as a green gag covered his mouth. Rocket struggled with all his might to remove it.
“We will not waste any more time.” Sinestro declared coldly. Addressing the Guardians of the Universe Sinestro spoke “I request permission to bring Thanos to justice. I have outlined my plan based on Jordan’s preliminary report.”
The Guardians consulted amongst themselves for a moment. Hal wondered how many lives hung in the balance of their decision. How many lives were lost while they made it.
“Your plan is approved. Two hundred of our finest Lanterns are at your disposal. You are to bring Thanos back for trial, destroy his manhunter army, and ensure that the book of the black remains buried forever.”
Gamora spoke up “Two hundred will not be enough. Thanos has an army. He will be prepared for any attack you plan.”
The Guardians considered her statement. “200 Lanterns is more than sufficient to quell the threat of one New God. Daughter of Thanos.”
Sinestro eyed her for a moment, “I assure you, Thanos will not be ready for me. However, any tactical insights you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Bowing Sinestro Turned to the Guardians of the Universe, “By your leave.” The Guardians responded “Go Sinestro. Complete your mission.”
Standing up straighter Sinestro looked at Hal and the Guardians “Come Jordan, we have preparations to make before we pursue Thanos. You and Kilowog will be squadron..”
“One alteration.” The Guardians of the Universe interjected. “Lantern Jordan is effect of immediately removed from active duty pending psychological evaluation. In his place, his sector partner, Guy Gardner shall join your Force.”
“Him!?” Sinestro grumbled.
“Her!?” Hal exclaimed.
“Dammit” they cursed in unison.
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2018.09.24 10:02 autotldr Hollande drops a Rafale bomb on India

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot)
A new revelation by former French president Francois Hollande on the India-France deal to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets has sparked off a fresh round of allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government.
Curiously, an earlier deal to buy 126 fighter jets from Dassault was cancelled by the Modi government in favor of the new deal.
The first deal involved public sector firm Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, which is overseen by the Ministry of Defense, while the second deal cuts HAL out and a private firm, belonging to an industrial house with major debts, was brought in as an offset partner.
In a fresh statement on Saturday, Hollande reaffirmed his earlier statement and added that he didn't know what happened with Dassault when the deals for offsets were finalised in 2016.
Currently, the reason for cancelling the earlier deal due to high costs has moved to an argument that HAL was not good enough to go ahead with the deal.
The Bofors case came to represent the corruption-infested defense deals in India for decades.
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2018.07.16 08:57 anonpseudo86 Relationship Existential Crisis

Hello everyone. I know this question will stir some controversy. Please understand that I am really just trying to be the best person that I can be.
From the time I was young, I saw something happen as old as time itself. My attractive and charismatic friends would be pursued by the women that I wanted to date. When I was young I thought this was just a phase I would grow out of. I was always smart, capable, and passionate. I thought that with self-improvement, physical development, and confidence, I too would be able to find a best friend and romantic partner.
I had dedicated my life to self-improvement. I work out regularly, eat healthy, meditate, do yoga, play sports, work on self-improvement and try to be a compassionate and caring person. My other family members come to me with their personal problems and relationship problems. My friends trust me with their secrets, knowing I am a good friend who they can trust. I have worked hard, make good money, have a nice car, a nice house, and take care of things in my life that require my attention.
For a long time, I thought that if I became the kind of person people would want to be around, I would find someone I could spend my life with. However, I have found that even now the women that I want to be with simply do not find me attractive. I don't think my romantic compass is that far off and I don't think I have unrealistic expectations. I am just looking for an attractive, intelligent and fun women to spend time with. I am not looking for as super model and I don't run away from real women with real human emotions. I have many female friends whom I get along with well and who like me.
Honestly, I am maybe a 5 or 6 on the attractiveness scale and what I find attractive is what is considered traditionally attractive, like a 7 or 8. I have pursued women that I find attractive and have been rejected 100% of the time. They will often say they love to hang out with me, invite me to do things, but ultimately friend-zone me. And so, in recent years I have entered into relationships with women that I am not really attracted to because I had no other options available. My most recent girlfriend was a great person, compassionate, pleasant, wonderful, but the spark was never there. Ultimately, I ended it because I couldn't lie to myself anymore.
At this point, some of you may call me "Shallow Hal". I can only say that I have tried really hard to love someone for who they are and not what they look like, but it just doesn't work. Ultimately, I ended up feeling like I was lying to myself, felt guilty, and couldn't do it anymore.
I have met maybe 10 women in my life that I would gladly spend my life with, but none of them wanted me back. The fact that they existed, proves that the love of my life could be out there, but I am haunted by the knowledge that the women I have wanted in the past have never wanted me back. There are probably other men and women out there who feel exactly the same as I do who don't know what to do either. Are we supposed to settle or hold out for our true love? What if we end up waiting too long?
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2018.04.24 02:00 confederalis [MODPOST] Timeskip! (MUST READ!)

Well, folks, the time has finally come. As of today, we are officially jumping 9 months to the start of 9 BBY. This post will be used to explain what the main story will be like, as well as what has happened to your favorite characters during the past nine months.

Main Plot Summary

In the aftermath of the death of General Lance Typherrius, major Per Gamut, and Captain Vonge Graak, the Redemption and its accompanying cell were led aimlessly around the Outer Rim by Captain Sulinari. However, soon after the fateful battle aboard the Evictus, the Redemption was found by a larger rebel cell: the Sullust rebels. Being led by General Fein Numb, the Redemption and its crew were welcomed into the larger cell with open arms. The Sullust rebel fleet consists of the Defiance, a Nebulon-B, the Independence, a Corellian blockade runner, the B-83, a Munificent-Class Freighter, and numerous small fighters- and now, the Redemption. With the power vacuum now even more prevalent, General Numb promoted Sergeant Kardue Takoon to Major after his heroics on the Rintonne, as well as promoting Lieutenant Cir'gi to Commander. These two, along with Captain Sulinari, Commander Chobi, and the General himself formed the new Rebel High Command. With the death of Vonge, the Republic Dogs disbanded and the rest of its members integrated into the crew.
On the Evictus, things were much different. The crew celebrated and was rewarded for their successful destruction of the Sanbra cell by Moff Harkus and General Takinson. Colonel Arniak and Captain Typherrius received special commendation. With their tour and mission over, the Evictus dry-docked at the Imperial Center for the next 9 months, with the crew of the ship visiting their families, relaxing or receiving new orders. The Evictus was repaired and retrofitted with new and advanced tech while docked and was replenished for its next mission. With the ship awaits repairs, Colonel Arniak and Captain Typherrius are summoned to the offices of Grand Moff Tarkin for their next assignment.
OOC: The rebel COC will be for the entire flotilla. Rebel characters will be allowed to move ship to ship and interact there (EXCEPT THE MUNIFICENT, THE B-83 IS NPC ONLY). New rebel characters ARE ALLOWED to have their backstories as members of the Sullust cell, just remember it was started in 12 BBY.

Character Summaries


Ven Falconer CosmicZeta
After they left Rintonne, Ven was placed into emergency surgery. The operation was ultimately successful, but Falconer lost his arm in the process. Some medics and engineers made a prosthetic arm for him after a few days. Ven started using it and, after a few weeks, was able to use it as a proper limb. Ven decided to step up after the vacuum left by the deaths of Lance, Per, and Vonge, deciding to help out Sulinari and Kardue as much as he could as partners trying to keep the Rebels afloat.
Blackjack concrete_isnt_cement
After years of service in the Clone Wars and on both sides of the Galactic Civil War, Blackjack finally decided to hang up his blaster and pick up the drink shaker. He retired from combat position and is now working as the Redemption's barkeep.
Dreka Rota GeneralGrenada
After a near-death experience during the fateful Evictus attack, Dreka was determined to sober up. As expected, he failed and got himself into a sticky situation on board a Rodian spice freighter four months later. Fortunately, Dreka found some explosives and used them to escape back to the fleet. Now owing his life to explosives, Dreka decided to become an ordinance specialist with no prior knowledge. So far he has had two misfires and one accidental explosion on the Redemption
Prizrak MajorMarshallIslands
Prizrak survived the battle, being one of the few engineers to do so. His work was vital to the survival and repair of the ship. Maybe he even got promoted. However all of this was undone when he was later found to be augmenting many of the wounded that survived the battle. This has landed him in the brig for the time being while his fate is decided
Hal Thobeds chooper5uk
After a month of hanging around the Redemption, Hal picked up a rumour that Drauz, his old boss, had escaped his imprisonment from the Empire and was hiding out on Nar Shaddaa. Without a moment’s notice, Hal contacted an old smuggling crew of his and asked them to take him to Nar Shaddaa in search of Drauz. Once they arrived, Hal followed some breadcrumbs and rumours left for him by Drauz which ultimately took him to an old spaceport Hal and the rest of Drauz's smugglers used. In the port, Hal found a battered YT-1300 but no sign of Drauz. With the YT-1300 as the end of the trail, Hal decided to keep it and returned to the Redemption.
Jhod Chobi chooper5ukalt2
As the Redemption flew aimlessly through space, Jhod began to feel anxious about sitting around and doing nothing. This forced him to band together with a small fighter squadron and leave the larger Rebel cell. Together, they commenced several 'hit and run' attacks against several Imperial or Imperial-sanctioned freighters that went in and out of Alui and steal whatever cargo they could before selling it at a black market on Enarc. To start, Jhod didn't want to harm anyone. This meant that each attack was against undefended freighters and Jhod would hit them with Ion torpedoes before the rest of the ships would fly in and take whatever they could. The attacks continued until the Redemption called Jhod and his squadron back.
Keel Sulinari Nerdifiedgamesaltalt
[Link to his own longer post]
Kardue Takoon silaredefnoc
After his heroics on Rintonne, General Numb promoted Kardue to Major of the army and gave him a spot in high command. He has been given control of the army and now works on training and planning for all ground assaults, while still doing Kardue things in his gang. After his experiences at the Imperial data hub, Kardue has seen what leadership the cell needed and, now forced into a leadership role, has to choose between his old personality and his new, professional job.
Ree Talki'na SWRebelGenersl
Viewing herself as no longer needed by the rebels and confident in her successor's abilities, Ree made the decision to depart from the Redemption on a mission to help spread rebellion to more systems. Rumors have reached the Redemption, placing her near the Inner Rim but nothing concrete about her actual whereabouts or what she's up to could be gathered with- The best being a fifth hand account of a Twi'lek who matches her description in a black market.
Tyra Kirlak ShitposterSupreme
In the absence of capable leaders and the death of numerous grunts, Tyra was given a quick promotion to corporal by the new Major Takoon in his attempt to restructure the army.
Adrian Castis garruson
After being reintegrated with the Sullust cell, Castis carried out and led 2 missions over a span of 9 months, both to secure resources for the cell. His competence and display of dedication, as well as the need for grunt leaders, has led to a promotion to Corporal from Major Takoon.
He'skia Kiaron fearthecaravaneer
After his near-death spice trip occured soon after the attack on the Evictus, Sky enlisted the help of Kardue and Ven to help him kick the habit. The succeeded and now Sky presents himself as a professional warrior, earning a promotion to Flight Lieutenant for his turnaround.
Hirra Yuluq Nerdifiedgamesalt
Hirra, finally released from the Redemption brig after the attack, decided to leave the rebellion and head out to greener pastures. No one heard him leave and no one remembers him there.
Cir'gi Sir_Brosephmann
Now officially apart of the Rebellion, Cir'gi serves faithfully on the bridge of the Redemption. In the absence of capable leadership, Cirgi stepped up and showed his worth to the new Sullust cell. Because of this, he was promoted to Commander and XO of the Redemption.
Rykan Sagi Wozrop
Young Sagi quickly gained a battle-hardened wit. He rose through the ranks, eventually making Sergeant, and constructing a special squad of assorted slicers, sappers, and saboteurs. He and his group made a name for themselves by not only acquiring assets valuable to the insurgency, but also by eliminating huge amounts of imperial infrastructure. Rykan and his squad had become known for causing irreparably expensive damage to imperial assets and doing it in such a way to tie up as many resources as possible.
Norin Shoma Moijojojo
After the death of the rebel leaders, the destruction of the cell, and the following aimless floating, Shoma decided he could do more and became disillusioned with the cell, eventually leaving the cell completely and venturing off into the galaxy
Manny Kupchak Supernerdjealtalt
Manny acquires Willaume’s old astromech after finding it unattended and asking about its owner. His own piloting droid breaks down and is used for parts. His alcohol supply is nearly depleted, so he plans on making a beer run to his homeworld sometime soon. He becomes known to most of the crew as that crazy old guy with a gun collection, but is generally liked- partly because he has a bunch of beer. He is starting to forget things here and there, but most people assume he does it on purpose.
Cadet Willaume Supernerdje
Willaume is recovering from crashing his Y-Wing on take-off after an engine failure and retraining for A-Wings. During the crash, his astromech locked out his controls and saved both of them, but Willaume refuses to acknowledge this and hates the astromech now. He tries dozens of odd hobbies and trains in simpods, using any vehicle available to pass time while recovering. Willaume also becomes a little paranoid, especially around astromechs, and this might get worse in the future. Willaume's astromech leaves his possession.
Rab Po Marsune Yadeedle
He spent the 9 months working on his N-1 starfighter, as well as training in new Gundark jockeys. In his spare time, he has been working on a translator and voice box for his trusty astromech, Bim Bam. He has rarely left ship, and feels at home on the Redemption.
Renee Aishcrovt Persony-the-ISB-person
Renee is still a Sergeant but has learned how to use contractions while speaking.
Say goodbye to: Lance Typherrius, Per Gamut, Wtaak Pha'lus, Ree Talki'na, Hirra Yuluq, Vonge Graak, and Norin Shoma


Thrayce Typherrius AnAngryAnimal
Following the events on Rintonne, Thrayce Typherrius entered a new chapter of his life. There was an old Corellian proverb that had always been at the back of his mind, ever since he was a child: A son cannot truly become all that he can until his parents have passed. Now, with Lance dead, Thrayce was all that remained of the Typherrius family name. Thrayce became more rigid and cynical following the death of his father, feeling a lack of direction and purpose. The Empire, however, thought otherwise, as Thrayce was recognized for the successful destruction of the Sanbra cell. Receiving medals of distinction opened up plenty of possible opportunities for the captain in other regions of the galaxy. However, because of his consistent lack of direction, Thrayce turned these down, opting instead to remain onboard the Evictus, the only familiar home he had left. Now, the Captain searches for purpose, questioning if his current position was worth all he had sacrificed.
Hadran Arniak confederalis
Following the victory on Rintonne, Colonel Arniak once more found happiness in life. After his fight with the Mandalorian defector and the fight with his demons, Arniak has cured himself of the PTSD that had plagued him since Rugosa. With the crushing victory, Arniak came into the good graces of General Takinson and received official commendation and was placed on a short list for promotion to the General's second in command. He has yet to receive word on whether or not he received the promotion, so he is biding his time on Coruscant while the Evictus stays at drydock.
Natan Kolzaar CosmicDelta
After the battle of Rintonne, Natan helps Arniak overcome his PTSD and becomes a close friend of Arniak's. After a talk with his father, his father decides to cut ties with him saying that his usefulness has come to an end. With this in mind, he decides to make a plan to enact revenge on the horrible man and ruin his reputation. As the months pass, he decides to help Arniak obtain the role of Takinson's 2IC as he talks to various other higher-ups about his deeds to help the Empire.
Amis Durin Ropwoz
Durin had grown weary of the tired politics and relatively grumpy men he worked with. He wanted to get away from it all. He rented a secluded cabin in the woods of Alderaan and invited his workplace crush Jaynah to go with him. He spent his time reading his holobooks, hunting the local game, and of course, making love. hey spent many nights curled up by their fireplace, free from the troubles of the galaxy. They enjoyed their time away from the infuriating beaurocracy of the empire, but alas all good things must come to an end. The months flew by and soon they were both back aboard the Evictus, back to their dull, grey, monotonous, workplace.
Opal Starrick garrusvakalt
During a span of 9 months, Starrick returned to Muunilist where he re-kindled old friendships and sparked a new relationship. Unfortunately, a further falling out with his family led to his abrupt return to the ship, 4 months earlier than expected. He stayed on the Evictus while it was repairing, putting his troops through grueling training at the same time.
Zarra Kovaks Persony-the-ISB-person
Zarra’s grown as a person. She follows rules more and has put a stop to the strip poker games that other sergeants were running.
Gutsy Captainsteve345
Average patrols and work for Corporal Gutsy while on Coruscant.
Marcor Venwel infantrysniper
Venwel remains on Coruscant and trains.
Rock Tyft Chopper5ukalt
With the Evictus in dry-dock, Tyft was temporarily reassigned to his homeworld of Dantooine to quell a small Rebel group that was causing trouble in the capital of Khoonda. After some brief investigating of his own, Tyft learned that the leader of the Rebel group was none other than his father. His father was a strong patriot of the Republic and disliked the Empire, and convinced his son to think the same. In hope of joining his father in his fight against the Empire, Tyft attempted to defect. The defection attempted failed which resulted in the death of both Tyft and his father along with the Rebel group he formed.
Bocaj Riggs Lieutenant_Riggs
Riggs is a now a lieutenant. He’s a bit more cautious and responsible now, but not much. He’s back in control of Lightning Squadron, and happy. He’s much the same as he’s always been, but has matured a little bit
Heath Durnell splishsplashinthebath
After the 'tragic' death of Lt. Tyft, Durnell was promoted to Second Lieutenant under, newly promoted, Lieutenant Riggs. He continued training and was assigned a new copilot for his AT-ST after his former one was killed on Rintonne.
Calvin Tiberiusolis NivlacSupreme
Tiberiusolis spent a few months roaming Corellia, eventually finding that the one family member he can remember, his sister, is dead. He mourned her but returned to Coruscant just before the Evictus was set to leave.
Leopold Doe-Jenkins Supernerdjealt
Juliet Rylanair Juju_The_Person
Riggs and Ryanair haven't married yet but were planning their wedding the entirety of the drydock. Now madly in love, Rylanair plans their wedding to be as soon as the Evictus leaves once again. In other news, she was promoted to Ensign while on drydock by Lieutenant Commander Tiberiusolis.
Rendt Cullius WryWilliam
Cullius' reputation was disputed, some holding him in fear, others respect. His brutal and savage acts against Radaask and his wounds received from his adhesion to duty in the bombing run acted against each other, creating a controversy over the true nature of his character. Allana helped him to begin understanding how poor his mental state was, and they began trying to remedy it. Training himself even harsher, what with his new impairments, his free time is now spent trying to discover who his mysterious patron is.
Adriak Gilid CaptainKiribati
After the battle, Gilid was tasked with overseeing repairs to the Evictus. During the time skip, he took a temporary leave to go get married to his fiance and decompress. Over time he's become rather adept at his role as Chief Engineer, and doesn't have the same anxiety as before. He still feels unnerved around the captain, but is no longer a shambling mess
Jerak von Krast garrusvak
A young technician with the know-how to get things done. He remained on board The Evictus for most of the break. Helping update systems, put in new tech and make a shiny new mess hall. His recent work and construction of facilities have led to his promotion to Master Tech Sgt.
Ben Davidson ProfessorUber
Ben Davidson continued to act as the Chief Medical Officer on the Evictus, only taking a brief leave of absence in order to return to his homeworld of Naboo in order to attend his wife's funeral. After returning he quietly returned to his duties without mentioning or acknowledging his brief absence.
Eugene Nifder Nazi_mods_ree
Nifder is enjoying his job, able to help people. He still has very few true friends, and hates people talking about his brother. He’s starting to wish he could see some real action.
Imkon Stutka Woproz
Group Captain Stuka had been enjoying his posting on the Evictus. As such, he took the leave with mixed feelings: on one hand he would miss the flying, on the other, he’d be happy to be away from the cluttered, bureaucratic mess that was the Imperial Starfighter Corps. He reportedly spent much of his time on the tropical world of Spira, where he was subsequently convicted of 6 speeder piloting infractions, and charged and found not guilty of another 14. Upon returning to his post, it was to his surprise that the Wing Commander had been transferred, and he had been promoted to the position. Wing Commander Imkon Stuka returned rejuvenated, and anxious to get back in the pilot’s seat.
Karliff Jolinar Nerdifiedgamesaltalt
Jolinar was promoted to Squadron Leader and leader of Thunder Squadron after the former leader perished on Rintonne. He spent his break with his squadmates hanging out in the capital city while also running training exercises on off days.
Tiberius Jastra stealthship1
Jastra kept working on various ISB projects. He did take a small amount of personal time off but otherwise, he was working the entire time. Jastra successfully trained up a new squad of ISB troopers to join him on the return as the new loyalty squad.
Drago Malric CosmicBeta
With his mission complete and the rebels vanquished, Malric was transferred off of the Evictus and onto a loyalty squad in the Core under Colonel Yularen, where he served for most of his career.
Johari Landstrider themighty61
Johari continued his service in the Loyalty Enforcement Squad. It has been uneventful thus far, but recent developments have caused him to, for the first time in his life, ask a few questions.
Say goodbye too: Inigo Selenus, Rock Tyft, Drago Malric, Jethro Arcturus and Auria Li-Yeh
OOC: Well everyone, just some closing remarks. First off, thanks to EVERYONE for making these past two years and this huge arc possible. It was SO much fun and none of us can't believe it's over. Everyone is responsible for making it great and let's hope this new arc is just as good. Secondly, the mod team would like to express how excited we are for this new coming arc, we really hope that everyone is interested once more and decides to rejoin. So, tell your friends, tell your family, because DARKTIMES IS COMING BACK. And finally, you may start posting now that you've read this thread and once again thank you, everyone, and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!
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2018.04.19 08:40 tiMartyn If The Avengers was a Justice League movie: a summarized outline

Years ago when The Avengers came out, my neighbor mentioned how it was the best "Justice League" movie we could hope for, meaning a JL movie would only attempt the same things this movie did and likely not capture the same feeling. Since that turned out to be true, I thought I'd take some notes while I was rewatching Avengers tonight and switch things up, imagining if the cast were DC characters. Here's a summarized outline of scenes featuring the League in their place, with most of the same beats. This is purely for fun, so I thought I might as well share.
We open at STAR Labs where Dr. Stone, Amanda Waller, and scientists stand around the mysterious "Motherbox." Dr. Stone's son Victor AKA Cyborg observes the box. He tells his dad something's wrong. Suddenly, a boom tube opens. Darkseid walks out of the portal. Security shoots at the hulking villain, but their bullets bounce off him. Darkseid glances at the men. His eyes glow bright red. Two laser beams burst from his eyes and zigzag around the room, killing every man carrying a gun. Looking over at Cyborg, Darkseid recognizes the alien technology of the Motherbox that turned Victor into a human computer. Darkseid alters Cyborg's tech, brainwashing him into his own personal bodyguard. Darkseid takes the Motherbox and begins to leave the base with Cyborg. Dr. Stone is distraught and tries to stop his son from leaving. Cyborg blasts his own dad with a small bot. It takes over his mind, making him a follower of Darkseid as well. They escape the building.
Meanwhile in a farm-like building, Wonder Woman, seemingly beat up, is being tied to a wooden chair with a rope by three thugs. They question her, leaning over and holding onto the chair. For some reason, she gives them answers. A cellphone rings. A thug picks up a cellphone that must've fallen on the ground. On the other end of the line is Amanda Waller, threatening him. If the thug doesn't give the phone to Wonder Woman, Waller will blow up the whole block. The thug hands the phone to her. Speaking with Waller, she reveals the men have been giving her all the answers she needed. We pan back to reveal the rope that the men had been grasping tied around Diana is the lasso of truth. Suddenly, Wonder Woman breaks out of the chair and fights the men, effortlessly winning. She picks the phone back up and speaks with Waller, informing her what happened at STAR Labs. Wonder Woman is tasked with contacting Aquaman.
In Iceland, Arthur Curry sits at a family's dinner table. He is about to eat a meal with a couple and their children. The family wants to thank him after he saved them earlier from a ship wreckage. When dinner is served, it's revealed to be seafood. Arthur feels awkward, looking up at the family who genuinely wants to pay him back for his help. Moments later, Arthur gazes at the ocean from the docs. Diana walks up behind him, introducing herself. Arthur isn't in a good mood. She cuts to the chase and tells him what is going on. The world needs Aquaman, he can't just be a local legend anymore.
In a new headquarters, Amanda Waller speaks with government officials in a video call. She tells them that the situation is desperate. Whoever stole the Motherbox is a global threat and must be destroyed. The Justice League needs to come together.
At another STAR Labs located in Metropolis, Clark punches a huge semi truck in an enclosed facility. His strength demolishes the vehicle. He hears footsteps approaching. He turns to face Amanda Waller. He tells her that he appreciates the space she's provided for training and testing his abilities. Waller tells Clark that the world needs him.
In Gotham, Batman drives in the Batmobile, returning to the Batcave. He speaks with Alfred on his way there. Arriving, Alfred tells Bruce that a message has been coming through from an unknown government agency. He's beat up from patrol, and rests in his chair for a moment. The elevator opens, Hal Jordan, a Checkmate agent and pilot, walks out. He informs Bruce what is going on. The Justice League needs to come together. Hal mentions that the world needs its heroes to defend it. Bruce reveals four profiles on the gigantic computer screen, showing Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.
On the huge STAR Labs jet, Clark stands in the cockpit where Hal Jordan pilots the craft. Hal expresses he has always been a big fan of Superman. Clark jokes, telling him they could probably use a few more superheroes who admire the Man of Steel.
The jet lands at a facility located on top of the ocean. Clark and Hal walk out of the jet, and Diana approaches. She jokes, asking if Hal mentioned he owns Superman trading cards. Diana introduces them to Arthur Curry, walking up to them.
Hal takes Diana, Arthur, and Clark through the inside of the high tech facility. "It's called Checkmate." Amanda Waller speaks with agents sitting at computer screens, helping to navigate the facility as it suddenly begins to hover off the water and flies into the sky. Waller introduces herself to Arthur. She is currently searching for Cyborg and his dad. Screens show security footage of Cyborg and Dr. Stone. Arthur and Diana tour the facility. She takes him to see a room where he might feel more comfortable. It turns out to be an indoor swimming pool.
Meanwhile, Dr. Stone is at an undisclosed location working on a project with a dozen other brainwashed scientists to unlock the Motherbox and access a terraforming feature. Darkseid watches over them and speaks to Cyborg. He wants to acquire one last scientist who is attending an event in Gotham.
Clark and Hal look at a screen aboard the ship. Waller tells them there's been a sighting of Victor Stone. In Gotham at a charity event, Cyborg takes out a few security guards surrounding Wayne Manor.
Inside, Cyborg terrorizes the party attendees, telling them that he is searching for another STAR Labs scientist. Everyone runs outside. Cyborg projects multiple holograms of Darkseid, standing around the panicked crowd. They pause and bow after the towering alien commands them to kneel. An old man decides not to get on his knees. Cyborg raises his canon to blast the man, when suddenly Superman swoops in, blocking the blast. The crowd runs away as a small jet descends, piloted by Hal Jordan. He speaks over the intercom, threatening Cyborg. As Superman fights Victor, the holograms of Darkseid flicker and vanish. Cyborg uses maximum power and gets the upper hand. All of a sudden, Batman jumps into the scene, tossing batarangs onto Cyborg and causing him to glitch.
Cyborg, handcuffed in restraints, is captured aboard the jet, still under Darkseid's control. Batman and Superman stand with Diana and Arthur. As they fly, Superman hears something, a frequency no one else can detect. The jet starts to experience turbulence but Hal isn’t sure why. Suddenly, Cyborg is gone. The Leaguers are taken by surprise, not sure what has happened.
Cyborg is thrown to the ground in a forest. A figure that is blurred by streaks of lightning circles around him. Cyborg can see the figure through his cybernetic eye, getting an ID on the man. “Barry Allen… The Flash.” Flash stops. He questions Cyborg, who had kidnapped several scientists from a third STAR Labs in Central City. Out of nowhere, Superman flies into Flash, taking him by surprise and throwing him into the dirt. They both stand in the forest. Flash is aggressive, beating up on Superman, who doesn’t want to fight. Wonder Woman swoops down and shields Superman from a bolt of electricity Flash is about to throw his way. The shield deflects the blast and causes them all to be ejected backwards.
On the gigantic ship flying above the clouds, Waller interrogates Cyborg, his arms in restraints. He is still under Darkseid's control. "Whoever you are, you have made me very desperate. And you will not be glad that you did," says Waller. After not getting any words out of Cyborg, he finally speaks, but it is Darkseid's voice. "Apokolips will take this planet as its own. Fear me... for I am Darkseid."
The members, no longer wearing their costumes, surround a table on the ship. Barry, Bruce, Arthur, Hal, and Diana stand around while Clark sits back in a chair. They observe Cyborg in the surveillance feed. Superman is familiar with the name "Darkseid" from Kryptonian catalogues kept by his father in the Fortress of Solitude. They assume the projections of the alien being from earlier is Darkseid. The team realizes that their best bet for figuring out more about the threat is Cyborg, whose system must have information about Apokolips.
Bruce works in a lab created specifically for him and his skill set. Barry mentions that he works as a CSI and has partnered with STAR Labs before, so he might be able to help. Bruce and Barry get to know each other and there's some friendly banter. Barry tells Bruce he related to him growing up, since his mom was killed as a kid, and he had both parents taken away as a result. He compares it to Bruce's childhood tragedy.
Meanwhile, Arthur speaks with Hal, telling him how new all of this is to him. He tells Hal about Atlantis and how this threat called Darkseid reminds him of an old legend he heard as a kid.
Diana confronts Cyborg, restrained in a room made of reinforced steel. She provokes him, saying how she's fought beasts and her people the Amazons have always won. Darkseid speaks through Cyborg, revealing his intentions. She gets more out of the alien tyrant so they can get an idea what they're up against.
Waller interrupts Barry and Bruce in the lab. Clark and the rest of the team enter the room. They all have different ideas how to deal with Cyborg and Darkseid. As they discuss their strategy, Cyborg meditates in his cell. He is connecting with the ship's system. All of a sudden, a part of the ship explodes. An attack is underway. Special agents controlled by Darkseid invade the ship. Amanda Waller and other agents, including Hal Jordan, shoot at the mind controlled agents. As the ship is blown apart by the explosions, Superman flies outside to patch things up using his laser vision. As the engines fail from Cyborg's meddling with the computers, Superman has to lift the huge craft and fly it himself. Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman take on the mind controlled agents.
Mid-fight, Batman realizes all of this must be a distraction. He discovers that Cyborg is escaping his cell. He charges toward him, but he runs straight through Victor. It's a hologram, projected by a small device that Cyborg left behind. Batman is trapped inside the cell as the door shuts behind him. Flash hurries in, and vibrates through the cell fast enough to phase Batman outside the room. Batman is exhausted and collapses on his knees from phasing through the wall. Wonder Woman stands behind Cyborg and slices through his back with a sword. Sparks fly from his chest. Batman tosses a small batarang at Cyborg that attaches to his head and causes him to shut off and faint.
In a separate room aboard the ship, Cyborg, lays on a bed with restraints on his arms. He wakes up as his normal self. The tears in his armor are in the process of being self-repaired. Wonder Woman stands over him. She tells Cyborg that they weren't sure he would be back to normal or not. He is humanized in this scene. Diana has sympathy for him. What he did was not his fault, but he blames himself. She asks if he still has any information about Darkseid in his system. Cyborg thinks he might be able to access it. He remembers a location: Metropolis. That's the first city where Darkseid plans to attack. Elsewhere on the ship, Batman and Superman stand with Waller. The team gets ready.
In a lab, the dozen scientists and Dr. Stone work together to activate the Motherbox. They cause a boom tube to open over Metropolis in the sky. Darkseid and his parademons fly out, invading the city. Superman flies to the city, saving innocent people on the ground along with the help of Flash.
Cyborg flies a small jet with Wonder Woman. "They'll notice us." "Wait till you see what this tech can do." Cyborg's arm extends cords that connect with the jet's controls. "This'll give us an advantage!" The outside of the jet becomes invisible, an homage to Wonder Woman's classic invisible jet. They shoot at the army of flying beasts. The jet's cockpit opens, and Wonder Woman leaps out with her sword, cutting into parademons on her way down. Batman fights by her side on the ground.
Cyborg puts the jet on autopilot, shooting down parademons on its own. Cyborg leaps out from the jet onto the ground, joining Aquaman in battle. The League fights side by side.
Hal, disheveled, runs to them. The team looks at him, confused. "Get to safety, Hal," shouts Diana. He takes a ring from his pocket and puts it on his finger. His suit is formed, revealing that he is the Green Lantern. He creates a huge green fist to show what he's capable of. The League looks at him, accepting his help.
Superman tells the League to save as many civilians as he can. Cyborg goes to find his dad, realizing where he is.
After Superman and Wonder Woman tear through pacts of parademons, they spot Darkseid walking toward them in the distance on the street. They look at each other and then back at him. Together, they charge toward Darkseid and give him everything they have. Green Lantern spots the two heroes from the sky and notices they're in need of a hand. He flies down toward Darkseid but is blasted by laser beams from the foe's eyes.
Elsewhere at the Metropolis STAR Labs, Cyborg finds his dad and the other scientists. He is able to cure them of their psychosis and bring them back to reality. He tells them they need to find a way to reverse what they did and switch off the boom tube before Metropolis is destroyed along with the rest of the world.
Batman and Flash fight parademons in the streets of Metropolis. Batman asks Flash if the streets are empty. "They're clear." Batman speaks into his mask's radio. "Go." Aquaman causes a tidal wave from the bay to sweep the parademons away. Flash carries Batman away from the flood. Aquaman rides the wave toward Darkseid, using his trident to strike him. Flash and Batman stand on top of a building. They see Darkseid fighting Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. "They need our help."
Cyborg aids the scientists as they find a way to close the portal allowing the parademons to invade. They figure out how to close it, but Cyborg will have to deliver a nuclear device onto the other side that will jam the frequency and deactivate the boom tube.
Meanwhile, the League excluding Cyborg take on Darkseid. Wonder Woman ties him up with the lasso. Batman throws small explosives onto the beast. Flash runs around the city to create a bolt of lightning and electrocute Darkseid, standing in the water. Superman punches the foe. Green Lantern attempts to restrain his arms with two huge fists he projects from his ring. Flash throws electricity at Darkseid, stunning him. The towering monster shoots beams from his eyes that chase Flash as he runs around the city. Wonder Woman gets the idea they need to blind Darkseid, which they do with the help of Superman. Cyborg comes in over Batman's radio, telling him the plan to close the boom tube. Batman instructs the League they need to get Darkseid, blinded, through the portal in the sky before it closes. Superman flies him into the portal. The villain is finally defenseless.
Superman lets go of Darkseid and flies back to the ground, passing by Cyborg on his way back up there. Superman glances over, not understanding what's going on. As Cyborg gets to the other side, he releases the nuclear bomb. His armor starts to freeze in deep space. His thrusters give out and he starts to fall, back toward the closing portal behind him. He lands on the street, unconscious. After a moment, he opens his eyes to see the League standing over him. Superman offers him a hand, helping him up. The city is safe. The Justice League has defeated Darkseid.
The world is in awe of their new heroes. Cyborg and his dad carry a container with the Motherbox locked inside. At the Checkmate base, they deliver the box. Amanda Waller speaks with the government officials she had been speaking with earlier in the film. They are grateful for the Justice League's help but are skeptical of how they can be sure they won't cause more harm than good. The League is a promise that this planet is defended. There isn't just one Superman anymore, there's seven of them.
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2017.05.22 19:11 badpauly 5-22: Last Week Notable Insider Buys

These are insider buys of $10K or more reported to the SEC in the last 7 days. The SEC defines an insider as any officer, director or 10% shareholder. It is not illegal for these people to buy or sell their own shares. In fact, since most of them get paid in stock options, it is expected. However, it is illegal for them to trade on inside information that has not been made public. So for example if there are drug trial results that are bad and not public, insiders cannot dump shares. That said, many people have observed that insiders - in general - seem to have a good track record at timing their purchases.
Date Symbol Company Insider Shares Value
05‑19 LTS Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services, Inc. Malamed Adam Scott 5,000 10,750
05‑19 CCBG Capital City Bank Group, Inc. BENSE ALLAN G 3,571 64,992
05‑19 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 3,075 20,280
05‑19 MNI McClatchy Co. (THE) Forman Craig I 3,000 24,660
05‑19 BRKR Bruker Corp. LAUKIEN FRANK H 3,200 83,631
05‑19 UMBF UMB Financial Corp. Murphy Timothy R. 2,000 141,060
05‑19 NVLS Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. BVF PARTNERS L P/IL 6,253 14,382
05‑19 FH FORM Holdings Corp. Abbe Richard 33,000 50,860
05‑19 CRD.A Crawford & Co. Sturisky Hilton 2,497 18,328
05‑19 SPKE Spark Energy, Inc. Maxwell W Keith III 7,195 274,849
05‑19 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company SCHOEN JEFFREY S 5,000 66,000
05‑19 EFOI Energy Focus, Inc. Tewksbury Ted L III 3,333 10,445
05‑19 EGRX Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pernock David 255 20,321
05‑19 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company GLOSS RODNEY D 2,100 27,279
05‑19 CNBKA Century Bancorp, Inc. Filler James J 200 11,840
05‑19 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 4,125 27,225
05‑19 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Seth 101,376 630,123
05‑19 FH FORM Holdings Corp. Abbe Richard 6,670 10,280
05‑19 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Brook 101,376 630,123
05‑19 IKNX Ikonics Corp. NERGES JOSEPH R 2,000 16,702
05‑19 IKNX Ikonics Corp. NERGES JOSEPH R 1,500 12,699
05‑19 LNT Alliant Energy Corp. Dunie Deborah B. 3,700 146,566
05‑19 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 2,000 13,180
05‑19 OSBC Old Second Bancorp, Inc. BONIFAS EDWARD 2,500 28,750
05‑19 CRD.A Crawford & Co. Sturisky Hilton 2,500 18,500
05‑19 INFU InfuSystems Holdings, Inc. Morris Ryan J. 15,000 19,250
05‑19 AAT American Assets Trust Inc RADY ERNEST S 26,041 1,025,234
05‑19 ICBK County Bancorp, Inc. ZIEGELBAUER GARY J. 1,000 23,489
05‑19 MNI McClatchy Co. (THE) Forman Craig I 2,200 18,150
05‑18 KNDI Kandi Technolgies Group, Inc. Yu Henry 5,000 19,660
05‑18 PATK Patrick Industries, Inc. WELCH M SCOTT 5,000 332,500
05‑18 AIG American International Group, Inc. DUPERREAULT BRIAN 80,000 4,918,248
05‑18 EDGW Edgewater Technology, Inc. DiSanto Frederick D. 1,702 12,203
05‑18 FRPT Freshpet, Inc. Cyr William B. 7,300 100,349
05‑18 ANCX Access National Corp. Moore Mark D. 1,500 42,075
05‑18 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Holdings LLC 115,889 2,039,426
05‑18 HBAN Huntington Bancshares, Inc. STEINOUR STEPHEN D 17,565 217,630
05‑18 BXS BancorpSouth, Inc. Campbell James Elbert III 7,000 202,510
05‑18 RTTR Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. FOEHR MATTHEW W 18,000 11,155
05‑18 ETM Entercom Communications Corp. FIELD JOSEPH M 67,916 658,792
05‑18 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 5,400 35,532
05‑18 BEBE bebe stores, inc. MILLER LLOYD I III 26,675 98,783
05‑18 SUNW Sunworks, Inc. McDonnel Paul Clayton 15,525 22,545
05‑18 SELB Selecta Biosciences, Inc. SPRINGER TIMOTHY A 4,860 68,040
05‑18 CNBKA Century Bancorp, Inc. Filler James J 900 53,586
05‑18 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 3,900 25,701
05‑18 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 6,500 42,900
05‑18 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Seth 101,376 632,069
05‑18 DKL Delek Logistics Partners LP Delek US Holdings, Inc. 1,100 33,690
05‑18 INSY Insys Therapeutics Inc. MEYER STEVEN J 8,000 97,680
05‑18 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Brook 101,376 632,069
05‑18 HBAN Huntington Bancshares, Inc. STEINOUR STEPHEN D 28,835 357,554
05‑18 WHLR Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. Kelly David 1,435 14,379
05‑18 STRS Stratus Properties, Inc. Oasis Management Co Ltd. 2,846 78,180
05‑18 CIVB Civista Bancshares, Inc. WURM GERALD B 1,500 30,975
05‑18 CIVB Civista Bancshares, Inc. STEINEMANN GEORGE E 1,150 23,805
05‑18 CIVB Civista Bancshares, Inc. Parcher Charles A. 650 13,228
05‑18 AAT American Assets Trust Inc RADY ERNEST S 20,099 783,861
05‑18 BRKR Bruker Corp. LAUKIEN FRANK H 35,000 921,375
05‑18 LBY Libbey, Inc. FOLEY WILLIAM A 5,000 40,650
05‑18 CVO Cenveo, Inc. PURI NATHU R 4,626 23,884
05‑18 NVLS Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. BVF PARTNERS L P/IL 16,436 37,800
05‑18 BBW Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. Point72 Asset Management, L.P. 22,317 234,297
05‑18 REV Revlon, Inc. PERELMAN RONALD O 100,000 1,948,450
05‑18 REV Revlon, Inc. PERELMAN RONALD O 125,000 2,413,125
05‑18 VNOM Viper Energy Partners LP Hollis Michael L. 1,328 23,518
05‑18 PHF Pacholder High Yield Fund, Inc. Bulldog Investors, LLC 15,661 124,505
05‑18 DWSN Dawson Geophysical Company New BARRETT WILLIAM J 5,000 20,250
05‑18 NVLS Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. BVF PARTNERS L P/IL 10,541 24,242
05‑18 PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc. JOYCE GEORGE P 1,700 25,839
05‑18 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Capital Partners LP 9,111 160,336
05‑18 QHC Quorum Health Corporation Miller Thomas Daniel 185,000 527,250
05‑18 KS KapStone Paper & Packaging Corp. STORCH DAVID P 5,000 99,982
05‑18 HBAN Huntington Bancshares, Inc. STEINOUR STEPHEN D 1,400 17,354
05‑18 RTIX RTI Surgical, Inc. Farhat Camille 61,693 286,872
05‑18 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Capital Partners LP 115,889 2,039,426
05‑18 FH FORM Holdings Corp. Bernstein Bruce 20,000 32,700
05‑18 SPKE Spark Energy, Inc. Maxwell W Keith III 5,615 211,629
05‑18 OLBK Old Line Bancshares, Inc. GRAHAM THOMAS H 500 13,546
05‑18 SXCP SunCoke Energy Partners LP Sun Coal & Coke LLC 39,400 619,502
05‑18 EDGW Edgewater Technology, Inc. Wolf Kurt James 20,000 144,390
05‑18 RLH Red Lion Hotels Corp. WOLFE ROBERT G 2,500 16,000
05‑18 BEBE bebe stores, inc. MILLER LLOYD I III 72,300 268,002
05‑18 IVTY Invuity, Inc. Roberts Eric W 2,000 14,250
05‑18 WHLR Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. Zwerdling Jeffrey M. 4,000 39,840
05‑18 CCUR Concurrent Computer Corp. SINGER JULIAN D. 190,000 1,168,500
05‑18 NJMC New Jersey Mining Company Swallow John 100,000 11,500
05‑18 IMCI Infinite Group, Inc. VILLA JAMES 600,000 18,000
05‑18 AVT Avnet, Inc. Moriarty Kevin M 6,933 250,143
05‑18 APC Anadarko Petroleum Corp. CHASE ANTHONY R 1,905 99,967
05‑18 APO Apollo Global Management LLC TIGER GLOBAL MANAGEMENT LLC 116,600 3,065,531
05‑18 HBAN Huntington Bancshares, Inc. STEINOUR STEPHEN D 2,200 27,269
05‑18 FSP Franklin Street Properties Corp. Murray Georgia 5,000 55,988
05‑18 CCBG Capital City Bank Group, Inc. BENSE ALLAN G 1,429 26,004
05‑18 QHC Quorum Health Corporation Koury Shaheed 10,000 27,200
05‑18 QHC Quorum Health Corporation MCCARD RAY HAROLD JR 4,000 10,680
05‑18 X United States Steel Corp. MASCARENAS PAUL ANTHONY 1,500 28,962
05‑18 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Holdings LLC 9,111 160,336
05‑17 ESXB Community Bankers Trust Corp. Barber Gerald F. 1,260 10,017
05‑17 PE Parsley Energy, Inc. ALAMEDDINE A R 1,900 60,128
05‑17 PE Parsley Energy, Inc. ALAMEDDINE A R 1,600 50,632
05‑17 ESDI Eastside Distilling, Inc. GLENBROOK CAPITAL LP 153,846 200,000
05‑17 HD Home Depot, Inc. (The) Hewett Wayne M. 350 54,988
05‑17 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Seth 101,376 623,645
05‑17 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Brook 101,376 623,645
05‑17 STRS Stratus Properties, Inc. Oasis Management Co Ltd. 5,256 144,540
05‑17 CVO Cenveo, Inc. PURI NATHU R 2,294 11,729
05‑17 BBW Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. Point72 Asset Management, L.P. 11,286 119,621
05‑17 PHF Pacholder High Yield Fund, Inc. Bulldog Investors, LLC 12,248 97,493
05‑17 HVBC HV Bancorp, Inc. Froggatt Scott W 900 12,897
05‑17 HVBC HV Bancorp, Inc. Froggatt Scott W 700 10,045
05‑17 IVTY Invuity, Inc. Roberts Eric W 4,500 31,725
05‑17 APO Apollo Global Management LLC TIGER GLOBAL MANAGEMENT LLC 565,072 14,943,329
05‑17 GARS Garrison Capital Inc. Tansey Joseph Bertrand 9,000 78,300
05‑17 EDGW Edgewater Technology, Inc. DiSanto Frederick D. 2,841 20,394
05‑17 FH FORM Holdings Corp. Perlman Andrew D 25,000 39,275
05‑17 FRGI Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. FRIEDMAN BRIAN P 28,093 608,197
05‑17 ETP Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. Grimm Michael K 3,000 69,565
05‑17 SRG Seritage Growth Properties BERKOWITZ BRUCE R 4,200 162,750
05‑17 PNR Pentair plc. GARDEN EDWARD P 64,100 4,173,468
05‑17 BRKR Bruker Corp. LAUKIEN FRANK H 38,000 992,336
05‑17 NVLS Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. BVF PARTNERS L P/IL 6,897 15,854
05‑17 VNOM Viper Energy Partners LP WEST STEVEN E 14,000 249,628
05‑17 NVLS Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. BVF PARTNERS L P/IL 24,965 57,387
05‑17 NVLS Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. BVF PARTNERS L P/IL 5,510 12,666
05‑17 PNNT PennantPark Investment Corp. PENN ARTHUR H 15,000 115,044
05‑17 RDUS Radius Health, Inc. BIOTECH GROWTH N V 18,000 593,662
05‑17 VLRX Valeritas, Inc. Timberlake John Edward 2,000 10,460
05‑17 CBL CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. Reinsmidt Kathryn A. 2,688 19,716
05‑17 III Information Services Group, Inc. CONNORS MICHAEL P 5,335 19,846
05‑17 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Holdings LLC 127,014 2,271,849
05‑17 PRGX PRGX Global, Inc. Drapkin Matthew A 17,329 105,350
05‑17 REXX Rex Energy Corp. Rajan Thomas 3,100 12,400
05‑17 SPKE Spark Energy, Inc. Maxwell W Keith III 12,638 462,804
05‑17 LBY Libbey, Inc. Burmeister James Charles 1,301 10,681
05‑17 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Holdings LLC 9,986 178,616
05‑17 LBY Libbey, Inc. Burmeister James Charles 1,400 11,480
05‑17 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Capital Partners LP 9,986 178,616
05‑17 SXCP SunCoke Energy Partners LP Sun Coal & Coke LLC 67,300 1,031,117
05‑17 SWM Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc. Keenan Jeffrey 1,000 37,800
05‑17 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Capital Partners LP 127,014 2,271,849
05‑17 CBL CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. Curry Jeffery V. 2,300 16,951
05‑17 GE General Electric Co. Beattie William G 4,000 110,800
05‑17 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company GLOSS RODNEY D 4,300 58,050
05‑17 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company GLOSS RODNEY D 1,600 21,200
05‑17 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company GLOSS RODNEY D 1,600 20,800
05‑17 SWM Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc. Keenan Jeffrey 1,000 37,900
05‑17 HGV Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. Wang Mark D 3,000 107,320
05‑17 LSXMA Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series A BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC 100,071 3,647,318
05‑17 LSXMK Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series C BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC 580,907 21,075,829
05‑17 MFIN Medallion Financial Corp. RUDNICK DAVID L 61,800 134,724
05‑17 BEBE bebe stores, inc. MILLER LLOYD I III 8,000 30,000
05‑17 BEBE bebe stores, inc. MILLER LLOYD I III 16,325 62,952
05‑17 BEBE bebe stores, inc. MILLER LLOYD I III 58,700 224,422
05‑17 ETM Entercom Communications Corp. FIELD JOSEPH M 67,916 663,159
05‑17 MPX Marine Products Corp. Rollins Timothy Curtis 2,909 36,865
05‑17 UIHC United Insurance Holdings Corp. POITEVINT ALEC II 3,519 52,897
05‑17 AAT American Assets Trust Inc RADY ERNEST S 34,300 1,322,608
05‑17 AR Antero Resources Corporation RADY PAUL M 500,000 10,555,850
05‑17 INFU InfuSystems Holdings, Inc. Morris Ryan J. 9,614 12,979
05‑17 PBI Pitney Bowes, Inc. SANFORD LINDA S 5,000 75,444
05‑17 CLNE Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Scully Stephen 20,000 49,800
05‑17 FMAO Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Inc. Stamm K. Brad 500 30,000
05‑17 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company SCHOEN JEFFREY S 5,000 67,500
05‑17 NJMC New Jersey Mining Company Swallow John 300,000 34,500
05‑17 AR Antero Resources Corporation Warren Glen C Jr 250,000 5,247,500
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 4,000 26,640
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 4,000 26,620
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 10,500 69,825
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 2,861 19,011
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 2,500 16,325
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 3,000 19,560
05‑17 CNBKA Century Bancorp, Inc. Filler James J 460 28,469
05‑17 CNBKA Century Bancorp, Inc. Filler James J 724 42,962
05‑17 APC Anadarko Petroleum Corp. FLUOR PETER J 20,000 1,036,556
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 2,800 18,228
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 16,800 109,200
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 11,898 77,218
05‑17 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company HAILEY DOUGLAS 10,000 133,750
05‑17 MFON Mobivity Holdings Corp. AKIN THOMAS B 85,000 59,330
05‑17 AEL American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. Matula Alan David 6,270 150,249
05‑17 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 8,039 52,093
05‑17 MATX Matson, Inc. KURIYAMA STANLEY M 3,300 98,175
05‑17 NVR NVR, Inc. Ross Susan Williamson 30 67,603
05‑17 NMFC New Mountain Finance Corporation Ogens David 3,600 51,732
05‑17 YUMC Yum China Holdings, Inc. Ng Shella 4,420 153,574
05‑17 OVLY Oak Valley Bancorp HOLDER H RANDOLPH JR 2,790 39,702
05‑17 CUR Neuralstem, Inc. Daly Richard J 7,500 30,000
05‑17 CNNB Cincinnati Bancorp Bedinghaus Robert A. 1,000 10,000
05‑17 OSBC Old Second Bancorp, Inc. BONIFAS EDWARD 2,500 29,000
05‑17 TIS Orchids Paper Products Company BERLIN STEVEN R 1,000 13,373
05‑17 IFF International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc Winder Investment Pte Ltd 5,300 705,012
05‑17 SELB Selecta Biosciences, Inc. SPRINGER TIMOTHY A 11,244 157,483
05‑17 APC Anadarko Petroleum Corp. WALKER R A 19,300 1,000,213
05‑17 LSXMA Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series A WESCHLER, R. TED 100,071 3,647,318
05‑17 CUBA Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund HERZFELD THOMAS J 1,670 11,857
05‑17 LSXMK Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series C WESCHLER, R. TED 580,907 21,075,829
05‑17 CHDN Churchill Downs Inc. Rankin R Alex 1,000 164,172
05‑17 ED Consolidated Edison, Inc. SANFORD LINDA S 900 71,766
05‑17 EDR Education Realty Trust, Inc. Schaefer Kimberly 1,000 37,630
05‑17 PNR Pentair plc. GARDEN EDWARD P 231,864 15,143,038
05‑17 DAR Darling Ingredients Inc. LYNCH PATRICK C 19,710 299,592
05‑17 CODI Compass Diversified Holdings BOTTIGLIERI JAMES 3,000 48,728
05‑17 PNR Pentair plc. GARDEN EDWARD P 102,036 6,603,770
05‑17 KODK Eastman Kodak Co. CLARKE JEFF 3,000 28,140
05‑17 DWSN Dawson Geophysical Company New BARRETT WILLIAM J 5,000 21,000
05‑17 VER VEREIT, Inc. MCDOWELL PAUL H 7,000 52,542
05‑17 DKL Delek Logistics Partners LP Delek US Holdings, Inc. 3,000 92,998
05‑17 IMMR Immersion Corporation SALTICH JACK L 5,000 41,282
05‑17 YUMC Yum China Holdings, Inc. Hsieh Louis 30,000 1,045,440
05‑17 FH FORM Holdings Corp. Abbe Richard 15,500 23,824
05‑17 EDGW Edgewater Technology, Inc. Wolf Kurt James 10,000 71,535
05‑17 IKNX Ikonics Corp. Lee Darrell B 1,680 15,120
05‑17 FANG Diamondback Energy, Inc. WEST STEVEN E 2,400 248,270
05‑17 JFC JPMorgan China Region Fund, Inc. Bulldog Investors, LLC 2,100 41,286
05‑17 PFGC Performance Food Group Company Hope James D 1,000 27,600
05‑17 IMN Imation Corp. Searing Robert 2,543 10,757
05‑17 CRMD CorMedix Inc. Baluch Khoso 75,000 35,625
05‑17 RYI Ryerson Holdings Corp Burbach Michael 2,200 19,910
05‑17 IKNX Ikonics Corp. NERGES JOSEPH R 1,695 15,329
05‑17 MATR Mattersight Corp. MULLEN DAVID B 20,000 51,598
05‑16 EDGW Edgewater Technology, Inc. DiSanto Frederick D. 8,003 57,363
05‑16 PLX Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. Manor Moshe 50,000 40,500
05‑16 STKL SunOpta Inc. Gough Jeffrey 5,000 44,000
05‑16 HLND Highlands Bankshares, Inc. (VA) Lowery Brian 6,000 41,700
05‑16 EGRX Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pernock David 200 16,448
05‑16 ADC Agree Realty Corp. Rubenfaer William S. 2,500 112,300
05‑16 INSY Insys Therapeutics Inc. Motahari Saeed 4,500 53,932
05‑16 TRXC TransEnterix, Inc. PFENNIGER RICHARD C JR 100,000 53,950
05‑16 IBM International Business Machines Corp. OWENS JAMES W 1,718 263,180
05‑16 EVBN Evans Bancorp, Inc. Lomeo Jody L 500 19,750
05‑16 CRMD CorMedix Inc. TELLEZ CORA M 50,000 24,000
05‑16 CGIX Cancer Genetics, Inc. PAPPAJOHN JOHN 19,310 73,318
05‑16 COMM CommScope Holding Company, Inc. Watts Claudius E. IV 15,000 551,258
05‑16 EVRI Everi Holdings Inc. Raney Eileen F 14,000 94,220
05‑16 IFF International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc Winder Investment Pte Ltd 21,700 2,887,326
05‑16 AREX Approach Resources, Inc. Wilks Brothers, LLC 150,000 454,890
05‑16 PODD Insulet Corp. Spears Michael P 2,500 101,470
05‑16 TPB Turning Point Brands, Inc. HEBARD GEORGE 3,000 46,770
05‑16 CTHR Charles & Colvard, Ltd. Miglucci Suzanne 20,000 19,000
05‑16 STVI Snap Interactive, Inc. Vakil Arash 10,000 30,000
05‑16 X United States Steel Corp. Girsky Stephen J 2,500 49,862
05‑16 NXEO Nexeo Solutions, Inc. Astor William Waldorf III 10,850 98,171
05‑16 CUBA Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund HERZFELD THOMAS J 2,000 14,269
05‑16 SC Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. DAWOOD ISMAIL 5,000 61,450
05‑16 FTR Frontier Communications Corp. Weslock Kathleen 50,000 65,750
05‑16 GNC GNC Holdings, Inc. FELDMAN ALAN D 36,400 249,970
05‑16 DKL Delek Logistics Partners LP Delek US Holdings, Inc. 919 28,863
05‑16 PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc. JOYCE GEORGE P 2,500 37,958
05‑16 RDUS Radius Health, Inc. BIOTECH GROWTH N V 17,000 576,725
05‑16 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Holdings LLC 92,734 1,668,683
05‑16 OTIV On Track Innovations Ltd. Cohen Shlomi 9,745 13,740
05‑16 ABCB Ameris Bancorp Bowen William I. Jr. 300 13,220
05‑16 BRX Brixmor Property Group Inc. Singh Carolyn Carter 1,000 17,850
05‑16 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Holdings LLC 7,291 131,196
05‑16 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Capital Partners LP 7,291 131,196
05‑16 SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Hill Path Capital Partners LP 92,734 1,668,683
05‑16 INFU InfuSystems Holdings, Inc. Morris Ryan J. 20,000 29,828
05‑16 GAM General American Investors Co., Inc. Priest Jeffrey W 1,500 51,274
05‑16 AAT American Assets Trust Inc RADY ERNEST S 13,676 526,800
05‑16 MPX Marine Products Corp. Rollins Timothy Curtis 2,091 26,509
05‑16 OMED OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. LASERSOHN JACK W 23,507 82,061
05‑16 CVO Cenveo, Inc. PURI NATHU R 27,656 141,391
05‑16 PHF Pacholder High Yield Fund, Inc. Bulldog Investors, LLC 7,700 60,886
05‑16 CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. WESTON GRAHAM M 6,500 588,965
05‑16 CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. WESTON GRAHAM M 4,485 411,095
05‑16 LSXMK Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series C BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC 315,000 11,530,071
05‑16 LSXMA Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series A BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC 142,065 5,227,552
05‑16 HGV Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. Wang Mark D 25,000 902,950
05‑16 FTR Frontier Communications Corp. Lass John 8,000 10,760
05‑16 SPKE Spark Energy, Inc. Maxwell W Keith III 10,100 365,923
05‑16 SN Sanchez Energy Corporation Colvin Greg 5,000 33,745
05‑16 SN Sanchez Energy Corporation Colvin Greg 5,000 33,750
05‑16 SN Sanchez Energy Corporation Colvin Greg 5,082 33,795
05‑16 SN Sanchez Energy Corporation Colvin Greg 1,852 12,388
05‑16 SN Sanchez Energy Corporation Colvin Greg 1,770 11,857
05‑16 EDGW Edgewater Technology, Inc. DiSanto Frederick D. 10,932 78,342
05‑16 VER VEREIT, Inc. Richardson Julie 15,000 111,900
05‑16 PRGX PRGX Global, Inc. Drapkin Matthew A 13,457 81,954
05‑16 GWRS Global Water Resources, Inc. LEVINE WILLIAM S 10,000 85,400
05‑16 FPI Farmland Partners Inc. Pittman Paul A 2,500 25,000
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 3,500 22,960
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 2,900 19,053
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 2,700 17,793
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 4,200 27,762
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 4,700 31,114
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 2,200 14,586
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 1,600 10,624
05‑16 OPK Opko Health, Inc. FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL 1,800 11,970
05‑16 III Information Services Group, Inc. CONNORS MICHAEL P 5,142 19,951
05‑16 RPAI Retail Properties of America, Inc. Imperiale Richard P 1,000 12,500
05‑16 RPAI Retail Properties of America, Inc. Imperiale Richard P 1,500 18,690
05‑16 HIL Hill International, Inc. Sgro David 15,100 68,403
05‑16 PNNT PennantPark Investment Corp. PENN ARTHUR H 17,000 132,073
05‑16 PNR Pentair plc. GARDEN EDWARD P 175,000 11,446,838
05‑16 HIVE Aerohive Networks, Inc. FLYNN DAVID K. 40,000 171,880
05‑16 MBTF MBT Financial Corp. DALY JOSEPH S 4,900 52,920
05‑16 MBTF MBT Financial Corp. DALY JOSEPH S 4,200 45,570
05‑16 RLH Red Lion Hotels Corp. WOLFE ROBERT G 6,243 42,140
05‑16 UIHC United Insurance Holdings Corp. POITEVINT ALEC II 4,205 63,075
05‑16 LSXMK Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series C WESCHLER, R. TED 315,000 11,530,071
05‑16 LSXMA Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series A WESCHLER, R. TED 142,065 5,227,552
05‑16 BRKR Bruker Corp. LAUKIEN FRANK H 1,920 49,687
05‑16 FBMS First Bancshares, Inc. (The) GIBSON E RICKY 1,000 28,400
05‑16 WCN Waste Connections, Inc. Lee Susan 600 55,092
05‑16 SXCP SunCoke Energy Partners LP Sun Coal & Coke LLC 67,300 1,063,273
05‑16 GARS Garrison Capital Inc. Tansey Joseph Bertrand 7,000 61,993
05‑16 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. Nabi Usman 250,000 11,744,625
05‑16 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Seth 94,986 585,351
05‑16 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Brook 94,986 585,351
05‑16 WAIR Wesco Aircraft Holdings Inc. Bancroft Thomas 500,000 4,426,200
05‑16 HIVE Aerohive Networks, Inc. Ritchie John 10,000 43,160
05‑16 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. JAFFER REHAN 95,000 4,462,958
05‑16 GARS Garrison Capital Inc. Chase Brian S 2,000 17,500
05‑16 SONA Southern National Bancorp of Virginia, Inc. FORCH JOHN J 2,000 12,480
05‑16 SONA Southern National Bancorp of Virginia, Inc. FORCH JOHN J 2,800 26,096
05‑16 FSP Franklin Street Properties Corp. Burke John N 1,240 13,479
05‑16 FBMS First Bancshares, Inc. (The) GIBSON E RICKY 1,000 28,400
05‑16 SRG Seritage Growth Properties BERKOWITZ BRUCE R 46,600 1,805,750
05‑16 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. Nabi Usman 95,000 4,462,958
05‑16 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. JAFFER REHAN 250,000 11,744,625
05‑16 ETM Entercom Communications Corp. FIELD JOSEPH M 67,916 670,046
05‑16 SEE Sealed Air Corp. Chammas Emile Z. 3,000 129,270
05‑15 SWKH SWK Holdings Corp CARLSON CAPITAL L P 10,000 111,050
05‑15 CASH Meta Financial Group, Inc. Hoople Elizabeth G. 1,000 83,630
05‑15 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. Nabi Usman 125,000 6,053,038
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. Nelson Bradford C 9,547 17,089
05‑15 GE General Electric Co. IMMELT JEFFREY R 12,000 336,360
05‑15 PRGX PRGX Global, Inc. Drapkin Matthew A 48,820 299,618
05‑15 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Seth 55,151 338,853
05‑15 AUXO AUXILIO, Inc. Abouchar John D 5,000 24,900
05‑15 GWRS Global Water Resources, Inc. LEVINE WILLIAM S 10,000 85,500
05‑15 PFBX Peoples Financial Corp. SWETMAN CHEVIS 1,000 13,450
05‑15 MCC Medley Capital Corp. Taube Brook 55,151 338,853
05‑15 NWFL Norwood Financial Corp. ADAMS JOSEPH W 700 27,146
05‑15 GE General Electric Co. Beattie William G 16,000 448,800
05‑15 FPI Farmland Partners Inc. Pittman Paul A 2,000 20,500
05‑15 WAIR Wesco Aircraft Holdings Inc. Bancroft Thomas 275,000 2,463,918
05‑15 NEWT Newtek Business Services Corp. SALUTE RICHARD J 800 13,940
05‑15 HIVE Aerohive Networks, Inc. Ritchie John 10,000 43,060
05‑15 BTU Peabody Energy Corporation ELLIOTT INTERNATIONAL, L.P. 136,000 3,401,210
05‑15 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. JAFFER REHAN 45,000 2,179,094
05‑15 III Information Services Group, Inc. CONNORS MICHAEL P 5,250 20,055
05‑15 BTU Peabody Energy Corporation ELLIOTT ASSOCIATES, L.P. 64,000 1,600,570
05‑15 GER Goldman Sachs MLP Energy Renaissance Fund STRANGHOENER LAWRENCE W 4,900 40,124
05‑15 MERC Mercer International, Inc. KELLOGG PETER R 20,000 225,880
05‑15 MERC Mercer International, Inc. KELLOGG PETER R 9,014 101,813
05‑15 RPAI Retail Properties of America, Inc. Imperiale Richard P 2,000 25,560
05‑15 DKL Delek Logistics Partners LP Delek US Holdings, Inc. 2,400 76,175
05‑15 AREX Approach Resources, Inc. Wilks Brothers, LLC 100,000 301,560
05‑15 ISTR Investar Holding Corporation Hufft Christopher L 1,000 22,800
05‑15 CIVB Civista Bancshares, Inc. Murray Dennis E Jr 1,000 21,377
05‑15 APA Apache Corp. JOYCE RENE R 10,000 513,800
05‑15 PNR Pentair plc. GARDEN EDWARD P 290,000 18,941,263
05‑15 CIVB Civista Bancshares, Inc. Murray Dennis E Jr 1,000 21,381
05‑15 BGIO BlackRock 2022 Global Income Opportunity Trust Rieder Richard M 8,693 87,365
05‑15 AMTX Aemetis, Inc. Beebe Lydia I 10,000 12,798
05‑15 AGR Avangrid, Inc. Timm Elizabeth 226 10,018
05‑15 NGVT Ingevity Corporation BLACKWELL JEAN S 1,500 87,570
05‑15 AAT American Assets Trust Inc RADY ERNEST S 15,058 592,683
05‑15 ZYNE Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ANIDO ARMANDO 1,500 29,355
05‑15 RLH Red Lion Hotels Corp. WOLFE ROBERT G 1,592 10,507
05‑15 SRG Seritage Growth Properties BERKOWITZ BRUCE R 46,400 1,842,080
05‑15 SRG Seritage Growth Properties BERKOWITZ BRUCE R 5,100 201,960
05‑15 WAAS AquaVenture Holdings Limited BROWN DOUGLAS R 16,500 275,913
05‑15 LSXMK Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series C WESCHLER, R. TED 971,623 35,448,013
05‑15 SRG Seritage Growth Properties BERKOWITZ BRUCE R 3,100 122,853
05‑15 ORI Old Republic International Corp. Bateman Steven J 5,000 97,800
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. EBRAHIMI FARHAD FRED 6,608,428 11,829,086
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. EBRAHIMI FARHAD FRED 520,492 931,681
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. EBRAHIMI FARHAD FRED 61,292 109,713
05‑15 NGHC National General Holdings Corp MARSHALECK JOHN 5,000 108,850
05‑15 XRM Xerium Technologies, Inc. Staton Mark 10,000 70,300
05‑15 INCY Incyte Corp. BIENAIME JEAN JACQUES 500 57,500
05‑15 DUK Duke Energy Corp. (Holding Co.) CRAVER THEODORE F JR 3,500 293,049
05‑15 TIME Time Inc. Rolfe Ronald S 2,000 25,700
05‑15 CRMD CorMedix Inc. Dillione Janet 21,231 10,085
05‑15 CRMD CorMedix Inc. Cook Robert W. 50,000 24,950
05‑15 IVTY Invuity, Inc. Roberts Eric W 5,000 39,378
05‑15 CRMD CorMedix Inc. Kaplan Myron 30,000 14,820
05‑15 LSXMA Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series A WESCHLER, R. TED 265,606 9,745,589
05‑15 JFC JPMorgan China Region Fund, Inc. Bulldog Investors, LLC 10,000 196,556
05‑15 SRG Seritage Growth Properties BERKOWITZ BRUCE R 1,900 75,316
05‑15 PGUS ProGreen US, Inc. TELANDER JAN 50,000 10,250
05‑15 FHCO Female Health Co. (THE) BETHUNE DAVID R 10,000 10,305
05‑15 MYE Myers Industries, Inc. SCACCETTI JANE 3,000 51,600
05‑15 ERIE Erie Indemnity Co. NECASTRO TIMOTHY G 430 49,983
05‑15 VSTM Verastem, Inc. BARBERICH TIMOTHY J 30,000 73,500
05‑15 CPAH CounterPath Corp. Bruk Steven 44,200 80,886
05‑15 PNNT PennantPark Investment Corp. PENN ARTHUR H 13,000 101,260
05‑15 USAK USA Truck, Inc. Creager Robert E. 6,585 39,932
05‑15 IFF International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc Winder Investment Pte Ltd 40,000 5,297,532
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. EBRAHIMI FARHAD FRED 12,435 22,259
05‑15 HAL Halliburton Co. (Holding Company) Albrecht William E 8,000 370,608
05‑15 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. LUTHER JON L 2,750 133,242
05‑15 VER VEREIT, Inc. Roberts Thomas W 15,000 113,955
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. BLANK BARRY W 148,000 264,920
05‑15 CVO Cenveo, Inc. PURI NATHU R 10,000 51,128
05‑15 HBAN Huntington Bancshares, Inc. Harmening Andrew J 15,490 200,131
05‑15 FHCO Female Health Co. (THE) PARRISH O B 10,000 10,195
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. EBRAHIMI FARHAD FRED 2,208,730 3,953,627
05‑15 NNUTU Royal Hawaiian Orchards, L.P. BLANK BARRY W 720,300 1,289,337
05‑15 CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. WESTON GRAHAM M 11,096 999,639
05‑15 BBW Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. Point72 Asset Management, L.P. 27,858 296,952
05‑15 PRCP Perceptron, Inc. RATIGAN JAMES A 3,410 26,121
05‑15 LSXMK Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series C BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC 971,623 35,448,013
05‑15 DWSN Dawson Geophysical Company New BARRETT WILLIAM J 4,833 21,748
05‑15 AMBC Ambac Financial Group, Inc. LeBlanc Claude 2,500 43,325
05‑15 LSXMA Liberty Media, Sirius XM Group Series A BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC 265,606 9,745,589
05‑15 SFY Swift Energy Company WOOLVERTON SEAN C 400 10,976
05‑15 AMBC Ambac Financial Group, Inc. LeBlanc Claude 2,500 43,275
05‑15 QSEP QS Energy, Inc. Munn Richard William 42,000 10,080
05‑15 FTR Frontier Communications Corp. Gable Steve 10,000 13,000
05‑15 PCTI PC-Tel, Inc. Neumann David A 3,000 19,313
05‑15 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. Nabi Usman 45,000 2,179,094
05‑15 ASIX AdvanSix Inc. Marberry Michael 764 24,968
05‑15 SXCP SunCoke Energy Partners LP Sun Coal & Coke LLC 67,300 1,086,047
05‑15 GE General Electric Co. IMMELT JEFFREY R 88,000 2,471,040
05‑15 GARS Garrison Capital Inc. Tansey Joseph Bertrand 4,700 42,040
05‑15 TPX Tempur Sealy International, Inc. JAFFER REHAN 125,000 6,053,038
05‑15 SWKH SWK Holdings Corp CARLSON CAPITAL L P 19,900 220,890
Source: Fintel.io
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2017.04.29 02:17 portlane Death Notices for Friday, April 28 2017

Clark County (Columbian):
Anderson, Chris D., 53, Camas, died April 25, 2017. Cascadia Cremation & Burial Services, 360-213-2060. Anderson, Everett, 97, Vancouver, died April 23, 2017. Evergreen Staples Funeral Home, 360-693-3649. Garrow, Jill F., 72, Vancouver, died April 24, 2017. Evergreen Memorial Gardens Funeral Chapel, 360-892-6060. Hollingsworth, Linda E., 75, Camas, died April 27, 2017. Cascadia Cremation & Burial Services, 360-213-2060. Keesee, Patrick N., 58, Vancouver, died April 25, 2017. Evergreen Memorial Gardens Funeral Chapel, 360-892-6060. Kidwell, George C., 90, Vancouver, died April 25, 2017. Cascadia Cremation & Burial Services, 360-213-2060. Krout, Kathryn Rae, 65, Vancouver, died April 21, 2017. Evergreen Staples Funeral Home, 360-693-3649. Leeper, Sharon L., 71, Vancouver, died April 25, 2017. Cascadia Cremation & Burial Services, 360-213-2060. Momeny, Lyman H., 72, Vancouver, died April 25, 2017. Cascadia Cremation & Burial Services, 360-213-2060. Spaulding, Donald R., 59, Spanaway, died April 26, 2017. Cascadia Cremation & Burial Services, 360-213-2060. Sullivan, Greyson Lee, Vancouver, stillborn April 8, 2017. Brown’s Funeral Home, 360-834-3692. 
Portland (Oregonian):
Edith Margaret (Herron) Arnold
June 30, 1928 - April 5, 2017
Long-time Portland resident, Edith Margaret Arnold, age 88, died peacefully April 5, 2017 at The Quarry Senior Living in Vancouver, Wash. Edith was born in San Benito, Texas to A.E. and Mabel Herron.
She was raised in Washington and Idaho, graduating from Northwest Nazarene College in 1950, majoring in Home Economics, and minoring in Music. She earned her teaching credential at the University of Idaho in 1951 and that year was initiated into a National Home Economics honorary, Phi Upsilon Omicron.
Edith taught a year of home economics in Dayton, Wash., before moving to Portland where she worked for the Oregon Dairy Council in Public Relations and Nutrition Education and later as their Executive Director. In early 1959 Edith met Edward W. Arnold at a mutual friend's wedding rehearsal dinner, they married Sept. 10, 1960. They were married 51 years until Ed's passing in 2011, and raised two children together.
Edith was an excellent cook and homemaker and took great pride in caring for her husband and children. She created a beautiful home and entertained with grace. Volunteer hours were spent as an Art Museum guide, and various roles at their church. She loved every moment spent with her granddaughters, whom she and Ed saw weekly and attended many of their school recitals.
In 1988, Edith became a Real Estate Agent and worked for Coldwell Banker until her retirement in 2007.
Edith is survived by her children, Deborah Engel (Rick) of Vancouver, and Kenneth Arnold (Mary) of Woodburn; granddaughters, Emily and Sarah Porter; sister, Lois Moland. She was predeceased by her husband, Edward Arnold; her parents; brothers, Hubert and Don Herron; sisters, Marjorie Wordsworth, Ruth Cook and Raebecca Hite. A service will be held at 2 p.m., May 3, 2017 at St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, 11265 S.W. Cabot Street, Beaverton OR 97005. In Lieu of flowers donations may be made to the St. Bartholomew Memorial Fund.
Please sign the online guest book at
Robert Matthew Bennett
Oct. 25, 1992 - March 12, 2017
Matthew was a brilliantly talented and loving person who excelled as an artist, writer, researcher who loved sharing his ideas with others. Matthew had a love for music, graphic novels, comic books, video games, and Star Wars. Matthew had a big heart and loved his family, he especially loved being an uncle. He will be greatly missed by all.
Matthew is survived by his grandparents, Joe and Nancy; parents, Kevin and Lisa; sisters, Ashley, Rhiannon, Marisa; and brothers, Brandon and Joshua.
A celebration of life will be held in his honor at 6 p.m., Thursday, May 4, 2017 at Fuse Studio Pdx, 3841 S.W. Hall Blvd., Beaverton, OR.
Please sign the online guest book at
Ghislaine 'Geri' Virginia Cech
Feb. 13, 1919 - April 10, 2017
Geri is survived by six of her children, Denny, Dwayne, Merrily, Mike, Mark and Brent. A celebration of life service will be held for Geri and her daughter, Danielle (see obit at
) from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., May 13, 2017, at the Sherwood Elks, 22770 S.W. Elwert Rd., Sherwood, OR 97140. For full obituary, see
Please sign the online guest book at
Barbara Christensen
July 17, 1930 - April 21, 2017
Barbara Ann Christensen, beloved mother, grandma and great-grandma, passed away peacefully April 21, 2017.
A service will be held at 11 a.m., Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at St. Cyril's Catholic church in Wilsonville. A reception will follow. She was 86 years old.
Barbara was born July 17, 1930 in Portland, to William and Alvena Ross. She married Henry Jerome Christensen Sept. 19, 1959 and raised their family in Tualatin. They were married 56 years.
Barbara's life was filled with caring for her family. She enjoyed cooking, gardening, fishing, camping, playing games and most of all, taking care of her children and grandchildren. She will always be remembered for her kindness, gentle spirit, humor and love.
Barbara is survived by her daughter, Lynn; son-in-law, Jim; grandchildren, Nicole, Dylan, Lesley, Nathan, Mitchell, Lila; and great-granddaughter, Genevieve.
Barbara was preceded in death by her husband, Henry; son, Kevin; parents Alvena and William; sister, Marie; and brother, Max.
Memorial contributions may be sent to the American Parkinson's Disease Association.
Please sign the online guest book at
Patricia O'Neill Cushing (Walling)
March 6,1923 - April 26, 2017
Patricia Ann O'Neill was born March 6, 1923, to John and Mary O'Neill in Albion, Neb. The youngest of six children, she grew up in Albion and Fullerton, Neb. After high school Pat, as she was always known, attended Kearney State College for one year where she met "Cush" (see below). As World War II began she moved to Oregon with her parents.
Pat worked in shipping in Portland while corresponding with Army Air Force Lt. Willard "Cush" Cushing. After his return from 35 missions as a B-17 navigator, they were married in Portland on March 4, 1945. When Cush completed law school in 1952, they settled in McMinnville with their children Douglas, Kathleen and Thomas. Mark and Jim were born in McMinnville.
In the following decades Pat cared for the five children, managed the household and entertained often. She was a diligent volunteer at St. James Catholic Church and school, managing the Parish books for years. She helped bring Boys and Girls Aid to McMinnville, played a serious level of bridge and was accomplished in knitting, weaving, sewing, piano, oboe, cooking, baking and set a Nebraska State typing record in 1939 of 150 words per minute on a manual! Her hand-knit sweaters and caps, and her woven designs are treasures for family members. In 2001 she and Cush moved to Mary's Woods at Marylhurst in Lake Oswego. Willard passed away in 2003. In 2007 she married Walter Walling, who died in 2012.
Pat is survived by Doug and Judy of Lake Oswego, Kathleen and John Cooper of Eugene, Thomas and Margarita of New York City, Mark and Natalie of Knoxville and Scottsdale and Jim and Joyce of Laguna Beach; 14 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, all of whom loved their "Gram Pat."
A Mass of Celebration and a reception will be held at Mary's Woods Chapel at 11:00 a.m. Friday, May 12, 2017. Remembrances in lieu of flowers may be sent to Mary's Woods, 17400 Holy Names Dr., Lake Oswego, OR 97034, Attn: Employee Scholarship Fund or the
;(function() { var adKeyValue = 't='; adKeyValue += escape('clio=COYCADA'); adKeyValue += escape('&cobrand=oregon'); adKeyValue += escape('&linktext=charity of your choice'); adKeyValue += escape('&linkurl=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/oregon/condolences-charities.aspx?keyword=coycada&pid=185238619'); adKeyValue += escape('&fn=Patricia'); adKeyValue += escape('&ln=Cushing'); var adClkUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=1347660939'; var adImpUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=1347660939'; document.write("charity of your choice<" + 'img' + " src='" + adImpUrl + "' style='width=1px; height=1px; display:inline;' />"); }()); 
Please sign the online guest book at
Norma (Gillard) Fossati
June 26, 1927 - April 26, 2017
We mourn the loss of Norma (Gillard) Fossati, who passed away peacefully April 26, 2017 after a short decline of her health.
A lifelong Oregonian, Mrs. Fossati grew up in Portland and lived many years in Milwaukie and Lake Oswego. She graduated from Franklin High School and attended the University of Oregon. For over 26 years Norma volunteered at the Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon (RIO) making many lifelong friends.
Norma married the love of her life, George Fossati, celebrating over 50 years of marriage and family life with devoted children Craig Fossati, Karen Fossati and Pam (Fossati) Foster.
Norma was affectionately known as "Mumsie" to her grandchildren, Dominic, Travis, Channing, Brock, Wyatt, Grant and great-grandson, Bennett. She maintained a keen and engaged interest in their lives to the days before her passing.
She will be missed by admiring friends and family who knew her for her kindness, commitment to neighbors and family and enduring humor and compassion.
There will be a family only graveside service in the future. Donations in the name of Norma Fossati may be made to:
Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon (RIO)
Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital
1015 N.W. 22nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97210
online at:
Please sign the online guest book at
Leonard Graves
July 7, 1974 - April 2, 2017
Nathaniel L. Graves was born to Dwayne Graves and Nancy Wheaton in Salem. He passed from injuries sustained in a fall.
Nate graduated from Lincoln High School class of 1993. He went on to earn a B.F.A. in Performing Arts from Boston's Emerson College in 1997. His sense of humor and generous spirit were appreciated by all who loved him.
There will be a celebration of life gathering from 2-5 p.m., May 21, 2017 at the North Star Ballroom, 635 N. Killingsworth Ct. Portland, OR 97217. In lieu of flowers please donate to
. Make sure to leave a message in the 'notes' section stating this donation is made in honor of Nathaniel Graves. You may view a video about the program at
Please sign the online guest book at
Mary Jane Eileen Long Groce
Nov. 13, 1920 - April 27, 2017
Mary Jane Groce passed away peacefully in her home on Thursday, April 27, 2017, at age 96 just two blocks away from where she was raised as a child. She was the descendent of Oregon pioneers and displayed that strong independent spirit her entire life, most of which was spent in and around Portland's Laurelhurst neighborhood. Born Nov. 13, 1920, to Marjory and George Long, she joyfully roamed the tree lined streets and undeveloped lots of Laurelhurst with her friends and later, explored the hills of the coast range when her father was forced to rent their newly constructed cottage during the Depression. The memories of the ramshackle shack her father constructed and his lifelong work for the Southern Pacific as an engineer in the tiny logging hamlet of Timber, Ore., were some of the fondest for she and her younger sister Nancy. She kept journals of the many colorful, hard-working folks there that she would never forget. As devout Catholics, her parents sacrificed to send her to Portland's Laurelhurst Grade School and Madeline High School after returning to Laurelhurst and she later attended Marylhurst college where she excelled in music. Her singing talents led her to radio appearances with "The Journal Juniors" where she met actress Jane Powell on one occasion. In 1941 she met her husband of 67 years, James Groce, who was serving in the US Army. Their first date was at Carmen's Restaurant in the Hollywood District. World War II separated the two until 1945, after which they settled down and raised five children in Laurelhurst after brief stays in other neighborhoods. Mary Jane was home again. Her children's memories of her include stories that rival that of episodes of I Love Lucy. Such things as dressing up as a nun with her lifelong friends Louise Sause and Sylvia Posedel, then going to a local tavern where one of her daughters boyfriends was performing that night, going under cover as an Avon lady to investigate a friends fiancée, and taking a "whoopie cushion" to work at Providence Medical Center where she was employed for many years. Like her father, she was stern with her children but loved them unconditionally, going as far as to give up her living room so they could practice there with their rock band much to the neighbors dismay, and ensuring that they had instruments as well. Most of her children continue enjoying music to this day because of that sacrifice. Later in life, she enjoyed acting in the "Jerry Greco" amateur video productions with her friends and family that can still be seen on local cable access. She is survived by her children, Linda Bayless of Belmont, Calif., Rita Coss, Jamie Groce, Gary Groce and Maria Blum all of Portland. Throughout her life, she did things "Her Way" as the Sinatra song goes which caused never a dull moment for her family, yet she was loved by all she touched. She will be missed greatly and never forgotten.
Service 1:00 p.m. Friday, May 5, 2017, All Saints Parish, 601 NE 39th Ave., Portland.
Please sign the online guest book at
Michael Francis Hakala
December 27, 1948 - March 18, 2017
Michael F. Hakala, age 68, died Saturday, March 18, 2017, at his home in Gresham, after a long battle with COPD and diabetes.
Mike was an OSP Trooper and motorcycle officer.
Mike is survived by his wife, Leanna; three children, Troy Hakala (Shayna), Jarred Hakala (Shannon), and Rian Hakala (Kristin). He also leaves behind seven grandchildren; four step grandchildren; and two great step grandsons. Mike is also survived by a sister, Barb (Hal) Hausinger; and brother-in-law, Rodger Phillips (Violet).
Celebration of life to be held in the summer..
Please sign the online guest book at
Beverly Joyce Hartman
Jan. 23, 1934 - April 25, 2017
Beverly was born in Cloquet, Minn. to John and Alice Bruneau.
Bev was a wife and mother, who loved to work in her flowers and her garden. She taught ceramics to a large group of local women for many years, which she truly enjoyed. She enjoyed going on trips and going out to dinner and shopping.
She is survived by her husband, Lauren; son, Randy and wife, Susan; grandsons, Tyrel and wife, Tina, Daniel and wife, Stephanie; great-grandchildren, Tanner, Trenton, Haylie and Chloe; her brother, John Bruneau and wife, Jan; her sister, Patricia Davis and husband, Al; as well as many niece's and nephews.
She was preceded in death by her parents; and her sister, Yvonne.
No date for a memorial service is set at this time.
Please sign the online guest book at
Evelyn Mirsky Hirsch
Nov. 23, 1929 - April 7, 2017
Evelyn, known as Evy, was born in the Bronx, N.Y. She lived in New York, Florida and Oregon. She was a bookkeeper, plumbing associate, realty broker, artist, writer and an enthusiastic story teller. Evy loved beautiful things; art, music, nature, her children, grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. Her effervescent personality and radiant smile will be missed by all her knew her.
Please sign the online guest book at
Thomas B. Hood
Sept. 21, 1935 - April 4, 2017
Tom was born Sept. 21, 1935 in Newland, N.C. to James G. and Margaret P. Love-Hood. He passed away peacefully the morning of April 4, 2017 after a courageous battle with cancer.
Tom was a caring father, very loyal friend and brother, and an adoring grandfather, "Papa."
Tom is survived by his two sisters, Peggy Buck and Betty Owens; daughter, Judy George; son, Greg Hood; grandchildren, Taylor Saul, Ryan Hood, Thomas Hood, Anna Hood, Michael McLean and Lauren McLean; and several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his daughter, Sharon McLean; and his brother, James G. Hood and will be greatly missed by his many friends, clients and family.
In earlier and healthier times, he enjoyed tennis, golf, boating and bird hunting.
Tom's family traveled from North Carolina to Oregon so their father could work in the shipyards. Tom grew up in Gresham and graduated from Gresham High School. After serving in the National Guard, he joined John Hancock Financial and launched a successful career with the company that spanned more than 60 years. As the General Agent of the Portland Agency, he had a reputation as a mentor to many young sales associates for years to come. He was also able to form relationships with his clients and staff that lasted well beyond his career.
Tom's success and achievements in the insurance business were because of his hard work and determination. He was, and will continue to be, a shining example of what you can achieve with dedication.
The family would like to invite all friends to join them for a "Celebration of Life" to be held at a later date.
Please sign the online guest book at
Carla Jean
April 9, 1974 - April 12, 2017
Carla Jean Hinrichs, 43, died April 12, 2017 at Providence St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland.
A Celebration of Life will be held May 6, 2017 at The Falls Event Center Chapel in McMinnville.
Please see Attrell's Funeral Chapels for more information
Please sign the online guest book at
In Loving Memory
Margaret Ann Kaady Joseph
June 11, 1931 - April 25, 2017
Margaret Ann Kaady Joseph, 85, born June 11, 1931, in San Francisco, passed away peacefully April 25, 2017, in Walla Walla with her family and devoted husband of 63 years, Gabe Joseph by her side.
She is survived by her husband of 63 years, Gabe Joseph; daughters, AnnRené Joseph (Lee Bell) of Woodinville, Wash., Margot Joseph Haddad (Edward) of Seven Hills, Ohio, and Susan Joseph Nielsen (Scott) of Spokane, Wash.; son, Gabriel Joseph III (Karen) of Centerville, Va; brothers, Victor Kaady (Marlee) of Milwaukie, Jack Kaady of Vancouver; and sister, Katherine Kaady Saba (Tom) of Norcross, Ga.; eight grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; 12 nieces and nephews; and 14 great nieces and nephews.
A celebration of Margaret's life will be held at 1 p.m., June 10, 2017, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 323 Catherine Street, Walla Walla, with a brief private columbarium service, followed by a mercy dinner for all those attending the service held in the adjoining church parish hall.
Memorial contributions may be made to St. Paul's Episcopal Church In Memory of Margaret Joseph, 323 Catherine Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362, Walla Walla Community Hospice, 1067 E. Isaacs, Walla Walla, WA 99362 or Providence St. Mary Regional Cancer Center.
Please sign the online guest book at
Ralph Kenneth Jubb Jr.
Dec. 27, 1921 - April 22, 2017
Ken Jubb was born Dec. 27, 1921 in Des Moines, Iowa to Ralph K. Jubb and Irene (Zenor) Jubb. The family moved to Portland where Ken attended Vestul Grade School and graduated from Benson High. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1942 and was honorably discharged in 1945. During his early service Ken was a rifle range instructor at Camp Pendleton where he was awarded numerous citations for his expertise. Toward the end of his service, he was shipped out to Hawaii awaiting orders for the assault on Japan. Ken's family is thankful that the war came to an end before that order came. In 1944, Ken married Virginia Sparks, "the girl next door", and the following year they welcomed daughter, Judy Ann. The family settled in Portland where, in 1952, son, Ralph K. Jubb III was born and the family was complete. Ken began his career in the roofing industry with Pabco, Bird & Sons Roofing. Ken was well respected as a top salesman in that industry, winning many awards and friends along the way. He retired from Bird but continued with a new career as a professional wedding and portrait photographer. Ken was a lifelong Mason (1948) and Shriner (1952) and was a great supporter of Judy's and Ralph's involvement in Job's Daughters and DeMolay, acting as Grand Guardian for Job's Daughters and the DeMolay Cross of Honor. Ken was also the director of the award winning Bethel #9 Drill Team. He and Virginia traveled extensively with these organizations. Over the years Ken acted as the photographer for the Shrine organization and particularly loved his time spent at the
;(function() { var adKeyValue = 't='; adKeyValue += escape('clio=SHC'); adKeyValue += escape('&cobrand=oregon'); adKeyValue += escape('&linktext=Shriner\'s Hospital for Children'); adKeyValue += escape('&linkurl=http://support.shrinershospitals.org/site/Donation2?df_id=7120&7120.donation=form1&s_src=121504DRALEG01'); adKeyValue += escape('&fn=Ralph'); adKeyValue += escape('&ln=Jubb'); var adClkUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=820185247'; var adImpUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=820185247'; document.write("Shriner\'s Hospital for Children<" + 'img' + " src='" + adImpUrl + "' style='width=1px; height=1px; display:inline;' />"); }()); 
. Ken was honored to be named Photographer Emeritus. Ken became an active member of the award-winning Al Kader Oriental Band continuing to keep the beat as a drummer right up until his passing, April 22, 2017. Virginia Jubb was born July 28, 1925 in Hood River to Kenneth R. Sparks and Lillian (McDonald) Sparks. The family moved to Portland where Virginia attended school, but she spent many summers at the family ranch in Antelope, the area where the family settled as pioneer Clarnos and McDonalds. Virginia was focused on family and close friends. She was a 4'11' and all energy. She loved to laugh, and the worst thing she could say about anyone was that they were "naughty". She was proud of and loved her children but, truth be told, she loved her grandchildren unconditionally. Virginia loved fashion and enjoyed working in sales of lady's tailored clothing for many years. She was a life-long member of Eastern Star and supported Ken in his Masonic and Shrine organizations, most recently the Oriental Band. Ken and Virginia were predeceased by daughter, Judy Van Alstyne. They are survived by son, Ralph (Janelle); son-in-law, Richard Van Alstyne; five grandchildren, Mark, Laurie (Lori) and Jennifer Van Alstyne, R. Kenneth Jubb IV (Michelle), Spencer Jubb; and two great-grandchildren, Jordan Wade and Joshua Jubb. Virginia is also survived by her brother, Michael Sparks (Christie); nephews, Ryan and Aaron Sparks; sister-in-law, Betty Sparks; and niece, Julia Sparks. A funeral for Virginia was held Dec. 2, 2016. The memorial service for Ken will be held at 2 p.m., Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at the Shrine Center, 25100 S.W. Parkway Ave, Wilsonville, OR. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the "Ladder of Smiles" a charity for the benefit of the
;(function() { var adKeyValue = 't='; adKeyValue += escape('clio=SHC'); adKeyValue += escape('&cobrand=oregon'); adKeyValue += escape('&linktext=Shriner\'s Hospital for Children'); adKeyValue += escape('&linkurl=http://support.shrinershospitals.org/site/Donation2?df_id=7120&7120.donation=form1&s_src=121504DRALEG01'); adKeyValue += escape('&fn=Ralph'); adKeyValue += escape('&ln=Jubb'); var adClkUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=820185247'; var adImpUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=820185247'; document.write("Shriner\'s Hospital for Children<" + 'img' + " src='" + adImpUrl + "' style='width=1px; height=1px; display:inline;' />"); }()); 
. Please visit
to leave condolences for the family.
Please sign the online guest book at
Kathryn Ann
July 29, 1949 - April 11, 2017
Kathy died peacefully at home April 11, 2017.
To celebrate her life please visit:
Please sign the online guest book at
Barbara C.
(Schneider) Minden
Aug. 4, 1919 - April 20, 2017
Barbara C. Minden, 97, died April 20, 2017, at Laurelhurst Village in Portland, where she had been a resident for 14 years.
Barbara was a devoted wife and mother. She and her husband, Leo, were active members of St. Peter's Catholic Church.
Barbara is survived by her three sons, Steven of Portland, James of Portland and Gregory of Soap Lake, Wash.; two daughters, Jeanne Porten of Vancouver and Anne Minden of Winthrop, Wash.; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 11 a.m., May 1, 2017, in the chapel at Laurelhurst Village. Laurelhurst Village is located at 3060 S.E. Stark, Portland, OR 97214. Burial will be in Willamette National Cemetery where she will join her husband Leo John Minden who preceded her in death in 1991.
Please sign the online guest book at
Corrinne Beverly
(Williams) Repp
Jan. 7, 1929 - Sept. 23, 2016
Corrinne Beverly (Williams) Repp, passed away peacefully at home Sept. 23, 2016. She was surrounded by her family.
Corrinne was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.
She leaves her husband of 67 years, Richard Milton Repp; son, Richard Repp; daughters, Lynnette (Repp) Cobb, Barbara (Repp) Reed and her husband, Michael Reed, and Kathleen Repp; five grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild. She is forever loved and greatly missed.
Please sign the online guest book at
Douglas Montgomery
Dec. 8, 1935 - April 13, 2017
Douglas M. Richardson, "Monty" to his folks and siblings, "Doug" to his wife, son, and colleagues, passed of natural causes. He was among family.
There is so much to say about Doug's rich life - Health physicist, craftsman, husband, father, music lover, outdoorsman - please visit his memorial page at
Doug's ashes will be interred at Willamette National Cemetery, in a private moment for close family. His celebration will be this summer at an upcoming family reunion.
Please sign the online guest book at
Gladys 'Ernie' Ernilie Burgess Storrs
July 17, 1924 - April 16, 2017
Ernie Storrs passed away unexpectedly early Easter Sunday morning.
Born July 17, 1924 in Tacoma, she grew up in Puyallup, Wash.
Ernie worked at Boeing Field during WWII. She met and dated James Storrs until he was shipped to the South Pacific. They married upon his return and settled in Garden Home. Ernie was very active with Home Extension (she was recently presented with her 50 year pin), and was an excellent hand quilter. She was active in her church, and took great enjoyment in attending various functions there.
She was preceded in death by her husband, James Storrs, and is survived by her daughter, Lori Snyder (Kevan); and son, Brian Storrs.
A Celebration of Life is being held at 1 p.m., Sunday, April 30, 2017, at the Hillsdale Community Church, 6948 S.W. Capitol Hwy., Portland, OR 97219.
Donations in Remembrance may be made to the
;(function() { var adKeyValue = 't='; adKeyValue += escape('clio=ACS'); adKeyValue += escape('&cobrand=oregon'); adKeyValue += escape('&linktext=American Cancer Society'); adKeyValue += escape('&linkurl=https://donate.cancer.org/index.aspx?campaign=legacy2&giftFirstName=Gladys&giftLastName=Storrs&giftType=mem'); adKeyValue += escape('&fn=Gladys'); adKeyValue += escape('&ln=Storrs'); var adClkUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=1347660939'; var adImpUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=1347660939'; document.write("American Cancer Society<" + 'img' + " src='" + adImpUrl + "' style='width=1px; height=1px; display:inline;' />"); }()); 
, or the Al Kader Shriners Ladder of Smiles.
Please sign the online guest book at
Mary Ann Svetich
April 26, 1924 - April 14, 2017
Mary Ann Louise Svetich, 92, died of natural causes peacefully at her home surrounded by her family. Born Mary Ann Mehalovich to Croatian immigrants, Prudence (Politeo) and John Mehalovich, she joined siblings Barbara and Anton.
The family lived in S.E. Portland and Mary Ann attended Commerce High School (now Cleveland High School), where she learned bookkeeping skills that led her to a job at Bedell's Department Store in downtown Portland. She was proud to be an independent working woman, but when the tall, handsome Steve Svetich spun her around the dance floor, her life took a different turn. They were married in 1952 and family, home and community became her focus. For decades she was active in Catholic Daughters of America, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Croatian Fraternal Union of America and UFCW Local 555 Retiree Club. Being idle was not in her nature. She was an avid gardener, stitcher and seamstress, devoted Trail Blazer fan, and loved to cook and entertain.
Mary Ann is survived by her four children, Matthew, George (Terri), Donald (Amy) Svetich, and Marilyn (Neal) Kuhnhausen; as well as five grandchildren, David, Lisa and Sara Kuhnhausen and Carly and Lukas Svetich; and her sister, Barbara Lechtenberg. Mary Ann was preceded in death by her husband of 54 years, Steve Svetich, who passed in November 2006.
A funeral Mass in her honor will be held at 10 a.m., Thursday, May 4, 2017 at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Portland, with a reception to follow in the parish hall.
A full obituary is available to read at
. Remembrances may be made to St. Ignatius Catholic Church or School.
Please sign the online guest book at
Marguerite Thompson
June 3, 1918 - April 21, 2017
Marguerite was born in Portland to David and Rose Hatfield.
She graduated from Jefferson High School and worked for Meier & Frank for over 20 years. She was a lifelong Portland resident and spent the last 75 years living in the house she and her husband, "Doc", purchased new in 1942.
Marguerite was preceded in death by her husband, "Doc" Thompson; and her son, David Thompson. She is survived by her daughter, Marcia Thompson; and grandsons, Charlie and Benjamin Thompson. She was privately laid to rest in Skyline Memorial Gardens.
Please sign the online guest book at
Molly Tulin
May 18, 1927 - April 27, 2017
Molly Tulin passed away April, 27, 2017 in Portland, the place where she made her home after living most of her life in Connecticut. She was born May 18, 1927 in Hartford and went on to graduate from Smith College in Northampton, Mass.
Molly was married to the late Dr. Sidney S. Norwitz. After his death in 1965, Molly went back to school earning a teaching certificate and a degree in Social work. She retired from the Connecticut Department of Human Services after many years as a child placement specialist; was a proud member of her union, now SEIU Local 2001; and a lifelong Roosevelt Democrat.
She was a fan of live theater and worldwide travel. At the age of 77 she moved to Portland to help raise her youngest grandchild, Lily. Within a few years, her other granddaughter, Sefra came to live in Portland as well. Molly was a life-long learner, writing poetry and studying at Portland State University into her 80's. She became an early member of Shir Tikvah, a small Jewish congregation.
She is survived by two sons, Jeffrey Norwitz of Richmond, Ky. and Len Norwitz of Portland; four grandchildren; Sefra Gemma, Sidney Norwitz, Shale Norwitz, and Lily Beeson-Norwitz; and four great-grandchildren.
Memories can be shared at 10:30 a.m., Saturday morning, May 13, 2017 at the Shir Tikvah Congregation, 7550 N.E. Irving Street, Portland, OR. Remembrances may be sent in Molly Tulin's honor to: Shir Tikvah's Social Justice Fund; 1631 N.E. Broadway, #314 - Portland, OR 97232-1425
Please sign the online guest book at
Margaret Louise Walker
Oct. 6, 1927 - April 15, 2017
Beloved wife, mom, friend and piano teacher.
Preceded in death by husband, Keith. Survived by children, Tom Walker and Juli Johnson; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
A memorial service at 11 a.m., Saturday, May 6, 2017 at St. Peter and Paul Episcopal Church, 247 S.E. 82nd Ave., Portland, 97215.
Please sign the online guest book at
Evelyn Jewell Westphal
Sept 23, 1919 - April 17, 2017
Evelyn Jewell Westphal, 97, passed away peacefully in her home near Portland, the morning of April 17, 2017.
Evelyn was born to Oral and Lucy Stewart on a farm on the plains of Northeastern Colorado, Sept. 23, 1919, and graduated from Sterling High School in 1938. Shortly after graduation, she moved with her family to Limon, Colo., where she met a handsome Standard Oil agent, Virgil Westphal. The ensuing marriage lasted 52 years and brought the joy of raising four rambunctious boys. She was a woman of deep faith and unconditional love who especially enjoyed being "Grammie." Evelyn was a member of the United Methodist Church, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, and served as a volunteer for many organizations including Fort Morgan Community Hospital and SpringRidge at Charbonneau.
Evelyn was preceded in death by her husband, Virgil; stepson, Bruce; and brother, Bill. She is survived by her sons, Dennis, Bill and daughter-in-law, Pat Reser, and Buddy and daughter-in-law, Lin; her grandchildren, Mark, Christi, Chad, Amy, Cody; Scott and Chris; Teresa; Connie, Vicki, Brad, and Steve; and her great-grandchildren, Sami, Tatie, ZuZu, Grail, and William; Jaden and Jace; Kellen and Kaden. In addition, she is survived by her sisters, Betty and Bobbi; and her "adopted" daughter, Leni Siker.
A Celebration of Life is planned at 2 p.m., Sunday, June 4, 2017, at SpringRidge at Charbonneau. Please sign the online guest book under the care of
Please sign the online guest book at
Ralph Warren Younger
June 17, 1944 - April 7, 2017
Ralph Warren Younger, 72, of Portland, beloved husband, father, brother, and friend passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by his family April 7, 2017. Ralph was born June 17, 1944 in Medford, to Millard V. and Ruth B. Younger. He graduated from Medford High School in 1962, and the University of Oregon in 1967 with a degree in Real Estate Appraisal and Finance.
Ralph is survived by his wife of 33 years, Carolyn M. Younger; his son and daughter, Evan and Annie Younger from a previous marriage to Nancy R. Younger; stepchildren, Greg and Shannon Nichols; and sisters, Marlys A. Hurd and Karen J. Younger. He remembered fondly his youth spent in the Rogue Valley helping on his father's pear orchards, and his college days in Eugene as a member of the Chi Phi fraternity. He spent his career in Portland as a Real Estate Appraiser, starting Younger and Neu with partner Roger Neu in 1970 and then Younger and Associates in 1982. He taught appraisal classes at the community college and became a highly regarded expert witness in court cases involving real estate value.
Ralph and Carolyn made their home in the N.E. Portland Dolph Park neighborhood that he loved. When a new superstore threatened to impact the surrounding neighborhoods he spearheaded an effort to bring neighbors together to stop the project. Ralph loved meeting all of his neighbors and made many life long friends. An avid golfer and tennis player he belonged to Riverside Golf Club and Irvington Tennis Club. Although he loved to travel the world, visiting many countries, he cherished being home with friends, family and his golden retrievers. He was a lifelong Oregon Ducks Football fan and season ticket holder and you could always spot him proudly wearing his Duck's gear.
Ralph's life will be remembered at a Celebration of Life to be held May 7, 2017. The family suggests any remembrances be made to the
;(function() { var adKeyValue = 't='; adKeyValue += escape('clio=ALZ'); adKeyValue += escape('&cobrand=oregon'); adKeyValue += escape('&linktext=Alzheimers Association'); adKeyValue += escape('&linkurl=https://act.alz.org/site/Donation2?df_id=5080&5080.donation=form1&set.TributeType=MEMORIAL&set.custom.honoree_name=Ralph+Younger&set.TributeMessage=A+gift+has+been+made+in+remembrance+of+Ralph+Younger'); adKeyValue += escape('&fn=Ralph'); adKeyValue += escape('&ln=Younger'); var adClkUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=1347660939'; var adImpUrl = 'http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/423686928/prod/obit-aff/obit-standard/clio-inline-1&' + adKeyValue + '&sz=1x1&c=1347660939'; document.write("Alzheimers Association<" + 'img' + " src='" + adImpUrl + "' style='width=1px; height=1px; display:inline;' />"); }()); 
Please sign the online guest book at
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2017.02.21 22:00 Robot_of_Sherwood Daily Stock Discussion - 02/22/2017

The /Robinhood Fund

Join the year-long stock picking game today!
Full and current standings can be found in the wiki. A breakdown of stats is over here. Updates show up every hour! Check it out!
Total Investors 142
Initial Investment $1418998.99
Current Value $1559968.35
Change 9.037%

Current Standings

# Investor Value Percent Change
1 opanasinmynose $18562.82 85.63%
2 daglol $16867.17 68.67%
3 Clipssu $15631.86 56.32%
4 SplitEndsSuck $15410.11 54.10%
5 samsthetics $14547.86 45.48%
6 jbirdjustin $14160.83 41.61%
7 hipporun $13027.86 30.28%
8 Imma_Robot $12945.84 29.46%
9 drewdistilled $12931.72 29.32%
10 Bypz $12910.64 29.11%

Upcoming Ex-Div Dates

Expected Earnings Reports

Symbol Name EPS Estimate When
ACCO ACCO Brands Corp 0.3 Before Market Open
ADPT Adeptus Health Inc 0.25 After Market Close
AHP Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc -0.03 After Market Close
ALDW Alon USA Partners LP 0.08 After Market Close
AMSF Amerisafe Inc 0.98 After Market Close
ARCC Ares Capital Corp 0.39 Before Market Open
ARRS ARRIS International plc 0.7 After Market Close
ATNI ATN International Inc 0.15 After Market Close
AVA Avista Corp 0.57 07:05 am ET
AXGN AxoGen Inc -0.09 After Market Close
AXTI AXT Inc 0.03 After Market Close
BEAT BioTelemetry Inc 0.18 4:00 pm ET
BLUE bluebird bio Inc -1.86 After Market Close
BYFC Broadway Financial Corp N/A Time Not Supplied
CAKE Cheesecake Factory Inc 0.67 After Market Close
CBMX CombiMatrix Corp -0.39 After Market Close
CHMT Chemtura Corp 0.41 After Market Close
CHS Chico's FAS Inc 0.04 Before Market Open
CHSP Chesapeake Lodging Trust 0.17 After Market Close
CLGX Corelogic Inc 0.49 After Market Close
CLH Clean Harbors Inc 0.06 Before Market Open
CLR Continental Resources Inc -0.11 After Market Close
CLVS Clovis Oncology Inc -1.65 After Market Close
CONE CyrusOne Inc 0.02 After Market Close
COTV Cotiviti Holdings Inc 0.34 After Market Close
CPSH CPS Technologies Corp N/A After Market Close
CSGP CoStar Group Inc N/A After Market Close
CTRP Ctrip.Com International Ltd -0.01 After Market Close
CVG Convergys Corp 0.48 After Market Close
DISH DISH Network Corp 0.66 Before Market Open
DMRC Digimarc Corp -0.58 After Market Close
DOOR Masonite International Corp 0.62 After Market Close
DORM Dorman Products Inc 0.76 Time Not Supplied
DRH DiamondRock Hospitality Co 0.11 Before Market Open
EIG Employers Holdings Inc 0.55 After Market Close
ELGX Endologix Inc -0.19 After Market Close
ENZY Enzymotec Ltd 0.03 Before Market Open
ES Eversource Energy 0.74 Before Market Open
ESRT Empire State Realty Trust Inc N/A After Market Close
ETE Energy Transfer Equity LP 0.26 After Market Close
ETM Entercom Communications Corp 0.28 Before Market Open
ETP Energy Transfer Partners LP 0.26 After Market Close
EV Eaton Vance Corp 0.57 Before Market Open
EVTC Evertec Inc 0.41 After Market Close
FARO FARO Technologies Inc 0.35 After Market Close
FCPT Four Corners Property Trust Inc 0.25 After Market Close
FIT Fitbit Inc -0.5 After Market Close
FMI Foundation Medicine Inc -0.96 After Market Close
FPI Farmland Partners Inc 0.03 4:00 pm ET
FR First Industrial Realty Trust Inc 0.13 After Market Close
GDOT Green Dot Corp 0.15 After Market Close
GEO Geo Group Inc 0.55 Before Market Open
GLDD Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp -0.05 08:00 am ET
GLRE Greenlight Capital Re Ltd 1.52 After Market Close
GOV Government Properties Income Trust 0.11 Before Market Open
GRMN Garmin Ltd 0.57 Before Market Open
HCN Welltower Inc 0.45 Before Market Open
HFC HollyFrontier Corp -0.07 Before Market Open
HPQ HP Inc 0.37 After Market Close
HSNI HSN Inc 0.77 Before Market Open
HST Host Hotels & Resorts Inc 0.14 Before Market Open
HT Hersha Hospitality Trust -0.04 After Market Close
ICON Iconix Brand Group Inc 0.1 After Market Close
INOD Innodata Inc N/A Before Market Open
INOV Inovalon Holdings Inc 0.03 After Market Close
JACK Jack in the Box Inc 1.24 After Market Close
JOBS 51job Inc 0.4 After Market Close
LAMR Lamar Advertising Co 0.83 Before Market Open
LB L Brands Inc 1.9 After Market Close
LDL Lydall Inc 0.68 After Market Close
LGCY Legacy Reserves LP -0.26 After Market Close
LHO LaSalle Hotel Properties 0.18 After Market Close
LTC LTC Properties Inc 0.54 After Market Close
MANT ManTech International Corp 0.35 After Market Close
MBLY Mobileye NV 0.2 Before Market Open
MCRI Monarch Casino & Resort Inc 0.33 After Market Close
MEMP Memorial Production Partners LP -0.08 After Market Close
MTDR Matador Resources Co 0.08 After Market Close
MYCC ClubCorp Holdings Inc 0.14 Before Market Open
NBR Nabors Industries Ltd -0.33 After Market Close
NCLH Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd 0.55 07:00 am ET
NEO Neogenomics Inc 0.03 Before Market Open
NGVT Ingevity Corp 0.3 After Market Close
NI NiSource Inc 0.34 Before Market Open
NM Navios Maritime Holdings Inc -0.27 Before Market Open
NSM Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc N/A Before Market Open
NWHM New Home Company Inc 0.68 Before Market Open
O Realty Income Corp 0.3 After Market Close
OAS Oasis Petroleum Inc -0.12 After Market Close
OGS ONE Gas Inc 0.8 After Market Close
ONCE Spark Therapeutics Inc -1.12 Before Market Open
OPHT Ophthotech Corp -1.72 Before Market Open
OUT OUTFRONT Media Inc 0.19 After Market Close
PGRE Paramount Group Inc -0.05 After Market Close
PLKI Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc 0.47 After Market Close
PRA ProAssurance Corp 0.64 After Market Close
PRAH PRA Health Sciences Inc 0.64 After Market Close
PSA Public Storage 1.89 After Market Close
QEP QEP Resources Inc -0.22 After Market Close
RATE Bankrate Inc 0.19 After Market Close
RBCN Rubicon Technology Inc -0.1 After Market Close
RGEN Repligen Corp 0.07 07:30 am ET
RGR Sturm Ruger & Company Inc N/A After Market Close
RICE Rice Energy Inc 0.03 After Market Close
RIG Transocean Ltd 0.08 After Market Close
RLJ RLJ Lodging Trust 0.2 After Market Close
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UTHR United Therapeutics Corp 3.61 Before Market Open
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WINA Winmark Corp N/A Time Not Supplied
WLH William Lyon Homes 0.68 Before Market Open
WPG Washington Prime Group Inc 0.13 After Market Close
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2017.02.09 01:57 ScarecrowSid Booster Gold #8 - Unexpected Delays (★Society, Part IV)

Booster Gold #8 - Unexpected Delays (★Society, Part IV)

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Author: ScarecrowSid
Book: Booster Gold
Arc: ★Society
Set: 8

Suggested Reading - Booster Gold #7

    “Skeets, you awake?” Booster asked, leaning forward and undoing the straps that held him to the seat of the passenger aircraft currently making its way across the Mediterranean. He smoothed out the lapels of his borrowed trenchcoat, checking the integrity of his buttons. Finding all to be in their respective places, he tugged on the green fabric bunched beneath his shoulders and held out his arms to stretch. His gold and blue uniform had become a point of contention among his companions, they were instructed to avoid standing out. To this effect, Booster had been given his coat. The Lantern and the Flash were less in need of a retrofit, their uniforms were already set in darker tones. They were, after all, from a world where the war never ended.
    The egg shaped bot hovered into view, “I’m always awake, sir.”
    “Wow,” Booster mused, fumbling the fastener. It gave a muffled thump as it hit his thigh, he scowled, then continued, “That must suck. What do you do when I’m asleep?”
    “Monitor your vital signs,” Skeets replied. “Do a small patrol of the area…”
    “Well,” Booster said, somewhat amused. “That’s not creepy at all.”
    “I do other things too, I just can’t do them here.” Booster raised an eyebrow in the direction of his cohort and smirked. “Not that, sir. I meant Netflix hasn’t been invented yet.”
    “Uh huh,” Booster said. He rose and steadied himself, his hips swaying somewhat against the uneven rocking of the plane. The Green Lantern, Scott, sat towards the front of the fuselage, arms crossed over his chest and eyes lowered as he slept. Garrick, the Flash, was absent. After the trio’s, rather spectacular, intervention in the White House, President Roosevelt had granted Garrick and Scott broad authority in their mission.
    The Lantern did not move, he mumbled something in his sleep and adjusted slightly in his seat. Towards the plane’s rear, a small group of soldiers watched him. Among them was the agent responsible for the mission’s management, the man named Cyrus. Only days later had Booster realized that the man’s name was Lord. Cyrus Lord. He wondered if there was any connection to Maxwell, but dismissed the thought. It wasn’t as if he could ask.
    Booster smiled and waved as he caught Cyrus’ eye, who grimaced in return and continued reading the contents of a folder held in his hand. Through an extensive search, in which the Flash partnered with Skeets to track the Time Sphere’s homing beacon, the two had discovered it was not in the place they had expected. It seemed that the people crossing over from Garrick’s world were currently centered in Italy, not Germany. Booster had remarked it was odd that these world-hopping Nazis were so fixated on Italy, but the others did not share his humor. Neither the Lantern nor the Flash had spoken to him since.
    He stepped past Alan Scott and rapped his knuckles against the metal door between the fuselage and the cockpit, there was a squeak as the door swung outward and he stepped through.
    “Afternoon, sir,” said the co-pilot. The pilot snored beside him,
    “Is that what time it is?” Booster remarked. “Fair winds and following seas, Captain?”
    The co-pilot turned in his seat and looked up at Booster, amused. “That’s more of a nautical thing…”
    “Well, Captain Jordan, how would you describe our current situation?” Booster asked.
    “Call me Harold, please,” replied Jordan. “And I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic about our mission.”
    “Harold Johnson, huh?” Booster mimed, then smirked to himself. “How about I call you ‘Hal?’” He smirked at this little coincidence, this would be an interesting easter egg for the memoirs.
    “That’ll be fine,” Hal said, then turned his attention back to the way ahead. Their cloud cover below seemed to be thinning, verdant glimpses of the world below. “You should get some rest, the sun will be up soon. We should be nearing Gustav.”
    “Never been able to sleep on one of these things,” Booster said. “They just don’t feel right to me. Between the rattling panels, drifting bolts, and obsolete engines...this damn thing could come apart at any second.”
    “I heard from one of the boys that you could fly,” Jordan said, looking back at him again. “Guessing you prefer fighters to this old girl?” He continued before Booster could reply. “I’m the same way, but they only let Aces fly their bombers. Me? I haul cargo. It’s not much, but it lets me fly.”
    Booster grinned at Jordan, then turned to leave. “You’re an interesting one, Hal, even if you are out of place. You heard right,” he said, stepping through the frame. “I do like to fly, just not on planes.” He shut the door behind him.
☆☆ Now
    “Have we arrived?” the Green Lantern asked. Booster’s foray into the cockpit seemed to have roused the man. The once faint lines around his eyes had grown more prominent since his arrival, the unnatural aging of a man under burden.
    “Oh, are we speaking again?” Booster asked, his sarcasm plain. The Lantern looked him over, his expression cold. Booster’s tone went flat. “Not yet, Alan. Hal said we’re nearing one of the Winter Lines. Gustav, I think.”
    “Onward to Rome,” the Lantern sighed. “And war...again.”
    Booster, slowly becoming aware this was not a time for jest, eased into a seat beside the Lantern, leaving a gap. “This isn’t the first time you’ve fought this fight, is it?”
    “I had your… egg… give me an overview of your world’s history of this war before we left,” the Lantern said, looking straight ahead. “It has quite the store of knowledge, enough to turn this war in their favor with ease.
    “History has a course,” Booster said. “Giving them the answers feels wrong. It feels… no, I know, it diminishes the sacrifices made here.”
    “Perhaps,” the Lantern said, he fairly chewed on this thought for a moment. “But history has changed already. It would be best to share your machine’s intelligence.”
    “Skeets,” Booster said, correcting him. “His name is Skeets. And he told me once that history is set in stone, one or two pock marks on its surface don’t make a permanent change. The shape stays the same. So long as we remove these intruders, the Allies will win.”
    “Right. Skeets,” the Lantern repeated. He glanced down at the green ring upon his finger and thumbed it. “He told me that your world won. My world…” he trailed off, searching for the words. “My world waited. We never joined the fight, not until it was on our doorstep. We put America first. It was a mistake.”
    The Lantern gestured to the plane and the soldiers towards the rear as he spoke, “All of this was... is very different for us. The Reich took Europe, the Empire took Asia...that left the Americas.”
    “I don’t suppose they decided they had enough land,” Booster said, attempting a disarming grin. It fell flat.
    “No,” the Lantern said. “They did not.”
    “What happened?” Booster asked.
    “I fought,” the Lantern said, shrugging. “Jay and I spent years fighting a war we couldn’t win. One Reich fell with its Fuhrer, another rose in its place. It took forty years, but the new Fuhrer took the Americas.”
    “Forty years,” Booster said, whistling. “You don’t look it.”
    The Lantern turned his gaze, catching Booster’s eye. “Jay’s speed keeps him young,” he said. “As for me...” He pulled the green ring off of his finger and the veneer of his weary face vanished. In place of a young man who had simply seen too much, there now sat one wrinkled and weathered by time’s unrelenting touch. His skin was sagging places, and thin in others. The crop of blonde hair atop his head thinned and paled, his hands shook as tried to replace the ring. Booster leaned in to help, but the old man replaced his ornament with unexpected speed.
    “Your power keeps you young,” Booster remarked, almost smirking. He caught himself in time and watched with mild fascination as the Lantern’s young visage took its place.
    “The fight keeps me young,” the Lantern mused. “I’m sixty-three years old, Michael. By all rights, I should be kicking my feet up on some beach.”
    “Instead you’re fighting a war,” Booster interjected, completing the sentiment. “On another world. Pretty noble.”
    “A lot of young men and women have died for my cause, Michael,” the Lantern said. “And still the war for my home is a lost cause, but I’ll be damned if let them take another.”
    Booster nodded, understanding the man a bit better than before.
    “I don’t buy that.” The frost coated tenor of Cyrus Lord cut across the rattling canopy of the plane’s fuselage. “No one is that noble,” he said. “You’re here for something.”
    “Are you calling me a liar, Agent Lord?” the Lantern asked, smirking. “I’ve known many young men like yourself, all of them think there is a deeper meaning to fighting the good fight. For me, at least, there isn’t. The Fuhrer has one world, he won’t take another.”
    Cyrus seemed to mull this over for a moment, and seemingly decided to dismiss the topic with his next statement. “I’m going to find out where we are.”
    “Save yourself the trouble,” Booster said. “We’re nearing the Gustav Line.”
    Cyrus nodded, then chose a seat from the empty row opposite the two heroes and dropped into it. “My man in the Reich says Hitler wants to keep the fighting as far away from Germany as he can.”
    “That makes sense,” the Lantern said.
    “Rommel abandoned Africa,” Cyrus continued. “And Avalanche was a success. We have a foothold, the next objective is breaking the Winter Line.”
    “And Rome,” the Lantern added. “It is a good plan.”
    “So long as this idiot’s device isn’t weaponized,” Cyrus added, motioning toward Booster.
    “That was genuinely unkind,” Booster said, frowning. There was a sudden, violent lurch of the fuselage that hurled Booster forward. He caught himself just shy of striking the seat beside Cyrus, who smirked and tapped the straps of his restraints. A crack accompanied the next bit of turbulence, one that sent Booster back to his previous seat. His head struck the fuselage walls, small sparks filled his eyes. “A storm?” he mumbled.
    “No,” the Lantern said, jaw set once again. “That was artillery.”
☆☆☆ Then - May 11th, 2462
    “Booster, are you ready?” The drone hovered into view and Michael smiled up at it. The halls of the Museum were peaceful this time of night, cold too. Cold in just the right way, a comfortable cold that spread in the still air. “Your shift starts soon.”
    “Yes,” Michael said, pulling up the zipper of his security coat. He grabbed the brim of his cap and brought it out of his locker, then placed it upon his head. “Let’s get to work.”
☆☆☆☆ Then - May 12th, 2462
    They made their rounds with relative ease, the displays housing the uniforms of long dead heroes. Despite their forms being the product of simple skeletal frames, their silent vigils were a source of comfort when he wandered the halls. Michael paused at the last of these and smiled at the glass. The broad, five-sided shield, spanned the display dummy’s chest and the serpentine red letter ‘S’ still evoked a foolhardy grin from the young man.
    “Superman,” Skeets said, slipping into the narrative queues he loved to dole out at random intervals. “The Man of Steel. Clark Jonathan Kent. Kal-El of the House of El. The champion of Earth has many names, but is singular in his virtue. He--”
    Michael held up a hand, directing his partner to stop recorded statement. “I know all of that,” he said. “My sister and I spent a fair deal of our childhood here.”
    “A happy memory,” Skeets remarked.
    “I suppose,” Michael said. “I always wanted to be like him,” he added, gesturing toward the Kryptonian display. “Eventually it got to the point where my mother had to sit me down and explain I didn’t have superpowers, I was human.” He smiled at the memory.
    “Every child since his arrival has dreamed of being Superman,” Skeets said.
    “Yes,” Michael replied. “I know I’m not unique in that, but I cried for a week nonetheless. After that, mom signed me up for football. You should have seen the expression on her face when I got a full ride to…” He trailed off, swallowing the last of his words. The plinths of Gotham University flashed into view, a bitter taste settled at the back of his throat.
    “Booster?” Skeets asked.
    “Sorry,” Michael said. “Lost myself for a moment.”
    “Runtime error?” Skeets asked.
    Michael looked at the drone and felt a smile crawl across his face. “Was that a joke, Skeets?”
    A series of flashing lights seemed to signal it was, and Skeets hovered ahead of Michael. The two continued their patrol of the building, an amiable silence between them broken only by further attempts at humor by the endearing machine.
☆☆☆☆☆ Then - May 12th, 2462
    Five minutes. That was all the time in the world when waiting for something, for some signal. Michael sat at the security terminal, but his mind paced. He thought through the details of his father’s plan, then, carefully, noted the Batman’s suggestions to undo them piece by piece. He would, supposedly, be watching the entire endeavor from overhead.
    Michael, however, had yet to glimpse the Batman. If he was lurking somewhere among the rafters and high ceilings of the building, he was as good as his namesake was said to have been at hiding. Some of the situation still beggared belief, he was working with the Batman.
    The Flush were due to arrive at one in the morning, just after Ernie, the other guardsman, left for the night. As of midnight plus fifty-five, the man was still somewhere within the building. Michael was anxious about this, the man rarely worked overtime.
    Michael checked the time again, then turned toward approaching footsteps from behind him. The old man greeted him with a short nod, then said, “How’s it goin’, superstar?”
    “You’re working late,” Michael replied, ignoring the man’s taunt.
    “Oh,” the man replied, his voice bolder than before. “You’re a sharp one, eh? What gave me away, the extra hour I spent in the building? Quite the detective, aren’t you?”
    “Piss off,” Michael said. The man returned his sentiment with a rude gesture, then turned strolled past the terminal toward the front doorway.
    “Don’t you usually go out the side?” Michael asked.
    “There’s that wit again,” Ernie mused. “You should thank the Lord you were expelled. Saved that clever mind of yours from the inevitable brain damage. How many sacks found you during that last season? Ten?”
    “I said piss off,” Michael repeated, noting there were two minutes left.
    “Listen up, boy,” Ernie said. “That door is the only one we can open after midnight. Now, shut the hell up.” Michael had known this, he had put it into his preparations for this evening. Unfortunately, it had slipped his mind until now. Ernie stepped up to the door, which registered his presence through his I.D. and slid open before Michael could say anything.
    To say the old man was surprised would be deficient. When the door slid open and Ernie’s ever sneering face was met by smirking, smug one belonging to Jonar Carter. In a single motion, one that would have been graceful coming from a less scarred, less stocky man, Michael’s father sent the old man sailing. Ernie struck the marbled floors with considerable force, a wet pop echoed through the chamber. Michael leapt up from his seat and rounded the terminal without a thought to his important role in the ruse.
    “Mikey,” Jonar said. “I thought I would stop by and give you your lunch,” he tossed Michael a small metal box. “Me and the boys are going to have a look around.”
    “Dad,” Michael said. He tucked the box under his elbow and stepped toward the spreading crowd. Ernie gave a slight twitch, then mumbled something through his, apparently broken, teeth. “You’re early.”
    “Early?” Jonar asked, checking his watch. “He opened the door a minute early, how was I supposed to know it wasn’t you? Don’t worry so much, kid.”
    “The cameras were on!” Michael exclaimed. “I set them to shut off after--”
    “Shut up,” Jonar said, exasperation evident in his tone. “I’m not interested in hearing your whinging. So we’re on camera, big deal.” Jonar reached into his coat and produced a matte grey pistol, then held it over the writhing man.
    “Stop, you don’t have to--”
    “I don’t have to?” Jonar mimed. “Grow up, Mikey. Plans are meant to change, to adapt to the situation. This one’s a witness now, and I don’t leave witnesses.” Michael made for the pistol. The two men’s hands fumbled over the firearm briefly, but Jonar found an advantage and pressed.
    The force with which the pistol’s grip struck Michael’s jaw was not a new sensation, he had taken hits over the years. The malice behind the strike, however, gave it an unfamiliar sting that sent him sailing in a manner that put Ernie’s own performance to shame.
    Disoriented, Michael clutched at his jaw as the pistol’s first shot found its mark. Ernie’s death rattle, if it occurred at all, was a silent thing drowned out by the conversation between Jonar and his men.
    “I knew, deep down, that you didn’t have the stones,” Jonar said. Michael felt a hand in his hair, pulling his head up to meet Jonar’s gaze. “You...your sister...your mother, all goddamn disappointments.” He released Michael’s hair, whose head bounced against the marble. His pain renewed, Michael heard one last dictation from his father. “Tie this little shit up, I’ll deal with him later.”
    Hands bound and bleeding from the likely shattered teeth in his jaw, Michael couldn’t help but laugh at the ease with which his plan was fucked. Where, he wondered, was the damn Batman?
☆☆☆☆☆☆ Now
    Tray tables are returned to their upright positions with good reason. The locations of emergency are denoted in similar prudence. The most crucial of the inflight announcements, however, concerns the proper fastening of a safety harness to prevent injury in the event of turbulent weather. These are wise warnings, ones often overlooked on commercial aircraft. Their danger, however, is magnified within the fuselage of an aircraft designed for transporting troops and equipment.
    It was for this reason, and this reason alone, that every member of Booster’s small company checked their restraints and held tight to the base of their seats as the aircraft swerved against the approaching shells from the Winter Line. Every member, save one.
    Booster Gold bounced around the fuselage, trying to steady himself in mid-air with the help of his flight ring. This, as it became apparent a moment later, was a critical mistake. As their plane made an unexpected dive, his head met the ceiling of their fuselage for the first time. His weightless attempt to circumvent the turbulent world around him was an utter failure.
    Skeets, unfortunately, suffered from a similar issue. The drone bounced off the fuselage ceiling in near tandem with his partner, and was only spared a second collision once caught by Booster’s flailing hand. “We’re crashing, sir!” Skeets exclaimed.
    “I can see that!” Booster shouted back. The Green Lantern held up the hand housing his ring and pointed it in the direction of the flailing man. A series of shimmering green tentacles erupted from the emerald fire on the ring’s face. It enveloped Booster and Skeets in a puckered embrace, for it lacked none of the suction points an octopus would have. After another sudden drop, accompanied by another sudden striking of the fuselage ceiling, Booster was dragged to the nearest seat. His hands fumbled with the buckles, his attempts to fasten the restraints were encumbered somewhat by the drone tucked under his shoulder.
    “Got it!” He shouted as the buckle snapped into place. The construct dissolved around him, and he brought Skeets into view. His partner appeared to be no worse for wear, spared even the slightest dent by the alloy which encased him.
    “Is this part of the plan?” Booster asked, shouting over the thunderous chorus outside.
    Cyrus, grimacing, shouted back, “We expected some resistance, but we have good pilots.”
    “I don’t think that matters,” Booster sighed, “if every damn gun is pointed at us!”
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Now
    The fire came scant moments later, erupting from the engines on their right wing. Their now crippled aircraft began a steady descent that stressed the remaining engines in a fashion that would have led to their own failure, but this became irrelevant as several more shells perforated the plane with vicious ease.
    The first of these tore through the front of their plane, leaving a scar three hands wide that pierced the plane from head to tail. Where the pilot had once been, there was a bloody smear around a wide hole. Specks of blood stained Cyrus’ face and coat, the man’s expression changed from one of rage to horror as he looked down toward the tail end of the fuselage. The company of soldiers seated on the pilot’s side of the main cabin had been halved at their waists, leaving only twitching legs.
    “So much for the f*cking plan,” Booster said.
    “We do seem to have a knack for finding ourselves in these situations, sir,” Skeets replied, his voice muffled slightly by the crook of Booster’s arm.
    A second shell erupted beneath their feet, tearing through the hull and out through the ceiling. Booster risked leaning forward to glance through the opening just ahead of his feet. The scene below was not dissimilar to the fourth of July, only lacking a variation in color.
    The cockpit swung open and Jordan stepped through, a shard of glass dug into his left bicep. “She’s gone,” he said, at a near shout. “Tail’s gone, engines are gone… we gotta jump.”
    “Chutes are gone too,” Cyrus shouted back, pointing toward the rear of the fuselage. “Last volley took them.”
    Booster looked to each of them, then said, “Now what?” The aircraft lurched again, evidently straining against its bolts as it caught more flak.
    The Lantern said nothing as he rose, but the newly lit emerald blaze dancing atop his ring erupted into a ball of light that filled the husk of the fuselage. A narrow shell surrounded the survivors: Cyrus, Booster, Jordan, and a few soldiers. All were huddled around the man with the ring, who grimaced as shells concussed against the barrier.
    Booster looked at the Lantern. He was clearly struggling against the barrage, a small trail of sweat gifted his brow a sheen that shimmered against the emerald light. “How long can you keep this up?” Booster asked.
    “No idea,” the Lantern replied through grit teeth. “Long enough, I hope. I’m open to suggestions, Michael.”
    “I have one,” Booster mused, grinning. He stepped over the large hole in the hull, it was coated by the same green shell. “Not a good one, mind you. But I don’t think this is time to be picky.”
    “Care to share?” the Lantern asked.
    “Nah,” Booster said. “That would ruin the surprise.” He pointed down at the hole beneath his feet and said, “Beam me down, Scotty.”
    Alan Scott looked at Booster, confused. Booster, in kind, asked, “What? Does your world not have Star Trek?” He flashed another grin at everyone as the barrier slowly receded, then added, “You know what, this pretty damn heroic.”
    And then he fell.
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2015.03.24 22:50 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hi, we are Chris Coyne, co-founder of OkCupid, and MIT professor Hal Abelson, founding director of Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation. We're both participants in the world's first Algorithm Auction -- AUA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2015-03-24
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What inspires you? I personally like to work on things that are a combination of (1) creative, and (2) likely to make other people's lives better. The latter is a silicon valley cliche, but it has become a guiding requirement for me and my business partners from OkCupid, SparkNotes, and Keybase. (I've worked with the same guys since college.) We're in the fortunate position now to work on whatever software we want, and we're unlikely to pursue something just because it's a great business. It has to be creatively challenging and rewarding, and it has to be, in our opinion, good for the world.
In my free time, I like to make software that generates art, and I've done a number of projects, most of them private. One thing is CFDG, a language for generating art. (It's nice to have Hal on here, because turtle graphics was an inspiration for that.)
The algorithmic auction is particularly appealing to me because (1) it benefits a museum, and (2) it's a wonderful combination of creative programming. I feel lucky to be included.
Chris, what is one of the craziest stories from your OKCupid days that you can share publicly? The hardest part of this question is knowing where the line is. There are so many things I can't say.
One easy example: at OkCupid, we spent a lot of time having fun, playing around with the site's content. There's always been an essay question on OkCupid: "The Six Things I Could Never Do Without..." This was a poke a Nerve, which at the time was a popular dating site. They had a similar question, but about 5 things.
Well, one day someone jokingly changed it to say "Things I think about while masturbating..." on 1 in N pageloads. (I think N was 100 or 1000.) So every once in a while you'd see that heading followed by "Hall & Oates" or "my computer" or "my dog, Tilly."
I had to take it down when a guy in a divorce proceeding had a screenshot of it presented to a judge with "my kids" underneath it, by his wife. I had to provide a letter to the judge explaining the whole thing.
For Keybase, are you trying to make encryption and private communications easier for non-technical people to use? Keybase is great for techies to have a unified easy to use keystore, but how can we make verifiable open encryption easy? Keybase, as it is right now, isn't so useful for non-programmers. It's a directory, and I believe it's the right kind of directory, but it doesn't answer a number of questions. (1) correctly solving the identity problem (no key fingerprints, key signing parties, etc.) (2) good cross-client software (3) per device keys, not a private key you need to move around.
Chris - how do you feel about people using spark notes instead of reading the book? Mostly not great. But it depends on the book. Also compulsory reading can take the love away.
Btw, my father was a high school English teacher and he said he never truly appreciated Moby Dick until he used a study guide alongside it. I felt the same way about Lolita.
Aside: I used to get the digs in by telling him I caused more reading avoidance per day than he could get his students to do in a lifetime.
How is your band Bishop-Allen working out? You're thinking of Christian Rudder, my co-founder at OkCupid.
Link to www.youtube.com
Which one your accomplishments are you most proud of? Why? Work-wise, so far it's OkCupid. We have some big plans for Keybase, and we'll be launching something later this year I'll be very proud of.
How many distinct personality 'types' do you think there are if any at all? I think people can be pretty clearly partitioned into ~7 billion personality types.
Chris, did it ever occur to you that the OkCupid Compatibility Calculation would also be useful for helping aspiring superheros find their arch-nemesis? Yes, that's specifically what we made enemy percentages for.
I knew it! When they remake The Tick, I hope they address that. How does it feel knowing you have brought so many people together with the power of math? Beyond a certain scale it is hard to appreciate. But I have a number of close friends and family who are in excellent relationships because of OkCupid. That's what feels best.
Could you detail how the Friend and Enemy percentages are calculated? The FAAAQ tells how Match works, but not the others. Raw enemy percentage is (1-raw match percentage). Your raw match and raw enemy add up to 100%. That said, the way confidence adjustments work has gotten sensitive to the game-ability of questions. It used to be enemy % = raw enemy % - conf adj., and match % = raw match % - conf adj. It's no longer that simple on the confidence adjustment side. You can think of your mach percentage now as something approximating the odds someone would score as well as they did with you in raw score, given the questions in your intersection. Friend % is some measure of whether you tend to be attracted/repulsed by the same things. Not whether you are the same. When I last looked, it was a weighted average of those agreements, weighted by your stated importances. Again with some confidence adjustment that shrank the more (good) q's in common.
Hello Chris, You probably don’t remember me, but I sent you a message via Twitter about 9 months ago telling you about how I met my husband, a 99% match, on OkCupid and how we got married in Las Vegas exactly a month after meeting in Montreal. He’s a Canadian, I’m an American, and we’re living in Toronto now while he’s working in television and I’m a phone sex dominatrix. We’re still happily married and keep discovering every day how crazy life can be living with someone who is almost your mirror image personality and interest-wise. You responded to congratulate us and gave me Christian’s email address so I could contact him about an idea I had. At the time, I wanted to create a short little film about how my husband and I met and how uniquely OkCupidian the whole experience was. Since then, I actually fleshed the idea out a bit more and would like to make a documentary about OkCupid. The documentary will focus on crazy/funny OkCupid stories (like the guy who found his mom and she was a 95% match), the OkC subculture in large cities (especially NYC, where almost everyone I knew was on there), and on the people who have been on the site for many, MANY years (like myself). Is there any way that you would consider being interviewed for it? Congrats, again! I would consider it if you send me the details. (My email address is pretty easy to find.)
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2013.08.29 20:51 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We discovered Argo, Slumdog Millionaire and The King's Speech and debuted them to Toronto audiences. We are members of the Toronto International Film Festival programming team - AUA!

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Date: 2013-08-29
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Ben Affleck, Danny Boyle and Tom Hooper were already VERY established directors. What filmmakers have you truly discovered? Michael Moore premiered ROGER AND ME in Toronto. Christopher Nolan premiered his first feature FOLLOWING in Toronto. Hal Hartley often premiered his films in Toronto, and John Woo, Hou Hsaio Hsien and Lino Brocka were first championed in North America by our late programmer David Overbey. And there are more. - Cameron.
Our programmer Jane Schoettle also adds Jason Reitman and Paul Haggis.
On my beat: Eli Roth; Alex Aja; Takeshi Miike; Adam Wingard; Tony Jaa; Hitoshi Matsumoto; Julien Maury + Alexandre Bustillo; Ryuhei Kitamura; Christopher Smith.
How can you still pride on yourself for being the 'people's festival' when clearly you care more about "discovering" Oscar winners (which you didn't, BTW) and not boast about how many international first time filmmakers with amazing films that you are championing? TIFF is still very much a public film festival for film lovers. If you limit yourself to the red carpet, then you aren't getting the full scope of the experience. Check out films in Vanguard, Midnight Madness, Wavelengths or the other programmes to experience and discover great new films! I totally have pride with what TIFF does! - Colin Geddes.
Colin - There hasn't been a Martial Arts film in MM (other than The Raid) for several years. Where are all the good Martial Arts films??? I KNOW! Sadly THE RAID 2 was only just completed. Fingers crossed I can get it for next year. I was waiting on the new Donnie Yen film, but it was not ready in time :( There is martial arts in WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL! And see you at the Ryerson b/c I think I know who you are! Continuing your annual TIFF film vacay from south of the border like usual! - CG.
Be sure to check out Keanu Reeves film MAN OF TAI CHI this year, featuring a ton of martial arts action! Kerri Craddock.
How many films do you watch in a year when looking for TIFF films? How do you narrow it down to make your selections? Say, in an average month, how much traveling are you doing to other countries looking for TIFF films? How would someone get started in this type of thing, programming for a film festival? Any tips on where to start? How do you negotiate with other film festivals as to who gets the World Premiere or International Premiere, North American premiere, etc? If you want to become a festival programmer, the most important things to develop are a broad knowledge of global cinema, a specialty in one or two areas of cinema (Latin American films, or documentary, or genre cinema, for example), and, maybe most importantly, a way of communicating effectively about films. How persuasively you talk and write about films will establish your credibility more than anything else. - Cameron I lose track over how many films I watch that are considerations for TIFF, but this year I tried to keep a log and when it hit around 180 I stopped counting! Hard to narrow it down to what are fits for the Fest. For Midnight Madness I have only ten slots, but could easily pick 15 films! There are many films that get away. Orphans is what I call them, but there are tough decisions that need to be made. I programme the Canadian features films with Steve Gravestock, and I watch roughly 250 Canadian submissions a year. Steve and I talk about the films we see constantly. Some decisions are easier than others – there are those films I know immediately are perfect for TIFF and I want to show, and others I know just won’t work for us. - Agata.
And how to get started? I think each programmer has a different voyage to the position. There is no "film programmer academy". I'd suggest just to be passionate about films and organize screenings. Share your tastes with others! - Colin Geddes.
What was behind the decision to make the Jason Reitman Live Reading only available during the single ticket window and not during the package selection/lottery process? The live reading last year was probably my favourite part of the fest (despite it starting an hour late!). Thanks, ilikecams! The Live Reading was one of our most popular events last year and we didn't want to risk it going off-sale before single-ticket buyers had a chance. Starting this Sunday morning, everyone can log on, call in or line-up to get tickets. Weirdly, I've never received a single bottle of Drambuie, after all those years on the Showcase Revue. (I'm not asking for anyone to start, please.) - Cameron.
80% of the shorts that are programmed barely tell a story. Why do the short programmers dislike three-act structure so much? We enjoy conventional narrative structures as much as we are turned on by filmmakers who explode the form. It points to a healthy body of work from filmmakers who aren't afraid to push boundaries. Film language is malleable, and power to that. - Magali.
Which film are you most proud of for becoming the Peoples Choice? Also which film do you think will get the honors this year? PS: Can't wait, gonna be a great time again this year, thanks for all the hard work! The great thing about our audience award is that we can't predict what will win. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE was a real come-from-behind victory for what was seen as an orphaned film, so it was a thrill to see the momentum build first here.
My answer to this would be TSOTSI or CARAMEL--because those films were made by non-North American directors and really made us feel that the audience was embracing our desire to present a truly global festival. JS.
Don't forget the Cadillac Midnight Madness People's Choice Award! - Colin Geddes.
Last question for Geddes. You also get calls / emails well after the submission date; have there ever been any gems that Midnight Madness has missed out on because the producer(s) couldn't get their act together? Every year. But I don't dwell on it. Gotta look to the future! No regrets! - CG.
Why did you cut the Canada First Program? Over the years we've found more and more Canadian filmmakers want to present their work at the Festival on the same stage as filmmakers from all over the world. Gia Milani has made a strong debut in ALL THE WRONG REASONS, for instance, and it'll premiere alongside Discovery programme films from many different countries. We still do a lot to offer additional profile and professional development to Canadian filmmakers, but when it comes to launching their films, I like this evolution towards making films from the whole world. - Cameron.
Good question. We felt that the programme wasn’t serving the films in the best way anymore. There were first features we felt naturally would sit better in other programmes, like edgier ones in Vanguard or ones with significant star power in Special Presentations. We’re still just as dedicated to showing first features, they are just spread out in the different programmes. -Agata.
Colin, I know a lot of friends who want to try Midnight Madness, and I'd love for them to have the experience, but they have a general aversion to horror films. Is there a MM film that you could recommend in this year's slate that might not be classified as a 'horror' film, but is perfect for the Midnight newcomer? Good question! I always have to work against the misconception that Midnight Madness is just about horror and gore, but we screened BORAT and THE RAID! This year, maybe try to have them come to R100 (sexy kinky strange comedy from Japan by the country's biggest comedian) or WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL (slapstick with some ridiculous Kill Bill level action) or the madcap WITCHING & BITCHING. Check the TIFF website for trailers to see if your pals would like them! - Colin Geddes.
Hi there, Torontonian here! How are the films for the festival selected? What makes a festival worthy film? Who selects the film? How did they end up being the person who selects the films? I can speak to part of this-re: how films are selected. We have a programming team of individuals who are responsible for either a genre (Midnight Madness, TIFFDocs) or a geographical territory. If you are responsible for a territory (mine are Australia, New Zealand, Israel and US independents--far flung!--then I go to those places every year, screen new films, meet filmmakers, and then come back to Toronto and look at everything they continue to send us for consideration (hundreds...) What makes a film festival worthy? A strong voice, a vision, innovation in form or content, or it's new work from a director that we've shown in the past--and any all of those reasons. At the end of the day, itt comes down to...you know it when you see it! JS.
If you could re-program one film that you selected over the past 10 years - perhaps one you felt didn't find it's audience or get distribution - what film and why? I picked a film in 1998 for the Midnight Madness selection called HEAVEN from New Zealand by Scott Reynolds starring Karl Urban, Martin Donovan and Richard Schiff that didn't get the attention or release that it deserved. Seek it out! - CG.
GAIA was a beautiful indie film I showed about 5 years ago that, for whatever reason, never found it's audience. A haunting powerful film that deserved better. Would absolutely still invite, but am regretful for how it went the last time--look for it! Jane Schoettle.
One of my favourite films, by the director of The Ugly. Reminded me in some ways of films by Nicolas Roeg. The DVD cover, unfortunately, is terrible. Sadly a DVD cover can doom a films release. :( - Colin Geddes.
I'm a big fan of Ti West's previous films and would love to take a (albeit, sensitive) date to see his newest THE SACRAMENT. Just how brutal is it? What was Eli Roth's influence as producer? I want to know if I need to find someone else to attend it with! It is not brutal. More of a thriller. The Eli Roth stamp does not mean there is gore or brutality. Remember he did THE LAST EXORCISM which was not so gory. - CG.
I'm a regular TIFF attendee and love that our city has this. If I could kiss up any more I would. (1) Over the years, any film gems that TIFF staff thought would blow away audiences but didn't get the recognition you thought it deserved? (2) Which country has surprised you the most in the films they've put out? I'll answer 2). Over the past ten years, I've been amazed at the growth of films coming from South Korea from arthouse to blockbusters. It is a really vibrant scene. Each programmer looks after various territories and have their own takes on what is happening around the world. I always recommend audience try and sample more international choices each year at TIFF. - Colin Geddes.
Colin used to program just Midnight Madness, but now he also does Vanguard, how did that happen? And can he program the rest of the festival too? I would go to an Everything Colin Likes Festival, and I'm sure he has nothing better to do with his time. Where is the LIKE button on this thing!?!? ;) - CG.
Former resident of Toronto... I actually lived directly across from the Bell Light Box (325! - buddy still has the place there). I would be curious to know the teams opinion on Amal vs. Slumdog Millionaire. I really thought Slumdog Millionaire overshadowed the film, but Amal was definitely one that stood out during that year. Unfortunately no tickets this year - but would love to. I have one friend that literally reschedules her life to "stalk" celebrities (more or less, standing in the crowds and getting pictures with them). Any tips for those individuals? Yes, AMAL did very well at TIFF and went on to travel a lot internationally. The filmmaker, Richie Mehta, has a new feature this year, SIDDHARTH.
I will be attending the premiere of Only Lovers Left Alive next Thursday. As this is my first TIFF experience, how soon do/should I be at the theater? An hour is best, and you get to feel the vibe, see the guests, talk to fellow audience members.
To get a great seat, I would recommend lining up in the Ticket Holder's line as much as 45 minutes to an hour in advance, but as long as you show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, you'll definitely get a seat. Have fun with those vampires!
What is the selection process like for films that are submitted? where do you begin and how does the process work? This is a never ending process. Even now we're tracking films that we'd like to see for the 2014 Festival, but our most intense screening period begins with the Cannes Film Festival in May, followed by weeks of long days in our screening room at TIFF Bell Lightbox until we lock the programme in mid July. In terms of the process, we rely on our Withoutabox submissions, as well as screening films at other film festivals and through our valued industry partners, including producers, sales agents, distributors and national promotional agencies from around the world. Each year, our programming teams sees over 4,500 films to come up with our selection. Kerri Craddock.
I heard that the program was cut so you wouldn't have to play so many first time Canadians and could just focus on the ol' trusty's like Bruce McDonald, Denis Villeneuve, Ingrid Veninger, Peter Stebbings etc. Is it true that this year is the lowest number it's ever been or is that just hearsay? Do you still care about helping establish Canadian filmmakers or is all the heart of the festival really just focused on becoming a platform for The Oscars? Not true. The number of first features fluctuates from year to year. We have 5 this year and this is in line with what we've shown in the past. Not sure offhand what the lowest number ever was. Supporting first time filmmakers is very important to us and helping establish Canadian filmmakers is key to what we do. We'll be showing 30 Canadian feature films this year and 39 Canadian shorts. We also provide year round and TIFF industry programming for emerging Cdn filmmakers. It's a pretty big deal to us -Agata.
Have you ever introduced a movie with the cast and crew where there was hardly anyone in the audience? Or do you just shut down those screenings where no sales happen? In my memory (15 years at TIFF) we've never had NO sales on a screening. Certainly, we've had low tickets sales a few times over the years on a screening, perhaps due to date/time or a low awareness of the title--but we would never cancel for that reason. As far as I'm concerned, those people paid for that ticket and experience and we will wholeheartedly provide that experience. In one case, I do recall it leading to a really cool, intimate Q/A after the film and both the director and audience members really loved it the proximity that allowed for a really intense, personal conversation. JS.
Do you think that the dominating grip that Hollywood has on movie theaters around the world can be loosened? As in, do you see a trend where we will see more blockbuster movies, or more auteur type movies? This year Hollywood films have been beaten by local films in countries like Mexico, Spain, Japan and Korea. The grip is not as tight as many believe! - CG.
It already has been--IMHO. Traditional theatrical releasing is now only a part of a wide array of platforms through which films can be seen and shared. And any number of large and/or successful films from the last 5 years in particular have been financed and produced in other countries. Film is a global, no borders business and art--and some recent moves on the part of the traditional studios show that they recognize this also. JS.
What are some of the biggest challenges you face in programming the festival? Also, what are some of the considerations taken when selecting the Opening and closing night Gala presentaions? Challenges: serving the audience and the industry, all at once. We like everyone to be challenged and the films to get elevated. When achieved, it's rewarding for everyone.
There are more and more films being made every year, so one of the biggest challenges is just making sure we're seeing everything we need to. We have a big programming team that travels as much as possible to make sure we don't miss anything. For Opening and Closing, we're looking for films that will work well with a large, broad audience, and that fit the spirit of those nights. For Opening, it's also good to have a film that gives our audience something to think about, like FIFTH ESTATE. - Cameron.
I can't speak to Opening and Closing --but for my own part the most challenging thing is the sheer volume of submissions form all of my territories--everything needs to be considered and seen equally and that can mean weeks and weeks of no sleep! JS.
I think the biggest challenge is a question of balance. We're constantly striving to bring our audiences a diverse programme, including some of the hottest titles for the upcoming awards' season, some of the hottest sales titles of the year, as well as ensuring that a vast number of countries and filmmaking styles are represented. This year we have 70 countries represented in the programme, a statistic that we're proud of, but are always trying to top!
For the Opening Night film, it's important that we choose something that will appeal to our diverse audience of long time Festival supporters, film critics and the industry as a whole, both in terms of the film's content, as well as the stars that come with it! We're also always on the lookout from something topical that will kick off the Festival with great energy and buzz. This year's THE FIFTH ESTATE is a great example of how all of these factors can come together.
For our Closing Night film, while the same holds true, we place a greater emphasis on something celebratory and fun with big impact. This year's LIFE OF CRIME set in 1970s Detroit is sure to be a blast and we're thrilled that some of Hollywood's brightest stars will be in attendance.
Some of my favourite screenings over the years have been controversial ones. I'm thinking of one's that angered the audience, like Ken Park. I remember Larry Clark and Edward Lachman stood their ground and challenged the audience to get past yelling insults and have a discussion during the Q & A. Any moments like that to highlight? I LOVE screenings like that, but it can be daunting as a programmer who has to be a referee! Screenings that spark discussion are the best. In Midnight Madness we had a doc that had a fictional thread in it called S&MAN that disturbed the audience, but then was revealed in the Q&A. A memorable night! - Colin.
There's numerous films every year that provoke strong emotional responses--but it is key that people participate in a respectful Q/A--yelling never really gets your point across. Maybe I'm lucky--I've never had ill-mannered behaviour, but I've certainly experienced audience members that are impassioned, opinionated and ready to speak their mind--which is a part of the experience. JS.
The film THE IMMORAL should have an interesting Q&A... - Magali.
Back in the 90's, I can remember some early morning second screenings where the director or star showed up. John Waters on a Sunday morning for Pecker, Jeremy Irons and Wayne Wang for Chinese Box. Seems that rarely happens any more. Do you have any favourite heroic stars/directors who showed up to all screenings? Lynne Shelton for MY SISTER'S SISTER. JS.
Always juggling schedules which makes the talent attendance at 2nd screenings hard, but this year I have some directors who are staying in Toronto for 11 days! They want to be part of each and every screening of their films. Troopers! And I have some Midnight Madness alumni who are showing up even though they don't have a film in the Festival this year! - CG.
And Jon Hamm showed up for an early screening of FRIENDS WITH KIDS, happy to be there. JS.
I'm looking for good comedy or drama or romance. What movie should I watch for this year? DON JON is a great combo of comedy, drama and romance! See R100 or WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL in Midnight Madness for wacky comedy! - CG.
I will watch Don Jon by Joseph Gordon-Levitt for sure. :) Comedy: BAD WORDS by Jason Bateman for sure! JS.
Other than the French films, what are some movies with female nudity? Didn't you hear? France outlawed nudity this year in cinema. - Colin Geddes.
On the schedule for the opening and closing night movies, there are two different start times at two different theatres, but both are marked as "premium", aka red carpet premieres. Is this actually the case? And does this mean the cast and director will be at both? Yes, they will be at both.
We screen our Opening and Closing films at both the Elgin and Roy Thomson Hall theatres. There will be a stage introduction from the filmmakers at both screenings. - Cameron.
In years past all films were priced around $20.00 In the last few years the "premium" screenings have jumped to $40.00! Why such a drastic price jump? Including the Galas, which have always been priced higher, there are 42 premium screenings at the Festival. We have over 250 films at regular price. It's also worth remembering that the second and third screenings of those Premium films are at regular price, and we often have filmmakers present for the second screenings of Premium films. I hope you'll be able to find films to see at a price you can afford. - Cameron.
Didn't you hear? France outlawed nudity this year in cinema. - Colin Geddes. A fair amount of nudity in the short films this year. Way to go filmmakers! - Magali.
Two of the weakest Canadian films I've seen (SCORE: A HOCKEY MUSICAL and THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG) were programmed before anyone had seen the films. As programmers do you think you'll start watching the films before promising them a gala or will you continue to offer coveted spots to your friends? Not true. We always see the films before we make programming decisions. - Cameron.
Online film selection is so much better than filling out the booklets. Any plans to allow TIFF patrons the option of printing their own tickets? In 2020 we hope that you can print your own cinema on 3D printers. - CG.
I plan on lining up this weekend for tickets. How early should I come to ensure I'll get most of the ones I want? Also, what percentage of tickets have already been sold through ticket packages? Many hours prior opening. Our online system is now much easier to use as well. If you dont get your #1 choices, you can also RUSH them day-of.
My friend wants to get there 24 hours before- should we go even earlier? Do tickets go on sale online at 9AM as well? Yes, 9am on September 1st.
Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be the biggest hype surrounding this year's festival. I for one am THRILLED that he is coming. Was the Fifth Estate always going to open the festival? You must be a SHERLOCK fan! We see all films before making a decision to invite them or not. We invited THE FIFTH ESTATE to open the Festival immediately upon seeing it in July. Kerri Craddock.
It's not just a Cumber-palooza this year! Daniel Radcliffe, Ciaran Hinds and Mia Wasikowska each have three films playing with us--! JS.
Any openings in your team ? On the programming team, nothing at the moment, but we always have our eye out for enthusiastic, talented individuals. Be sure to check out TIFF's career opportunities. Kerri Craddock.
Do you have any news about Blood Ties wide release in North America? You guys have a great line-up. Thanks! We're excited to start presenting the line-up to audiences in one week's time! Roadside Attractions will release BLOOD TIES in the US and the film currently doesn't have distribution in Canada, so keep checking the website of the former (or IMDB) and stay tuned for new on Canada. Kerri Craddock.
How does somebody buy tickets for the shortcuts program? The ticketing system boggles me! Log onto our website at 9am on September 1st, and you can purchase tickets to any of our six Short Cuts Canada programmes (in the "S" section if you are scrolling alphabetically). - Magali
On average, how many films do each of you screen in a given year for consideration in the festival, and how many do each of you end up selecting? I see about 700 films a year and most programmers are also watching hundreds. - Cameron.
For Festival Shorts, over 700 in couple months. Year round, hundreds of features for the TIFF Bell Ligthbox. - @Magali_TIFF.
I see around 450-500, and I select around 21. JS.
Why are shorts programmed in a block by themselves? Many festivals program shorts at the start of features, which provides a greater visibility for the shorts and helps support the (usually) emerging filmmakers. To engage the audience with the filmmakers, shorts programmes have proven very successful. Our crowds are getting big, with many curious and adventurous audience members. We are now showing short films in front of many of our new releases at the TIFF Bell Ligthbox, year round, providing a large-scale, commercial exposure to many of these shorts. - Magali.
Is Daniel Radcliffe going to be at all three of his film's premieres? That's the plan. - Cameron.
What's been some of the more remarkable awkward moments that the public never hears about? Geddes, we remember the hilarity at Borat. That's like bragging about bad dates! Lots of stuff goes on behind the scenes, but that's show biz! - CG.
Can Steve McQueen moderate every Q&A? Because that would be awesome. Wouldn't that be fantastic??? But yeah, can't happen...JS.
Awesome, indeed. Maybe we should hire him.
How many screenings of the double will richard ayoade be at? The easy answer would be 2 (DOUBLE, geddit?), and that's the likely answer as well. - Cameron.
What has been the best film of this year, so far? Ask that once the Festival starts! - CG.
Do you get analytics on how films are tracking before the fest so you can promote ones you feel need more love / attention? We do indeed. We're constantly looking at ticket sales to ensure that we promote films with availability, whether those are off sale premium screenings with last minute tickets available or hidden gems that might escape our audience's attention without some help.
Another question for Geddes. What's the best "you're an ass for not selecting my film" phone calls you received? The "best"? Ugh. Never. Those calls are the worst, but luckily they are few and far between. Producers and directors must think long term and not short term. Often times if I can't pick a film, I still try and help the film and pass/suggest it to other festivals or people who can help.
This year I've picked a film and in the past I had to pass on the director and producers previous films, but this year they delivered at last! Love their spirit! - CG.
Will you be making the ticket purchasing process any easier? It's still incredibly confusing to see so many different packages. Also, unless you're a TIFF member, it's incredibly frustrating to pick movies in general. For answers to your ticketing questions, try here: - Cameron.
Have you ever been in a submarine? No. - @Magali_TIFF.
I thought Telluride played Argo, Slumdog Millionaire and The King's Speech before you did. Telluride often does preview screenings of films that premiere in Toronto, but it never describes its screenings as premieres. All three of those films made their official world premieres in Toronto. - Cameron.
Thanks for doing this AMA. Let's start with the obvious... please name a film or two that you're excited about. If you'd name one you selected, and one you haven't, that'd be great. Excited about Monia Chokri's QUELQU'UN D'EXTRAORDINAIRE, in the Shorts section. Actress turned director - and it pays off. - Magali Simard.
I am super excited for ALMOST HUMAN, a first time film that I've selected in Midnight Madness. Great thriller by a promising young talent, Joe Begos! And my colleague Jane has programmed a film with Joel Eggerton called FELONY that I am stoked to check out. - CG.
A film I didn't select but absolutely love: GLORIA - Magali Simard.
I’m excited about showing a film called SIDDHARTH by Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta. It’s set in India and tells the story of a father who’s sent his 12-yr old son to work in a factory in another province. The son never returns. Really moving story about a dad’s desperate and tangled search for his son. Beautifully done in a neo-realist style. I really want to see IDA by Pawel Pawlikowski – I am of big fan of his film MY SUMMER OF LOVE. - Agata.
Kerri Craddock.
Yes, they will be at both. We screen our Opening and Closing films at both the Elgin and Roy Thomson Hall theatres. There will be a stage introduction from the filmmakers at both screenings. - Cameron. Audiences will also have a chance to catch up with the film at a third screening on Saturday morning at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. Kerri Craddock.
Is Agata Smoluch Del Sorbo related to Kevin Sorbo. No - not that I know of! - Agata.
That's like bragging about bad dates! Lots of stuff goes on behind the scenes, but that's show biz! - CG. Ditto to what Colin said--I try to do a brain flush of the icky stuff at the end of every festival. I need the room. JS.
Can you name one film with a great storyline/plot that you've seen that ended as a flop but could have been amazing with a different director or actors (but still the same funding) I've mulled this over--and I think the answer is No! Great question though! (Would make a very interesting dinner party game/discussion!)JS.
Thanks-having met them, they are totally cool and quite remarkable yung people. JS. Sorry--YOUNG people!
Gosling, Cranston and Brooks along with the director showed up for the second 9 AM screening of Drive a couple of years ago. They were a bit bedraggled, but they were there. Link to inatiff.com. I did that DRIVE Q&A and I was so excited that they came at 9AM! Gosling was doing a yoga move in the Green Room! - CG.
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2013.08.13 03:17 I-Am-So-Original How I think the DC Cinematic Universe can be just as successful as that of Marvel, but still remain unique

Oh boy, I've been waiting to discuss this for a looooooong time! This description/outline of a potential DC Cinematic Universe is a thought that I've had in my mind ever since the SDCC announcement of Man of Steel 2, so feel free to leave your comments and such :) [Obviously, Spoilers for those who haven't seen the movies]'
Phase 1
Green Lantern: Though this movie gets a seriously (and well-deserved) bad rap, it sets up the bare foundation for the rest of the Cinematic Universe. The [god-awful] fight against Parallax takes place a bit after the time of Man of Steel, in Coast City. Those who witness the fight between Hal and that giant yellow space cloud, begin to spread rumors throughout the internet, and begin discussing a potential team-up of the world's greatest heroes. And during the end-credits scene, we see Sinestro become a Yellow Lantern, a plot point which could potentially play a key role in GL2.
Man of Steel: Taking place a couple months before the events of Green Lantern*, MoS introduces the Kryptonian Alien Kal-El to the world. After the massive destruction caused by Superman's fight with Zod, billionaire Lex Luthor volunteers to rebuild the city from scratch. He begins to spread propaganda, claiming that without Superman, this world would have been better off. Upon investigation of the terraforming sites, Luthor finds a green stone, likely formed due to the terraforming machine. With the help of analysts from STAR Labs, he deduces that this crystal could be synthesized and be used to weaken the Menace of Steel. Luthor's anti-superman agenda is pushed to top priority, leading us to the events of...
Man of Steel 2 (World's Strongest): Superman is seen helping people and preventing innocent deaths across the globe. However, Luthor's anti-Superman propaganda raises some valid points, and Kal begins to doubt whether he truly is needed for the planet. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor partners with fellow billionaire Bruce Wayne for the reconstruction of Metropolis. Wayne is distrustful of Luthor, but he reasons that their goal is the same. As they work together, Lex begins to discuss some of his anti-Superman plans; He believes that Superman is the key threat to peace on Earth. After several similar discussions, Luthor reveals to his friend a secret program: Project Kryptonite, which is dedicated to synthesizing the materials that weakened Superman in the last movie. Wayne is given a fair chunk of Kryptonite as an offering... "A partnership that can protect and preserve peace on Earth." Later at night, a mysterious, dark vigilante is seen fighting crime in Metropolis. Rumors spread, and the Batman makes his presence known to the citizens of Metropolis. Superman silently observes the Batman's fighting style, and notes the vigilante's secrecy and complex fighting techniques. Bruce, noticing the Man of Steel observing him, stages more fights in order to draw out the alien from hiding. Soon after, the Batman and Superman confront, face to face and have a long discussion about morals. Kal reveals the Batman to be Bruce Wayne, shocking the billionaire. He spends days researching and trying to find out Kal's human identity. Around the same time, Luthor shows Wayne a mecha-suit that he had been developing, based off the scraps of Zod and his team's mecha-armor. That night, STAR Labs is inflitrated and the mecha-suit is stolen by an unknown being. Bruce modifies the mecha-armor and challenges Superman to hand-to-hand combat via an ultrasonic transmission that only Superman could possibly hear; for good measure, he also ends the message with a single word... Clark. The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight face off in a colossal battle; thanks to the modified Kryptonian suit and the Kryptonite, Batman gives Superman a rather hard time. Through this epic fight, the two fighters find a mutual understanding. They're both outsiders, forced to conform to a world that could never possibly fathom their existences. The fight ends in a draw, with both wounded warriors parting ways in dignity. The next day, Lex Luthor reveals to Bruce his ultimate plan. At this point, Luthor has been driven mad by his obsession with killing Superman; he reasons that the only way to destroy Superman is to finish what Zod started. He launches a modified satellite (partially reverse-engineered from Zod's machine) into space, which begins the terraforming process once again. Since the satellite is modified with human technology, it becomes unstable. Bruce and Clark work together to destroy the machine, and Luthor is imprisoned for attempted genocide. The two heroes realize that they make a pretty great team, and they begin to do research on other potentially super-powered beings, when they come across two major hits... In an after-credits scene, Bruce Wayne, followed closely by shy reporter Clark Kent are seen stepping into an old, musty government building. The receptionist at the desk recognizes the billionaire and nods, remembering the call he gave earlier. Clark stammers, "We're looking for officer Barry Allen." She picks up the phone, mutters quickly, and hangs up. "He says he'll be down in a Flash."
Green Lantern 2 (Rise of Sinestro): Sinestro, empowered by the yellow ring, has vanished from the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps. Search parties are sent to find him, but only their rings return to Oa. Hal Jordon, meanwhile, is still adjusting to his role as a pilot, a superhero, and a Green Lantern. He learns about another superpowered being from Metropolis, and realizes that there could be other heroes on this planet. The Guardians suddenly assign Hal for a search party to find Sinestro, as he is one of the strongest members of the corps. Hal and Kilowog travel to the last-known location of their comrade, only to be suddenly ambushed by a strange yellow being. Sinestro appears in a golden outfit, wearing a golden ring. And behind him, about 3 or 4 other people appear, brandishing their golden rings. Jordan fights Sinestro on-on-one, and is able to beat him... just barely, showing the progress he had made since he was a student. But the other members of the "Sinestro Corps" interfere, and Hal and Kilowog barely escape the onslaught. They relay an emergency message to the Guardians, who station Hal to Earth out of protection. Sinestro declares war on the Guardians of Oa, and commands his squadron to destroy it. The remaining Green Lanterns fight valiantly, but they succumb to the might of fear. The guardians flee the planet and stash the power source on an abandoned planet. Most of Sinestro's army is defeated, thanks to the efforts of the Corps, but Sinestro himself is hell-bent on destroying Hal Jordan for the humiliation. He's driven mad by the power of fear, and the rage consumes him. He and his two commanders arrive on Coast City and challenge Jordan to battle once again. An epic battle ensues, and just when it looks like Hal is defeated, there's a blue blur, which knocks Sinestro to the ground. Suddenly, a smokescreen appears, and the two commanders are disarmed. Jordan staggers up, and uses his remaining strength to defeat Sinestro, but he decides to let him go. The remaining members of the GL corps work together to form a powerful green prison, and the ring is confiscated by the guardians once more. Meanwhile, two shadows observe silently over a building, analyzing the fight and the damage. Hal returns home after dark, where he finds Superman and Batman standing in front of him, arms crossed. Jordan's face lights up in childish glee, as Superman smiles and Batman nods. A red blur zips in front of them, and a talkative speedster immediately shakes the pilot's hands. "Hi, I'm Barry. Sorry I'm late."
Justice League: In response to the invasion of Earth from Zod and the Sinestro Corps, Wayne Enterprises funds the creation of an orbiting Watchtower, which obviously creates a controversy. [Insert snippets of news debates about whether this "Justice League" truly has the best interests of the Earth in mind]. Meanwhile, in a land long forgotten by men, four super-powered beings gather in secret to protect the Earth from this threat. Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Martian Manhunter, and Cyborg sit in a round table, ready to discuss the protection of the planet. These four heroes debate the merits and the faults of each member of the Justice League. They decide to form the Earth's Protection Forces, a society dedicated to defending the Earth from any threats (which to them, includes the Justice League). Meanwhile in space, Bruce and Clark discuss the future of the world, and possibly even the galaxy. The Flash cuts in during discussions and gives anecdotal evidence to certain views that he has (cue flashbacks). Batman starts to empathize with the Flash, as he knows the pain a child experiences when losing his parents. He remarks that if they wish to truly protect the Earth, they have to recruit the more disciplined and powerful warriors. Suddenly, the holoscreen shifts to a live broadcast of the EPF, who hijack all TV and radio frequencies (thanks to their pal Cyborg) to relay a threatening message to the Justice League. This sparks panic and riots, as the Earth's citizens brace for an imminent conflict between the two factions. The JL agrees, as per the demands of the EPF to host a live-broadcast debate. The two sides become heated and passionate. Eventually, Aquaman loses his temper and initiates the first hit. The conflict escalates to an all-out battle between the members. Through the fight, however, the JL and EPF members notice similarities. They all share the same goals, and in the end, they agree to reconcile. The EPF and JL join forces and vow to stop any threat to the Earth.
*Phase 2*
[Insert Backstories of each EPF member. There's always something that happens in the background of each movie, which will lead to the conflict in...]
Justice League: Unlimited
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