Dating Whistler Vancouver

AWD / 4WD recommendations for BC Canada / Sea to Sky around <10k CAD

2020.10.25 05:09 foes2 AWD / 4WD recommendations for BC Canada / Sea to Sky around <10k CAD

First time buying a car out here in BC. Moved over from Europe 3 years ago and not bought a car yet, so really not clued up on autos / North American car models at all.
Based in Whistler but will likely be buying from Vancouver / surrounding areas with hopes to find something not rusted out and hopefully with up to date maintenance.
I WFH most of the time so this will primarily be used for the brief drive to the hill in winter on powder days as well as occasionally further afield for roadtrips.
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2020.02.29 11:13 losszeisi A list of good things to do in Metro Van!

speed dating in yaletown, do the sea to sky supercar experience, whistler bungee, take the ferry to random small islands with just your bike and a backpack, rat soup in gastown, go to richmond and sneeze profusely, pedicure at a top vancouver spa, go to that turkish bath spa, nude at wrecked beach, catfe, walk out with cat, pit night by yourself, fortune sound club on a saturday night, walk surrey's 108th stretch at night, stay at a surrey gangster biker hotel (look up hotels and look at cheapest), richmond steveston wrestle with seal, lucy eastside diner eating challenge, sunday afternoon tea at secret garden with yourself and a sex doll, richmond buddhist temple, join hare krishnas, go to a sikh temple, bike from ubc to downtown or other way, whistler ice vodka experience, winter hiking, heli-skiing, take a vancouver food tour (WORTH it!), cooking class, go on a suburb eating adventure (surrey - best indian food, richmond -best chinese) go to a comedy standup or improv show, go to whatever event rio is doing, join meetup and go to some random party event, do a crossfit, climbing, dance, yoga, cycling or some other boutique fitness intro class (classpass is also good for this.) go to the homeless market in downtown eastside and bargain, do an escape room or smash therapy, go to the bird sanctuary and throw rocks at canadian geese (dangerous), go to burns bog park in delta and antagonize the owls by pretending your hair is a squirrel (wear big wig), get laser hair removal (groupon), contribute to your RRSP, pay off your credit card, drop your debit card at london drugs downtown, shop at army and navy, go thrifting at talize in north delta, rent a boat in white rock and accidentally cross the US border, go to maple ridge and take a stroll downtown, download every dating app and right swipe everyone facebook message your ex, instagram your morning routine, marie kondo your home, quit your job, hire yourself, go to a psychic and make a life plan with them, go to cactus club burrard 2nd floor on a friday and slip the dj 20bucks and ask for aqua-barbie girl, make a personal shopping appointment at nordstrom, sleep overnight in your car at spanish banks parking lot, eat every meal in a different restaurant, line up for brunch at jam cafe on sunday, ride the whole skytrain and get off every stop, take the westcoast express till the end and be stranded, join the protestors, phone radio stations when they ask listeners to phone in, make guacamole.
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2020.02.19 01:51 stillgoing66 Alberta and BC Canada for 25 nights in summer 2020. Where to after Jasper?

Hi all, I’ve read holiday stories and their wisdom for over 12 months; now I finally have a holiday and require some guidance.
Our background: Married couple in their 50s from Australia heading to Canada for the first time in June 2020. We enjoy bike riding and walking (not hiking). I love making running videos for YouTube to watch while on a treadmill etc.
In terms of driving we will have a hire vehicle (that may be a separate question altogether!). Driving long distances are no issue; we used to drive 11 hrs in one day for holidays (swapping drivers every hour) so for example the 3 1/3 hours from Banff to Jasper is no issue.
Actual accommodation venues have not been looked at so far.
Current itinerary: I’m not totally sure with the travel agents itinerary. Fly straight to Vancouver then on to Calgary on June 27. Fly out the evening of July 21 (25 nights). This is all that’s been booked to date.
Calgary - 2 nights. The stampede unfortunately commences July 3 Banff - 4 nights Lake Louise - 2 nights (mmm.. its only 40 minutes from Banff and we cant afford the Fairmont) Jasper - 3 nights Sun Peaks - 2 night Whistler - 3 nights Seattle - 3 nights. Vancouver / Victoria - 6 nights.
Being summer, there is no skiing; it’s walks, runs, bike riding and drives while discovering townships and culture .
I’m somewhat happy until Jasper. After than I’m not sure on our direction.
  1. Is Sun Peaks more of the same? Nothing against Sun Peaks or any other ski resort town but by night 10 are they going to start to look/feel the same? Is there a different Canada and its people to see in that area?
  2. Im not sure of the best route
    1. If heading from Jasper to Whistler I read the most scenic route involves HWay 5 and 24 and staying at One Hundred Mile House.
    2. Should we just drive Jasper to Whistler via Kamloops (1 or 2 nights) and Vancouver, to get a large town/city feel or
    3. Jasper to Seattle via Kelowa or Penticton and the 97. Follow on itinerary could be Seattle to Victoria via Ferry and onto Whistler and finally Vancouver
Knowledge from locals or travers that have been and seen would be greatly appreciated
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2020.01.30 16:14 DeadlineCommish The /r/hockey Trade Deadline Game - Final Day Thread

NOTE: This is FAKE HOCKEY. To talk about actual hockey, go to the latest Daily Discussion thread
Trade Deadline Tonight will continue TONIGHT!
The /hockey Trade Deadline Game is back for the final day! Trading will run until Thursday, January 30th at 6:00 PM MT.
Regular signups have ended, but you can sign up at to be waived, this means that you have NO NTC and can get claimed by ANY of the 31 Teams! It's still a fun way to get moved around though!
When you are traded, change your flair on hockey-related subreddits and spend the week from January 31st through February 7th cheering for your new team.
Here are this year's reporters, the people who will make things up break news of trade negotiations:
But remember


For TDG-related shenanigans, go here [WARNING: some NSFW Language]
Happy trading!
detroitredwings receives feedfatso1607 from coloradoavalanche
coloradoavalanche receives TheYzerplan from detroitredwings
Detroit Red Wings to receive DuClaw Brewery from Baltimore, MD, which was commandeered by the Colorado Avalanche after receiving Perry Hall, MD.
floridapanthers receives akmartian from goldenknights
floridapanthers receives squishyfishy327 from goldenknights
floridapanthers receives NotJohnElway from goldenknights
goldenknights receives xSCARFACE909x from floridapanthers
goldenknights receives destinationbondage from floridapanthers
Two conditions: 1)Vegas will also receive Scarface's complete stash of drugs for their benefit out there in Vegas
2) and It is understood that when Florida sends Vegas players, Vegas is expected to [[[cough]]] take care of them in that Vegas way ; )
flyers receives Mazzocchi from flyers
flyers receives Table_Coaster from flyers
rangers receives kuhanluke from rangers
  1. Otter will buy u/agswanlek a beer at the next Flyers or Phillies game he attends.
  2. The Rangers receive the rights to the next kid Gritty punches.
coyotes claimed vorin off waivers.
detroitredwings claimed slipperysoup off waivers.
sanjosesharks claimed Camshaft92 off waivers.
hawks claimed Lundric23 off waivers.
floridapanthers receives DifficultEntry from coloradoavalanche
floridapanthers receives FatsAreTheEnemy from coloradoavalanche
coloradoavalanche receives RubberBiscuitz from floridapanthers
coloradoavalanche receives GarrettMF3369 from floridapanthers
penguins claimed PuffinPete48 off waivers.
flyers receives helixflush from canucks
canucks receives Brian_Stryker from flyers
canucks receives a lifetime supply of cheesesteaks
Both cities agree to swap tips on rioting after championship finals
flyers claimed GrobbelaarsGloves off waivers.
bostonbruins claimed kemosabi4 off waivers.
coloradoavalanche receives -DANTHEMAN- from devils
devils receives grupower31 from coloradoavalanche
floridapanthers claimed tweettranscriberbot off waivers.
coloradoavalanche claimed ElJacinto off waivers.
predators claimed WaddleWaddleMofo off waivers.
losangeleskings claimed 8mabb off waivers.
rangers claimed rbc648 off waivers.
floridapanthers receives MikeTW0 from canucks
floridapanthers receives SpeedyDolphin42 from canucks
floridapanthers receives SweetVictory2001 from canucks
canucks receives gjmcdonald from floridapanthers
Vancouver receives 10 kilos uncut 1005 pure Colombian nose candy hand delivered by The Florida Man
floridapanthers receives chronnorholms from wildhockey
floridapanthers receives Minnesota_Wildling from wildhockey
wildhockey receives TheFakeCRFuhst from floridapanthers
goldenknights claimed Nikolai_Smirnoff off waivers.
hawks receives BoyFieri from penguins
hawks receives percussivePanda from penguins
sanjosesharks receives Official-THE-JudGes from penguins
penguins receives shadownet97 from sanjosesharks
hawks receives PlatinumSail from penguins
Pittsburgh receives 1 deep dish pizza from Chicago.
stlouisblues claimed GliciousZ off waivers.
penguins receives AaronQ94 from floridapanthers
floridapanthers receives c71score from penguins
floridapanthers receives BennyTheJet06 from penguins
penguins receives a nice vintage porcelain bathtub that was u/kenlane 's grandmothers, slightly used, only one person died in it
sanjosesharks claimed cabaltherapy666 off waivers.
stlouisblues receives WhoaItsAFactorial from flyers
flyers receives Whydoesthisexist15 from stlouisblues
flyers receives TomLikesGuitar from stlouisblues
flyers receives alwayz from stlouisblues
Kuhan will buy the Phillies hat he promised to over the summer
hawks claimed howdoyoudomlady off waivers.
bostonbruins receives jonsportz from goldenknights
bostonbruins receives maasedge from goldenknights
bostonbruins receives Bahamas_is_relevant from goldenknights
bostonbruins receives c0ntr01 from goldenknights
bostonbruins receives BenRedditFyFazan from goldenknights
goldenknights receives Ronananana from bostonbruins
goldenknights receives kemosabi4 from bostonbruins
goldenknights receives haileysjs from bostonbruins
goldenknights receives Acriisius from bostonbruins
goldenknights receives WornOutPen from bostonbruins
Bruins receives 2 free drink tickets to the atomic lounge
goldenknights receives a custom Bruins jersey with the number 69 and the name El Ratón, with the B on the front resembling 2 noses.
detroitredwings claimed RAPPicus off waivers.
hawks receives argos101 from detroitredwings
detroitredwings receives UnlimitedREKT65 from hawks
detroitredwings receives AdmissiveComic from hawks
/detroitredwings receives Revolution Brewing
/hawks is allowed to keep a taproom of Revolution beer.
goldenknights receives Gatekeeper31 from penguins
goldenknights receives BrrRva from penguins
penguins receives greenlightmike from goldenknights
devils receives FollowForFreeIPhone5 from dallasstars
devils receives Suppakittens from dallasstars
devils receives flyingwingcar24_fr from dallasstars
devils receives KyZeRemo from dallasstars
devils receives Aximilius from dallasstars
dallasstars receives Devils29 from devils
dallasstars receives EvilOtterLord from devils
calgaryflames claimed HarshTabasco off waivers.
canucks receives kane-train-88 from hawks
hawks receives sasksasquatch from canucks
Vancouver receives 1 Amtrak train from Chicago.
anaheimducks claimed WangBoy12 off waivers.
coyotes claimed Mbx10 off waivers.
bostonbruins receives NoahBagos from detroitredwings
detroitredwings receives katienolanespn from bostonbruins
/detroitredwings receives Boston Beer Co and will play Marky Mark twice an hour at every brewery /detroitredwings own
flyers claimed flying_pekingese off waivers.
rangers claimed Sortiack off waivers.
tampabaylightning claimed Uretha_fraklin off waivers.
bluejackets claimed buttsharpie1 off waivers.
calgaryflames receives TheHomie123 from anaheimducks
anaheimducks receives Roughly6Owls from calgaryflames
The Calgary Flames will have exclusive rights to provide fireworks to Disneyland. The Anaheim Ducks will have full fireproofing against any flames in or near Calgary, thus preventing any roast duck from being made within their area.
penguins claimed Ronoxis off waivers.
floridapanthers claimed Buuzzzzz off waivers.
devils receives McIgglyTuffMuffin from flyers
devils receives SarahCiv from flyers
flyers receives Troub313 from devils
flyers receives hnglmkrnglbrry from devils
New Jersey and Philadelphia agree to stop trading away things that do not belong to them.
stlouisblues receives 4-Head from winnipegjets
stlouisblues receives RelaxingRed from winnipegjets
winnipegjets receives TheRedForKeenansRage from stlouisblues
winnipegjets receives Casual_Tourettes from stlouisblues
stlouisblues receives SoggyNelco from anaheimducks
stlouisblues receives WangBoy12 from anaheimducks
anaheimducks receives Cashin13 from stlouisblues
anaheimducks receives Yttria from stlouisblues
anaheimducks receives pm_me_whatver from stlouisblues
hawks claimed unrealistic_realist1 off waivers.
coyotes receives ghostofkozi from caps
coyotes receives brnchn from caps
caps receives howlincoyote2k1 from coyotes
detroitredwings claimed BonnorBorris off waivers.
sanjosesharks claimed themanwithoutthepla off waivers.
bostonbruins claimed CreedsChair3 off waivers.
penguins receives rooster69 from hawks
penguins receives Shoelesshobos from hawks
hawks receives Chigurrh from penguins
hawks receives bladestormkey from penguins
winnipegjets receives MikeTW0 from floridapanthers
winnipegjets receives AkiraPaws from floridapanthers
winnipegjets receives Thuglas_Brown from floridapanthers
winnipegjets receives atsumorr44 from floridapanthers
winnipegjets receives akmartian from floridapanthers
floridapanthers receives samarahighwind from winnipegjets
floridapanthers receives difrad76 from winnipegjets
floridapanthers receives Wheels204 from winnipegjets
floridapanthers receives Epichashashin from winnipegjets
floridapanthers receives mcavcy from winnipegjets
leafs receives VishyIsFishy from canucks
canucks receives How_IsThisMyUsername from leafs
Toronto agrees to stop letting business people buy tickets in the lower level just to not show up. Vancouver agrees to not partake in Toronto shitposts on hockey.
Toronto asks for the record to show that the problem isn’t that the business people are buying tickets, it’s the season tickets holder seats being held by a lot of the firms downtown and for some games they just can’t be fucked to go.
Vancouver suggests what would be nice is a season ticket holder opt out option to return game tickets straight to the box office, money back into the account of the ticket holder and let John Doe have his gold-level seats.
Toronto wants a stipulation to get some ID monitoring going for these seats so it’s not the same 5 scalpers buying them all the time.
Toronto and Vancouver to both agree that the housing situation in both cities is fucked.
stlouisblues receives j03h58 from goldenknights
stlouisblues receives n6u5r6x2 from goldenknights
stlouisblues receives Shammmmy from goldenknights
stlouisblues receives synthetix from goldenknights
goldenknights receives ZouCrew92 from stlouisblues
goldenknights receives institches16 from stlouisblues
goldenknights receives gruene-teufel from stlouisblues
flyers receives DeadlineCommish from predators
flyers receives Inquivious from predators
predators receives ruck_my_life from flyers
predators receives commissionerdan from flyers
/predators also receives Red-era Taylor Swift
flyers receives mephnick from hawks
flyers receives Ghostronic from hawks
hawks receives Lockski from flyers
Chicago to receive 1 Philly Cheesesteak with provolone. Philadelphia to receive 1 Chicago Hot Dog.
bluejackets claimed inspiredjkl off waivers.
goldenknights claimed IHybridI off waivers.
coyotes claimed mikecal7 off waivers.
floridapanthers claimed shannonistachica off waivers.
leafs receives themagicman1343 from hawks
hawks receives uberlulks99 from leafs
hawks receives hipandthehop from leafs
leafs receives ImExhibitionistic from coyotes
leafs receives NastyEagle from coyotes
coyotes receives IM_OM_NOM_NOM from leafs
coyotes receives OffRaindrop13 from leafs
canucks receives buttdip from anaheimducks
canucks receives bigsquib68 from anaheimducks
anaheimducks receives kooks_everywhere_ from canucks
The Canucks to receive a signed Charlie Conway jersey and annual passes to Disneyland, on the condition that while at Disneyland, they refer to literally every item of food as a 'nuck.
predators claimed hew1 off waivers.
hawks claimed jarr1913 off waivers.
winnipegjets claimed KH110 off waivers.
calgaryflames receives Lord_ThunderCunt from caps
calgaryflames receives Missfreeland from caps
caps receives NarcoticTurkey from calgaryflames
calgaryflames receives pictures of Captain The Dog
sabres receives Fixmy59bug from winnipegjets
sabres receives Casual_Tourettes from winnipegjets
winnipegjets receives DL757 from sabres
calgaryflames claimed mengte220 off waivers.
detroitredwings claimed shriyabd off waivers.
leafs claimed Replae off waivers.
dallasstars receives _Ghost8_ from anaheimducks
anaheimducks receives EdwardsNasty from dallasstars
anaheimducks receives invertedamerican from dallasstars
anaheimducks receives JenT_RN from dallasstars
anaheimducks receives PM_ME_YOURSMILE_ from dallasstars
anaheimducks receives TheHeelHawks from dallasstars
The Dallas Stars are to receive the immortal souls of every current Anaheim Ducks player.
leafs receives PhilMcraken1289 from habs
leafs receives sid_el_squid from habs
leafs receives nfarc12 from habs
habs receives tmed88 from leafs
habs receives Ezflow from leafs
floridapanthers receives RealestJP from newyorkislanders
newyorkislanders receives CatSwagger from floridapanthers
/NewYorkIslanders receive a Palm Tree
/FloridaPanthers receive a Coney Island Corn Dog
habs receives SuperSniper4 from detroitredwings
detroitredwings receives DreMin015 from habs
/detroitredwings receives Les 3 Brasseurs (which IS a brewery)
/habs receive a plate of spaghetti made by Eminem's mom.
bostonbruins claimed dandoc off waivers.
rangers receives Miek14 from detroitredwings
detroitredwings receives nlapage4 from rangers
/detroitredwings receives Brooklyn Brewery
/rangers gets one last pint of beer at Brooklyn Brewery.
stlouisblues receives WMino from habs
habs receives agswanlek from stlouisblues
habs receives Airman_Snuffy1213 from stlouisblues
habs receives christinaann6 from stlouisblues
habs receives DarthTheRock from stlouisblues
habs receives canesfan556 from stlouisblues
habs receives HedgemazeExpo from newyorkislanders
newyorkislanders receives montrealcowboyx from habs
Both teams sign a joint statement saying teams named after the place they play in are cool and that the maple leafs should be renamed to les feuilles.
sanjosesharks receives userymcuserface from newyorkislanders
newyorkislanders receives fionn14 from sanjosesharks
flyers receives coneorange from habs
habs receives madelfdisease from flyers
flyers GM admits that Oh Canada is way easier to sing along to than the Star Spangled Banner
floridapanthers receives thembitches326 from habs
floridapanthers receives DDDenver from habs
habs receives Latenighttaco from floridapanthers
habs receives RolliePollie57 from floridapanthers
To Montreal: A strip of beach with at least 24 palm trees, representing the 24 cups To Florida: Poutine and a Larousse French-English dictionary
calgaryflames receives Reedee20 from habs
calgaryflames receives billabamzilla from habs
calgaryflames receives Angry_Walnut from habs
calgaryflames receives everkiller from habs
calgaryflames receives pat_the_brat from habs
habs receives TL10 from calgaryflames
stlouisblues receives bonzaijoe from sanjosesharks
sanjosesharks receives WMino from stlouisblues
sanjosesharks receives dylanr18 from stlouisblues
sanjosesharks receives WhoaItsAFactorial from stlouisblues
Sharks receive a replacement ankle for Logan Couture.
flyers receives kuhanluke from rangers
rangers receives NotShibs from flyers
The Empire State Building will be renamed “Otter’s Big Pointy Evil Lair”
coyotes receives otterHooligan from stlouisblues
stlouisblues receives DaterBeforeDater from coyotes
stlouisblues receives jrose_1303 from coyotes
stlouisblues receives Datsyuk1998 from coyotes
stlouisblues receives brendan0305 from coyotes
stlouisblues receives ijustlikehockey from coyotes
bostonbruins claimed bthomas02 off waivers.
habs receives canuck17 from canucks
habs receives SilenTyphoon from canucks
habs receives Nhlnucks from canucks
habs receives Cjbro4509 from canucks
habs receives dascanadian from canucks
canucks receives DocGubernaculum from habs
canucks receives True-Heat from habs
canucks receives vines17 from habs
canucks receives CH-Bot from habs
canucks receives mountainpope from habs
Montréal receives the 2010 Olympic sign in sheet whistler.
Vancouver receives the monstrosity that is Habitat 67.
habs receives aschwan41 from caps
caps receives finnishjetter from habs
caps receives MOLightningBro from habs
caps receives JacP123 from habs
caps receives Batchibouzouk from habs
caps receives 69% ownership of Tim Horton's
habs receives the Boy Scout Memorial and a 69m2 patch of grass from the North Lawn
tampabaylightning receives derpmadness from habs
tampabaylightning receives Burner123456seven from habs
tampabaylightning receives AmaIgamation from habs
tampabaylightning receives FrequentLeader from habs
tampabaylightning receives Nrocky77 from habs
habs receives Leumas_lheir from tampabaylightning
MTL receives: Some Florida sunshine
bluejackets claimed undeadrick21 off waivers.
stlouisblues claimed Kleebs07 off waivers.
detroitredwings receives Zilphyr from bluejackets
bluejackets receives shotzoflead94 from detroitredwings
detroitredwings receives the Rhinegheist Brewery of Cincinnati
bluejackets receives tickets to Traverse City
leafs receives TheBrodinson from goldenknights
goldenknights receives monty818 from leafs
leafs receives Starkington from goldenknights
goldenknights receives huntr360 from leafs
flyers receives Duhstee from dallasstars
flyers receives Stevenrushing from dallasstars
dallasstars receives Zebster27 from flyers
dallasstars receives tacticalardvark from flyers
stlouisblues receives canadiannugz from canucks
stlouisblues receives WHLZ from canucks
canucks receives bannik1 from stlouisblues
canucks receives GliciousZ from stlouisblues
canucks receives one (1) week of drunk Brett Hull as their PA announcer.
stlouisblues receives ghostofkozi from coyotes
coyotes receives SSgtTEX from stlouisblues
caps claimed summonerellie off waivers.
penguins receives thenickwinters from dallasstars
penguins receives jas0660 from dallasstars
penguins receives NewspaperBlanket from dallasstars
penguins receives MrSleazyMan from dallasstars
penguins receives BaseballTimeInSadler from dallasstars
dallasstars receives PuffinPete48 from penguins
dallasstars receives Ronoxis from penguins
And an admission from the Stars GM that the AAAAAAAA bit was actually "kinda funny" last year
goldenknights receives browses_on_the_bus from canucks
goldenknights receives TheOlDickTwister from canucks
canucks receives TLAllDay454 from goldenknights
canucks receives disgustingcommode from goldenknights
Vancouver receives the mattress that Doug threw off the roof in The Hangover
habs receives MrKitten42 from devils
habs receives discman_user from devils
habs receives GeorgeTheCynic from devils
devils receives DetectiveZ from habs
devils receives IamChantus from habs
devils receives lehkoniemi from habs
devils receives ItzGrenier from habs
And matching baseball jerseys for the GM's
sanjosesharks receives otterHooligan from coyotes
coyotes receives doihavetowearabra from sanjosesharks
coyotes receives swim846 from sanjosesharks
coyotes receives adam3vergreen from sanjosesharks
dallasstars receives Clukadoo from detroitredwings
dallasstars receives LLbnjt99 from detroitredwings
dallasstars receives rdayrien from detroitredwings
dallasstars receives RAPPicus from detroitredwings
detroitredwings receives abedagreat from dallasstars
detroitredwings receives VoltagePlays from dallasstars
detroitredwings receives Sectox from dallasstars
detroitredwings receives Elseta from dallasstars
detroitredwings receives scooteryouth from dallasstars
/detroitredwings receives Gambrinus brewing and Real Ale Brewing Co
/dallasstars receives 10% of the revenue from the toll booths
stlouisblues receives gsbyescobar from dallasstars
stlouisblues receives RyanGold1234 from dallasstars
stlouisblues receives Sectox from detroitredwings
stlouisblues receives MediumPlace from dallasstars
stlouisblues receives abedagreat from detroitredwings
dallasstars receives foreverblue173 from stlouisblues
ottawasenators receives radametz from caps
ottawasenators receives enthos from caps
caps receives I_am_Rude from ottawasenators
caps receives godlycorsair32 from ottawasenators
caps receives Samee_I from ottawasenators
caps receives mahparson from ottawasenators
flyers claimed eharkness off waivers.
dallasstars receives piscina_de_la_muerte from devils
devils receives Wearerisen from dallasstars
And a Spiderman meme
leafs receives PuckTheFreds from detroitredwings
detroitredwings receives VishyIsFishy from leafs
/leafs gives a seat on the city council to to the /detroitredwings. This allows the /detroitredwings to make decisions about city-owned land and land-owners, especially land recently acquired by the /bostonbruins
floridapanthers receives Ewulkevoli from flyers
flyers receives DMCSnake from floridapanthers
flyers receives Minnesota_Wildling from floridapanthers
Floridapanthers receives Yards Brewery
flyers receives Cigar City Brewing
flyers receives DontSayNoToPills from tampabaylightning
flyers receives freezend from tampabaylightning
tampabaylightning receives mikeyeah17 from flyers
PHI receives: Tacos for the entire /flyers game thread
habs claimed Tondeuse off waivers.
habs receives invertedamerican from anaheimducks
habs receives Toxic_Influence from anaheimducks
habs receives _crispy-bacon_ from anaheimducks
anaheimducks receives CadabraAbrogate from habs
anaheimducks receives DMastro13 from habs
anaheimducks receives tegith from habs
anaheimducks receives ApokatastasisPanton from habs
anaheimducks receives vociferousgirl from habs
Anaheimducks to receive a good hug and a lunch item to be decided upon at a later date from the Habs GM
sanjosesharks claimed fataloptimist_ off waivers.
devils claimed dxdrummer off waivers.
devils receives Tondeuse from habs
habs receives CaffeOwl from devils
habs receives HALFMANBEARPIGX from devils
devils receive some poutine from La Banquise devils agrees that Blue-White-Red is a better color combination than Red-Black-Green
nhlseattle receives katienolanespn from detroitredwings
nhlseattle receives professorwhat from flyers
nhlseattle receives WhoaItsAFactorial from sanjosesharks
floridapanthers claimed cruzweb off waivers.
floridapanthers receives RandomBoltsFan from habs
habs receives samarahighwind from floridapanthers
habs receives Wheels204 from floridapanthers
habs receives: 24 Florida men
predators receives stuggin4 from edmontonoilers
predators receives BlueWolf34 from edmontonoilers
predators receives Naffler from edmontonoilers
edmontonoilers receives RetardMidWC from predators
edmontonoilers receives GoronTii from predators
sabres receives ytew6 from coloradoavalanche
sabres receives allthesinglebradys from habs
habs receives glamourchaos from sabres
sabres receives Pipo629 from habs
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Edmonton and Minnesota release a joint press statement to proclaim that Calgary is stupid
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floridapanthers receives CluelessNuggetOfGold from tampabaylightning
Additionally Tampa Bay includes 10 actual bolts of lightning and Publix subs for the entire Panthers roster. Florida Panthers reciprocate with A live Florida panther and The Vince Lombardi Trophy
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canes receives the SEPTA jerky guy, as well as a street-median pretzel guy with cart.
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All players selected by /nhlseattle will report to their previously-traded club.
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/nhlseattle has placed kuhanluke on unconditional waivers for the purpose of a buyout. (Cap floor, baby!)
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Ducks receive one hawk egg to raise as their own. Hawks receive one pair rose-gold Micky Mouse ears.
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2020.01.20 08:52 gorbachev973 Best/cheapest flight finder?

I’ve been using kayak to look at flights but I’m wondering what other apps/websites people use? A kinda weird request that I might not be able to find is that it not need input for the departure dates, basically I’m looking to go on a trip mid to late February but I don’t really care when the exact dates are as long as it’s to cheapest lol.
It would be a ski trip leaving Ottawa and looking at Whistler (Vancouver airport), Aspen Snowmass (aspen airport), or park city mountain (salt lake city airport). If anyone has any recommendations about any of those 3, or another option that would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks
submitted by gorbachev973 to travel [link] [comments]

2019.11.29 07:19 omegastuff What's the usual weather at Garbialdi National Park? Can you go skiing during summer?

Hello everyone! Me and a small group of friends are planning a trip to Canada around July or August 2020. We would like a few recommendations as to what places we should definitely visit! So far, we're know we want to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, and Vancouver, even though it's on the other side of the country. However- and here comes the core of this post- we also NEED to go skiing, and I've seen that there aren't really many mountains around the East side of Canada.
I've heard nice things about Whistler and, pardon my ignorance, but I'm not sure whether we will find snow there during that time of the year. Can anyone let us know what type of weathetemperatures you normally find there throughout the year? Can you recommend any other places around Garbialdi National Park? (even if it's even higher up north or generally farther from Vancouver)
If there's no snow around there during summer season (which I assume is highly likely), we will have to consider moving our trip to another date around fall or winter 2020, when it's colder.
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2019.10.20 15:56 ThePoopierButthole Thoughts on our British Columbia Itinerary - are we doing too much?

Date Travel Accommodation
19th Sept 2020 Fly LHR to Van Stay in Vancouver
20th Stay in Vancouver
21st Pick up campecar, drive to Okanagan Stay in Okanagan
22nd Stay in Okanagan
23rd Travel to Revelstoke Stay in Revelstoke
24th Stay in Revelstoke
25th Travel to Banff with visit to lakes on way Stay in Banff
26th Stay in Banff
27th Travel to Jasper along Icefields Parkway Stay in Jasper
28th Stay in Jasper
29th Travel to Kamloops Stay in Kamloops
30th Travel to Whistler Stay in Whistler
1st October 2020 Stay in Whistler
2nd Travel to Tofino Stay in Tofino
3rd Stay in Tofino
4th Stay in Tofino
5th Stay in Tofino
6th Travel to Campbell River in Evening Stay in Campbell River
7th Fly to Knight Inlet Stay at Knight Inlet
8th Stay at Knight Inlet/Vancouver
9th Travel to Vancouver Stay Vancouver
10th Fly Vancouver to LHR

Here is our initial draft for our British Columbia honeymoon. It feels like a lot of travelling and I'm worried we're not going to have enough time to do the outdoorsy stuff we'd like to do. Particularly interested in spending a good chunk of time on Vancouver Island. We're hoping to have a cacamper for the whole trip.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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2019.08.27 19:54 vindependence Does Costco in Vancouver still sell Whistler Scandinave GCs?

I got this as a tip from someone that used to live in Vancouver, and I also found a dated blogpost about it. I will be visiting Vancouver-Whistler shortly and am wondering if Costco still sells these "2 $50 GCs for $79.99". Does anyone know if any of the Vancouver locations still sell them?
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2019.08.22 19:30 bobmarshall2392 Best Places to Visit in Canada

or beauty, climate, a fun atmosphere, and plenty of things to do, you can't go wrong planning a trip to Vancouver. Set on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and backed by snow-capped mountains, this is an active city, where locals enjoy the outdoors year-round. Sunbathers can bask on the beaches in summer, and skiers can hit the nearby slopes in winter. At any time of year, you can walk the seawall or stroll through the towering trees in Stanley Park, enjoy fine dining or a casual meal while watching the sunset, or find fabulous shopping, from the markets of Granville Island to the high-end shops in the city center. If you are spending more than a couple of days in the city and looking for some interesting outings, take a day trip from Vancouver to some of the nearby hotspots such as Whistler, Victoria, or some of the small towns in the mountains or Fraser Valley.
Canada's most famous natural attraction, the majestic Niagara Falls has been drawing sightseers almost since its discovery. The great wall of water pounding over the falls is an amazing sight, and the view and access afforded visitors is astounding. You can literally walk up to the edge of the falls, separated only by a cast iron railing, and see the water as it disappears over the crest. The city that has developed here, also named Niagara Falls, has been greatly influenced by the people and atmosphere the falls have created. Stuntmen and daredevils have been tempting their fate on the falls throughout the decades, and as a result, a carnival-style atmosphere has come to define this unique city. Just a short drive from Toronto, Niagara Falls is easy to reach, and the city is a fun place to spend a day or two.
As Canada's largest city, Toronto is the country's cultural hot spot, with ballet, opera, symphony, and Broadway shows. Add extraordinary shopping, fine dining, and fantastic museums, and there is no end to the entertainment. In recent years, Toronto's waterfront has experienced ongoing development and now boasts beautiful walking areas, restaurants, and in summer, outdoor concerts and cultural performances. Just outside the city center, in either direction from the city, are beautiful beaches, perfect on hot summer days. In winter, a public skating rink springs to life outside city hall, and unique winter events, including the popular Winterlicious, add to the fun.
Montreal is a unique city, with a beautiful old historic district dating back to the 1600s and a modern city center with extensive underground shopping. Old Montreal is the main tourist hub, with cobbled streets, fantastic old buildings, and horse-drawn carriage rides throughout the year. Montreal is also home to a large number of fashion designers, and high-end boutiques line the historic streets, along with quaint hotels and restaurants. Located in the French-speaking province of Québec, Montreal has its own cultural identity, but English-speaking visitors will have no trouble communicating with anyone in the tourist industry.
The charming mountain town of Banff, in the stunning Banff National Park, is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the Rocky Mountains and see some of the most beautiful scenery in Canada. This is undeniably a tourist town, catering to international travelers from all over the globe. Just a short distance from the town are two of Canada's most prominent ski resorts: Lake Louise and Sunshine Village. In summer, the nearby turquoise lakes and glacier-capped mountains are a glorious sight. But you don't even need to leave the town to enjoy a gondola ride to the top of a mountain for dinner, soak in a hot springs-fed pool, find fabulous shopping, discover lovely walking trails, and possibly see elk and woodland caribou that frequently make their way into town.
In Canada's far eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador is the historic and friendly city of St. John's. This is the main gateway for air travelers to the island of Newfoundland, but many people come simply to enjoy the city. Colorful buildings line the sloping streets that run along hills, with views out over the harbor. The city also has numerous historic sites and attractions, including Signal Hill, but the real appeal is the vibrant atmosphere, the people, and the maritime culture that makes this city so unique from mainland Canada.
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2019.07.16 19:01 youngrichntasteless $350,000/month selling special event photo booths.

Hey - Pat from here with another interview.
Today's interview is with Scott McInnes of TapSnap, a brand that sells special event photo booths.
Some stats:

Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi guys! I’m Scott McInnes, founder of TapSnap, a photo booth company with franchised locations in most major cities in the United States and Canada as well as Sydney, Australia. Our flagship product is our TS-42, an open-air photo booth that features a giant 42-inch touch screen and a high quality DSLR camera for fantastic image quality.
The oversized touch screen makes using our photo booth a very unique and interactive experience. We were one of the first companies to offer photo booths that didn’t actually have a booth at all, so we can take photos of large groups of people at one time, and afterwards everyone can gather around the photo booth to view, edit and share photos together.
We launched TapSnap in 2012, and within a few years grew to over 100 franchised locations in North America. Our photo booths are used at over 10,000 events every year, for everything from a wedding for a few hours to a multi-day conference, or a 40 city movie premiere.

What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

My first business was a disaster!
It was a small restaurant that I opened in 1995 at 25 years old that shut down 2 years later. I was broke, jobless and in debt. I didn’t have a specific idea of what I wanted to do, but knew that I still wanted to be an entrepreneur. I spent a couple of years working, reading business books and magazines, and looking for another opportunity.
I didn’t have much money so I could really only consider opportunities that I could start for a small amount of money and build on. And, it was also important to me that I found something that I could do as a side business. Now I guess that would be called a side hustle.
I came across an idea in a business magazine called Business 2.0 for Internet kiosks. The article was about how Internet cafes would soon be a thing of the past and would be replaced by Internet kiosks in hotel lobbies, laundromats, and airports. I was living in Whistler, a ski resort with a lot of international tourists, and thought that it would be a great business for me.
Remember that this was 2000 and the iPhone and iPad were years away and laptops were heavy and expensive, and most people didn’t have any way to get online once they left their house. I put together enough money to buy a couple, put them in local hotels, and started making a nice little side income. I put the money I made back into equipment and pretty soon was making more money from my side hustle than I was at my job.
At that point, I thought to myself that there must be other people like me that were also looking for a side business, so I partnered with some custom manufacturers and started a company that sold Internet kiosks to other entrepreneurs. The business was very successful, but as mobile technology became smaller, more powerful and less expensive I knew that to survive the business had to move to a new product.
In 2006, I came across another idea in a business magazine that I thought would be a fit for me and my team. The article I believe was in Fast Company, and was on innovative vending ideas. What caught my idea was a DVD rental vending machine. Again, the timing was right - streaming services didn’t exist and Blockbuster was still the king of home entertainment. We were able to capitalize on the tremendous success of Redbox’s DVD rental vending empire by offering entrepreneurs a way to participate in this new and exploding industry. We quickly became the largest supplier of DVD rental machines to entrepreneurs. However, by 2011 I knew that like Internet kiosks, DVD rentals were eventually going to be replaced by newer, better technologies, and that it was time to start on something new.
Our experience to that point had always been in developing, selling and supporting technology related business opportunities, and I wanted to stick as close to that as possible. After considering a few different ideas we got excited about doing our own version of a reboot of the traditional photo booth.
There were a few other companies that were selling open air photo booths, but we felt that with our experience we had a unique opportunity to do something unique and on a much larger scale than what had been done previously. After close to a year of hardware and software development TapSnap was launched.
This time instead of simply selling the equipment to entrepreneurs we decided to truly partner with them and brought TapSnap to market as a franchise. The concept was a hit and we were recognized several years in a row as both one of North America’s fastest growing and best new technology franchises.

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product.

The hardware for our first photo booth was designed in partnership with a custom kiosk manufacturer in Southern California.
The primary challenge we faced was how to incorporate a 42-inch screen into design that had to be portable. Our franchisees are moving the equipment in and out of vehicles, event venues, backyards and other challenging situations so portability was a must. We had our prototype finished in the spring of 2012 and took it to do a wedding in someone’s backyard in June 2012.
The prototype was an all-in-one collapsible design with built-in wheels, but probably weighed 200+ lbs. The sidewalk into the backyard was uneven, the wheels were too small and we had to carry the photo booth. It was never intended to be carried and it was like trying to carry a 200 lb bar of soap!
We went back to the drawing board and came up with a new design that broke down into a couple of smaller pieces. A photo booth with a screen as large as ours is never going to be the easiest to handle, but by moving away from the all-in-one design we were able to make it manageable.
First TapSnap concept to make it to the prototype stage.
We also knew that to create an experience that advantage of our unique large screened photo booth that we would have to create our own software. We are still working as hard today on improving existing features and coming up with entirely new ones as we were in the beginning, and our photo booths are capable of things that we never imagined would be possible.
One of the areas where we were able to apply our prior experience was in developing photo booth software that had an online backend for managing event graphics and other customizations. Green screens, GIF animations, and photo borders can be uploaded to our cloud service and then downloaded to the specific photo booth that will be used for the event. This is a big time saver for our franchisees and allows us to easily manage customizations on large multi-photo booth or multi-city events.
For the past few years, we have taken our photo booth hardware design in-house, and have focused on designs that use smaller screens and aluminum wherever possible to save weight. We have developed our TapSnap Luna line of photo booths that we sell to photographers, DJs, or any other business that has a need for a photo booth.
Our latest photo booth, the Luna.

Describe the process of launching the business.

TapSnap was launched without any outside financing. I borrowed money to start my Internet kiosk business, but since then have been able to fund new ventures with profits from previous ones.
When we launched TapSnap, to find our first franchisees we went to our existing database of leads and customers from our DVD rental kiosk business. Our database was huge, and these were all individuals who had shown previous interest in starting a small business so we knew that we were likely to have success. In addition to using our existing database, we placed ads on franchise websites such as and that we had used for our DVD business to generate new leads for TapSnap. We had 11 new franchisees at our first training class which was amazing, and were recognized as one of the fastest growing franchises by Inc magazine.
We used an outside agency to design our first website, but for the past few years have also taken that in-house. Our 6 person marketing team that works on our website as well as our social media presence, and creates graphics for our photo booth events. In the past few years we have invested in tools such as HubSpot and recently Drift to help with our marketing.
One of the lessons that I’ve learned is that what worked for one business won’t necessarily work for the next. With our DVD rental vending business we used TV and radio advertising as our primary method to generate leads and sales. Maybe it’s because the product is different, or it could be just the timing, but we tested and found that TV advertising did not work for TapSnap.
Another lesson is to not be afraid to try new ways to market your business. If it works, pour some gas on it and see how much you can get out of that particular channel before you start to see diminishing returns. If it doesn’t work, and you can’t see any way to make it work, kill it and move on to something else. Tools like HubSpot allow us to drill down and see what methods are driving the most revenue.
First version of the TapSnap website from 2012

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

For our business, we have 3 primary sales opportunities - we are looking to attract new franchisees, find new customers for photo booth events, and also businesses that would benefit from adding a photo booth. It can be complicated to build a website and support those three distinct lines of business.
In the beginning, to find new franchisees we primarily used our existing database of leads and customers from our DVD rental kiosk business, advertised on business or franchise websites, and worked with business brokers to generate new franchise prospects. We grew very quickly and our inventory of available markets started to dry up. We then switched over to using methods like Google Ads and Facebook that allowed us to target geographic areas where we needed franchisees rather than the whole of North America.
To find customers that are looking to hire a photo booth for their events we primarily use SEO as well as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It can be complicated to build a website for a business that provides its services to so many different geographic areas, so we structured ours in a way that is designed with local city pages and franchisee microsites that will rank better for local searches. On a local level our franchisees join networking groups and reach out to local event planners, event venues and anyone else that they feel might be able to refer them some business, and do demos for local businesses.
To find businesses or individuals that are interested in purchasing a photo booth we again primarily use SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. With Google and Facebook it’s important to stay on top of your costs or it’s easy to be upside down on a sale. Commit to learning and staying on top of these platforms or outsource it to someone that knows what they’re doing.
It may sound simple, but try a bunch of different ways to find customers and stick with what works and move on from what doesn’t. We have found that for our company trade shows have never been worth the effort, however, we see our competitors investing heavily in this area. For them I have to assume that it works, but for us we have found that trade shows do not measure up when compared to other ways to generate leads and sales.
PPC ads are a great way to get off to a quick start when you’ve got no traffic, but it’s expensive. Learn how to do it well to keep costs down, but more importantly always be working on SEO so that you can start to drive some organic traffic.

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

TapSnap is in a great position because we are a technology company, but unlike our previous DVD business we aren’t reliant on a single technology. When the world started to move towards streaming there was no way for us to really adapt and compete. We had to launch a completely new business to survive.
Photo booths are about using technology to create and share memories in a fun and engaging way, but aren’t dependent on a single technology to survive. Really this is the evolution of the traditional photo booth that has been popular for decades - we are just using newer technologies like better cameras, green screens, more powerful computers and social media to get more out of it.
E-commerce has never been a huge part of our business, but I can see it becoming a big part moving forward. There are a lot of options when purchasing a photo booth or a photo booth event, so we take a more consultative approach to selling. We use our website primarily to generate leads rather than directly sales.
We recently started using dedicated landing page building software to A/B test pages to try to optimize conversions. Whether it’s a landing page or a piece of email marketing we are always testing and optimizing to try create content that drives business.
An area where we see significant opportunity for growth is in photo booth sales. Most companies that sell photo booths may have at one point been a company that services photo booth events, but most only focus on selling. For TapSnap, we’ve always been and will always be events first, which means that we can draw on that experience when designing photo booth hardware and software. We know tools are important to photo booth owners and also what will make the biggest impact at events.
Another growth opportunity for TapSnap is in doing bigger and more elaborate marketing events for our corporate clients. Our large North American footprint puts us in a unique position where corporate clients know that if they call us to do an event that we’ll likely be able to service it with a local team. In addition to our local teams, another advantage that we have over our competition is our talented designers and animators at our head office that can create amazing, unique photo marketing activations for our corporate clients.
Recent corporate event in Las Vegas

Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. I’ve had some expensive failures, but also some big wins. With our DVD rental kiosk business we spent about $200,000 per month on advertising, primarily on TV and radio, and it returned 5 times that in sales. We tried TV advertising with TapSnap but never had any success. Producing a quality TV ad and purchasing the ad space is not cheap, so this was a costly mistake.
A big win early on for us was an article that was written about TapSnap in Entrepreneur Magazine. An article gives you much more credibility than an advertisement, and we generated somewhere close to $500,000 in franchise sales that can be at least partially attributed to that article.
I’ve always worked hard, but don’t, but don’t work so hard you get burnt out. I know my limits and have learned that going without enough rest and sleep, at least for me, will cut into my productivity.
It might work for some people, but working until midnight just means that my productivity the following day is going to suffer.

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

The tool that we all use everyday is HubSpot. The marketing team uses it to launch and monitor campaigns, nurture leads through email marketing, and monitor the results of Google Ads and other paid advertising. The sales team and our franchisees use the HubSpot CRM to track opportunities and log sales activities.
They have a ton of great educational resources available to salespeople and marketers. We have even built a custom integration that links our photo booth software directly to HubSpot, reducing data entry and creating a closed loop between a lead entering our system and eventually booking a TapSnap photo booth for their event.
Another tool that we rely on heavily is Proposify. Proposify allows us to quickly edit and send sales proposals to clients, making the sales team more efficient, and again it syncs to HubSpot.
The design team lives in Adobe Creative Cloud. they use it for editing video, creating animations, website graphics, and PDF’s, as well as green screens and other event graphics.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?

One book that I read for the first time 20 years ago is the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. Reading that book helped me understand why I had failed in the past and what I had to change in order to achieve success. I would recommend it to anyone starting out.
Other books I would recommend are Built to Last and Good to Great, both by Jim Collins and Start With Why by Simon Sinek.
I spend an average of an hour per day reading news feeds that I have setup on Flipboard that keep me up to date on trends in technology and marketing.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

You should find something that you’re passionate about, and make sure you’re cut out for entrepreneurship. It’s going to be a lot easier to put the hours in if you love what you do.
Over the past 20 years, my businesses have always involved putting other people into businesses of their own. We’ve had a hand in helping over 2,000 people launch their own businesses and to survive, and hopefully thrive, requires a ton of hard work, and those that don’t love what they do will almost always fail or at least struggle to find success.
Before jumping in, make sure that there’s a real opportunity for you to build a profitable business. Questions that I would ask are - What is going to make you different? Is it a growing industry? To what extent is it futureproof? I have made a career in niche industries where with some hard work and ingenuity we can have the opportunity to be the number one company.
It's probably because my first business was a disaster, but I’ve always been scared of failure. However, I use fear as a motivator to work hard and keep pushing forward. It keeps me from becoming complacent or comfortable.

Are you looking to hire for certain positions right now?

We are currently looking to hire for PPC marketing. Work from home is a possibility but strong preference for applicants that can work from our North Vancouver office.

Where can we go to learn more?

If you have any questions or comments, drop a comment below!
Liked this text interview? Check out the full interview with photos, tools, books, and other data.
For more interviews, check out starter_story - I post new stories there daily.
Interested in sharing your own story? Send me a PM
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2019.07.02 17:44 Daemonica222 Booked time off but bf made no plans for the days booked off.

Hi there (very sry for the long post!!)
My bf (36m) and I (26f) booked 4 days off to go to Oregon. However I got into a car accident a few weeks ago and could no longer afford the hotel fees and so I suggested we go elsewhere (Kelowna or the Okanogan?). However we stayed and did activities close to home (Vancouver) and did not do anything special. Now, this is a big deal for me because I have not had a weekend off in over 6 months. I also work full time and am in school full time.
I’m very upset because I feel my bf didn’t put enough effort into planning this weekend and I realize I could’ve made plans myself for us but whenever I made a suggestion he would say he didn’t feel like doing it (camping or going to Seattle) or it was “too far.” So I didn’t plan anything because I couldn’t get confirmation from him. We went on a 6 hour hike on Sunday (wasn’t mentally prepared for that) which is what he wanted to do, I personally would have preferred to go to a winery and relax but it was an ok day. I also did not realize it would be that long of a hike so I was pooped.
However I was very grumpy yesterday (happy Canada day!) cuz he mentioned he wanted to go paddle boarding at the beach which is nice but I wanted to go somewhere we couldn’t normally go (I only have Sunday nights off so normally I don’t get the chance to do day trips). After arguing for 2 minutes about the weekend and what we were doing that day, he took his stuff and said “I can’t deal with this right now you figure what you want to do and let me know.” He mentioned in the argument he was ok doing what I wanted (go to Pemberton/whistler) but every time I brought up ideas of what I wanted to do I was met with resistance so I didn’t understand why he got angry and said he would do what I wanted when that clearly wasn’t the case. At any rate, he ended up leaving and going paddle boarding himself at kitsilano (he bought a paddle board) without me and didn’t say anything about it. I only realized he left to do smth himself when I saw he took one of the water bottles I had put out for us and of course the fact that his car was gone. 2 hours later I finally texted him (didn’t hear from him since he left) and he said he was at the beach.
So instead I drove all the way to Pemberton myself and spent more than half the day by myself. I finally met him down at the beach around 6pm, we didn’t talk much he was happy as a clam and I was still angry (still am) about the situation. Btw I enjoyed my day up Pemberton, the hike and views were gorgeous. :) so at the beach we talked about it and he was very unapologetic (still is) and said it was normal for him to leave in the middle of an argument. He said I was being grumpy and didn’t want to be around someone who was unhappy so he went and did his own thing. He also said he is not responsible for my happiness (which is true but we should have compromised and spent the day together).
We drove back home (separately) I arrived 15 mins before him he said before he wanted to go see the fireworks but he got home later than I did (10 mins before fireworks were gonna start) and he took too long getting the cat in and talking to me about going out that i told him that they were already over (20 mins had passed at this point). So we missed the Canada day fireworks and missed the day when we could’ve done stuff together (it was beautiful out). We also slept in separate rooms last night (my choice).
I’m sad and disappointed that he does not feel the way I do. He’s completely happy and content, he said i shouldn’t rely on him for happiness and I could have done smth with family or friends (it was too last minute to plan with other ppl) but I had thought we booked the time off for quality time together since I normally don’t have time off. We live together and see each other everyday but don’t spend time doing stuff other than hikes. I’m also angry at the fact that he walked out on me during an argument and just had fun on his own. I feel that he was being selfish and uncaring. I’m usually not someone who would ruin a day by holding onto a grudge like this but I saw red when I realized he left for the beach himself. I also am concerned at the fact that he just doesn’t seem to care about how I feel or felt and doesn’t care about spending quality time together.
I’m sorry for the long post.. Redditors what do you think? Is this a reason to break up? Been dating for almost 2 years. Hes walked off before (last Valentine’s Day).
TL;DR: booked a 4 day weekend off, bf walked out in middle of argument. Spend the day by himself having fun paddle boarding and I went up to Pemberton and did a hike by myself. Angry at him for leaving. Help!
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2019.06.26 04:51 gnomonologue Going to Whistler in July and have difficulty finding accommodation.

(Sorry if this is not exactly a Vancouver thing.) I'm planning to go to Whistler in mid July for two nights. I looked at Airbnb, but the "good" ones for those dates have been booked. There are only super expensive places or not-so-good-location ones left. Does anyone know other options or a place that two people could stay for two nights?
EDIT: thanks everyone. I found a place in Pemberton for $70 per night.
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2019.06.17 15:25 Badyk Visiting Vancouver/Whistler in September

Hello Vancouverites!

My wife and I are currently planning a trip to your fair City from Scotland in September. The current plan is to do 5 nights in Vancouver itself then 5 nights in Whistler. I have a couple of questions if you wouldn't mind pitching in:

1) Holy shit balls, Vancouver is expensive! Hotels in the Downtown area seem to be well north of C$300, is this normal? Dates are solid yet but we were looking @ 8th-13th. Is this a bad time?

2) Is September a good time to visit? We both work fairly hard so the aim of the game is just to chill out, see some nice things, eat some nice food, meet nice people and, of course, drink nice beer!

3) Is there anywhere in either Vancouver or Whistler that you'd recommend? I did mention cost above, we're on a reasonable budget but doesn't need to be mega-cheap.

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2019.04.12 05:01 TheBirdOfFire Help! Our plans for an 8 week Nat'l Park Roadtrip are about to fall apart if we don't find a 25 y.o. traveller. Join us and travel for cheap! (Starting in Whistler)

Hi, my two best friends (M21 and M20) and I(M20) are planning to do a 7,5 week long road trip through North America starting on the 8th of may in WhistleVancouveSeattle. Now we kinda fucked up, because we didn't realize that we had to get a British Columbia drivers license since we bought a car that was registered and insured in BC. Since we have under 2 years of driving experience, we got the Novice driver's license which comes with a few restrictions. This included that the maximum number of passengers in the car (next to the driver) can only be one UNLESS there is a "supervisor" aged 25+ with 2 years of driving experience present. Therefore, we are looking for someone to join us on our road trip that fits this criteria (you don't have to drive yourself, if you don't want to, you just need to be in the car). Gender doesn't matter!

We would cover most of the expenses, including (but not limited to):

You would only have to cover:

Now to the Road Trip itself :)
as stated earlier we will begin on the 8th of May in VancouveSeattle and end on the 29th of June in Calgary.
If the dates don't work perfectly for you, we might still find a way to work things out.
Our road trip will be primarily focused on hiking through and exploring national parks within North America.
The main destinations will be in that order:

If you wanna take a more detailed look into all the destinations we have planned so far, you can do that here.
If there's a place you wanna visit that isn't on here but reachable within the route, we can surely plan that in as well!

If all of this sounds promising to you, PM us and we can arrange a video call to get to know you and give you further details! Then we can move forward from there, if you are still interested :)

If you know someone else that might be interested, please share this post with them, we are very urgently looking for someone to join us!
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2019.02.12 02:02 gnarly_carvaholic Tips for an Aussie Travelling to Whistler

I'll be going to Whistler in January 2020, and I was wondering what advice you guys had:
What are the dates I should avoid to avoid crowds?
What are some hidden gems/ awesome areas that don't get that busy?
If I were to purchase a pair of powder skis, are there any shops you would recommend, or should I buy them in Vancouver?
For -10 to -15 degree C would thermals, down jacket and a padded shell jacket be sufficient?
Are there any must try experiences (other than skiing) that I should consider?
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2018.12.05 11:27 Mr_B_86 Please help me figure out public transport and access to natural areas.

Hi, I would really appreciate your help, I have flights in March for two weeks in and out of Vancouver.
I do not have a car and would rather avoid driving so I am looking at what national parks/natural sights I can see feasibly without one.
At the moment I am up to my eyes in dates and ideas and research but can you help me just a little?
First, something specific:
I am looking at going from Vancouver to Victoria/Vancouver Island for 3 days, then from Victoria take a ferry to Port Angeles for 3 days and then get a bus from port Angeles to Seattle.
Does this seem feasible? Is there a lot of me to see around port Angeles without a car? Is it even feasible in winter?
Secondly, do you have any other ideas for natural areas I could visit from Seattle or Vancouver via public transport?
At the moment I have this 4 days rocky mountain tour pencilled in but it seems a bit too much of a "roach trip" for me, maybe I should forget about the Rockies and focus somewhere else? Whistler? Garibaldi?
Thank you so much in advance.
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2018.12.05 11:15 Mr_B_86 Please help with public transport and nature planning.

Hi, I would really appreciate your help, I have flights in March for two weeks in and out of Vancouver.
I do not have a car and would rather avoid driving so I am looking at what national parks/natural sights I can see feasibly without one.
At the moment I am up to my eyes in dates and ideas and research but can you help me just a little?
First, something specific:
I am looking at going from Vancouver to Victoria/Vancouver Island for 3 days, then from Victoria take a ferry to Port Angeles for 3 days and then get a bus from port Angeles to Seattle.
Does this seem feasible? Is there a lot of me to see around port Angeles without a car? Is it even feasible in winter?
Secondly, do you have any other ideas for natural areas I could visit from Seattle or Vancouver via public transport?
At the moment I have this 4 days rocky mountain tour pencilled in but it seems a bit too much of a "roach trip" for me, maybe I should forget about the Rockies and focus somewhere else? Whistler? Garibaldi?
Thank you so much in advance.
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2018.12.05 11:05 Mr_B_86 Help with research about public transport & natural areas

Hi, I would really appreciate your help, I have flights in March for two weeks in and out of Vancouver.
I do not have a car and would rather avoid driving so I am looking at what national parks/natural sights I can see feasibly without one.
At the moment I am up to my eyes in dates and ideas and research but can you help me just a little?
First, something specific:
I am looking at going from Vancouver to Victoria/Vancouver Island for 3 days, then from Victoria take a ferry to Port Angeles for 3 days and then get a bus from port Angeles to Seattle.
Does this seem feasible? Is there a lot of me to see around port Angeles without a car? Is it even feasible in winter?
Secondly, do you have any other ideas for natural areas I could visit from Seattle or Vancouver via public transport?
At the moment I have this 4 days rocky mountain tour pencilled in but it seems a bit too much of a "roach trip" for me, maybe I should forget about the Rockies and focus somewhere else? Whistler? Garibaldi?
Thank you so much in advance.
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2018.10.14 07:43 MomoYaseen Need helping planning a winter trip, Eastern or Western Canada? So lost!

Hey guys,
So I am very very very lost on how I am supposed to plan my trip. I plan to go on a winter vacation, and I am not sure what dates, lodges, or even where to go. I told myself that instead of posting on various subs regarding hotels or resorts, maybe the folks here can help me. I am coming from Montreal, to anywhere in Canada.
What I am looking for: A solo vacation for 4-7 nights of purely skiing in Canada. It's a ski trip, so my goal is to stay at an Airbnb, or a resort, to ski and also enjoy the scenery, meet new people, and just enjoy myself. I also have the chance to maybe take the VIA Rail train across Canada, I am not sure where though. The train stuff is OUT of those ski nights.
Budget: $1000 for flight(s), $2000 for lodging, and $1000 for extra cash. I can adjust my budget to some more money though.
Places I am thinking of going: Whistler, Blue Mountain, Le Massif, Revelstoke or any other top Canadian Resort. As I mentioned earlier, I am considering taking the VIA Rail train, probably on my way back home (Montreal).
Dates: I am honestly not sure. I can go between December 25th till January 5th, or sometime in January, or even February.
  1. Which mountain should I go to, and how many days is good to ski, as far as numbness and rest is concerned? 3 days, 4 days, 2 days, break, then two days again? There are so many places to choose from, and I am not sure which to go to. I am primarily looking for a good view, "aliveness/ambiance", powder, and semi-busyness, in that order.
2) Should I take the VIA Rail or not? Is it actually worth it? For example, I was thinking of going from Vancouver to Montreal, but some people said that since it actually goes through the Rockies at night, you may miss the scenery, and the rest is pretty meh, especially in winter. Also, the train stops a lot, makes lots of noise, and is LONG. 3-4 nights is something else. So, should I fly to a particular province and take the train form there, or from which city to what city has the best views? Just to mention, I can go for like 2 nights MAX on a train. 4 nights, just no. Unless someone can tell me taking the Canadian from coast to coast is truly worth it.
3) What is the BEST time to go to skiing in a particular mountain. For example, should one to go Whistler in December, or January, or February? The powder and softness of the snow is taken into account here. Also, the busyness is important, because I don't want long lift lines, and this can happen on certain times of the year when people have vacations. If someone can tell me in their experience, what particular dates in the month are good (for example, 1st-15th, or end of the month) to travel/ski, I would appreciate it.
I readily wait for your responses! Honestly, if I had someone to plan my whole trip for me in a precise manner, I would so love it. Because right now, I am just lost.
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2018.10.14 07:33 MomoYaseen Need helping planning a winter trip, Eastern or Western Canada?

Hey guys,

So I am very very very lost on how I am supposed to plan my trip. I plan to go on a winter vacation, and I am not sure what dates, lodges, or even where to go. I told myself that instead of posting on various subs regarding hotels or resorts, maybe the folks here can help me. I am coming from Montreal, to anywhere in Canada.
What I am looking for: A solo vacation for 4-7 nights, in Canada. It's a ski trip, so my goal is to stay at an Airbnb, or a resort, to ski and also enjoy the scenery, meet new people, and just enjoy myself. I also have the chance to maybe take the VIA Rail train across Canada, I am not sure where though.

Budget: $1000 for flight(s), $2000 for lodging, and $1000 for extra cash. I can adjust my budget to some more money though.

Places I am thinking of going: Whistler, Blue Mountain, Le Massif, Revelstoke or any other top Canadian Resort. As I mentioned earlier, I am considering taking the VIA Rail train, probably on my way back home (Montreal).

Dates: I am honestly not sure. I can go between December 25th till January 5th, or sometime in January, or even February.


1) Which mountain should I go to, and how many days is good to ski, as far as numbness and rest is concerned? 3 days, 4 days, 2 days, break, then two days again? There are so many places to choose from, and I am not sure which to go to. I am primarily looking for a good view, "aliveness/ambiance", powder, and semi-busyness, in that order.

2) Should I take the VIA Rail or not? Is it actually worth it? For example, I was thinking of going from Vancouver to Montreal, but some people said that since it actually goes through the Rockies at night, you may miss the scenery, and the rest is pretty meh, especially in winter. Also, the train stops a lot, makes lots of noise, and is LONG. 3-4 nights is something else. So, should I fly to a particular province and take the train form there, or from which city to what city has the best views? Just to mention, I can go for like 2 nights MAX on a train. 4 nights, just no. Unless someone can tell me taking the Canadian from coast to coast is truly worth it.

3) What is the BEST time to go to skiing in a particular mountain. For example, should one to go Whistler in December, or January, or February? The powder and softness of the snow is taken into account here. Also, the busyness is important, because I don't want long lift lines, and this can happen on certain times of the year when people have vacations. If someone can tell me in their experience, what particular dates in the month are good (for example, 1st-15th, or end of the month) to travel/ski, I would appreciate it.

I readily wait for your responses! Honestly, if I had someone to plan my whole trip for me in a precise manner, I would so love it. Because right now, I am just lost.

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2018.07.03 02:20 throwaway_i495816 25 [M4F] Canada - polish dude hitchhiking across the country

Hello redditors of the nicest nation in the world :)
I landed Vancouver on 1st of July and stayed in tbe city 2 days. Tomorrow I'm going to start hitchhiking and while I can't really predict either the exact route or the dates, I'll try to give some estimates:
3rd-5th - WhistleSquamish
6th-8th - Kamloops/Kelowna
9th - ClearwateBlue River
10th-11th - Jasper
12th-13th - Banff
14-15th - Calgary
16th-17th - Edmonton
18th-19th - Saskatoon
20th-21st - Regina
22nd-24th - Winnipeg
25th - Thunder Bay
26th - Sudbury
27th-1st - GTA
Those are just estimates, I wouldn't be surprised if I skipped some of those and ended up in a different city for whatever reason. If you have any suggestion about place which is close to the route, feel free to send me a message about it and I'll consider changing the route on the fly then :).
I'm cool with any way of hanging out, we could grab some drinks, go hike around, go sightseeing or anything else, I don't mind. I'm fine with it being platonic or not, we can see how it goes when we meet.
Something about me : just quit my job as a software developer to travel, hitchhiked around 3500miles around Europe, visited Philippines last year, 6'2, rather slim, like active rest, hiking, squash, bouldering, prefer beer over other alcohol, a bit nerdy, but not the kind to sit all by myself, very talkative one on one or in small groups, not a fan of big parties honestly.
If you're interested, shoot me a DM. I put M4F in the title, because I got a few unwanted offers on my previous post, but I actually don't care if you're a dude, however I am straight and it'd be 100% friendly and nothing more. In the message tell me any fact about yourself and we can go from there.
Hope to hear from you and that our paths will cross soon after!
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2018.05.08 19:09 travelandcats The Reason We Don't Go Near The Lake When It Rains Anymore

When I was a kid my family and I would always take a trip down to Lost Lake in Whistler every summer. We were from Vancouver, so my parents craved our cabin holidays away from the bustle of the city. Three weeks in a tiny wooden lodge, barbeques with our friends we had made in the area over the many years by the water front, and endless days fishing, swimming and cliff jumping into the Lost Lake.
The place was beautiful; the lake had a turquoise shimmer when the sun hit it and I use to think if I could swim deep enough I’d find gold being the cause of the glint that reflected off the water. It stretched for two miles surrounded by a canopy of trees with little woodland creatures watching you from the sides, our cabins were respectively perched at the top of the sandy bank that lead into the waters a few kilometres away.
It was the one thing I looked forward to all year but what I really loved about the lake was my friends, I had grown up with the other kids whose families owned cabins on the lake front and even though we only saw each other for a few weeks once a year we had a bond as strong as brothers. Growing up in the early 90s meant no Facebook or easy access to IM without my older sister Bree yelling at me that she needed to use the phone line, so we settled for sending random postcards throughout the year to stay in touch before we were reunited in the summer. There was four of us in total – Chris, Nick, Austin and me, Tom.
The last time I had visited the lake I was 17 and starting to outgrow my once beloved family vacation. It was an early Friday evening and I had just settled down into my deck chair with a cold beer Nick had stolen from the fridge, watching the sun slowly set over the Lost Lake. It started to lightly drizzle, and I noticed Austin begin to tense and shift uncomfortably in his chair. It wasn’t anything new, when we were 7 Austin got lost in the wooded creek of the left side of the lake during a big storm. When our parents found him, he was petrified and began avoiding going out when it only started to drip. These days he was more focused on his hair getting ruined which didn’t help the teasing we gave him about his hatred of the rain.
“So, my dad was telling me all these crazy urban legends about this place on the drive up.” Nick started saying, taking a drag on the cigarette he had just lit up.
I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the chair; the tiny raindrops that fell on my face were a refreshing welcome to the humid summer evening, “oh yeah? I don’t buy into any of that stuff, but I guess it’s a nice story for you simple minded people.”
Nick directed a flip flop at my head, “who you calling simple minded? They had to come from somewhere didn’t they Tom? He told me the reason it’s called Lost Lake.” Nick said with a mischievous glimmer in his eyes.
Chris let out a sigh and swigged his beer, “I know you’re going to bore us with it anyway so get it out then.”
“The story dates to the 40s, there was a very pretty girl named Anna Leyton around the age we are. The Leyton’s were one of the first families to own a cabin and vacation here. Anna would always wonder off by herself and explore the lake, one summer evening – quite like the one we’re having now,” Nick leaned in closer to us, “she was walking by the wooded creek of the lake when a storm started approaching. Getting flustered she caught her foot within the reeds of the creek and was pulled down into current of the whirlpool that had started from the increasing downpour. When day broke and the storm was over her family sent out a search party for her, but they never found her body. They say that Anna still lingers in the lake and calls out to people caught in the rain to come join her. Its called Lost Lake because Anna leads the Lost into its waters, so she won’t be so alone.” Nick finished his story with a look of triumph on his face, taking in the silence.
The gentle pitter patter started to get heavier and I began to feel a cold sensation go up my spine.
“So, you’re saying a ghost of a girl haunts this lake? Pull the other one Nick, it has bells on.” Chris laughed as he broke the tension in the air.
I began to chuckle and go to pick up another beer when I noticed Austin squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head. “You okay, buddy?”
Austin had pulled his legs up to his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around them. “There’s hundreds of them. I can hear them, every time it rains here I can hear them pleading with me to save them. It’s getting so hard to resist.” Austin had started rocking slowly and tears were filling up in his eyes, a rare occurrence for our football player friend.
“Good one Austin but you know I’m the joker around here,” Nick quipped preparing to aim his other flip flop at him.
“Ten years ago. When we had that storm and, and I got lost.” Austin started, eyes still tightly shut. “Okay, okay, quiet down, please, let me think. Just for a second. That’s all I’m asking.”
I started to get up from my seat, anxious on what to do, it was clear Austin was starting to have a mental break down.
“I was lost, and I fell into the reeds, a whirlpool was starting from the current. I – I heard her, Anna. She told me I’d be safe if I just let the current take me. She would look after me, the way no one had looked after her when she drowned. Then I began to hear the others, hundreds of them. Saying they needed to be saved. She had trapped them down there, and they needed me to go in and find them. Bring them back to their families. They’re so lonely down there. Anna didn’t help them at all. They need me.”
We fell silent for some moments, unsure how to react to this odd revelation coming from our friends’ mouth.
“I think you’ve gone fucking insane buddy. Hearing voices, that’s not normal. You need to get some- “ Chris began.
“Help? No, I’m the one that needs to be the help. They’ve got no one Chris! Maybe if I could get in there, recover the bodies? Maybe they would stop. I’ve been thinking what I should do for years, but I’ve got to stop this one way or another. It’s torturous! They’re so lost...” Austin was sitting up right, speaking mainly to himself, twirling his fingers on his lap.
“And on that note, I’m going to bed. Good joke Austin, but I’m not buying it. Maybe lay off the drink tomorrow night.” Nick said finishing off his beer and getting up to go back to his cabin. Chris took another look at Austin shaking his head and followed Nick. “Tom, you coming? We want to get up early for fishing tomorrow.”
I began to get up and started walking away, but before I went into my cabin I turned around and took one last look at Austin, still sitting in the chair; hair getting increasingly floppy from the rain, lost in thought.
It was the last time any of us ever saw him. The next morning his parents came to our cabins to see if we had seen him, apparently, he hadn’t returned that night. They sent out search parties but, in the end, due to what we had told them from the night before the cops thought his mental state had made him a runaway.
It’s been ten years, and I got back in touch with my old buddies, we decided to take a trip up to the lake to remember Austin, wherever he was living now. The sun was starting to set across the lake, and it started to drizzle like it had all those years ago. The pitter patter of the rain started to morph into small voices, too quiet to make out any words. Until one voice, a voice I hadn’t heard in ten years broke through the wind.
“Tom, Nick, Chris, it’s me. I’m so lost here, my plan didn’t work. You need to come find me, please. Help me.”
“What was,” Chris started.
“It can’t, surely not? He was lying!... wasn’t he?” Nick looked like he had just seen a ghost.
I stared at the sky looking into the dark clouds that were forming up ahead. “I think a storm is approaching. Let’s go back to our cabin. Now.”
We started back up the bank quickly toward our cabin to sit out the storm. All night as the downpour got stronger so did the haunting voice of our old friend, begging, pleading for us to save him, only dying out when the rain turned into only drips.
If you decide to take a trip to Lost Lake to enjoy what we once did as kids, please do, really its gorgeous and a great place to relax.
Just remember the reason we don’t go near the lake when it rains anymore.
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